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What is Polar Mobile?
Polar Mobile is enhancing a new mobile lifestyle by enabling media companies and ...
removed. Polar Mobile is enabling a whole new generation of trusted and easy to use mobile products for people
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Why would a publisher select Polar Mobile’s SMART Platform to build applications?
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Polar Mobile FAQ - Mobility Public Relations


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Polar Mobile FAQ - Mobility Public Relations

  1. 1. General Questions What is Polar Mobile? Polar Mobile is enhancing a new mobile lifestyle by enabling media companies and content providers to quickly launch and deliver compelling news, sports and entertainment content to consumers. Polar Mobile works closely with customers to launch mobile applications that enable branded articles, blogs, and video to reach smartphone users on-the-go. Polar eliminates many of the barriers to bringing mobile content to the hands of consumers by providing an end to end suite of services to its customers. Polar combines extensive mobile design and development expertise with its robust mobile content delivery and advertising platform, SMARTTM, to rapidly bring applications to market. With more than 50 applications in market today and growing, the team at Polar understand the need for applications to be engaging and easy for consumers to use. As proponents of the mobile revolution of media for over two years, Polar is proud to provide new reach opportunities and expanded revenue streams for the sports, finance, news, and lifestyle media verticals. What is the Polar SMARTTM Platform? Polar Mobile holds a significant technological advantage over basic app developers with its SMART content, and advertising platform, in addition to a proven track record of delivering highly engaging mobile applications. When media companies engage with Polar, their applications are built on the SMART platform, gaining access to features and functionality that engage their audiences and enable them to monetize content immediately. The SMART platform contains critical functionality that is transforming the way customers use mobile and media companies do business. The SMART Platform enables content ingestion, intelligent device discovery, blazing fast browsing (even offline), automatically pushed content to subscribers, home screen notification, personalization of feeds, the ability to share via social networks and much more. It also has an advertising engine, trusted reporting, plug-in integration to most advertising networks and all the tools a media or advertising company would expect to use in monetizing its audience. Combine these must-have utilities that Polar does best, with the ability to capture branding through impeccable design and user experience, and it’s easy to see why it is Polar’s SMART platform bringing the world’s most recognized brands to mobile. Is Polar Mobile just another application developer? No, Polar is an end-to-end mobile media and advertising platform provider who both builds and hosts highly successful brand applications. Polar’s SMART Platform enables the basics of mobile publishing to happen in a smart and efficient manner, and opens the door to impeccable user experience, brand-conscious design, and value-add feature sets. Polar holds the technological capability that publishers in the business, news, sports, and entertainment verticals are looking for when going mobile, but also the ability to exceed expectations by innovating during development to launch apps that engage readers in a powerful way. From driving mobile ad campaigns, to capturing valuable analytics, and following up with user technical support, Polar’s SMART platform and strong industry track-record remove the barriers to making the leap to mobile. Why is Polar important to the media industry? Polar Mobile is enabling media companies to reach their audiences through a personalized and immediate form of contact: mobile. There are four times as many mobile devices in the world than personal computers and in some countries the only means people have of accessing digital media is through a mobile device. Polar isn’t just building amazing applications, it has invested in a mobile content and advertising platform that enables media companies to rapidly create, deliver and utilize content in ways that are engaging to consumers. This SMARTplatform contains all the tools necessary to measure, report and learn from the applications its customers are using. There are many complexities in designing and delivering mobile applications but with experienced team at Polar Mobile, and its patent pending SMART platform, these barriers to entry for media companies have been
  2. 2. removed. Polar Mobile is enabling a whole new generation of trusted and easy to use mobile products for people on the go. Does Polar Mobile create mobile websites? No, Polar Mobile creates applications using its SMART content and advertising platform specifically designed to deliver content to be viewed on smartphones. Mobile applications are much more engaging and interactive, with the ability to automatically deliver engaging content that customers use every day. WAP sites consistently fail to meet consumer expectations, and brand engagement is significantly lower due to the weak customer experience. The online experience for PC users increases every day as Web 2.0 takes hold, and WAP simply can’t keep up. Mobile Applications Powered by Polar Mobile have auto-delivered content, blazing fast browsing, connections to social media, and the look-and-feel of high-powered computer software. The apps launched on Polar Mobile’s SMART platform experience extremely high engagement. How many applications has Polar Mobile built? Since Polar Mobile’s initial publication launched in early 2008, Polar Mobile has successfully launched over 50 applications across BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Window’s Mobile devices. Who are Polar Mobile’s customers? Polar Mobile’s customer list spans top media brands across the business, sports, finance, and lifestyle verticals. To view a listing of Polar Mobile’s publishers and their applications, visit Which smartphone devices are Polar Mobile applications available on? Polar Mobile applications are currently supported by the following devices and operating systems: iPhone/iPod Touch OS 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0, BlackBerry® 8800 Series, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8300 Series, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8500 Series, BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100 Series, BlackBerry®, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9000 Series, BlackBerry® Pearl™ Flip 8200 Series, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 Series, BlackBerry® Tour™ 9600 Series, BlackBerry® Storm™ 9500 Series, with Android, Windows Mobile and others available soon. What is Polar Mobile’s business model? Polar Mobile uses its patent-pending SMART™ content and advertising platform to develop and host mobile applications for publishers and content providers who in turn generate revenue through advertising and/or subscriptions. The business model mirrors the value creation of the customers through licensing, hosting and professional services revenues. Is Polar Mobile publicly traded? As a privately held company with a dedicated group of investors and customers, Polar Mobile is well positioned to scale the business to meet its growing demand.
  3. 3. Publishing and Advertising Why would a publisher select Polar Mobile’s SMART Platform to build applications? Polar Mobile's patent-pending SMART content and advertising platform and hosted applications provide a foundation of features and tools that enable content providers to deliver engaging applications to their consumers. It delivers an unparalleled and uncompromising mobile experience with speed and user interaction significantly better than mobile websites. SMART Apps are completely customized to capture the look and feel of the publisher’s brand. A single-click on the desktop icon allows instant access to automatically downloaded publisher content, giving users access anywhere, anytime – even if without network coverage, such as on a subway or plane. The SMART publishing solution automatically grabs the publisher’s content and transcodes it to an optimized format for the user's handset model. Once the content integration is setup upfront, customers experience no additional overhead to push content to mobile handsets. Add to this Polar Mobile’s proven track record in monetizing mobile apps through effective advertising, and the ability to monitor valuable impression and usage statistics with Polar Analytics, and the growing upside potential for bringing traditional media to mobile is undeniable. What analytics and reporting are available? Measurement is the cornerstone of monetization of media – and Polar Mobile’s robust Analytics and Reporting capabilities allow publishers to gain deep insight into their mobile offering. Polar Mobile’s solution for advertisers first converts an online campaign to a SMART click ad for mobile, then tracks relevant analytics, sending the stats back to the SMART platform in real-time. Not only do the ads within mobile apps provide strong impression figures, the SMART click add enables advertisers to customize with click-to-calls, website transfers, and Web 2.0 sharing capabilities. From a single Web interface, publishers can see how many users are perusing the content, which articles are the most popular, how much time people are spending in the application and a lot more. Advertisers gain real-time insight into impressions and click-through-rates, which are usually 10-15x higher than online, thus commanding higher CPMs for publishers. How does the application creation process work? It starts with experience and excellence in design and Polar Mobile has over 1 million people using its applications today so it has lots of knowledge on what works in designing an application. The cornerstone of any application designed and built by Polar Mobile is its SMART content and advertising platform upon which applications are hosted and delivered to all the major smartphone devices over the air. The Polar Mobile design team works closely with its customers in designing each application that utilizes the robust suite of features in the SMART platform to ensure the application is engaging and compels the end customer to use the application frequently. Polar Mobile’s talented software team takes the customer’s requirements through a rigorous process of development, usability and quality testing before it is delivered through the distribution hubs such as the App Store, App World, and customized launch sites. With ads served directly into the apps, publishers experience successful monetization in addition to a valuable brand extension. Following a successful product launch, the Polar Mobile team commits to technical support, hosting, user feedback management, and detailed analytics and reporting. When the time comes for version 2, the Polar Mobile SMART platform will enable seamless scalability and sustainability.