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Presented by: Perumal P Subramaniam


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Presented by: Perumal P Subramaniam

  1. 1. Presented by: Perumal P Subramaniam
  2. 2. Operating System/Software platform developed by Google for mobile devices Android runs on Linux kernel and is supported by Open Handset Alliance (50 firms) There is no one “Android Phone” like iPhone ◦ Designed to operate on any handset that meets the requirements
  3. 3. ‘Cool’ features ‘Good’ to have features Applications Evaluated ◦ Featured Applications ◦ Other User Applications Writing Own Applications User Preference Future of Android
  4. 4. Screen Pattern ◦ User can set a screen pattern connecting dots as password StreetView & Digital Compass ◦ Digital compass used for navigation in StreetView GPS system ◦ Accurately pinpoints location displaying in Google Maps Qualcomm MSM 7201A 528MHz- embedded gpsOne GPS module
  5. 5. In-built file manager ◦ ES File Explorer allows users to browse, delete and search for files In-built video recorder and player ◦ Meridian Video player, recorder is not available yet In-built display of battery status ◦ Battery Status, shows the numerical percentage value of battery
  6. 6. Gmote ◦ Turns the android phone into a remote controller for a PC ◦ Gmote client will be the phone and Gmote server will be the PC that will be controlled ◦ The phone can be used as wireless mouse and keypad, browse and display files or use internet ◦ There is no authentication or encryption involved Can’t view/download the files (except JPEG,MP3 and MP4).
  7. 7. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) ◦ Desktop sharing system used to remotely control another PC ◦ VNC Server PC that will allow remote connection to be established ◦ Android-VNC Client Allows users to connect via the phone There is only password authentication and the traffic is unencrypted. Can use ConnectBot to establish SSH but works only on UNIX based systems.
  8. 8. Discover ◦ Allows a Android phone to function as a server ◦ Users can access the phone from a web browser and download or upload files ◦ Only user authentication
  9. 9. ShopSavvy (GoCart) ◦ Uses the camera function to scan a barcode and search for the product online Displays the picture, price and reviews OI Notepad & OI Safe ◦ OI Notepad can used to take and edit notes which can be encrypted using OI Safe 128 bits AES Encryption used
  10. 10. PathFinder@SG ◦ Helps users to find places within Singapore quickly MRTs, Hospitals and Clinics, DBS/POSB, Cinemas and SPC Gas Stations SG Buses ◦ Allows users to search using bus number or road name Displays the bus schedule with estimated arriving time Using sbsnextbus service
  11. 11. Quickpedia ◦ Used for browsing Wikipedia articles ◦ Uses the GPS function of the phone to display articles on landmarks that are nearby Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus ◦ Allows users to download the dictionary data to the memory thus allowing them to use the application offline. (Size:28 MB)
  12. 12. Android Software Development Kit (SDK) Eclipse IDE with Android plugin Java language is used for development Application can be run in Android emulator for testing
  13. 13. User can publish the application written in the Android Market ◦ Need to digitally sign the application ◦ Can create own certificates using jarsigner application from JDK
  14. 14. It is very convenient to write applications based on requirements ◦ Out of keen interest Mr Andy Tay, Mr Wilson Chew and myself took part in codeXtreme Apps 2009 ◦ We created an Android App based on the challenge we chose ◦ A game application to create awareness of the harmful effects of smoking among young people
  15. 15. Did a brainstorming session on what type of features or applications do users want in an Android phone Around 12 people gave their suggestions They are in the 18-25 years old age group
  16. 16. Android functioning as a remote controller for TV, Air-Con ◦ Currently Android doesn’t support Infrared technology Application that gives Location-based discount information ◦ Using the GPS function giving the user the various offers/sales/discount in nearby stores Support for a wide range of wireless headsets ◦ Android 1.5 will have this feature
  17. 17. Unique phone lock feature ◦ Allows user to lock phone remotely Integrated identification system based on biometrics ◦ e.g. Thumbprint scanner SonicSlide STS3000 is a high performance fingerprint swipe sensor which is 7.24mm x 17mm x 1.15mm Application that will allow user to send/receive encrypted e-mails ◦ TouchDown an application that allows access to Exchange Server ◦ CertGate trying to make ‘Protector’ compatible
  18. 18. Android 1.5 or “Cupcake” ◦ Virtual Keyboard ◦ Video Recording and Sharing ◦ Home-Screen Widgets Small web apps that pull and display live data from the Internet Android 2.0 or “Donut” ◦ Android search (universal search) Search both online and locally through contacts, calendar and music ◦ Recognise Handwriting
  19. 19. Android Operating System in Netbook ◦ Alpha 680 from SkyTone costing $100-$200 ◦ Dell and Acer working on Android Netbook Android powered household gadgets ◦ Touch Revolution coming up with home control devices, media control devices and home phones All running in Android OS
  20. 20. Android is easy to use ◦ User can download application easily (Market), and the system is stable (boots up fast and doesn’t crash often) ◦ Developer can test an application written on emulator first before continuing Eclipse IDE is user friendly for programming for Android Android phone is devoid of many essential applications initially ◦ Need to install necessary apps from Android Market Like file manager ,video player, battery status etc