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  1. 1. Tech Ed Web Sites Table of Contents Aerodynamics and Flight Agriculture Animals Architecture and Construction Careers Communications Computers Delaware, OH Design Earth Science Electronics Elementary Sites Energy Engineering Environment and Biology Fluid Power Gender Equity in Tech Ed Grants Health and Biotechnology History and Social Studies Industrial Revolution and Colonial America Inventions and Inventors Lasers and Fiber Optics Materials and Manufacturing Math Mechanics and Physics Miscellaneous Museums and Institutes Navigation and GPS Packaging Paper Engineering Robotics Science, General
  2. 2. Space Teaching Resources Technology Transportation Visual Weather Aerodynamics and Flight Joe Palmer’s Paper Airplanes Tools and Technology: Creating Structure, grades 2 – 5 e_search&d=703&sdoc=all Experimenting with Model Rockets, grades 6 - 8 Federal Aviation Administration – Educator’s corner _resources/educators_corner/ NASA Aeronautics, grades 2 – 5 e_search&d=60&sdoc=all NASA Rocket index Kids’ Place: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics pageid=473&vupage=cl_curriculum Aerodynamics sites for paper airplane research Building kites Paper Kites Newspaper Kite Introduction to Airplane Design
  3. 3. Dynamics of Flight ml Science Fun With Airplanes First Amateur rocket launch 2.html Wright Brothers Flight and Simulation (NASA) National Air And Space Museum The future of Air Travel U. S. Centennial of Flight Commission (history of flight, essays on impact of flight) Virtual tour of the Cameron Balloon Factory Construct a gliding aircraft Rockets Away - A fun approach to exploring the science of rocketry Rocket Modeler interactive program l Foilsim - educational software designed at the NASA Lewis Research Center to instruct students in the basics of aerodynamics. (excellent!) Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics Kites and integrated lessons
  4. 4. .shtml Aerodynamics in bicycles ro.html Wind Tunnel Experiments Interactive Look at a Jet Engine ( Kite Store Online Interactive Lessons on Aviation and Aerodynamics (good stuff) Extensive Aviation Sites Extensive Aerospace Sites Principles of Aeronautics Resources for Teachers and Kids ( NASA Aerospace Team Online - brings you into flight simulators and wind tunnels to see NASA employees doing aerodynamic design research World Wide Web Ballooning Pages Whitewings - High performance paper gliders Lessons that deal with the physics laws of flight ml Paper Airplanes FAA Aviation Education Flights of Imagination - Wright Brothers and the first
  5. 5. transatlantic flight, plus resources STARBASE Minnesota - Organization designed to motivate students in technology, math, and science through aerospace education NOVA Hot Cars: Lift and Drag ml Traveling faster than sound Agriculture Food timeline Evolution of Crop Plants Antique farming machinery Technology in Agriculture History of American Agriculture Biotechnologically enhanced crops - benefits (click on publications for free materials) Agriculture beyond 2000 video _2000.html Ohio Farm Bureau Federation $LookupPageID/KLOS-5E4PCU/?OpenDocument Facts on Ohio Farming Ohio Bureau of Farming Learning Resources
  6. 6. $LookupPageID/KLOS-5E4PCU/?OpenDocument Agriculture and Children Agriculture Education Resources Animals Bionics - Mechanisms of Living Things Endangered Animals in Ohio gered.htm Virtual Grasshopper Virtual dissections of several animals Cut-outs for animals in different habitats - just print, color, and insert into your diorama! Animal crafts out of common materials Find animals that live in your zip code area Designing an Ant Day Care Center ts.htm Mini-Squares of Life uare.htm Architecture and Construction The Math in Structural Engineering al_engineering/
  7. 7. A Hotlist on Toothpick Bridges tml Steven Caney's Ultimate Building Book: Including More Than 100 Incredible Projects Kids Can Make! [BARGAIN PRICE] (Hardcover) by Steven Caney Building-Book/dp/B000PHWDM6/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b/ 102-7510474-2380917 Book: Block Building for Children (K-2) book_isbn=0-87951-609-7 Big Dig Bridge Construction Project for 6th grade _bridge3.htm Gregg Davis, CIO of Webcor Builders, talks about constructing high profile landmarks using 3D modeling software, collaborative networking tools and the latest “green” technologies. Exploratorium Guide to Scale and Structure, grades K - 5 Cracking Dams simulation Messing Around With Drinking Straw Construction sp?prodId=0316988731 Stuff that Works: Designed Environments, grades 2 – 5 html Building: Make it Work, grades 2 – 5 Haslam/dp/1587283514/ref=pd_bbs_2/103-4839237-05230 03?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1176746150&sr=1-2 Learning by Design: Architecture and Design for K-12
  8. 8. Designing and building file folder bridges (West Point Bridge Design) grades 8 - 12 The Art of Construction: Projects and Principles for Beginning Engineers and Architects (ages 9 – 12) Highly Recommended! Beginning- Architects/dp/1556520808/ref=sr_1_2/103-4839237-05230 03?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1176402705&sr=1-2 Building Toothpick Bridges (book) site_id=2&program_id=716&searchType=All&searchTerm =building%20toothpick%20bridges Build It! Festival Grades K-6 Bridges Module, grades 6 – 8 e_search&d=520&sdoc=all Bridges: Amazing Structures to Design, Build and Test ages 7 - 14 PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=639 Building Blocks for Children (book), grades 2 – 6 Buildings- Construction/dp/0879516097/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/103-483923 7-0523003?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1176400624&sr=1-1 Architecture is Elementary (book) (Grades 6 – 12) Nathan- Winters/dp/1586858297/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/103-4839237-05 23003?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1176399625&sr=8-1 Blueprint for Geometry (Book on Architecture and Geometry)
  9. 9. site_id=2&program_id=721&searchType=isbn&searchTer m=1572322780 Historic American Buildings Building Structures with Young People (book) tructures.asp Collection of sites on structures Battling the Sea in the Netherlands setlanguage=en Seven Wonders of the World Homes of Our Own House FREE construction software for MS/HS students Bridges and Structures Home: Construction Skills for grades K – 12 (UK) Bridge building links Native American Tipi – math calculations %20ILAP.htm LEGO Digital Designer Architecture web index A History of Architecture Architect3D online ml
  10. 10. LEOCad 3D modeling software Pictures of various structures _Action=search&_Where=AllValidated Online create a city site kids building and learning about the community - good lessons K’nex construction projects<!-- [endif]--> Construction careers Architecture Week Magazine The History of the Toilet National Building Museum Bridges Toothpick (and other) bridges Talks about building model bridges from toothpicks, spaghetti, balsa. How to get started. uss_project.html One of many sales sites for hobby railroaders, these specialize in historical detail Timeline/history of architecture (styles, periods of time)
  11. 11. browser=3 American Institute of Architects, Columbus Chapter (includes design project for HS students) Designing a skyscraper About Architecture Building a Dream Home with 3-D Geometric Shapes me25.htm Building with Geometric Shapes ectureDeveloping46.htm Bridges: Grades 6-8 Structures Around the World: Activities for Elementary Schools The Skyscraper Page Take a tour of architecture and other resources on structure Great Buildings and Architects Interactive Bridge Building site Building Big - PBS On line roller coaster simulation Roller Coasters (3 sites) nt_Park_Ride_Physics/
  12. 12. Future City Competitions Construction Design Briefs for the Elementary Grades struct.htm Building with Balsa History of European Architecture pe.html Empire State Building (2 sites) e-marc.html Frank Lloyd Wright - PBS Geodesic Dome Teaching activities (2 sites) rops.html Gothic Cathedrals (sidebar) Camping Shelter design brief %20E4.htm History of skyscrapers - History Channel Engineering an Empire (Russian Engineering) – Discovery Channel K'Nex (2 sites) .htm LEGO (2 sites)
  13. 13. Pop Ups or Paper Engineering (3 sites) ex.htm Paper engineering – origami examples – Dutch designer Paper Architecture Origami sites for students Covered Bridges in Kentucky Marble Ramps activity Various bridge model sites ml Bridge resources ml Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - PBS The Pyramids - PBS SodaConstructor (interactive construction site) On-Line High Rise Archive West Point Bridge Designer download
  14. 14. Audio and acoustics The Science of Music Sound, grades K – 2 nd.asp History of music (short) Science of sound History of recorded sound Acoustic and Vibration Animations Sound site Sound waves Light and sound waves OC.html Faster than sound (sound barrier) Wave Motion categoryID=3 Making musical instruments Monitoring marine mammals with acoustics tics.html Interactive web site about sound Realplayer sites
  15. 15. Careers Skills and Competencies Needed to Survive in Today's Workplace (SCANS) 7scans.htm 7scans.htm Exploring Careers (Minnesota) Career Voyages - best jobs Technology in Your Future Careers in Technology Career InfoNet Decision-making after high school Vocational Education resources Student guide to jobs, resumes, vocational interests Vocational Technical Education Resources Dream Job Lesson Plans Occupational Outlook Handbook Jobs for kids by interest Mapping your future Calculating the cost of living on your own activity
  16. 16. Communication Signs, Symbols, and Codes, grades 3 – 6 Technology and Communication, grades 3 – 6 omasfreissl-20/102-4825617-1048925 Earth Friendly Greeting Cards, grades K-2 Collection of sites on communication cat_id=67 Radio Cryptography History of the telegraph (elementary) Click on choices at left Remote sensing online adventures (elementary) http://imagers/ ml Media Clearinghouse – Critical Thinking About Media Messages The Satellite Site, build your own satellite How Radar Works (What's In a Box?) Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks. The History of Electronic Communication
  17. 17. Web Tools Module - communication and information - web-based design brief on modern communication Graphic Arts information Communication Design Briefs for elementary students munication.html History of the World Wide Web Create your own newspaper Telecommunications The Evolution of Communication Satellites Computers Technology Based Inquiry for Middle School, grades 5 – 8 product=PB202X&session=9C5ACE0D2705453EB3221D 2596DAA703 Project Based Learning using Computers, David Moursund, grades K – 12 .cfm?product_code=PROBA2 Palm OS in the Elementary School, grades K – 6 e_search&d=53&sdoc=all IT’s Elementary: Integrating (Computer) Technology into the Primary Grades .cfm?product_code=itsele
  18. 18. Growing With Technology: What elementary students should know and do with computers CFID=21760221&CFTOKEN=22704942&action=SearchR esults&chMatch=all&bEntire=0&bIsbn=1&bAllPrd=1&bA llRecs=0&bPubl=1&bTitle=1&bAuthr=1&bFeatr=0&bDoc s=0&bITrel=0&series=&criteria=Growing+with+Technolo gy&submit=Go Next generation of computer software for schools ArticleID=6739 Co-next: integrate computers into curriculum Imperata Computer Network Control software Computers and Technology sites From Now On – Educational Technology for Engaged Learners Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education ISTE teacher resources m? Section=NETS_OTA&CFID=4242786&CFTOKEN=7295 6235 ISTE lesson plans Section=Lesson_Plans&Template=/TaggedPage/TaggedPa geDisplay.cfm&TPLID=23&ContentID=3359&CFID=424 2786&CFTOKEN=72956235 The History Channel: Computer History Timeline The Cultural Impact of Computer Technology
  19. 19. 7.x.html Computer history museum History of computing science Privacy and security on the Internet How to navigate through web sites The Intel Museum International Telecomputing Consortium Interactive journey on how computers work Delaware, Ohio Growth of Delaware County History of Delaware Ohio Facts about Ohio Ghost towns of Delaware (OH) County Design TOY Challenge: Sally Ride Science Models and Designs (FOSS), grades 5-6 ml Design It! Series by Bernie Z
  20. 20. Screen=PROD&Store_Code=K&Product_Code=651916 aspexTabsMST Design and Mathematics software re/aspex_tabs/ Design Squad (PBS) Make Magazine – ways to make many things Imagination Place Design in the Classroom (includes lessons and a great movie about design!) Kids Design Network Design It! Curriculum materials from Center of Science Education (commercial) Intel Design and Discovery Packet - Lesson Plans Core77: Design magazine and resources Kids design the future l Design and Technology Association, Britain What is design and the design process? Design companies directory Children as design partners l Hot Wheels: How Concept Cars Work
  21. 21. Bad Human Factor Designs University of Washington Universal Design al/ The Center for Universal Design ProDESKTOP resources INTAD resources for ProDESKTOP Industrial Design Society of America Rhino software What is Design Technology (From Industrial Technology and Design Teachers' Assoc) TechCard Modeling Materials Earth Science Water (FOSS), grades 3 – 5 The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Tsunami and Earthquake research info, USGS Water Science for Schools USGS Water Resources for the United States Earthquakes for Kids Crackling Noises, earthquakes (simulation)
  22. 22. Soils, grades K – 2 soils.asp Pebbles, Sand and Silt: earth science, grades K – 2 ource_search&d=432&sdoc=all Patterns Below Us: geology, grades 6 – 8 ource_search&d=309&sdoc=all Patterns Above Us: relationships between atmosphere and earth, grades 6 –8 ource_search&d=307&sdoc=all Ecosystem kits, grades 3 – 5 systems.asp Earth’s Water module, grades 5 – 8 site_id=6&discipline_id=0&subarea_id=0&parent_progra m_id=21981&program_id=21990&searchtype=All&search term=science%20explorer Earth materials module, grades 3 – 5 Catastrophic events: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Storms (online resource) Air and Weather Investigations Teachers Domain – Earth and Space resources ml es.html Underground Adventure on-line exhibit on soil at the Field Museum, Chicago (excellent)
  23. 23. On line questions and answers about soil e/index.shtml Savage Earth (Changes to the Land) Geologic Time Chart and the Fossil Record University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology Water pollution sources (interactive picture) Soil science for high school students NASA Earth Observatory – simulated NASA experiments about Earth Rainforest curriculum Earth’s magnetosphere and the Aurora Borealis Interactive site on fossils ain.html Geology Geologic information Interactive sites for K-12 from the US Geological Survey Rock collecting for kids Google Earth
  24. 24. Exploring Earth interactive website ome.cfm Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor Map sites Earthquake proof structure activity NSF Earth and Environment Classroom Resources The Oceans EarthSim: Interactive 3D Earth Science History of Agriculture in America Model an Earthquake model.html Make your own Seismograph ph.html Our changing world Internet resources on tsunamis The 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu Earthquake e.html
  25. 25. Electronics Blinkers and buzzers: Building and experimenting with electricity and magnetism sp?prodId=0688099661 Magnets and Motors, grades 5 – 7 (book) nets.asp Magnetism and Electricity (FOSS), grades 3 – 5 /1.html Challenges in Electromagnets, grades 6-8 PID=219&CID=219&CEL=992&PRD=3655 Electricity and magnetism: stop faking it, grades K – 8 Electrical Energy and Circuit Design, grades 6-8 Electricity and magnetism, grades 5 – 8 site_id=6&discipline_id=0&subarea_id=0&parent_progra m_id=21981&program_id=21996&searchtype=All&search term=science%20explorer Circuit Sense for Elementary Teachers and Students (grades K-6) sku=LU1490 Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism (grades 6 – 10) Batteries Unit (gr 6 – 8) PID=219&CID=219&CEL=992&PRD=3656 Using Remote Sensing All About Different Electronics
  26. 26. History of Electrical Inventions Welcome to Electricity The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits – Physical Processes: Electricity 11_act.shtml The Electricity Book Index %20book/frame%20start.htm Sock it to Me!: How Electricity Came to Be id=159249&lid= IEEE Vertual Museum Home Page IEEE - Teacher In–service Program /lessons.html American Society of Electrical Engineering K12 resources Gibson Electronics Vintage Electronics – simplest radio m Uses for electronics MadLab Electonics Kits Timeline of Electronics _3.html History of electronics
  27. 27. Marconi Web Site Create your own crystal radio science fair projects Build a simple electric motor Simple electric motor links Electronics information page 3&1&1&0&1&0 Magnets and electronics delectromagnets/stu01.l.html Generator, interactive model http://home.a- Quaker Oats Radio Kids sites on electricity Radio Transmission activity (online) Elementary Sites Book: Building Blocks for Children (K-2) book_isbn=0-87951-609-7 Scratch: Interactive Programming Language for Kids 8 + The Great Technology Adventure (different activities) parentid=436&contentid=538 Technology and Children search
  28. 28. vid=17&hid=102&sid=ff1cbd62-5ff2-4a1e-9648- aec8a02941e8%40sessionmgr102 Design Squad (PBS, Feb 2007) Engineering is Elementary – Engineering curriculum from Boston’s Museum of Science Pre K – 12 Engineering activities based on Massachusetts standards National Science Foundation Engineering Classroom Resources eTSA elementary activities Children Engineering Educators Virginia Department of Education, Children's Engineering, A Teacher Resource Guide for Design and Technology in Grades K-5 ngineering/ Children’s Engineering Council, Virginia Department of Ed Discover Engineering Through Reading ITEA’s Technology Education for Children Council (TECC) Kids Design Network nges CityEngineering (City College of New York)
  29. 29. Technology education for the elementary grades (James Kirkwood, Ball State U) Article on Project-based learning by Terry Thode id=Art_290&key=037 Children Design and Engineering Learning by Design, Middle School, Georgia Institute of Technology Design in the Classroom, Georgia Institute of Technology Design and Technology Lessons for Elementary All=3 Elementary Tech Ed course – Kirkwood llabus.html Great Web Sites for Kids Dinosaurs (2 sites) Elementary tech ed activities (3 sites) Mars Madness Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory Windmills, grades 6 – 8 ( activities book) PID=219&CID=219&CEL=992&PRD=3654
  30. 30. US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, info on nuclear energy Solar House, grades 6 – 8 PID=219&CID=219&CEL=992&PRD=3650 Popping With Power, grades 3 – 5 e_search&d=87&sdoc=all Middle Level Energy Series, grades 7 - 9 e_search&d=121&sdoc=all Hot Water and Warm Homes from Sunlight, grades 4 – 8 Trip Tally: Environmental Solutions, grades 3 – 5 Free energy resources from Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, grades 3 – 12 .html Getting Around Without Gasoline, grades 6 - 8 Exploring Energy With Toys (book) grades 4 – 6 Complete- Lessons/dp/007064747X/ref=sr_1_3/103-4839237-052300 3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1176489333&sr=1-3 Energy, Machines, and Motion, grades 6-8 Teacher Domain – Energy Resources es.html Energy and the Environment Alaska Pipeline
  31. 31. Energy: Powering the World AEP appliance calculator ation/SavingEnergy/energyCalculator/applianceCSP.asp Solar Energy (New Zealand) adminpages/energylinks.html Energy Hogs (includes teacher’s guide) Ohio Windmaps Ohio Clean Power Estimator Ohio Renewable Energy Web Site Running a Gasoline Engine on Hydrogen Running your Car on Water Video Fuel from water Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Education links Energy lessons and resources Solar Energy Resources U. S. Department of Energy - Photovoltaics (Solar Power) Energy Guide Online Fuel Cell Information Center The Wind, Our Fierce Friend (with resources)
  32. 32. Center for Renewable Energy (CREST) ABC's of Nuclear Energy Building the best windmill Bioenergy information network California energy educational resources Energy resources for elementary students rces.html From Windmills to Whirligigs General Motors Alternative Fuels Investigating Wind Energy Mousetrap cars design brief s/Alternate%20trans.htm Renewable energy basics Solar Cooker (2 sites) ml The Old Windbag - wind lessons for children Alternative Energy Information Center History of Electric Vehicles Wind powered design activities Yahoo sites for energy
  33. 33. Engineering The Math in Structural Engineering al_engineering/ The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education K-12 Engineering: What is Engineering ing/Engineering_Alphabet/default.php Engineering Problem Solving for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education This Web site was designed to encourage young women to choose engineering as a career Extraordinary Women Engineers Engineering: Building Our World e_search&d=706&sdoc=all Engineers can do Anything video, grades 10 – adult Engineering the Future, grades 9 – 12 Museum Institute for Teaching Science activity kits (including engineering) Cool Careers for Girls in Engineering Pasternak/dp/1570231265/ref=sr_1_1/103-4839237-05230 03?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1176406142&sr=8-1 Zoom Science and Engineering for kids ages 8 – 11 ml?
  34. 34. Building an Engineer: Helping Women in Engineering – DVD of engineers talking to teachers Building and Engineer: How to Help Our Students – DVD of engineers talking to teachers Engineering Pathway Portal to Engineering Education Resources National Engineering Technology Education Clearinghouse Why Engineering K-12 PDF ineering.pdf Buckminster Fuller Engineering Design Challenges for MS/HS by NASA Teachers Domain – Engineering resources (many online videos) ces.html Windows on Waste – elementary lessons on Solid Waste and Environmental Issues Camp Reach for Girls Women in Engineering Program and Advocates Network Celebration of Women in Engineering Engineering lessons IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) virtual museum on electricity
  35. 35. Engineering resources, K-12 (UK) htm PBS Engineering sites for Middle School engineering.html PBS engineering Sites for grades 3 – 5 engineering.html PBS engineering Sites for High School engineering.html Intel’s Design and Discovery Curriculum on Teaching Design erview/default.aspx lesson plans for ages 8 – 18 NSF Engineering Classroom Resources 2006 ASEE workshop PowerPoints on Engineering -proceedings.htm American Society for Engineering Education Engineer’s Week, events and activities National Engineers Week online activities archive archive.shtml Hands-on activities for engineering ml Discover Society of Women Engineers – Engineering Expo
  36. 36. Society of Women Engineers – K-12 resources IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=115&ssSourceNodeI d=89 Engineering Education Newsletter Junior Engineering Technical Society TeachEngineering teacher resources K-12 Engineering Education Service Center Pre-engineering Times archive (different engineering job profiles) Free graph paper printout Graph paper printout – pdf IEEE Pre-university education lesson plans ns.html Teach engineering websites for k12 Engineering is Elementary Engineering is Elementary lessons TeachEngineering resources for K-12 E For Engineering Future Scientists and Engineers of America Club History of Chemical Engineering
  37. 37. History of Civil Engineering A sightseers guide to engineering Ohio Society for Professional Engineers m National Academy of Engineering Discover Engineering online Site for High School Students interested in Engineering and Engineering Technology careers Future Scientists and Engineers of America Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century Society of Women Engineers Activities Kids resources on Engineering Engineering Successes and Failures uccessfail.html Civil and Coastal Engineering Circular Architecture (DomeSpace) Book: Block Building for Children : Making Buildings of the World With the Ultimate Construction Toy, by Les Walker, Lester R. Walker, Witold Rybczynski s/0879516097/customer- reviews/ref=pm_dp_ln_b_7/107-0712895-1483723
  38. 38. Book: The Art of Construction : Projects and Principles for Beginning Engineers and Architects by Saralinda Hooker f=pd_ecc_rvi_b_2/107-0712895-1483723 Buildings that withstand earthquakes, research and design index.html 20th century innovations and inventions Environment and Biology The importance of soil Smithsonion Dig It – Soil Exhibit (available 2008) Inspirational video on the importance of soil (no information, just pictures) Agriculture Resources from USDA! ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB? navtype=AU&navid=EDUCATOR_STUDENT Resources on plants and animals material.htm Resources on plant study for students and teachers Go Green – Edutopia issue, 2007 Montioring Earth’s Environment Tennessee Valley Authority Project for Kids Organisms: grades k – 2 anisms.asp
  39. 39. Living on the Edge: habitats and relationships, grades 6 – 8 e_search&d=323&sdoc=all Land and Water: investigations, grades 3 – 5 .asp Earth Friendly Greeting Cards, grades K-2 Biosensors Module (gr. 6 – 10) nsor.htm Biodegradable Materials Module, gr. 6 - 10 gradable.htm Animal Habitats (book), grades 6-8 e_search&d=282&sdoc=all Teacher Domain – Structure and Function resources tml Teacher Domain – Regulation and Behavior resources ml Teacher Domain – Organisms and their Environments resources tml Teacher Domain – Genetics and Heredity resources ml Teacher Domain – Evolution resources ml Teacher Domain – Ecology resources ml
  40. 40. Clean Technology 100-1008_3-5796707.html Biomimicry defined and examples given Oceans Alive – Museum of Science Additional information on oceans Energy and the Environment Green Design Environmental Quality websites (different organizations),1607,7-135-3307_3580-10 5013--,00.html Bucket buddies – comparing aquatic life around the world ml Square of life – compare animals and plants from your school to others worldwide Food Webs 4empowerment E-learning on world issues List of animal adaptations activity_id=4750 BioKids envrionmental teacher resources Waterwatch - daily stats on Alum Creek map_type=real&state=oh Watershed lesson plans for Ohio
  41. 41. $LookupPageID/KLOS-5JXPD9/?OpenDocument Great site for pictures of insects for display Very good interactive butterfly site mode=file&outputmode=0&path=default.src&language=en glish&javascript=1&navmenu=1 The Butterfly Page Environmental Education Links Ohio Trees Biomes of the World online interaction site American Museum of Natural History Teacher resources Satellite Images of Environmental Change Over the World Olentangy Watershed Alliance Fluid Power Fluid Flow, onscreen simulations, grades 7 – 12 Ready Set Sail, grades 8 – 12 (buoyancy, fluid mechanics) e_search&d=835&sdoc=all Messing About with Water Pumps and Siphons , grades 2 - 5 sp?prodId=0316988774 Hydraulic robot arm project, with links s.html
  42. 42. Fluid power at the forefront (definition, uses, future) Fluid power: robotic arm Fountains Fluid Power Education Foundation Pneumatics 3&5&1&0&1&0 Hydraulics and hydrostatics Fluid dynamics links html Design an air-powered machine ml Design a fluid power system ml Gender Equity in Tech Ed WomenTech Portal Women are Popping Up in Technology This site was founded by Sally Ride, America's first woman in space, to encourage girls to get the foundation needed to go on in science, math, or engineering. Programs include science festivals, the Sally Ride Science Club, science camps, etc. Sally Ride Science This Web site was designed to encourage young women to choose engineering as a career
  43. 43. Extraordinary Women Engineers New Formulas for America’s Workforce: Girls in Science and Engineering Multiculturalism in Science, Math, Technology, grades 6 - 9 e_search&d=461&sdoc=all Cool Careers for Girls in Engineering Pasternak/dp/1570231265/ref=sr_1_1/103-4839237-05230 03?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1176406142&sr=8-1 Building an Engineer: Helping Women in Engineering – DVD of engineers talking to teachers Institute for Women in Trades, Technology, and Science Women engineering programs Girls Go Tech Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Rural and Urban Images: Voices of Girls in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Women in Engineering at Ohio State University (includes camp for 8th grade girls) National Academy of Engineering - lessons for girls Educational Equity Center: Science, Gender, and After School Programs Computer Science Computing and Mentoring Partnership
  44. 44. Grants AIAA grants for $200 Technology Grant sites NEA grants EDS Educational Technology Grants Martha Holden Jennings Grants 21st Century Community Learning Center grants Grants resources aising.html Health and Biotechnology National Institute of Environmental Health Science Incorporating running into school subjects Nutrition site for elementary students A health site from the International Food Information Council Healthy Reminders for Primary Students Germs form the American Museum of Natural History l Interactive Health game from the BBC, ages 6 and 7 th_fs.shtml
  45. 45. The Body Works, grades 6 – 8 e_search&d=315&sdoc=all Patterns Within Us: Genetics, grades 6 - 8 e_search&d=305&sdoc=all Nanotechnology and Cancer Video high.asp Hydroponics for Kids Basic Hydroponics Systems and how they work Hydroponic Growing System History of Food A History of Biotechnology Biotech Chronicles 3D animal and plant cells .html Biotech and You! Monthly online magazine An Interactive exploration of the heart People in Medicine and Health Probe the brain - Interactive A walk through the gut - student made simulation Oral health
  46. 46. The human brain and resources (3 sites) DNA and genes for kids DNA workshop interactive Doctor over time interactive Family food zone FDA kids home page Food for kids 3&4&1&0&1&0 Health and fitness for kids Journal of American Bioethics Interactive body exploration Girl power Cracking the genetic code interactive Interactive skeleton puzzle Medical instruments Health and Technological Advances ry.nsf/web/homepage?OpenDocument
  47. 47. Debate: Should humans be cloned? .html Medicine and health 1900 to present History and Social Studies History of Microscopy History of Technology Series (TechDirections) Human Settlements (curriculum), grades 6 – 8 prod=IMaST28 Community by Design Unit Stonehenge Settlement with video (National Geographic) stonehenge.html?intcmp=inside Ben Franklin the Inventor Ancient Maya (PBS) America’s Attic: Primary sources of American History Solving the mystery of time Ancient Chinese Technology Historical documents important to the American Colonists url=
  48. 48. Ancient Civilizations sites http://www.internet-at- Significant history of science, particularly chemistry The Greeks Roman Technology Exploring and collecting history online – science, technology and industry Lewis and Clark Boats and Buoyancy History of energy Historical Documents Links to history and social studies for teachers The Future (various topics) Looking to the future in technology The future of technology, interesting file by topics Technology in 1900 Science and Technology Timeline db/rsrc/783750933-447DED81.2.PDF Middle Ages Math
  49. 49. Technology timeline ntion_and_Technology.htm History of time Medieval technology page Virtural Tour of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World en.wonders/ Roman technology handbook ndbook.html The history of mankind's science Industrial Revolution and Colonial America Industrial Revolution Colonial Kids (WebQuest on children's life in 1700') Colonial America links for middle school m Colonial America Resources K-12 Inventions and Inventors How Nearly Everything Was Invented (Hardcover) by Roger Bridgman Invented/dp/0756620775/ref=pd_sim_b_shvl_img_1/102-7 510474-2380917 Everyday Edisons: the show and webpage about 14 ordinary people and their inventions
  50. 50. Heartland Science: innovation and discovery in Ohio Inventions from Space This site describes ingenious inventions throughout history. What in the World is That? Google search for patents Oops! We Goofed! Inventions by Accident Inventions on Entertainment and Communication African and African-American Inventions Inventions: Oracle Thinkquest cat_id=79 The Edison Papers Inventing a new kind of pencil tml Bubble Wrap Competition Ohio Inventors’ Index Ohio Inventor game and biographies l#person1 The Great Idea Finder about Inventions and Inventors Lemelson MIT Page on Inventions for Kids Online Inventor Scavenger Hunt (elementary and middle school activities)
  51. 51. U. S. Patent Office, Kids Pages Kids Inventor Resources Enchanted Learning inventors and Inventions (elementary) Black Inventors Lemelson-MIT High School Invention Apprenticeship Award How stuff works Invent America Women inventors of the 20th century nventors.htmlLeonardo home page Women Inventors (5th grade) Exploring Leonardo History of the telephone National Medal of Technology A science odyssey on invention Inventions ( rnk=c1&terms=invention Invention Convention Inventions and Inventors for K-12
  52. 52. Inventors and invention lessons African-American Inventors Smithsonian Institutes Inventive Americans Lessons National Inventors Hall of Fame National Inventors Hall of Fame Search Engine Kid Cafe Guide for Young Inventors US Patent and Trade Office for Kids National Inventors Day Students as designers Invention Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Great Idea Finder - web sites on inventions and innovations Lasers and Fiber Optics Lasers Lasers and Fiber Optics Resources The laser and fiber optic revolution I=2306 Lasers
  53. 53. Materials and manufacturing Wood and paper, grades K – 1 The Technology of Paper, grades 6 – 12 er.asp The life cycle of everyday stuff, grades 9 -12 How everyday things are made Teaching Plastics, American Chemistry Council, K –12 .asp?CID=1102&DID=4256 Sports Materials, grades 6 – 10 .htm Solids and liquids, grades K – 2 ds.asp Slippery Substances, grades 3 – 4 bin/printlessons.cgi/Virtual/Lessons/Science/Engineering/E NG0020.html Polystrene Containers, grades 3 – 10 bin/printlessons.cgi/Virtual/Lessons/Science/Engineering/E NG0018.html Polymers: Grades 6 – 10 mer.htm Properties of Matter, resources and web sites, grades 6-8 Hands-n Plastic: resources and lessons K-12 asp?CID=1123&DID=4277 Earth materials module, grades 3 – 5
  54. 54. Concrete Materials Unit, grades 6 – 10 ete.htm Composite Materials Unit, grades 6 – 10 osit.htm Changes: Kit on states of matter (k- Adult) nges.asp Biodegradable Materials Module, gr 6 - 10 gradable.htm Interactive materials identifier (primary) 07_act.shtml Materials and fasteners History of Plastics Recycling plastics Materials: Grouping and classifying materials – fact sheet 07_fact.shtm Explore Materials Engineering Lean Flow Manufacturing Wikipedia on Manufacturing _systems History of the American Textile industry Manufacturing processes (Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing)
  55. 55. Cool Things Being Made Weekly Videos (National Association of Manufacturers) end_video/ Manufacturing of pencils VW phaeton plant in Dresden Germany History of materials technology ogy Manufacturing videos online videos.cfm History of American Industry .html Non-Living Things 100 Things Made of Bamboo Plastic Museum (other materials too) Kids interactive site on wood All about Paper Paper making cookbook book.pdf Paper fun The future of manufacturing FreedomCreate.asp
  56. 56. Nanotechnology Overview Virtual tour of the Cameron Balloon Factory Manufacturing technology sites Exploring the material world Online manufacturing DuPont home page Educational resources for fabrics Strange matter Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State Making recycled paper /Papermak.htm Manufacturing is cool bin/ Materials by design Slippery Substances for elementary students ickndirty/eric/slip.html Mathematics The Math in Structural Engineering al_engineering/ Exploratorium Guide to Scale and Structure, grades K - 5
  57. 57. Math in Daily Life This site includes an encyclopedia for searching for information about topics related to mathematics. Platonic Realms. At this web site you can engage in math challenges for middle school students. There are a series of steps each challenge will take you through until the problem is solved. Also, you'll find additional resources for further investigation of each problem Figure This! Shaping Our World (Time, movement, geometry), grades 6 –8 e_search&d=317&sdoc=all Measuring time, grades 5 – 7, kit e.asp Mathematics for Engineers and Technologists, grades pre- K – adult me/680229/description#description Hardhatting in a Geo-world, grades 3 - 5 Geo-World-p-866.html Exploring Time, grades 3 – 6 PC=3591 Blueprint for Geometry (Book on Architecture and Geometry) site_id=2&program_id=721&searchType=isbn&searchTer m=1572322780 History of the Abacus
  58. 58. Book: Rethinking Mathematics The mathematics of battling poverty in the world Everyday math resources (5 sites) Math/APM0006.html Ruler Random Worksheet Generator Interactive math magazine Math Resources (Technical Symbols, Metric-English Conversions, Solid Geometry Calculations) Sci Tech Eng Math initiatives by professional community Gizmos: ExploreLearning offers a catalog of modular, interactive simulations in math and science for teachers and students in grades 6-12 method=cResource.dspResourceCatalog Polyhedra Geometric Nets Math and Aeronautics The Technology, Science, Math Integration Project aspexTabsMST Design and Mathematics software re/aspex_tabs/
  59. 59. Mechanics and Physics Physics Education Technology (simulations) Teaching Physics with Toys, grades K – 9 Kitchen Physics, grade K – 5 tag=isbndb-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode =as1&creativeASIN=0070185239&adid=0A4RVWA2YV 2ZH68WNXDF& Smart Sensors (motion detector), book, grades 6 – 10 sensor.htm Simple Machines Made Simple, grades 3 – 8 ade_Simple_1563081040.html Motion and Design book, grades 3 – 5 ion.asp Methods of Motion, book, grades 5 – 8 Mechanisms and other systems, grades 2 – 5 ms.html Make it Work: Machines, grades 2 – 5 e_search&d=338&sdoc=all Machines and Movement: Fun With Science, grades 2 – 5 Loco-Motion: Physics problems for the classroom, grades 3 –6 m?ISBN=1569761930 Levers and Pulleys, FOSS, grades 4 – 6 Primarily Physics (book), grades K-3
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  61. 61. Teacher Domain - Fundamentals of Science resources (Quantum Physics, Fundamental Theory) .html Teacher Domain – Motion and Forces resources html Gears (animated) Forces and moments (animated) Science of Cycling Inventor's Tool Box - Simple Machines Simple Machines The Franklin Institute The Machine Detective The Simple Machines Construction Site Simple Machines Harcourt School Publishers machines.htm - Simple Machines Simple Machines Learning Site enceles1/finalhome.htm Simple Machine Construction Site Simple Machines Learning Site enceles1/finalhome.htm Marvelous Machines
  62. 62. Edheads simple machines machines/index.htm How Things Work - Physics Popular Mechanics for Kids Popular Mechanics Moving monsters and moving storybooks signtech.shtml Linkages and levers The Physics Web Lewis and Clark Boats and Buoyancy Buoyancy resources History of buoyancy html History of Aristotle cy/buoyancy.php Pop-ups /popups.html Roller coaster contest ster/ Wild ride - interdisciplinary roller coaster lesson for middle school
  63. 63. m Gears program, much like Erector set Mousetrap Powered Cars Antique farming machinery The forgotten technology - moving large stones without hoists or pulleys Students learn about mechanical control by studying toyss (design brief0 Levers of the Body Pop Ups or Paper Engineering (3 sites) ex.htm Automata (Mechanisms) (use to find site, then use the translator to put it in English) Cabaret Mechanical Theater Barking Dog Automata Sidewalk Banner Automata Chomick and Meder Figurine Art and Automata Other Automata sites Simple machines: teachers' corner
  64. 64. hines.htm Catapult lessons Interactive Steam Engine elementary machines site Machine terminology 3&6&1&0&1&0 The elements of machines Work is simple with machines nes/machine.html Physics resources Rockets on wheels ttp:// Franklin Institute simple machines Toys with mechanical control ml Miscellaneous Instructables: How to make DIY projects National Geographic News Bureau of Labor Statistics Module Maker - Helping Students Use Research Effectively
  65. 65. Free children's drawing software, and others How Stuff Works Express for Middle Schoolers Federal Citizen Information Center The project approach in early and middle childhood Discover magazine Citation machine for citing works Museums and Institutes Evergreen Exhibits for Museums National Air And Space Museum American Museum of Natural History Teacher resources Museum of Science, Boston Science Museum of Minnesota Online USA museum information The Inventure Place - Inventors' Hall of Fame Association for Career and Technical Education Exploratorium The Franklin Institute Online - Great resources for teachers of science on a variety of topics (2 sites listed)
  66. 66. The Tech Museum of Technology The Lemelson Center of Innovation Navigation and GPS Mapping: Stuff that works, grades 2 – 5 html Exploring Navigation unit, grades 5 – 8 PC=3643 GIS and Geographic Inquiry m GPS resources ESRI lessons s.cfm Navigation and GPS: timeline, uses, future Complete overview of GPS html The Global Positioning System: The Role of Atomic Clocks ?OpenDocument Location: Position on the Earth's Surface Interactive Satellite site Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude (PBS)
  67. 67. Longitude (British site) Packaging Packaging and other structures, grades 2 – 5 .html Food Packaging module, grades 6 – 10 htm Pack it Up, Ship it Out packaging unit Graph paper pdf Packaging curriculum p=incp45&v=0&fsize=0 Packaging: What a Waste (good and bad points of packaging, grades 4-6) er2000/Packaging.pdf Food Labels in the Classroom (grades 4-12) Health/COH0001.html Writing a letter to company to complain of packaging techniques used in their product (grades 3-8) 87.pdf Attractive food packaging and the nutritional value of its content (grades K-1) ut4elk1/index.asp Attractive food packaging and the nutritional value of its content (grades 2-3)
  68. 68. ut9el23/index.asp Packaging: use it or lose it Making recycled paper on_Plan.htm So Many Cookies...So Much Packaging (good for math) ml Paper Engineering Women are Popping Up in Technology Paper Toys ready to print and fold Explore Pop-up Books! Simple Pop-ups You Can Make Making pop-ups is easy! These simple lessons should get you started. Joan Irvine How to Make a Pop-up! Welcome to Mark Hiner's website about paper engineering and pop-ups.| Pop-Up Card Mechanisms (1) V-Fold Mechanisms and How an Internal Stand Mechanism Can Be Used Pop-Up Card Mechanisms (2) rotary Card Mechanisms and Mouth Mechanisms Pop-Up Card Mechanisms (3) Parallel Slide Mechanisms Movemania
  69. 69. How a Book is Made –Pop-ups up.htm How to Make a Pull-Tab Book ndex.htm Let’s Make It Pop-up Activity: How to Make a Snowman Pop-Up Card pop.html Activity: How to Make a Rainbow Pop-Up Card pop.html Activity: How to Make a Pop-Up Valentine valentine.html Activity: Paper Dreidels Activity: Pop-up Cage Snap-Up Heart ZOOM! PBS Kids! Pop-Up Cards ZOOM! PBS Kids! Push-Pull Card Making Rosie’s Pop-up Greeting Cards Pop Ups or Paper Engineering (3 sites)
  70. 70. ex.htm Robotics Scientific American Frontiers: Games Machines Play Robotics Academy, Carnegie Mellon University, grades 6 – 12 Robotics Curriculum guide for LEGOS 2.5 Mindstorms, grades 6 – 8 e_search&d=270&sdoc=all Robots that slink and squirm _r=1&th&emc=th&oref=slogin Hydraulic robot arm project with links s.html Syringe Robots b/syrrob1.htm work/robots/12%20work%20robot.htm Cye the first personal robot First fully automated domestic assistant FIRST Lego League Bucknell's Robot Resources Fluid power: robotic arm Android World
  71. 71. Kranendonk Robotics, home of automated production systems (Holland) Robotics sites Robotics Internet Resources NASA Telerobotics site - cool robot of the week Technology Education site - Robots LEGO Mindstorms LEGO Robolab lessons based on programmable robots made from LEGOs bin/activity_index.cgi LEGO Robotics MIT legged robots NOVA: Robots Microrobots at MIT Robot lesson plans grades 6-8 dex.html Robix robots for education Robot Science and Technology magazine KISS Institute for practical robots RobotKits Direct
  72. 72. Kids sites for robots MIT Humanoid Robots The Tech Museum robots site Roamer Robots from Valiant Technology Xavier the Robot Science, General Exploratopia: More than 400 kid-friendly experiments and explorations for curious minds (Hardcover) by The Exploratorium uc_0000107624040940316612812/102-7510474-2380917 Terrific Science: fun science resources for teachers, parents, kids Taking Science To School, K - 8 (PDF) Red Zone – space, science, technology, medicine news ScienCentral, Inc. newsletter Discovery Channel Planet Earth Guide (many topics) l Membranes online simulation Explore color photographs taken through an optical microscope. For example, with the activity "Secret Worlds: The Universe Within" you can "view the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through
  73. 73. space towards the Earth until you reach . . . the subatomic universe of electrons and protons." Molecular Expressions Patterns of Mobility (natural, man-made movements), grades 6 – 8 e_search&d=321&sdoc=all A great collection of children’s science books (Zubrowski)'s_Museum_Activit y_Book.htm Janice VanCleaves Science Books, grades 2 – 6 -0471571083.html Invisible Universe: The Electromagnetic Spectrum from Radio Waves to Gamma Rays, book, grades 6 - 8 Hands on Chemistry and Hands-on Physics for grades 8 – 12 Science is Elementary book series Museum Institute for Teaching Sciene activity kits Zoom Science and Engineering for kids ages 8 – 11 ml? Bubble-ology unit on chemistry, grades 5 – 8 Center for Science Education resources Teacher Domain – Matter resources es.html PBS science and technology resources science.shtm
  74. 74. Science lessons by Thirteen Ed Science materials for middle school students Science Netlinks Applied Science: Our Technological World lesson plans (K-6) tml Cool science web sites Science Toys you make at home html Science Education Partnerships (science projects) Science, Technology, and How Things Work Ohio Contributions to Science and Technology by County m Ohio Science and Technology Science Daily Mr. Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab Science, Technology, and Society links Charles Edison Fund - good simple but engaging science activities Science Serve: advancing the understanding and appreciation of science
  75. 75. Ask a Scientist the WHYY Science Initiative: Teacher Science Websites Elementary Science Lesson Plans Water Science for Schools NASA SCI files (TV series on M/S/T) Innovations in Science and Technology Education (INSciTE) National Science Foundation The Why Files - issues of science, health, environment and technology from a unique perspective Science News Sci Tech Eng Math initiatives by professional community Education Development Center k-12 Science curriculum Hands-on Activities from the Exploratorium, San Francisco Science Toys You Make at Home National Academy of Engineers Teaching Resources 57RLU?OpenDocument K-6 junior engineering lessons s.html National Science Foundation Classroom Resources
  76. 76. Gizmos: ExploreLearning offers a catalog of modular, interactive simulations in math and science for teachers and students in grades 6-12 method=cResource.dspResourceCatalog WISE – Web-based Inquiry Science Environment The Technology, Science, Math Integration Project Space Space Flight Technology In the Next 50 Years Galaxy Zoo Montioring Earth’s Environment Inventions from Space Exploring the Earth In Motion, grades 3 – 6 PC=3639 Teachers Domain – Earth and the Universe resources ml Welcome to the Universe – Museum of Science International Space Station Interactive Site Kids’ Place: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics pageid=473&vupage=cl_curriculum NASA resources for educators NASA info on living in space
  77. 77. ml NASA kids club NASA_Kids_Club_Launch.html Viewing the International Space Station Galaxies Virtual Mars Mission Hubble telescope NASA Space Place Mars Rover 2004 homepage (PBS) National Air And Space Museum NASA Explorer Schools project Astrophotographer's home page, Dayton, Ohio NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (includes other NASA links) Constellation stories by alphabet An Inquirer's Guide to the Universe NASA aeronautics and space resources for educators Space Education Web Sites (Yahoo) Overview of the Solar System
  78. 78. Build a solar system Destination Mars: Transportation brief onmars/index.html Educational Space Simulation Project The Hubble Space Telescope The Satellite Site The International Space Station l Life Beyond Earth (PBS) Multmedia tour of the solar system;jsessionid=00C9B4 65E92DA8E9FFB4B3AC083EA63F Mysteries of deep space (PBS) NASA human spaceflight Space Station PBS Terror in Space PBS Design a house and vehicle for a planet s/New_Planet.htm Space Day 2001 Orono, Maine Middle School Space Shuttle Simulator Stephen Hawing explains mysteries in space