The race to OS supremacy has begun, with Android gaining ...


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The race to OS supremacy has begun, with Android gaining ...

  1. 1. P R ACTICE BROCHURE The race to OS supremacy has begun, with Android gaining significant traction. The sheer market power of Google, the attractiveness of the platform’s open environment for developers, an expanding number of connected consumer electronics, and an estimated 40 Android-based handsets planned for shipping in 2010 are all creating significant momentum for the technology. Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Service Providers (SPs) are committing significant investments to the Android platform. While Android provides the base OS, certain “experience gaps” need to be addressed to deliver a competitive overall user experience. These include integrating multimedia enablers such as HD video, improving power efficiencies and delivering unmatched performance – along with ensuring an innovative design and user interface (UI). Aricent helps to address these experience gaps through its Android Center of Excellence (CoE) - one of the industry’s most advanced solutions for Android, delivering unmatched innovation design and consulting, multi-layer lifecycle services, systems integration and product assurance services.
  2. 2. Elevating the Android Experience ODMs and SPs are seeking to rapidly innovate and capitalize on the global surge in demand for mobile devices and beyond, with Android expected to become a key ingredient in products aimed at the $700B global consumer electronics market such as digital picture frames, mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and more. In the process, they are faced with the challenge of architecting a range of solutions on Android, often purchased from multiple vendors, into a single integrated system. This requires the ODMs to quickly develop deep technical skills as well as address experience gaps of the constantly evolving Android platform. They also need to ensure that this platform is tested In the first five months following the launch of Android in the US, Android requests increased an average of 47% per month across a wide variety of networks and applications to ensure acceptable service levels and customer experience. In the case of service providers, it becomes critical to ensure rapid application prototyping, along with customization of the UI and support for multiple languages – all seamlessly integrated and extensively tested. SPs need to leverage the advancements in Aricent’s Android Capabilities Android and introduce a range of new devices that can effectively • Innovation Design and Consulting combat the dominance of the iPhone. They also look to deliver • Multi-Layer Lifecycle Services their unique branding and differentiated value on these new • Optimized Middleware and Applications devices. Chipset vendors, on the other hand, seek low-cost reference designs and pre-optimized Android software that can leverage their existing hardware platforms to the fullest, and enable delivery of complete device kits to ODMs. Aricent’s Android Center of Excellence Aricent’s Value Proposition As one of the early entrants in the Android solutions space, • Accelerate time to market for new Android product Aricent has built up significant expertise in the development development by nearly 50% and integration of application suites, UI frameworks, • Unparalleled performance through power savings application execution environment, multimedia middleware, of up to 25% kernel and hardware driver layers of the Android software stack. This expertise is now available through Aricent’s Android Center of Excellence (CoE) one of the industry’s most advanced solutions for Android platform development, delivering unmatched innovation design and consulting, multi-layer lifecycle services, systems integration and product assurance services. Innovation Design and Consulting The designing of innovative user experiences is now table stakes for an increasingly sophisticated global mobile subscriber base. The creation of a highly compelling user experience demands harmonization of a highly complex set of technologies, including chipsets, user interfaces (visual, aural, touch), multimedia CODECs, multiple radios and more. Aricent, through its world-class Innovation Design practice, offers a detailed consultative review of user interface (UI) designs to ensure that they harness the latest innovations and technologies, and align well with customers’ business objectives. These include, for example, simplifying content discovery to increase data usage, creating more value through customization and personalization, and ensuring a consistent and coherent brand experience. Other consultancy services offered on Android are categorized into the following areas: Audit – Performance evaluation and benchmarking for target Android devices in areas Audit Strategy like Multimedia, Web browsing and Graphics (OpenGL IL). Strategy – Creation of technology roadmaps, with phasing of features by releases, keeping in perspective the most recent market trends; identification and evaluation of third party solutions, and risk mitigation strategies. Assurance Optimization Assurance – Identifying and Planning for better ROI through test automation, with appropriate automated testing frameworks on Android to accelerate product launches. 2
  3. 3. Optimization – Consultancy on solution optimization and power management across various Android devices for different use Aricent’s Android CoE services can drive up to 50% case scenarios (Web browsing, Music, Video, Gaming). reduction in cost and time to market along with ~25% savings in power consumption Multi-Layer Lifecycle Services Aricent’s multi-layer lifecycle services for Android include multimedia Systems Integration product and applications development, device driver integration, integration of multimedia middleware and UI - targeted at CE (MID, DPF, VOIP etc.) and handset (e.g. Smartphone) segments - and platform assurance solutions. In addition, Aricent offers porting and power management solutions to complement the core Android Research & Development Product Assurance lifecycle services. Power Management Research and Development Product Development – Design, development, and porting of all aspects of Android based devices, including integration of Aricent’s best in class Media EXPTM (CODECs, middleware, communication applications etc.). Application Development – Design, development, porting and integration of the Android Mobile Application Suite, consisting of rich applications (e.g. Music, Video, Email, Social Networking, Contacts, Home Screen etc.) running on the target platform. We also offer widget development services that facilitate rapid application prototyping. Additionally, Aricent also offers an application development environment (IADE) and framework extension applications for Android. Multi-Layer Porting – Along with base porting services on Android, Aricent’s expertise in OpenGL ES Optimization enables services such as porting of OpenGL on hardware accelerators that drive advanced graphics and visual effects on Android. Systems Integration Android based integration services include system integration for multimedia middleware and IPRs. We offer OpenCore Media Framework Integration and Performance Optimization, customization of OpenMAX IL API and integration of Audio/ Video CODECs with the Android platform and OpenMAX Plugins. We also provide integration services for multimedia applications such as Media apps, IMS based (Presence, Group/List Management, VVoIP, Video Share, MTP) apps, Video Telephony, Camera and more. Finally, we offer integration services for various multimedia middleware IPR components - proprietary CODECs, image processing algorithms and multimedia middleware application components (Video Telephony, Video Share, IMS client, VoIP, Camera applications and more). Product Assurance Aricent offers comprehensive testing services on Android across a variety of areas - BSP, Android Framework, Multimedia - OMX layer, Modem - Voice call / Data and Applications, ranging across both existing and third party applications. Our testing services include interoperability testing and end-to-end testing on live networks. Complementing the core lifecycle services are Aricent’s Power Management services on Android, utilizing the power states (idle, sleep, deep sleep etc.) in the most efficient manner to ensure optimum power consumption. Success Stories Aricent has successfully integrated its world-class Media EXPTM suite of multimedia products on Android for a Tier 1 chipset vendor Aricent has also commercialized the Android platform for a leading OEM, amongst others 3
  4. 4. UI customization Application Suite Porting and integrating on Android Widget development Applications Domain based applications on MID, PMPs Home Contacts Phone Browser ... Multimedia IPRS, codecs, components, application and optimization Android Framework Extensions Application Framework Porting and optimization srvices & integration of browser communication applications Activity Manager Window Manager Content Providers View System Notification Manager Package Manager Telephony Manager Resource Manager Location Manager XMpp Service System integration Application integration Libraries Optimization of Power Android Runtime Multimedia integration and power Surface Manager Media Framework SQLite Core Libraries Graphics optimization Open GL ES FreeType WebKit File parsers expertise Dalvik Virtual Machine SGL SSL Libc Image processing algorithms expertise Optimized codecs integration Linux Kernel Display Driver Camera Driver Bluetooth Driver Flash Memory Driver Binder (IPC) Driver Base porting USB Driver Keypad Driver WiFi Driver Audio Drivers Power Management Device drivers integration Interfacing the optimized hardware power manager driver with Android middleware and Silicon Board Support Package application & power management - expertise at driver level Resource manager for power based on just the idle state Hardware Focus on the middleware interface libraries & linux Kernel Aricent’s Expertise across the Android OS layers Key Benefits • Accelerate the time to market of a range of new Android based devices including phones, netbooks, media phones etc. • Explore the market potential for Android based innovative devices with minimal investment. • Dramatically reduce risk and improve quality of the overall devices by leveraging best in class components and expertise. • Deliver unparalleled multimedia performance and battery life on handsets and consumer device. • Offer enhanced, differentiated and seamless multimedia applications for end-users, with user-friendly and customized UI across multiple device form factors. The Aricent Edge • As one of the early entrants in the Android space, Aricent is a complete systems integrator, providing a comprehensive set of pre-packaged frameworks and lifecycle services, from innovation design and consulting, to testing and deployment. • Aricent has identified the “experience gaps” in leveraging Android to deliver a highly competitive user experience. These gaps include - integrating advanced multimedia enablers like HD video, improving power efficiencies and delivering unmatched performance. • Aricent addresses the Android experience gaps in areas of image processing algorithms, availability of proprietary CODECs and parsers, 720p HD CODECs and related applications. We have invested in IPRs to address these and can, thus, offer a more complete, value-added solution experience. • The Aricent solution delivers up to 50% reduction in cost and time to market along with ~25% power savings. CO R P O R AT E LO C AT I O N 700 Hansen Way Palo Alto, CA 94304-1388 © 2009 Aricent Inc. All rights reserved. All USA Aricent brand and product names are service marks, trademarks or registered marks of Aricent Inc. in the United States and other Phone: +1 650 391 1088 countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.