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Theme 11.doc

  1. 1. Mobasseri 1 Armin Mobasseri Mr. Darnell English Theme # 11 19 February 2002 Power Surge Several miles below the surface of the earth, in an abandoned and deserted wasteland filled with mountainous outcroppings, the mad scientist Dr. Gero slaved away in his dank and dark laboratory over his latest machination. A genius Dr. Gero was, able to fathom the most difficult to grasp concepts when it came to biology and genetics. A rather old man, he often resorted to his own devices and creations to prolong his own life, which ebbed away each passing day. Wearing a black tall, almost turban like hat, along with a black vest that covered a loose, and flowing yellow under covering. In addition to that he wore very baggy brown pants that allowed him to store all manner of things within them for easy access. Lastly, he had silvery white hair that cascaded down his back and seemed to match his pale sun-deprived skin. All in all it combined to give the scientist a rather unusual look. Of course, none of this mattered to him, for he was focused on only one thing. His entire life had one single purpose: Reap revenge on Goku for destroying the Red Ribbon army, and his life along with it. To this end he slaved away underground in his dungy laboratory for many, many years to create the ultimate fighting machine out of machinery or otherwise to finally destroy that wretched Goku. Having monitored Goku’s travels for most of his life, Gero knew exactly where he lived, along with his interests and a general knowledge of his strength. All this was taken into account to create his fighting
  2. 2. Mobasseri 2 machines. Unfortunately for Gero, all of his attempts to have one of his androids kill Goku had always come to a grinding halt when they were destroyed by the Z senshi. This time, however, Gero had a few new tricks up his sleeve. Whereas his previous creations had only the most basic intelligence, his newer children possessed great intelligence that surpassed the intelligence of most human beings. In addition, his latest child possessed a great deal more weaponry than his previous attempts. Yes, this time Goku would surely feel the pain of defeat and the agony of loss. Chuckling to himself, he sulked over to his computer terminal to the left of his operating table and began inputting various codes and numbers. Suddenly, the computers in the dark lab came to life with a hum and began taking in various data from the android resting on the table. With one final flip of a switch, Gero stood back as his android began thrumming to life. Electricity crackled through the air as the mechanical man began its startup procedures. As light filled the chamber, emanating from the android itself, the ground in the laboratory shuddered from the sheer amount of energy passing into the android’s being. When all had seemed to be done, the doctor walked up to his creation and input a chip into the side of its head. The chip was critical to the Android’s functioning. Not only was it the brain of the Android, but also it contained within it the memory of one of his previous creations, Android 13. Android 13 had been destroyed, but he had managed to gather enough of its remains to re-construct it. Finishing that task, he walked over to his table adjacent to the android, and picked up a rectangular remote with several buttons and switches protruding from its surface. With another flick of a switch, the Android sat up, and turned to its father. Gero simply watched in silence, trying to anticipate the
  3. 3. Mobasseri 3 android’s reaction. It stood up and took in its surroundings, noting the fact it was in Gero’s secret laboratory. Not only was it back, but its memory was in perfect condition as well. The android wore a black shirt with a red bandana around its neck, and black leather gloves on each of its hands. It had silver hair, much like Dr. Gero, which fell to his shoulders. The android also wore leather black boots. “I am back.” The android simply stated. “Indeed, you are, Android 13. Once your battle damaged remains were left for the scavengers by the Z senshi, I traveled back to the field of battle and collected what parts you still had functioning. From that I came back to the laboratory and began the process of re-assembling you, so that we may continue our plan.” Gero explained to the Android. “And you made me stronger… much stronger. I can feel it in my body. The energy pulsing through my core is much higher than ever before.” Android 13 stated once again, moving his arm around his joints to loosen them up. “Of course. In the time it took to re-assemble you, Goku and his fellow imbeciles had gotten stronger. Naturally, I had to up the firepower to keep up with the fool. I can safely state that you will be more than a match for any of them, once I add one more upgrade to your core.” Gero explained. “There is no time for that.” Android 13 snapped. “I was humiliated in my battle with Goku. I will have my revenge, and he will realize the power of the one true mechanical being.” He spat out. With that he began walking to the exit of the laboratory. “Wait! You cannot leave! I’ve constructed another android, number 14, to assist
  4. 4. Mobasseri 4 you! You aren’t powerful enough to defeat Goku alone yet!” Gero shouted in desperation. “As if I’d ever lose again to the likes of that monkey. Besides, I’ve seen Goku fight 14, and it seems he barely made an even match with him, even without the upgrade.” Ignoring his cries of protest, Android 13 pushed him into the wall with a rough shove, and upon further consideration decided not to use the door. He simply flew through the roof, through several stories of solid rock, and out to the other side, into the vast surface that was a rocky wasteland. Increasing his speed, he jetted out into the blue sky at incredibly high velocities, out of sight… Gero could only mumble… “But… 14… already… received… the upgrade…” *** “This food is great, Chi Chi!” Goku cried, as the human eating machine stuffed his face with more food. Goku’s favorite pastimes were fighting and eating, and eating was an activity Goku liked to partake in frequently. Chi Chi surveyed the kitchen. The table looked like a tornado had swept through it. She sighed heavily. Feeding Goku and her son Gohan was like feeding the army. Except for that fact that the army ate less food than the two of them. As the two Saiya- jins continued inhaling their breakfast, Chi Chi gathered up the dishes that were used and set out new ones in their place. She had just finished her breakfast, and that meant the war for the kitchen table had just begun. Every time food was at the table, the war began, and every time she knew she’d lose, but kept up the act in a futile attempt to keep the kitchen clean. Of course, it always looked like a bomb had detonated in kitchen once a meal was finished.
  5. 5. Mobasseri 5 *** Android 13 flew through the air with exceptional speed, dwarfing the other crafts in speed that saw him from miles away, before he left them in the proverbial dust. His sensors and memory banks contained within them the location of Goku’s house, along with all of the other Z senshi. Not only did that make it absurdly easy to locate Goku, but also made it rather simple to set up an ambush. However, the android did not feel like killing Goku off without him ever realizing what happened. Rather, he felt that Goku should suffer for defeating him once before. Yes, he would get great amusement from watching his expression of shock as he discovered one of his old enemies’ was back to haunt him. Finally, after an hour of flying, he grinded to a screeching halt above Goku’s house. His house was located in the mountains, far away from most towns or cities, giving him the appropriate place to spar and fight in earnest without worrying about harming innocent bystanders with his great power. This also would work to his disadvantage when Android 13 would begin commencing his attack, leaving Goku alone to fight him off. Smirking, he raised a gloved hand and pointed his palms in the direction of a cluster of trees. Slowly, at first, a small ball of light formed in each palm, pulsating with dangerous energy. It began to grow larger at a frightening pace, until it was the size of a basketball. At this point he fired both the energy blasts into the trees, which promptly resulted in their immediate destruction. Fire snaked its way through the remaining trees as the explosion rocked the mountainside, attracting the attention of anyone within a two- mile radius. He simply stood there, an unreadable emotion plastered on his face, awaiting Goku to realize what events had just transpired.
  6. 6. Mobasseri 6 *** “Thanks for the f-“ Goku said, falling out of his chair as an explosion rocked the mountainside. “What happened?!” Chi Chi cried in dismay, realizing it was most likely another disaster. “Dad… It looks like one of our old enemies’ is back!” Gohan yelled, as he stared out the window, straight at the android waiting several dozen feet up in the air. Goku ran outside, with Gohan and Chi Chi following his trail. When he made it to the spot Android 13 had been waiting, he stared at him in disbelief, not comprehending how he returned. Nevertheless, it seemed he was back, and that meant Goku had to take care of him before he caused any more damage. Turning to Gohan, he said, “Be on your guard, Gohan. I’m not sure how much stronger he’s gotten, but hopefully he hasn’t changed much.” “Hmm… I wouldn’t say that. Why don’t you come over here and see how weak I am?” Android 13 sneered, as he taunted Goku from above. With a roaring battle cry, Goku flew straight into the air and drove his fist straight into the android’s chest with enough power behind it to seriously injure him. Goku looked into the android’s face, expecting the shock and surprise from his immensely powerful hit. It never came. In fact, Android 13 hadn’t so much as flinched. Smirking at Goku, he explained, “You see, Goku, I’ve gotten much stronger while I’ve been away. Gero took it upon himself to rebuild me once again, and this time he upgraded my processes so I can finally match you.” “We’ll see about that.” Goku said, as he spun around to deal a quick roundhouse
  7. 7. Mobasseri 7 kick to the android’s chest. Unfortunately he found himself striking empty air, as the android was not there anymore. Shocked that the android had increased its power so greatly from their last fight, Goku couldn’t do anything but gape as Android 13 re- appeared behind him and drove a sharp elbow into his back, catapulting him into the ground with a sickening thud. The earth beneath him buckled as he got driven into the soil, and nearby trees were uprooted. Getting to his feet, Goku stared down Android 13 and smirked right back at him. It had been quite a while since he’d had a good fight, and all Saiya-jins had fighting ingrained into their being. Not only did their strength increase after a recovering from a near mortal injury, but they also grew more powerful as their battle lust took over them. Not only did Goku have these things on his side, but he also fought for his loved ones, which was perhaps the greatest advantage of all. “I won’t let you hurt innocent people!” Goku yelled up to Android 13, declaring his defeat. “Oh really? I’d like to see you try.” With that, he raised an arm toward a city near the base of the mountain and unleashed an energy blast that completely destroyed it. Entire skyscrapers collapsed as dust and explosions rocked the landscape. *** Far away, in various parts of the earth, the rest of the Z senshi simultaneously looked towards the direction of Goku’s house, sensing the energy output and the destruction caused. Without a word they set off, knowing that battle had started, as it had before. *** Staring in anger, goku did the only thing he could – use his Kaio-Ken technique.
  8. 8. Mobasseri 8 While the technique gave him hugely increased power and speed, the longer he used it the more ravaged his body became, thus making it a dangerous technique to the owner as well. As soon as Goku began using the technique a red fire aura blazed about him, and he flew straight into Android 13’s stomach with a hard right punch before the Android could even react. While the android rocketed backwards into the sky from the hit, Goku increased his speed once again and sped right above Android 13. Clenching his fists together, he brought them over his head and smashed it into the android’s back, exposing circuitry and wiring that sizzled and crackled in malfunction. Android 13 plummeted to the earth and met the dirt face to face. He weakly stood up and wiped the dirt of his face. He had not anticipated this, not at all. He was greatly weakened, and two or three more blows of that sort could completely destroy him, this time for good. However, he knew of Goku’s Kaio-Ken technique, and also knew that it tore apart the body of the user. Looking over to Goku’s position, he saw him in an idle position in the air, attempting to regain his energy and shake off the fatigue that plagued him. Smirking, he knew he still had a chance and flew slowly back up to meet him. “It looks like you’re tiring. It will be only a matter of time before I wear you down. I am not a flesh and bone creation like you, so I do not tire. Eventually I will outlast you, and then you will meet your death.” Android 13 stated, as if it were a fact. “Heh. I wouldn’t be so sure of victory, 13. You’re pretty damaged, by the looks of it.” Goku responded. “We’ll see. I cannot be destroyed. I am superior to you flesh and bone inferiors.” Android 13 smugly remarked. Not needing any further encouragement, Goku got truly serious. Greatly
  9. 9. Mobasseri 9 weakened, he fires four energy blasts straight at Android 13. Android 13 dodged them with ease. Goku appeared behind 13 and brought his fist forward for a punch to the android’s jaw. Android 13 wasn’t there. Grabbing Goku’s left from below he yanked him downward and used the momentum to smash him into the floor. Jumping back up, Goku leapt up back into the air and re-engaged the android. Gohan continued observing the battle. Although Goku’s attacks while using the Kaio-Ken had greatly weakened Android 13, he seemed to show no signs of fatigue, whereas Goku was continuously getting tired. Pondering the fate of his father, the 8- year-old boy leapt up into the air to assist his father. The faster the android was dispatched the better for them all. Android 13 grabbed Goku by the hair and landed several jabs into his stomach. Goku coughed up blood, the red liquid splattering over Android 13’s black glove. 13 wound up for an extremely powerful kick to the kidneys, but was thwarted by an energy blast by Gohan, which struck his arm causing him to drop Goku. Immediately Goku landed his own punch into 13’s chest, sending him flying back into the far side of the mountain and leaving a huge crater in the rock. Gohan looked over to his dad and yelled, “I’ll help you dad! We can take him together!” Goku looked back and responded with, “Of course, son! Just try your best and we can do this.” He grimaced as he finished his sentence. Android 13 climbed out of the rubble his impact had created. He once again looked damaged, but not tired at all. With the greatest of ease he stood back up. Seeing this, Goku made a decision he was battling within himself for a while. “Gohan, get over here. I’m going to try something that’ll save us. But… You’ll have to fight him alone.”
  10. 10. Mobasseri 10 *** Realizing what his father meant, Gohan agreed, after Goku wished him luck. Struggling due to his various injuries, Goku raised both of his arms into the sky. He closed his eyes and concentrated. “Plants… Animals… Give me your energy…” The various animals that had been hiding in the nooks and crannies of the mountain went into a trance. High up in the sky, above the battling Gohan and Android 13, a ball of Ki began to form, created by the Ki of the animals and plants that lent their energy to Goku. Goku had begun the Genki-Dama, his last resort. Gathering the good energy from living beings, the Genki-Dama was a charged mass of pure energy created out of good will. Any evil heart that came into contact with it would be instantly destroyed. However, the process was time-consuming, and left Goku in a very vulnerable state, as he was not able to defend himself while in the Genki-Dama position. Relying on Gohan to hold off the Android worried him, for his son’s life was in great jeopardy now. Gohan ducked under a punch that would have taken his head off had he been a second slower. Using his downward momentum he flipped below the android and got behind him all in one maneuver. Flipping over, he delivered a swift quick that sent the android spinning aside. 13 recovered, and with a growl fired a ki blast. Not to be caught off guard, Gohan turned around and fired a ki blast of his own. Gohan poured all his energy into the blast to keep the fight going, even though he knew he was going to lose the battle. He had to hold of Android 13 long enough for Goku to finish the Genki- Dama. Goku fought for control of the massive energy he was trying to condense into one
  11. 11. Mobasseri 11 ball of ki. He was dying to get out there and help his son. Tiring, Gohan was slowly starting to get pushed back as the android poured more energy into the assault, and Goku knew if he didn’t intervene soon his son would get seriously injured. Pouring more energy into the Genki-Dama, Goku realized it would soon be ready… He just need a little more time… *** The enigmatic Android soon grew tired of toying with his opponent, and decided to end the ‘struggle’. Flushing in even more energy than before, the ki blast completely enveloped Gohan and sent him flying back into a canyon wall, bruised and broken. He landed on the ground with a thud, but showed signs of life. “Damn. Now I’ll have to finish the job.” Android 13 raised his arm, and yet another blast of energy began to form. He pretended to lament over his decision, but then decided to get it over with quickly. With a stroke of his hand the energy ball flew off to end Gohan’s existence. Pulsating with power, the ball of light flew closer to Gohan, and yet closer still, until it was several meters away. Suddenly, another energy blast came out of nowhere and smacked aside the blast headed for Gohan! Android 13 looked around in shock to find who had dared interrupt his revenge. To his left, was Tenshinhan. Behind him, stood Piccolo. And the one who had saved Gohan was Krillin. *** Krillin had realized that an old enemy had returned, as did the others, when they sensed the great blasts of energy being shot to and fro. In haste they sped off to assist their friend and companion Goku, and had gotten there just in time to save Gohan from a
  12. 12. Mobasseri 12 fatal blast. Seeing the Genki-Dama forming behind Android 13, the three realized that Goku must have fallen back on it as his last resort to destroy the Android. On the other side of the field, near his house, Goku panted as his strength gave out. He smiled as he found the Genki-Dama to be complete, and threw it with all the strength he could muster left in his body. With that last effort, he collapsed, unconscious onto the grassy ground. Having just gotten over his shock, Android 13 observed the newcomers who had decided to interrupt him. However, what he did not realize was why they weren’t attacking him… And why were they running away? Following the direction of their eyes, the android turned around… And nearly had its circuits short circuit at what he saw. Behind was the biggest ball of ki he had ever seen, and it seemed intent on heading its way. Finally realizing what the Z senshi were up to, he glared at the energy ball as if his hatred enough would make it leave. That was not to be so, and any energy blast he fired at it was simply absorbed into the white mass and fed its size. Gohan smiled, but that smile turned to a frown when he realized the Android had begun to smirk. Reaching to his hands, the android took off its bloodied gloves to show cybernetic hands. What caught the Z senshi’s attention, though, was what was on his palm. Located directly on the center of his palm were two red circles, one on each palm. As the Genki-Dama approached, the android raised its arms to it… and began absorbing the energy! As soon as he began doing so his body began to self-repair as his core took in the new energy, and he soon found himself to be regaining strength! Horrified and appalled, the entire Z team converged on the android in one last- ditch attempt to stop him. Firing away blasts, the team could only gaze in shock, as nothing seemed to affect the Android. Just as the energy was about to completely reach
  13. 13. Mobasseri 13 the android and be in easy absorbing range (full absorption) a huge blue ki blast slammed into the Android, tearing its arms off. Tearing his eyes off the Genki-Dama in shock, his eyes followed the path of the blast… To find Goku standing, both arms extended, both mentally and physically drained from giving every last ounce of fight he had. Frozen in disbelief at his body’s disfigurement, he could only gaze at the Genki-Dama as it began to tear away at his body, melting what Dr. Gero rebuilt into slag. The last thought process that ran through his cybernetic mind before he was completely annihilated was Gero’s voice, yelling out the fact that Android 14 indeed HAD gotten the power upgrade… Which meant that even with that he stood no chance against Goku, and he, Android 13, without the power upgrade, obviously would not have a chance either… Then everything turned white for the android as his body was torn apart and his being disintegrated.