NEW! The Zoid Crushers


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NEW! The Zoid Crushers

  1. 1. The Zoid Crushers By Megaman X Way back into the future where a special squad helped the innocent people of New York from the destrcution of evil androids and humanoid animals. But a new type of evil was going to raise and a new hero would be chosen to take on this menace and his evil empire. In a new version of New York where everything is rebuilt into mansion and huge stores. There was a huge mansion on a deserted island with a long bridge to it. There it is a hero we all know and love, Vector Yamazaki. But instead we see a 13 year old version where he has spiky graysih blue hair in the front and dark blue hair in the back, still had sky blue eyes and the yellow scars across the center of both eyes, a very muscular, and wore a tight black leather muscle shirt with red trimming, a white scarf around his neck, maroon fingerless gloves, black belt with a silver phoenix in the center, camoflauge military pants, black and red sneakers with white trimming at the bottom, and stood about 5ft 6in. Today is his birthday and he becomes a teenager for the first time. Vector: Now that I'm finally a teenager, I have to work hard and take responsibilities. Just then, a beautiful 15 year old dalmatian with sky blue eyes, black spots over her body, a perfect figure, and was dressed like an amazon, she wore a gold necklace and headband with a jungle green ruby in the center, a pink sports-like bra with no straps with gold trimming on the told, a gold belt around the waist and a pink thong attached to it, and stood about 6ft 9in. It was Tanya Yamazaki, Vector's second oldest sister. Tanya: Happy Birthday Vector! Vector: Thanks, but our parents... Just then, we see a 17 year old version of Brimstone Yamazaki, the oldest brother of the Yamazaki clan, he had red eyes, scars that were similar to Vector's except they were green, he was very well built and wore a purple karate gi and pants, light blue sash around his waist, he wore wooden sandals, and stood about 7ft 1in. Brimstone: Don't worry little brother, we take care of each other. I love you two as much as anyone does.
  2. 2. Vector: Thank you big brother. Tanya: Come on guys, group hug!! All three siblings hugged each other tight. Just then, a 12 year old version of Zane Jackson walks into the mansion of the Yamazaki clan. He had light blue hair, his right eye was red and his left eyes was green, and wore a red trench coat, white shirt, sky blue jeans, silver Italian shoes, black shoulder pads, a black strap around him to hold his gold staff with a purple ruby on top of it, and was the same height as Vector. Zane: Hey guys, how's it going? Vector: Fine, hey guys. I think we should go down to the pizza palace and have my party there. Tanya: Sounds great Vector! Brimstone: I could go for some pizza. So all four of them walked down the pizza palace to eat and celebrate Vector's birthday. As they walked across the street, a white race car speeded passed them and parked in the parking space. There the figure was an 18 year old humanoid android that had green eyes, brown hair, and wore a blue racing jacket, and white pants, black sneakers, he wore a white and red racing helemt with a yellow green visor, and stood about the same height as Brimstone. This was Speed, an undefeated race car champion. He walked towards the gang and apoligazed to them if he almost ran them over but Vector told him he didn't. The young racer was curious for who he was. Speed: Who are you four anyway? Vector: My name is Vector, these are my brother and sister, Brimstone Yamazaki and Tanya Yamazaki, and this is my best friend Zane. Zane: Nice to meet you. Brimstone: Glad we stopped into you! Tanya: Your pretty cool for a racer!
  3. 3. Speed: Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Speed and it's an honor to meet all four of you. Vector: No problem, today is my birthday and I'm wondering if you care to join us to come to the pizza palace. Speed: Strange, I was heading to into the same place as well. How old are you now? Vector: Today I'm 13 years old. Speed: Awesome, I had great times when I was your age! Just then, a tall man with a black business suit and shades comes up towards the five friends. He asks them if they are Vector, Brimstone, Tanya, Zane, and Speed. Vector: That's us. Man: My name is Officer Adams and I'm part of the android hunting squad. Our soldiers are seriously injuried after being attacked by this evil scientist who claims to turn himself into an android. Brimstone: Okay, tell us what to do. Officer Adams: We need a team of five teeangers and seeing how your the perfect ones, we need you more than ever. You will be a team known as the Zoid Crushers Tanya: It's a deal!! Zane: We're ready for anything! Vector: Hold on guys, this is serious. My father was part of the android hunting squad was killed. Officer Adams: Glad I brought this with me. Your father wanted you to have his light sabre. Vector: Thank you, I will fight with my father's light sabre to honor him. So all five of the young teenagers glided to fight this evil menace. With Vector having his father's light sabre, he was determined to protect his
  4. 4. city. Vector and his friends had finally made it to the scene of the crime. There was an army of androids under the command of the evil robotic scientist that was with them. His name was Dr. Andross, the arch- nemesis of Vector. He looked like Dr. Gero from DBZ, Dr. Wily's hair style from Mega Man, faded blue eyes, his brain was showing in a special class covering it and he wore a silver armor chest plate, a tank cannon attached to the back, purple hands, light blue arm and legs attachments, green bodysuit, purple feet, and stood about 8ft 9in. Vector: Who the heck are you old geezer?! Andross: My name is Dr. Andross, I'm the creator of all androids and I plan to destroy humans and animals who dare to oppose me!! Brimstone: Vector, you and I will take out Andross. Zane, Tanya, and Speed will take out Andross's henchmen. Tanya: Got it! Zane: No problem. Speed: We'll get this done in five minutes!! Vector and Brimstone charged at Andross but the evil scientist activated his tank cannon and moved to his rightside. He shot a huge energy ball at the duo but Vector pulled out his father's light sabre and sliced off the tank cannon. Brimstone used energy shurikens to explode Andross's body to do half-damage. Andross: RATS!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU TWO BE POWERFUL THAN ME?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? Brimstone: Easy, you've got a lot of fire power but need more speed! Vector: Stand back bro, this technique I developed has gotta work!! Brimstone: Go right ahead. Vector: CRESCENT WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He swung his light sabre and a huge crescent-like energy fin aimed towards the evil scientist and chipped his waist off. Now the evil
  5. 5. scientist was doomed for good. Zane, Tanya, and Speed easily finished off the androids that Andross had created. Vector walked towards Andross was ready to fire an energy beam at him. But suddenly, Andross's body glowing and fired off making a retreat. He knew that the Zoid Crushers were too much for him. Speed: Yes, we did it!!! Zane: Now let's go and party! Vector: We may have won.... but Andross will find a way to destroy us. Brimstone: Vector's got a point, we can relax and train at the same time. But for now, let's celebrate our little brother's birthday. Vector: Thanks Brimstone. Brimstone: Your welcome little bro! ************************** At the pizza palace, Vector and Brimstone were playing against each in Tekken 4. Brimstone was play as Marshall Law and Vector was playing as Paul Phoenix. The young teenager beat his brother but they didn't care since they were doing it for fun. Tanya came out with the birthday cake and as they were finished singing, everyone started eating. Tanya: How do you like the cake I made? Vector: This is the best chocolate cake I ever had Tanya! Zane: Yeah, Vector, there's a new fighting game here that Speed and I just played. Vector: Which one? Zane: Soul Calibur 2. Vector: Now that's way too cool!! Soul Calibur is the popular video game series. Brimstone and Vector started to race down to the Soul Calibur 2 game and started playing. Speed, Zane, and Tanya started to laugh since
  6. 6. they were both into games. Back in Andross's flaoting fortress in his secret laboratory, he was working three super androids to take out Vector and his friends. Plus he just finished repairing his body from the battle with Vector and Brimstone. Andross: Soon my creations, you face your greatest rival, Vector Yamazaki!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three days have passed and Vector, Brimstone, Tanya, Zane, and Speed have trained intense under the android hunting squad. All five of them were starting to become super strong and would soon face any other menace threatening New York. But lately everything was quiet without the evil scientist Dr. Andross. Right now at the Yamazaki mansion, everyone is swimming except Speed who was basically an android. Tanya: Come on Vector, let's you and I have a swimming race to the end of the pool! Vector: Okay!! Speed: Those two are just too funny. But that Tanya is so attractive. Brimstone: I see you like my little sister right? Speed: Huh?! Brimstone, you just heard what I said??!! Brimstone: It's okay, many boys feel that way about! I'm not being over protected about her, I'm just making a statement that's all! Speed: Oh, but I'm way too old for her, I'm two years older than her. Brimstone: True, but the weird part is that Vector is kind of Tanya's boyfriend. Zane: I never knew Tanya was Vector's boyfriend. Brimstone: Every boy rejects her because she likes to wrestle a lot. Tanya likes to rough house with boys but Vector handles her super strength. Speed: Glad I'm not injured by her wrestling moves because I would be scrap metal by then.
  7. 7. Vector and Tanya come out of the swimming pool to clean themselves up. Zane threw two towels at them and cleaned the water on their body. Just then, the doorbell rang and there was Officer Adams with some flat box when Brimstone ran to the door to open it. Brimstone: What's wrong sir? Officer Adams: Easy Brimstone, I see that you five have been swimming. Vector: Sorry if we're not in our normal attires. Zane: What's with the flat box. Officer Adams: I figured that you guys could use some pizza. So I ordered it and decided to deliver it to you guys. Speed: Thanks sir, anyway we can repay you. Zane: Yeah, it's kind enough we do something for you. Officer Adams: There is one thing, mind if I join in the party? Everyone laughed at the android squad oficer's joke. Vector let him in and everyone started to have fun. Tanya turned up the music to listen to California Days Remix by Dr. Dre. Vector started to get his groove on to the music and break danced to it. Now this was a real party with the right people. But back at Andross's lab, he started to be complete the designs of the super androids. Andross: Now that the designs are almost complete, I will be able to complete "The Razor Trio Project"!!! Voice: Sir, when will we be able to release these super androids? There were robotic assistants who worked for Andross himself. He walked towards him and told him that they would be released when the time was right. Looks like the Zoid Crushers better be on their feet for this one. Three months have passed and there was still no sign of the evil scientist Dr. Andross. Vector and his friends still kept on training if any evil appeared. Officer Adams got a report that three mysterious
  8. 8. androids have been attacking New York. He drove his car at the Yamazaki mansion and rang the doorbell quickly. Vector and the others rushed to the door to open it and noticed that their commander was serious. Zane: Any trouble sir? Officer Adams: There are three mysterious androids attacking the city. We need you on this one on the double. Vector... Vector: Yes sir? Officer Adams: You have been assigned to be leader of the Zoid Crushers!! Vector: Thank you sir, my friends and I won't let you down!!! So the Zoid Crushers glided off to find these evil androids. They saw the chaos and destruction in the town. Fire was all over the buildings but Zane used his wind magic with his staff to clear the fire. Brimstone felt a powerful aura higher than the rest of the Zoid Crushers put together. An energy ball came near Brimstone but Vector teleported in front of it and used his light sabre to reflect it. Brimstone: Thanks Vector, for a second there I would have been toast! Vector: No problem, we just gotta find those androids. Tanya: I spotted one! She noticed a toad android with pine green skin, yellow green punk hair, black eyes, a long tounge, pine green hands and feet, and orange shoulder pads, belt, shin gaurds and elbow pads, silver bodysuit, midnight blue armor, and stood about 5ft 1in. His name was Rajin Zeo, a toad-like android with incredible abilities of a toad. He hopped building to building with giant leaps. Rajin Zeo: So your the Zoid Crushers... you won't be so hard to beat. Speed: We'll see about that! Zane: SPEED, WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!! A huge energy ball came towards Speed but Zane used his awesome
  9. 9. magic once again to make a shield to protect Speed. The smoke cleared and showed another android that was disordered. He looked like a live creature with tan skin, a yellow eye on the left side, his right arm with a was huge poisonous hand that would change into anything and his left arm was a regular arm, his left leg was regular but the right leg was enormous showing a ram-like foot, his left fingers were replaced with pistols from guns, and he wore a green spiked shoulder pad on the right side and a crystal shoulder on the left side, silver body armor, his right face was covered with metal, wires hung from his mouth, a black bodysuit that was ripped in certain places, a purple arm and leg attachment for the right arm and left leg, a silver arm attachment for the left arm, a jetpack on his back, and stood about 10ft tall. This was Metalizer, a living human being that was turned into a freak and screwed on with armor during a painful project on him. Metalizer: STAND STILL YOU REBEL TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL CRUSH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speed: Man, that guy is UGLY!! Tanya: It's so hideous!! Vector: I don't believe it, there's the third android!!!! The third android was a human with a beautiful face, dark lips, purple eyes, long blonde hair, artificial human hands, and wore white armor, white arm and leg attachments, a jungle green bodysuit with light blue trimming, and stood about 7ft 1in. This was Quicksilver, an android who was obsessed with beauty and had a lot of speed. He joined Rajin Zeo and Metalizer to introduce themselves to the fearless Zoid Crushers. Vector: Who are you three?! Rajin Zeo: My name is Rajin Zeo, an android with the abilities of a toad! Metalizer: I am the demolisher of doom and the freak on biotechnology I am METALIZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quicksilver: Quicksilver is my name and beauty is my game. I am the leader of these two and together we are….. THE RAZOR TRIO!!!!
  10. 10. Vector and his friends have finally met the three mysterious androids known as the Razor Trio. Quicksilver made his first move which was running in a circle to create a tornado to knock out the Zoid Crushers. Speed escaped from the tornado and punched Quicksilver's pretty face leaving a scratch on it. This made him really mad and charged at Speed with brute force. Quicksilver: YOU'VE RUINED MY PRETTY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!!!!!!!! Speed: How much do you want to find that ugly face!! The evil android was about to punch Speed but Brimstone threw shurikens at his right arm but Quicksilver was able to catch all three of them and threw them back at Brimstone. Vector used his light sabre to reflect the attack back at the pretty boy hitting him in the chest. Metalizer opened up his mouth and charged up a huge energy ball but Tanya got out her bow and arrow to shoot the energy arrow at the disordered Metalizer's mouth to disable his attack. Electricity started to make his mouth malfunction. Rajin Zeo used his cybernetic to capture Zane but he used electric magic to give the shock of his life. Rajin Zeo: That the best you've got? Tanya: What is he talking about?! Vector: I see what he means!! Brimstone: No way, something is happening to them. All three androids started to glow blue and cleared up there injuries from the fight. Metalizer charged at Brimstone and Speed and huged arm to knock them out cold. Rajin Zeo shot goo at Tanya's eyes causing her not to see and used his tounge to grab Zane's feet and knock him into a pole. Quicksilver punched Vector very quickly and he started to lose his power. Now all the androids surrounded Vector in a delta formationa and yelled out their ultimate technique! Rajin Zeo, Metalizer, & Quicksilver: TRI-FORCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All three of them shot electric beams at the young android hunter causing to drain all his energy. They decided to head back to Andross's fortress and tell them about their first success. Zane healed them all with his magic and glided out of the scene.
  11. 11. ********************** Back at Andross's lab, the Razor Trio came in and reported to Andross that their test was a success. The evil scientist was impressed by his super androids first mission. Andross: I'm quite very amazed by your strength!! Quicksilver: It was nothing, you made us the ultimate fighting machines and we are here at your every command. Metalizer: Now I want to do some more training to test out more of my strength!!! Rajin Zeo: You guys do all the fancy stuff, it’s time to eat some flies! The cybernetic toad got out a bag of robotic flies and ate them one by one. Metalizer went into the target room and blasted every single one with his huge fist. Quicksilver was like always checking his beauty image in the mirror. Andross was amazed that these androids developed their own personality. Metalizer: So doc, what’s our next mission. Andross: Oh… your next mission will be tomorrow. Rajin Zeo: Okay, I’ll be ready to kick butt with the Zoid Crushers. In Andross' secret lab, he was making three special rings for the Razor Trio. The three super androids came into his lab to see what he was doing. He handed them the rings but the evil androids were puzzled by this. Quicksilver: What are these things? Andross: Just put them on. Metalizer: It really doesn't matter, we get our final mission. Rajin Zeo: Yeah, destroy the Zoid Crushers!! Andross: Yes, now go my super androids and go to Mexico City!
  12. 12. All three androids glided out of the fortress and he grinned with an evil smile. The rings he made for the Razor Trio was to make them on super android with their strength combined. ************************* Back at Android Hunter Headquaters, Vector and his friends were beat after their fight with the unstoppable androids they had to face yesterday. Officer Adams came into the building and was concerned of Vector's attitude for blaming himself not to protect his friends. Vector: Man this sucks, I can't believe that the Razor Trio could beat us so easily!! Tanya: It's not your fault Vector. Brimstone: Yeah, anyone could make a mistake like that. Zane: We will find a way to destroy those robots. Officer Adams: There is a way. I have an orb that I found in the ruins of Mexico City that gives off mysterious power. Speed: I also did some research on the Razor Trio... they were made by Andross. Vector: I knew that Andross was behind the whole thing!!! Come on guys, let's touch the orb so we can get the power to destrot these machines! Officer Adams: Hold it, only one person is chosen to have this power. That's why I choose Vector to have this power. Vector: Shouldn't the other have the power as well. Tanya: Vector, your the leader of the Zoid Crushers and you have a lot of spirit to keep the team going. The young android hunter agreed and touched the orb. He felt a lot of power going through his body and he was a lot stronger than his power. He felt the Razor Trio was in Mexico City and the gang teleported to the location to take down the evil androids. Officer Adams was impressed by Vector's outgoing attitude to keep the Zoid Crushers going.
  13. 13. ************************** In Mexico City, the Razor Trio kept on causing havok and destruction until the Zoid Crushers showed up. They appeared before the unstoppable machines of Andross and Vector told the others to find a save place to watch the fight. So the gang agreed and the three androids started to laugh their heads off. Metalizer: Want more you punk? Rajin Zeo: Let's kick his butt all over the world. Quicksilver: Something ain't right here. Vector: Your days of hurting innocent people ends right here. Rajin Zeo: Looks like this teenager needs to be taught a lesson!! Quicksilver: Razor Trio, let's desroy Vector Yamazaki for good!!!! They were ready to battle for the fate of the Earth. Vector's friends were watching from the sky and Andross was watching the fight from his invisible jet. Metalizer activated his jet pack and dashed towards Vector. He transformed his huge hand into a large knife but the young android hunter drew out his light sabre and sliced the huge android by the waist. Both remaining members of the Razor Trio started to fear Vector. Now he stared at Quicksilver and Rajin Zeo. Vector: Now you shall return to the scrap yard!! Rajin Zeo: In your dreams you punk!!! He lashed out his tounge but Vector garbbed it and used his electric powers to give the toad a shock of his life. Now the remaining android was Quicksilver. He seemed to be determined to face Vector's power. Quicksilver: So you were able to defeat Metalizer and Rajin Zeo easily. Vector: So what's your point? Quicksilver: I want to test my strength on you android hunter!
  14. 14. Vector: Too bad Quicksilver. I won't waste my new found energy on you! Quicksilver: THAN DIE VECTOR YAMAZAKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The young android charged at Vector but the humanoid dalmatian crossed his arms and his friends were worried about him. They yelled to get his attention that Quicksilver was going to attack him. Tanya: Come on bro, Quicksilver is going attack you!! Zane: Wait a minute, I feel that Vector has a trick up his sleeve. Speed: Your right, I can feel it coming on! The evil leader of the Razor Trio dashed at Vector with a punch but the young teenager yelled out a technique that would end this fight. His eyes glowed royal blue and Vector finally yelled out the technique. Vector: DARK LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quicksilver: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Vector summoned a lighting field to damage Quicksilver very badly. Andross came out of the same and laughed at the young android hunter since he thought that the fight would be over with. The rings on the members of the Razor Trio were activated and reapired the androids. All three of them were combined into one super android named Onslaught. He was very muscular, red hands with purple claws, glowing white eyes, and wore purple shoulder pads, purple arm and leg attachments, red bodysuit, red helmet with purple trimming, his whole was in the dark space of the helmet, and he stood about 12ft tall. Onslaught looked at Vector and shot a flaming beam at him. Vector was able to block it but it did a lot of damage to him. Andross: Say hello to my ultimate android, Onslaught!! Vector: This is gonna be extremely hard to beat this guy! Onslaught: Now I shall crush you Vector!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of the Zoid Crushers came to Vector's aid since they needed
  15. 15. to be a team to beat the diabolical Onslaught. Vector was worried about Tanya, Brimstone, Speed, and Zane putting their lifes at stake to fight against a super android. Zane Don't worry Vector, we're here for you! Brimstone: Were not gonna let this metal head beat us!! Speed: Remember what you always said to us... never give up! Tanya: Yeah, your a great leader and our friendship will preveil. Vector: I agree, Onslaught... your days of hurting people ends right now!! As leader of this group we will fight for justice and together we are.... THE ZOID CRUSHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Onslaught walked slowly towards the young Zoid Crushers. All five of them took out their weapons but Onslaught laughed. Vector had a blue aura surrounding him giving off energy to his friends. The bulky android stopped and was face to face with the five teeangers. Onslaught: Your little toys won't me. Brimstone: Wrong because we can defeat you with Vector's energy that he just shared with!! Speed: The way of you give evil a bad name makes me sick to my hard drive! Zane: I'm willing to protect this planet with every bit of energy I have to aid the team! Tanya: Vector's spirit is what keeps the team and you'll be sorry you messed with us!!! Vector: As guardians of this planet, we'll destroy any villain who harms the ways of justice!!!! Onslaught: Then bring it on you kids!! Brimstone took out his daggers and gave the evil android a taste of his own medicine to have huge scratch marks on his body. Speed used his ray gun to aim plasma blasts to damage Onslaught's body. Tanya used a charged arrow and used her bow to aim the projectile at the massive
  16. 16. robot's chest with positive. Zane used his magic staff to create a ring to trap Onslaught with electricity giving him the shock of his life. Finally, Vector used his light sabre to swing a powerful crescent blade to make the evil android lose his power. Now there was the final move, combining the weapons. Tanya tossed her bow into the air, Vector attached his light sabre underneath his sister's bow, Brimstone threw attached his daggers on top of Tanya's bow, Speed put his ray gun by the handle of Vector's light sabre, and Zane make his staff into a shoulder pad to attach it to the left side of Vector's light sabre. Vector took the weapon and the gang moved in. This weapon was capable of taking down anything. It was called the Zoid Destroyer. Speed and Zane moved to the left side and Brimstone and Tanya moved to the right side to help Vector release the attack Onslaught: WHAT IS THAT WEAPON?!?!?!?! Vector: Preapre to meet your downfall Onslaught!! ZOID DESTROYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A huge beam hit Onslaught and turned back into the three original androids. Andross appeared into the scene and was quite impressed by the battle. But something else happened, green metal pads starting to come out of the sky and disappeared. To everyone's surprise, everyone knew what they were! Andross: You may have own this battle Zoid Crushers, but the real fight has just begone. I will make a new project making an army of androids that are more powerful than these three. The evil scientist and the Razor Trio disappeared. The gang was curious to see those green metal pads in the sky. Everyone seemed to be puzzled but they own their first battle. Tanya: We did it! Zane: Yeah, with Vector's courage we were unstoppable!! Brimstone: I'm proud of you bro for giving this team a lot of spirit! Speed: We showed those androids who the boss was. Vector: Thanks but still, Andross said it was just the beginning of the battle. I have a feeling that those metal pads we saw up in the sky has
  17. 17. to do something with the new battle we might have to do in the near by millenium. Everyone agreed and glided off to New York. What does Andross mean it was just the beginning? What new android project will he work on? And what were those green metal pads up in the sky for? We will find on next time on Zoid Crushers! The End