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WordPress Touch Presentation by Mikey


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Presentation by Mikey for the Sydney WordPress meetup group, September 2011

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WordPress Touch Presentation by Mikey

  1. 1. WP Touch Overview
  2. 2. Jack of all trades, master of none Digital Storyteller Journalist Author Social Entrepreneur Wordpress hacker
  3. 3. Choose wisely, young jedi Wapple Obox Mobile WP Touch
  4. 4. The Winner (for me, at least): WP Touch
  5. 5. The Pricing:
  6. 6. Content Management = Happy Wordpress developer
  7. 8. Event: provide timely information on the venue, push out material quickly and get people sharing it Brand: Present a branded, image-conscious site on a low budget Respect: Aboriginal artwork and culture 1 2 3 Strategy
  8. 9. Fork out the cash..
  9. 10. THE BACKEND
  10. 11. Show me your bling baby Videos NextGen Gallery Photoswipe
  11. 12. Features Forms @ the door Maps Happy Client
  12. 13. Plugins: Be prepared to do some hacking Content: Data is a concern, but that usually doesn’t stop me trying to shove videos out there Branding: Stuck with Apple-style branding; child theming is painful because of the number of devices 1 2 3 A few quirks
  13. 14. Q & A Hit me with your best shot
  14. 15. 謝謝你們 xiexie nimen LOOK ME UP facebook/ @mikeyleung