Videoclip e materiali musicali
     Lista aggiornata al luglio 2004 – contatto per scambi:

1 giant ...
Francesco Baccini   Qua qua quando 158b
Backstreet Boys     Everybody 159a
Badly drawn boy     Spitting in the wind A25, 4...
Mary J. Blige    No more drama 550h
Blonde Redhead   Equus 399a2
Blur             She’s so high, There’s no other way, Ban...
live aid, tin machine, earthlig live, thursday’s child (fazio), taratata outside,
                    performance con pump...
Coolio             See u when u get there 159a
Cornelius          Mc Check 364c; Star fruits surf rider 252a;
Doves                Catch the sun A23, 158a; There goes the fear 200e, 500a
Drupi                Maiale 376b
Duran Duran ...
Frankie Hi NRG       Quelli che benpensano S5; Chiedi, chiedi 350a
Franz Ferdinand      Take me out 387a1; Matinée 399a2
The Herbalizer       The missing suitcase 211b
The high llamas      The sun beats down 224
Lauryn Hill          Doo wop (t...
Julian Lennon      Too late for goodbyes N8
Sean Lennon        Home 355
Carl Lewis         Break it up 233a lp
Ligabue    ...
Mirwais              Disco science 174a
Missy Elliot         Get ur frek on 312g
Moby                 Honey 539a; Why does...
Pet Shop Boys     West end girls, Opportunities, Domino dancing,
                  Always on my mind, Rent, Paninaro, Go W...
Radiohead            Creep, Anyone can play guitar, Stop whispering 192a;
                     Pop is dead 192a; Fake plas...
Roxette            I wish I could fly 410b
Royal Trux         Dirty headlines 397a
Royksopp           Remind me 414a; Spar...
Spring               Chuck it up 224
B. Springsteen       Atlantic city 415b; Glory days 418a;
                     varie ...
Tortoise             4 day interval 364c; Dear Grandma and Grandpa 390a;
                     The bridge at Iguaza’s Fall ...
Frank Zappa   G spot tornado 539a; Peaches en regalia 255a
Zero 7        I have seen A25
John Zorn     Gotham 320a
Zu     ...
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-Video e varie musicali:


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-Video e varie musicali:

  1. 1. Videoclip e materiali musicali Lista aggiornata al luglio 2004 – contatto per scambi: 1 giant leap My culture 413c AA.VV. Perfect day 333a Aco Machi PC Ryan Adams New York New York A30 Barry Adamson Can’t get loose 418a1 Add N to (X) Metal fingers 197a; Plug me in 224 Aerosmith Pink 6b Afro Celt S.Sys. When you’re falling (feat. P. Gabriel) 381b Afterhours Male di miele, La sinfonia dei topi A24 A-Ha Take on me 197a Air Sexy boy 550g, A25; Playground love A25; Radio #1 A24; Don’t be light 532b; Cherry blossom girl 387a1; Surfing on a rocket 552d Alan Parsons Pr. Turn it up 158b Alba Only music survives 444b Alcazar Crying at the discoteque A24 Alice in chains Again 369c The All seeing I The beat goes on 369c; First man in space A17 The Aloof Wish you were here 101d Alpha South A25 Alphaville Sounds like a melody 550d Ambra Io te Francesca e Davide 482a Tori Amos Caught a lite sneeze 410c; Crucify 469a; Spark 469a; A sorta fairytale 208a unplugged 166a Biagio Antonacci Quanto tempo e ancora 252a Anywhen All that numbs you A25 Aphex Twin Come to Daddy 105a; Windowlicker 252b; Apollo 4 40 Stop the rock 320a Aqua Bumble bees 158a Arab strap Love detective 101h The Ark It takes a fool to remain sane A25; Tell me this night over 189a Craig Armstrong As if to nothing 500a Army of lovers Crucified 387d; La plage de St Tropez 158a; Ride the bullet 444b Art of Noise Paranoimia 355; Paranoimia (feat. Max Headroom) A17 Artful Dodger Re-Rewind 544a; Movin’ too fast A23 Richard Ashcroft A song for the lovers 410c, 199b; Science of silence 414a Asian Dub Found. 100 windows (feat. Sinead O’ Connor) 331a Atari teenage riot Revolution action 527b Athlete El salvador 34b Natasha Atlas One brief moment, Mon amie la rose 38a; Mistaneek 30c; Amulet 387d Audio Bullys We don’t care 312l The Avalanches Since I left you A25, 482a; Frontier psychiatrist PC Avion Travel show case 378a Axel Boys Quart. Barbie girl 185b
  2. 2. Francesco Baccini Qua qua quando 158b Backstreet Boys Everybody 159a Badly drawn boy Spitting in the wind A25, 415b; Silent sigh 532b; You were right 414a; All possibilities 547b1; Year of the rat 399a2 Baltimora Tarzan boy 83c Banco de Gaia Obsidian 377b; Last train to Lhasha A25 Basement Jaxx Rendez vu 320a ; Jus 1 kiss 547a2 ; Where’s your head at? A30 Shirley Bassey Where do I begin (feat. The Awayteam) 158a Franco Battiato Mal d'Africa 306a; La stagione dell'amore 547c; E ti vengo a cercare 30c, 78; L'oceano di silenzio 252a; Caffè de la paix 306a; Atlantide 451a; L'ombrello e la macchina da cucire 527b; Breve invito a rinviare il suicidio 91; Strani giorni 177; La cura 166a; Shock in my town 252a, 539a; Il ballo del potere 451a; varie 38a,280a,293a,391c; Uno di noi: 344a, 382b mostra 413a; fleur(s) 434b Leda Battisti L'acqua al deserto 30a lp Lucio Battisti La bellezza riunita 552b Beastie Boys Sabotage 30c; Intergalactic 105a lp; Body movin' 369a; Three mc's and one dj 413a; Ch-ch-check it out 301a The Beatles Yesterday 166a; Help 369a; Ticket to ride 239; Magical mystery tour 0; Strawberry fields forever 345a; Free as a bird 407, 184; Get back 227a; Hello Goodbye A22; Varie 33,114,178,236,254,303,312,394,396,407,497,N8 Beck Where it's at, Devil's haircut 451a; The new pollution 369c; Deadweight 252b; Sexx laws 444a; Mixed bizness 528; Nicotine & Gravy 397a; Lost cause 187b Belle and Sebastian Is it wicked not to care 159b; Wrong girl 397a; Jonathan David A25; I’m a cuckoo 268 Belouis Some Imagination 83c, 482a A. Bertallot L’uomo che tiene il volante 369c The Beta Band Squares 312g; Assessment 552d Björk Violently happy 290a; Venus as a boy 255a; Human behaviour 413b, 298; Play dead 290a; Big time sensuality 290a; It’s oh so quiet 290a; Hyper ballad 258 lp; Possibly maybe 290a; Isobel 290a; Army of me 255a, 418d; I miss you 290a; Joga 290a; Bachelorette 369a, 550b; Hunter 105a; Alarm call 255a; All is full of love 211b, A25; I’ve seen it all 157b; Hidden place 199c; Pagan poetry 5a; Cocoon PC; It’s in our hands 513a; Nature is ancient 208a varie 83c, PC nightfile 290a Frank Black Headache 101h Black box record. The art of driving A25 Black reb. mot. cl. Stop 549c Blancmange Waves 377b
  3. 3. Mary J. Blige No more drama 550h Blonde Redhead Equus 399a2 Blur She’s so high, There’s no other way, Bang, Pop scene, For tomorrow A24; Sunday Sunday A24, 162a; Girls & boys A24, 174a; Parklife A24, 103c, 377; To the end 333a; Country house A24; The Universal A24 (anche live), 290a; Charmless man A24, 550d; Stereotypes A24; Beetlebum A24; Song 2 A24 (anche live), 451a; On your own A24; M.O.R. A24, 430; Tender A24; Coffee + TV A24, 328a, 185b; No distance left to run A24, 369c; Music is my radar A24, T10, 101a; Out of time 189a, 547b1 Crazy beat D, 426a; Good song 290b concerto e intervista think tank 290b live a viva 312e1 nightfile A24 varie 30c, 127, 547c; speciale britpop 127 Bluvertigo Sono=sono 39a; L’assenzio 482a; morgan a bologna 378a l’assenzio (sanremo) 290a Marc Bolan Get it on 236a Jon Bon Jovi Midnight in Chelsea S5 Alessio Bonomo La croce 192c David Bowie Best of Bowie (tutti i video 1972-1999 + extra) D6 Space oddity 158a, 345a, 418a1, A29; Changes 149a, 199b, 418a1; Oh you pretty things, John I’m only dancing, Jean Genie A29 Life on Mars? 236a, 418a1; White light, white heat 286, 418a1; Be my wife A29; "Heroes" 312d; Boys keep swinging 166a, 174a, 418a1; D.J. 398b; Ashes to ashes 255a, 475, 364c, 418a1; Fashion 286, 554b; Let’s dance 199b, 418a1; China girl 398b; Blue Jean 286; Loving the alien 418a1; Dancing in the street 418a1, A30; Day in day out A30; Time will crawl 199b; Never let me down 482a, 330a; Absolute beginners 199b; Jump they say 418a1, 312e; Black tie white noise 199b; Miracle goodnight 418a1; The Buddha of suburbia 199b; The heart’s filthy lesson 418a1; Hallo spaceboy 30c, 199b, 418a1; Little Wonder 255a, 364c; Dead man walking 199b, 258 lp; I’m afraid of Americans 528; I can't read 91a; Thursday's child 255a, T8, 197a, 374a, 418a1; Survive 374a, 369c; The pretty things are going to hell 374a; Fame Live 399b; Eveyone says hi 414a; New killer star 185b jazzing with blue jean 397a; File 369c; speciale (con storia, live, interviste) 199b; little wonder (sanremo) 265 thursday’s child (celentano) 137a1; doctor bowie et mr jones (nadeau) 312e bowie and friends A26; Quelli che il calcio 2002 550h; low-heroes press conference, tin machine live, special tv 23a floor show, cracked actor, beat club, live x2 A29
  4. 4. live aid, tin machine, earthlig live, thursday’s child (fazio), taratata outside, performance con pumpkins, tin machine live A30 pubblicità vittel PC Boy George Everything I own, The crying game 550d; No clause 28 39b Boyzone Picture of you 159a Bran Van 3000 Astounded A25 Breakbeat Era Breakbeat Era 390a; Ultra-obscene A17 G. Bregovic Kalasnikof 103c British sea power Apologies to insect life 331a Broadcast Come on let’s go 83c Bronski Beat Smalltown boy 252a; I feel love (feat. M.Almond) 184; Meredith Brooks Bitch 159a Jeff Buckley Grace 451a; Last goodbye 415b The Buggles Video killed the radio stars 544a Bugo Casalingo 200b Carla Bruni Quelq’un m’a dit 379c David Byrne Ile Aiyé 390a; She’s mad 158a; Miss America 298, 381; Lazy (feat. 2xpress) 387b1 mostra 475 Caparezza Il secondo secondo me 290b Vinicio Capossela Maraja 302a; Si è spento il sole 379c Luca Carboni Colori 469a Raffaella Carrà Fiesta 397a Cassius 1999 166a; La mouche 369c; I’m a woman 550h Catatonia Dead from the waist down 413a, 554b Nick Cave Straight to you, Into my arms 330a; Stagger Lee 30c; Henry Lee 527b; Where the wild roses grow 211b; As I sat sadly by her side A25, 418a1; 15 feet of pure white snow A25; I’m on fire 549b lp (lungo), 331a (corto) Adriano Celentano esco di rado e parlo ancora meno (tv) A24 Chemical Bros. Setting sun 390a; Hey boy, hey girl 550d; Let forever be 390a The golden path (ft. The flaming lips) 185b; Get yourself high (ft. K-Os) PC, 290b Cher I got you babe 91a Eagle-Eye Cherry Say tonight 105a Chumbawamba Homophobia 387d Cibo Matto Sugar water 30c; Know your chicken 185b Clinic Distorsions 397a; The second line 101a; Walking with thee 532a; The magician 399a2 Clock DVA The hacker 255a Coach Alle auf pause 406a Leonard Cohen Dance to the end of love 302a Coldcut Timber 252a Coldplay Yellow 83c; Trouble 227a; Don’t panic 482a;The scientist PC God put a smile upon your face 384a Phil Collins I can't dance N3 The Communards Never can say goodbye 377b Ry Cooder Get rhythm 211b
  5. 5. Coolio See u when u get there 159a Cornelius Mc Check 364c; Star fruits surf rider 252a; Another view point 532b Costello-Bachar. This house is empty now 391c Graham Coxon Bitter sweet bundle of misery 301a Cranberries Ode to my family 199a; Zombie N3 Animal instinct 527b; Analyze 5a Crash Test Dum. Androgynous 38a; Mmm mmm mmm mmm 38a, S5 He likes to feel it 158a; Keep a lid on things 38a; concerto 400; The Creatures But not them PC Julee Cruise Falling 306a, 514a La Crus Pazza idea (feat. P. Pravo) A25 Culture Club Karma chameleon 63a The Cure Boys don't cry 550d; ? (Tell me), Love cats, Caterpillar 396b; The 13th, Friday I'm in love 550d; Never enough, Lullaby (live) 396b; Close to me 391c; Wrong number 333a Cybajaz Cybajaz 199c, 406a Daft Punk Around the world (feat. Carlo Freccero) 548a, 415b; Burnin' 547a1; One more time 290a; Aerodynamic 482a; Digital love A25 Gigi D’Agostino La passion 75a Craig David Walking away A23 Dandy Warhols Not if you were the last junkie on Earth T9, 30a Bohemian like you 418c, 158a; Godless A25; We used to be friends 34b, 399a1 Day One I’m doing fine 444b Deacon Blue Every time you sleep A25 Dead or alive You spin me round 387d F. De André Ho visto Nina volare 43 Death in Vegas Dirt 78; Aisha A17 Deep blue som. Breakfast at Tiffany's 31 Deep forest Sweet lullaby A25 F. De Gregori La valigia dell'attore 333a Delta V Un colpo in un attimo 413c Depeche Mode I just can’t get enough, ? (Here in my arms), People are people, ? (I’m taking a ride with my best friend), In you room, It’s no good 396b; Enjoy the silence 330a; Walking in my shoes 253b; Barrel of a gun 253b; Home 377b; Useless 539a; Only when I lose myself 539a Desert session Crawl home (ft. PJ Harvey) S6 Christian De Sica Bongo, Bongo 168a Des'ree Life 252a Devogue Broken blossom 38a The Divine Comedy Love what you do 548a; Perfect love song 5a; Come home Billy Bird PC, 399a2 Dj Shadow You can’t go home again 142 Cristina Donà Triathlon (ft. Samuel) 187b The Doors Break on Through 117; Gloria 149a
  6. 6. Doves Catch the sun A23, 158a; There goes the fear 200e, 500a Drupi Maiale 376b Duran Duran Hungry like the wolf 233a lp; Someone else not me 399a Eat static Contact 252a Eatons Aubergine 418a1 Echo & Bunnymen Bring on the dancing horses 330a Eels Last stop: this town 306a; Souljacker A30; Saturday morning 426a Einstuerzende N. Blume 158a; Sabrina 410c, 378a halber mensch, liebeslieder 200d Elastica Connection A27, 127 Elbow Red A25, 199c Electrasy Morning afterglow 166a Electric six Danger! High voltage 493b; Gay bar 426a Electronic Disappointed 166a Elio e le storie... Agnello Medley 473; Born to be Abramo 137b; La terra dei cachi 330a; El Pube 548a; Discomusic 320a; La bella canzone di una volta 434a, 328a; Tapparella A30 chi ha incastrato elio e le storie tese 514; oscar rafone A27; varie 211b,252a,398b,514,522,550d night express 434a,434b taratata con carrà e dalla 374a Elisa luce (sanremo) 290a Embrace My weakness is none of your business 539a; You’re not alone A22 Eminem Without me 200e, 500a Erasure Sometimes 550d; Take a chance on me 39b Esthero Heaven sent 30a Eurythmics Sweet dreams 391c E.B.T.G. Each and everyone 390a; The only living boy in N.Y. 418a1; Missing 38a; Walking wounded 309c Experim. Pop Band Bang bang you’re dead 548a Falco Rock me Amadeus 377b Fant. Plast. Mach. Dear Mr Salesman 391c Mylène Farmer Douces 415b Fastball Fire escape 252a Fat Boy Slim Rockfeller skank 391c; Gangster tripping 252a; Praise you 391b; Right here, right now 551a; Sunset T10; Demons A23; Weapon of choice A25 F. Y. Cannibals Suspicious minds 550d; She drives me crazy 255a Flaming lips Yoshimi battles the pink robots 312l Flightcrank Amazing A25 Fluke Absurd 443a Fool's Garden Lemon tree 312 Ivano Fossati La canzone popolare 364c Four Tet No more mosquitoes 312g Frankie goes to... Relax 30c
  7. 7. Frankie Hi NRG Quelli che benpensano S5; Chiedi, chiedi 350a Franz Ferdinand Take me out 387a1; Matinée 399a2 Frou frou Breathe in 414a John Frusciante Going inside A25, 302a Funkstorung Grammy winners 101?, 397a Future s. of Lond. My kingdom 352 Giorgio Gaber destra e sinistra, la razza in estinzione (celentano) 156b Peter Gabriel Shock the monkey 469a; Sledgehammer 550b, N3; The Barry Williams Show 414a; Growing up 34b Laurent Garnier Coloured city 547a1; The sound of the big babou 374a; Greed T9; The man with the red face 290a x-frame 290a J.P.Gaultier How to do that 451a Gay Dad Oh Jim 309c Max Gazzè Cara Valentina, L'amore pensato 418b; Una musica può fare 252b, A23 (sanremo); Il timido ubriaco 378a; pubblicità album 396b Genesis On the shoreline 396b; Congo 159a Genik 45 mph A25 The gentle waves Falling from grace 101e Beth Gibbons Mysteries (feat. Rustin Man) 391d; Tom the model (idem) 160b God Lives Under. From your mouth 355 Golden age Secret love 174a Goldfrapp Lovely head 224; Utopia 75a, 550g; Human 418a1; Train 312l; Strict machine 187b; Twist 350a Goldie Inner city life 352; Mother 451a Gomez Bring it on 159b; Sound of sounds 500a; Catch me up 399a2 Alex Gopher The child 149a, 443a; Party people 159c Gorillaz Tomorrow comes today 290a, A25; Clint Eastwood A25, A24, 482a; 19/2000 199c; brano da G sides 142 intervista A24 David Gray Babylon 83c; Please forgive me 399b Macy Gray When I see u 41b Green Day Basket case 381b1; Geek stink breath 236a Green Jelly Three little pigs 376b lp The Grid Figure of eight 547a1 Daniele Groff Io sono io 451a Guns'n'Roses November rain N3 Nina Hagen Smack Jack 36 Geri Halliwell Bag it up 378a Herbie Hancock Rock it 199b Ed Harcourt All of your days will be blessed 160b Francoise Hardy ? (stazione, sottotitoli) 397a George Harrison Got my mind set on you N8; When we was fab 399a P.J. Harvey Man size 30c; That was my veil (feat. J. Parish) 224; A perfect day, Elise 157b; One place called home 482a Headrillaz The right way 30a
  8. 8. The Herbalizer The missing suitcase 211b The high llamas The sun beats down 224 Lauryn Hill Doo wop (that thing) 252a Hooverphonic Mad about you A24, 227a; The world is mine 414a Kev Hopper Sound of Gyroscopes 30a Howie B Angels go bald: too 30c; Maniac melody 355 Idlewild Roseability 166b Iggy Pop Cry for love 413b; I'll be seeing you (feat. F. Hardy) 255a I-Monster Daydream in blue 312g Int. Noise Consp. Smash it up 544a Interpol PDA 513a Chris Isaak Wicked game 6; Baby did a bad bad thing 255a Michael Jackson Thriller 162a; Black or white 303a; Stranger in Moscow 112 Jay J. Johanson Milan, Madrid, Chicago, Paris 369a, 101g; Keep it a secret 397a Jai I believe 430 James intervista e everyone’s a junkie live 399a Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity 451a, N3, 112, 330a; King for a day 374a, 444a Jane’s addiction Just because 187b Japan Visions of China 159c J.M. Jarre Chronologie 355 Jazzy Jeff Lovely daze 469a Jessica Fletchers Bloody 70s love 301a Elton John Don’t go breaking my heart (feat. Ru Paul) 39b; Something about the way you look tonight 430 Holly Johnson Americanos 224; Legendary children 38a Junior Jack Da Hype (feat. Robert Smith) 387a1 Junior Senior Move your feet 189a Kaito Should I 552d Kashmir Surfing the warm industry 552d Kemopetrol Child is my name A25 Kings of conven. Toxic girl A25 King of leon Red morning light 187b Chris Knox The joy of sex A23 Kraftwerk Musique non stop 355; Tour de France A25; Trans-Europe Express 482a ; Expo 2000 396b; Tour de France 2003 384a Krisma Miami 443a; Aurora B 200a Lamb B Line 550a1; Gabriel 547a2 Amel Larrieux Get up 418a1 Last days of April Will the violins be playing A25 Cindy Lauper Girls just want to have fun 184, 63a LB Jealous guy 551a Amanda Lear No credit cards 255a Jacknife Lee Cookies 550a1 Leftfield Dusted 444a John Lennon Imagine 413b, A6; Jealous guy 258 lp; Nobody told me N8; Number 9 dream 391c
  9. 9. Julian Lennon Too late for goodbyes N8 Sean Lennon Home 355 Carl Lewis Break it up 233a lp Ligabue Viva 554a Lighthouse Fam. High 367a Lilys Nanny in Manhattan 550d Arto Lindsay Blue eye shadow 101g Litfiba Vivere il mio tempo 550d Caroline Loeb C'est la ouate 550d Lowgold Mercury 158b ; Beauty dies young A25 Baz Luhrmann Everybody's free 387d Liam Lynch United states of whatever 189a P.McCartney Hope of deliverance 320a; Beautiful night 333a Madaski A forest 345a Madonna Into the groove PC; Like a prayer 224; Cherish 377b; This used to be my playground 252a; Erotica PC; Justify my love PC; Bedtime story 418a1; Frozen 184,418a; Drowned world 469a; The power of goodbye 253b; Nothing really matters 30c; Music 174a; Don’t tell me 166b; What it feels like for a girl 482a, PC Madreblu Reiko 550d Stephen Malkmus Discretion Grove A24; Jenny and the ess-dog A27; Jo Jo’s jacket 5a; Dark wave 426a Manic Street Pr. If you tolerate this your children will be next 252a; The everlasting 253b; Tsunami 377a Aimee Mann That’s what you are 302a; Save me 548a; Calling it quits A25 M. Manson The beautiful people 451a; Tourniquet 166a; Sweet dreams 166a; Long hard road out of Hell 539a; I don't like the drugs... 236a Mansun Legacy 539a; Being a girl 253b Mao Chinese takeaway 258 lp Sandy Marton Exotic and erotic 233a lp Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy 551a, 105a; Protection 258 lp; Sly 286; Karmacoma 290a, 406a; Teardrop 236a,367a; Inertia creeps 101d, 252a; Special cases 547c1; Butterfly caught 331a Mavericks Dance the night away 469a Maxim Scheming T9 Mel G Word up 185b Mellow Another mellow winter A25; Paris sous la neige Mercury Rev Something for Joey 364c; Car wash hair 38a; Opus 40 211b, 330a; Goddess on a highway 410b; Nite and fog 547a2 George Michael Spinning the wheel 112; As 30c Midnight Moscow Tovarisch Gorbaciov 355 Midwest Mountain song 547c1 Robert Miles Children A25 Miles Perfect world 265a Mina Volami nel cuore 31 Kylie Minogue Can’t get you out of my head A30; Slow 549c
  10. 10. Mirwais Disco science 174a Missy Elliot Get ur frek on 312g Moby Honey 539a; Why does my heart feel so bad ? 444a; Natural blues I 528; Natural blues II 199b; Bodyrock (provini) 190a; Run on PC; Porcelain 410c; We are all made of stars 142 Mogwai Stanley Kubrick 174a; Hunted by a freak 187c Moloko Sing it back 174a; Pure pleasure seeker 158a; Forever more PC M.tefiori Cocktail Anonimo Veneziano 381b Morcheeba Trigger happy A25; Let me see 469a; Rome wasn’t built in a day 397a B.Morgenstern Der Augenblick 101h A. Morissette Ironic N3 Morrissey Every day is like Sunday 355; Alma matters 546b We hate it when our friends become successful 482a English heart, Irish blood 301a Anthony Mother Biomechanik A25 Mountaineers I gotta sing 552d Mouse on Mars Actionist respoke 482a Mr Oizo Flat beat 551a; Analog worms attack 290a My vitriol Always (your way) 302a; Grounded A25 Negramano Solo 547c1 New Order Regret 397a; 60 miles an hour A30 Nightmare Lodge Syrena 159b Nine Inch Nails The perfect drug 364c; Into the void 374a/199b Nirvana Smells like teen spirit, Come as you are, In bloom 211a Nocca Oui, je t’aime 174a Noir desir A l’envers, à l’endroit 200b No Smoking Unza Unza Time 190a Michael Nyman The heart asks pleasure first 252b Oasis Wonderwall N3, 112; Roll with it A25; Don't look back in anger N3, 547a2; Stand by me S5; All around the world 205a, 550b Obi Creatures 301a Sinead O'Connor Nothing compares to you 390a Mike Oldfield Sentinel 355 The Orb Blue room 550d; Assassin 547a1; Once more A25 William Orbit Feel like orbit, Barber’s adagio for strings 374a Orbital Are we here 390a; The box 101e; Style 550a1 Otto 'p' notri Igiene fotografica 527b Par-T-One I’m so crazy 5a Guesch Patti Etienne 197a Pavement Range life 550d; Carrot rope 387d, A24; Spit on a stranger 527b; live 379 Peace Orchestra Shining 397a Pearl Jam Oceans 364c; Do the evolution 306a Pepe Deluxe Before you leave A25; Salami fever 549c
  11. 11. Pet Shop Boys West end girls, Opportunities, Domino dancing, Always on my mind, Rent, Paninaro, Go West, Se a vida e 30c, 387d; Being boring 174a; Dj culture, Can you forgive her? 527b; Yesterday I was mad 328a; New York City boy 397a; I don't know what you want but I can’t give it anymore 149a You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk 374a Phoenix If I ever feel better 548a Photek Ni Ten Ichi Ryu 355 Pink Floyd Another brick in the wall 0, 451a; High Hopes 233a Wish you were here 345a; The gunner’s dream 36 John Pizzarelli Fools fall in love 149a Pizzicato Five It is a beautiful day 469a; Darlin’ of discothèque A21; A perfect world 383b Placebo 36 degrees 103c; Pure morning 105a; You don't care about us 355, 451a; Taste in men 544a; Slave to the wage 174a; Special K 158b; The bitter end D, 322b; Special needs 185b special k (sanremo) 290a Pleasure Don’t look the other way P. Pollina Finnegan’s Wake (feat. F. Battiato) 444a Portishead All mine 355; Sour times 443a; Only you 75a; Glory box A25; Over A25 Presence Future love 552c Presid. of USA Peaches 554a Prince Sign o' the times 0 The Prodigy Breathe 78; Smack my bitch up 31, 117; Baby’s got a temper 547a4 Propaganda Dr Mabuse 330a Propellerheads History repeating 184; Crash 410b Pulp Common people 554b, 127, PC; Disco 2000 322b, 414a; This is hardcore 105a, V1, 30c; The trees 5a; Bad cover version DVD Pulp Hits (tutti i video + extra) D19 Queen Greatest flix I e II O3, O4; Body language 158b; A Winter's tale 137a; No one but you 91a; Under pressure remix 369c; varie O3, O4, 156a, 433, 441, 469; freddie mercury tribute 48, 276; Quintorigo La nonna di Frederick lo portava al mare 166b; taratata 91 bentivoglio angelina (sanremo, due esibizioni) 290a
  12. 12. Radiohead Creep, Anyone can play guitar, Stop whispering 192a; Pop is dead 192a; Fake plastic trees, My iron lung 63a; High and dry 63a, 381b1; Just 492a, 192a; Street spirit 63a; Paranoid android 31, 117; Karma police 381b1, 451a; No surprises 381b1; Optimistic 399b; Idioteque A22; Pyramid song A25; Knives out 414a; I might be wrong 5a; There there PC, 331a; Go to sleep 185b kid a : amnesiac in paris; documentario su ok computer A26; documentario 1998 A26 varie 63a,192a,381b1,333a Raf Vita, storie e pensieri di un alieno 364c; Infinito 34b Rain tree crow Blackwater A22 Eros Ramazzotti L'aurora 236 Karen Ramirez Looking for love 30a The Raveonettes Attack of the ghost riders 185c; The great love PC Recycle Roma addio 397a, 544a Red hot chili pep. Scar tissue 159c; Otherside 369c; Californication A24, 544a; Can’t stop 225b Lou Reed (video con volto robot) 83d; Modern dance 378a, 396b documentario nico and the velvet underground 83d documentario lou reed 418c Steve Reich Music for 18 musicians (feat. Cold Cut) 544a Relaxed muscle Billy Jack, Sexualised D R.E.M. Radio free Europe (312g), So central rain, Driver 8, Fall on me, The one I love, Pop song 89 378a; Stand 103c; Losing my religion N3, 378a, 312g; Shiny happy people, Radio song 378a; Everybody hurts 159b, 364c; Man on the moon 413b, 312g; Nightswimming, Find the river, Drive, can’t get there from here, Tongue 312g; Strange currencies 418a1; Crush on eyeliner 378a; E-bow the letter 401,149a; Electrolite 378a; Daysleeper 306a, 355; Lotus 364c, 369a, 312g; The great beyond 378a, 312g; Imitation of life 312g, A25, PC; I’ll take the rain A30 varie 547c concerto night express 34a lp, 253b lp taratata 91 speciale 312g imitation of life (celentano) A24 The Residents This is a man's man's man's world 551a; The third Reich'n'roll 413a Rettore speciale cocktail d’amore 384a Revolting Cocks Do ya think I’m sexy 482a J. Righeira Papalla 482a Right said Fred I’m too sexy 36; Don’t talk just kiss A23; Living on a dream 387d; Big time 290a Rolling Stones Like a rolling stone N3, 410c; Saint of me 312a; Anybody seen my baby? 430(I), 137a, 205a(II); Don’t stop 209b Rondò Venez. La Serenissima 105a Rotor Rotos 7 397a
  13. 13. Roxette I wish I could fly 410b Royal Trux Dirty headlines 397a Royksopp Remind me 414a; Sparks 426a Ru Paul Supermodel (you better work) 379 Giuni Russo morirò d’amore (sanremo) 185c Les Rythmes Dig. Sometimes 159c Saez Jeune et con A25 R. Sakamoto Love and hate (feat. H. Johnson) 482a Salako Growing up in the night 83c St Etienne How we used to live 397a, 396b; Heart failed in the back of a taxi 544a; Action 414a Schneider TM The light 3000 199c, 444b, 290a; Reality check 513a Scott 4 Catastrophe 552c; Lefturno 309c Sea and the Cake Sound and vision 399a2 Semisonic Closing time 539a; Singing in my sleep 369a; Chemistry 444b Sex Pistols God save the Queen 391c Sigur Ros video senza titolo (ragazzo, carrozzina) PC Simian One dimension A30; Never be alone PC; LA Breeze PC Sin with Sebast. Golden boy 396b Frank Sinatra I've got you under my skin (feat. Bono) 255a Bob Sinclar I feel for you A22 Siouxsie and... Candyman 451a Roni Size Heroes 390a; Watching windows 352 Skiantos Il chiodo 418d Skunk Anansie Brazen 166a, 0; Hedonism 451a; Charlie big potato 410b; Lately 413b Smashing Pump. Bullett with butterfly wings 233a; 1979 539a; Thirtythree 105a; Zero 38a; Tonight, tonight 413b; Ava Adore 367a; Perfect 539a; Stand inside your love 378a Patti Smith Summer cannibals 492a The Smiths There is a light that never goes out 539a; Ask 550d; The boy with the thorn in his side 166a; Panic 252a; How soon is now 211b Snowpatrol Ask me who I am 227a Soft Cell Tainted love 391c; Say hello, wave goodbye 482a Soggy Bot. Boys Man of constant sorrow 166b Solange Ma che bandiera è questa qua 413, 391c Bobby Solo Lettera a John Taylor 319 J. Somerville You make me feel mighty real 451a; Comment te dire adieu 548a Sonic youth Bull in the heather 224 Soulwax Conversation Intercom 550d; Too many dj's A17; Much against everyone’s advice 397a Soundgarden Black hole sun N3 South Keep close 312g South Park Chocolate salty balls 410b; Kenny's day 369a Space Avenging angels 166a Spandau Ballet Instinction 149a Sparks Music that you can dance to 355 Spiritualized Let it flow 158b Britney Spears Oops! I did it again 378a
  14. 14. Spring Chuck it up 224 B. Springsteen Atlantic city 415b; Glory days 418a; varie 88; Squallor Usa to Italy 224 Squarepusher Come on my selector 355 Ringo Starr Weight of the world N8 Starsailor Silence is easy 290b; Four to the floor S6 Steph. de Monaco Comme un ouragan 527b Stereolab The free design 255a Stereophonics Have a nice day A25 Cat Stevens Moon shadow 312d The Stone Roses Fools gold 312g The Strokes Last nite (2 versioni diverse) A30; Someday 414a; Reptilia 552d Subsonica Colpo di pistola 527b; Disco Labirinto (feat. Bluvertigo) 399a; (Motel connection: Two) 209b Suede The drowners 127; So young 38a; Lazy 166a; Electricity 30c, 413a; Attitude 290b; taratata 398b Sugarcubes Birthday, Regina, Deus 290a Summers-Fripp Parade 410b Y. Sunahara Love beat 397a Superfurry anim. Golden retriever 187c Supergrass Richard III 127; Pumping on your stereo 185b; Kiss of life 301a Supr. Beings of L. Never the same 290a; Strangelove addiction 406a Sylvester Rock the Box 544a David Sylvian Silver moon 413b; Orpheus 158a; The ink in the well 551a, 330a; Red guitar 330a Syria Se tu non sei con me 414°; L’amore è 399a1 l’amore è (sanremo) 185c Take That Pray 381b1 Talking Heads Burning down the house 185b; Once in a lifetime 381; Road to nowhere 197a; And she was 369a; Nothing but flowers 159b; Wild wild life A25 Talk Talk Such a shame 30c Tamb. du Bronx Monostress 492a Tance Atl. Airwav. The chase 355 Teddybears Rock’n’roll highschool 406a Sebastien Tellier La ritournelle 552d Jimi Tenor Total devastation 550a1; Spell 83c; Black hole 322b This mortal coil Song to the syren 415b, 199c; Late night A25; Acid, bitter and sad A25, 199c Yann Tiersen Monochrome 369a T. Tikaram Twist in my sobriety 233a lp Tindersticks Sometimes it hurts 331a Tiromancino ? 158b Amon Tobin 4 ton mantis 418a1 Tool Prison Sex 190a; Stinkfist 105a; Schism A25; Parabola 399b2 To Rococo Rot Telema 550a1; Cars 444a Emiliana Torrini Unemployed in the summertime 415b; Dead things A25
  15. 15. Tortoise 4 day interval 364c; Dear Grandma and Grandpa 390a; The bridge at Iguaza’s Fall 377b; Seneca 548a Traffic Hole in my shoe 158b Trash palace Bad girl 187b Travis Turn 396b; Sing A25; Flowers in the window 532a Tre Allegri Rag.M. Una terapia 253b; Signorina prima volta 552d Tricarico Drago 199c; Cavallino 399a2 Tricky Hell is round the corner 252b; Overcome 415b; Ponderosa A25; Makes me wanna die 83c; For real 159c; Antimatter 331a Turin brakes Underdog (save me) A25 Ugly Casanova Things I don’t remember 414a Ultravox Dancing with tears in my eyes 398b; One small day 211b Los Umbrellos No tengo dinero 415b Underworld Born slippy 355; Jumbo 550a1; King of snake 527b Unkle Rabbit in your headlights 451a, 391c; Be there 38a; An eye for an eye PC, 185b Urban chic Talk show host 185b Midge Ure Breathe 78 U2 Where the streets have no name 199a; Numb 255a; One 330a; Last night on Earth 78; If God will send his angels 550b; Sweetest thing 391c; Beautiful day II 227a A. Van Halden Koocky 410c Mario Venuti Veramente 34b; Crudele 552d, 5c (sanremo) The Verve Bittersweet symphony 546b; Sonnet 469a; The drugs don't work 364c, 413; Lucky man 333a, 189a (altra versione) Village People Y.M.C.A. 387d, 397a; Sex over the phone 252a A. Vollenweider Pearls and tears A22 Tom Waits Downbound train 413b; It's all right with me 550d; Hold on 149a; What’s he building 418a1; God’s away on business 550h Weird Al Yankovic Fat 320a; Smells like Nirvana 211a; Christmas at ground zero 473 The White Stripes Seven nation army 399a1, 331a; Black math 187b; I just don’t know what to do with myself 185b; The hardest button to button PC, 549c Robbie Williams Millennium, It’s only us, She’s the one 444a; Rock Dj 397a; Supreme 166b; Somethin’ stupid A30; Feel 208a; Come undone 331a, 547b1 (show version) Robert Wyatt Free will and testament 482a Yeah Yeah Yeahs Pin 384a Yvonne Modern love 383b
  16. 16. Frank Zappa G spot tornado 539a; Peaches en regalia 255a Zero 7 I have seen A25 John Zorn Gotham 320a Zu Testa di cane 397a Zucchero Per colpa di chi 355 varie 299,320,355,395,533,470