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  1. 1. Shane Moura 1514 Bellevue Avenue #506 Seattle, Washington 98122 (206) 303-9160 Online Portfolio: Objective: I am seeking a Senior or Lead 3D Modeling/Animation position in a cutting edge, AAA visual development group. My goal is to produce stunning and inspiring 3D graphics. Skills • Over ten years experience in all aspects of 3D game content creation with a very strong emphasis on character design. Modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. • Highly proficient key framed animation as well as motion capture editing. • Traditional background in painting, sculpture and illustration. • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to convey a wide variety of creative styles. • Especially strong at working with engineers to produce tools and streamline art and animation production techniques. Primary Software • Kaydara Motionbuilder – Character Animation • AutoDesk 3D Studio MAX R 7.0 – Modeling, texturing, animation • Alias/Wavefront Maya 6.0 – Modeling, texturing, animation • Alias/Wavefront PowerAnimator – Modeling, texturing, animation • Adobe Photoshop – All Uses: Texturing, Design • Adobe Illustrator – Vector Illustration • Adobe Premiere – Video Editing Work History 6/04 to Present Microsoft Corporation through Filter Staffing Advanced Technology Group Xbox Building Millennium D 3D Artist / Animator Responsible for creating (from initial drawn concept through final execution) real-time 3D art and animation assets that highlight, clarify, and showcase new game creation technologies developed by the Advanced Technology Group. Road test new art pipeline procedures with an emphasis on real world game development usability. Able to create complicated art assets in multiple 3D 1
  2. 2. packages to verify production techniques for potentially different end user studio environments. Provide relevant feedback stemming from over ten years game production experience. 2/02 to 5/04 Zombie Studios 420 4th Avenue Seattle, Washington 98112 Lead Animator Shadow Ops: Red Mercury X-BOX Primary animator personally responsible for the creation of hundreds of 3rd person animations for this AAA X-BOX/PC title. Motion capture editing, hand key framing, lip synch. Enemies in game display a variety of combat techniques, ranging from CQB trained tactics to loose wild fire untrained militia. Enemies traverse obstacles such as railings, fences, debris and use a wide array of weapons with melee attacks. Lip synched characters communicate information and instructions to player ingame. Complex character interactions such as dragging and helping wounded soldiers. Worked closely with engineers to develop animation blending tools to streamline the animation workflow into the Unreal Engine. Contact: Shawn Mulanix, Art Director John Williamson, President 4/02 to 9/02 Creative Labs 1901 McCarthy Blvd EAX Audio Development Group Creative Lead Interactive 3D EAX Audio Demo, for PC Created ornate, real-time interior spaces and real-time creature character to illustrate the dynamic properties of EAX audio for game development. Contact: Keith Charley 8/01 to 2/02 Intel Corporation Hillsboro Oregon Campus Intel Graphics and 3D Technologies Group Creative Lead Real-time Models/Animations Macromedia/Intel Shockwave 3D/ I3D Real-TimeToolkit Modeled, textured, rigged and animated real time soccer players for online real-time 3D sports replay visualization tool. Modeled and textured full Wembley Stadium environment including dynamic soccer nets and other game related equipment. Designed, modeled, rigged and animated complex IK structure models including a Cyber Scorpion for the launch of Intel MultiRes technology, later incorporated into Discreet 3D Studio Max. Contact: Judi Goldstein 2
  3. 3. David A Hostetler 12/00 to 4/01 Microsoft Corporation Main Campus WPP Group Creative Lead Direct X8 real-time 3D Screen Savers for Windows XP Designed, modeled, textured and animated 3D Space Station, Leaves in a Stream, and DaVinci screen savers for the XP Plus pack to highlight Direct X8 technology. Solved the problem of creating appealing original content for a diverse multinational audience. Worked closely with engineer on the development of an in house 3D engine to accomplish goal. 10/01 to 3/02 Creative Labs 1901 McCarthy Blvd Oozic Development Group Creative Lead Oozic 3D MP3 Visualization, for PC Designed, created and animated real time 3D music videos that used advanced beat detection to drive animation. Modeled, textured and rigged and animated characters including a four armed Shiva Android, Robot band, as well as Madonna. Worked with engineers to create streamlined art and animation production tools for real time content creation. Contact: Michael Barnes, Producer 8/1/98 to 8/15/99 Zombie Studios Lead Character Artist/Animator Spec Ops II, Blue Water Hunter, for PC Spec Ops II was Zombie’s precursor to Shadow Ops- Red Mercury. Personally modeled, textured, rigged and animated dozens of characters performing hundreds of animations, including scuba diving. 11/1/93 to 4/21/97 Ocean of America (408) 289-1200 Lead Character Artist/Animator Mission Impossible, for the Nintendo 64. 3rd person spy adventure based on the Mission Impossible movie. Modeled, textured, rigged and animated characters. Mocap cleanup and keyframe. Lead Artist 3
  4. 4. Waterworld, for the Sega Saturn, & Nintendo Virtual Boy. Combination 3D, rendered sprite based arcade style shooter. Modeled, textured, rigged, animated and rendered characters and vehicles. Senior Artist Lobo, for the Super Nintendo , & Sega Genesis. Pre rendered sprite based fighting game. Modeled, textures, rigged and animated characters based on the DC Comics characters. Graphic Artist Flintstones, for the Super Nintendo , & Sega Genesis. Hand drawn characters, animations and backgrounds for this platform game based on the Flintstones movie 4