Metal Fever: Conflict


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Metal Fever: Conflict

  1. 1. Chapter I – The Race of Technology It was 2065, and Andrew Larzones, a High Rank U.S. Alpha soldier was now 29 ½. It was two years after the war of viruses, known as War: V. It was over a virus called War-V. This war was sparked by a war called Tri-gun, which was ignited by the hatred of three sides – the U.S. Alpha, the Skulls and the Bombers. During that war, the Bombers discovered the War-V, a deadly virus. It did not infect, nor did it kill the carrier. It made the carrier more powerful. Powerful enough to kill dozens. The Skulls realized how deadly this was and immediately sided with the Alphas, like before Tri-gun. Then the Alphas discovered a virus Itna-Vraw. They managed to lure away the Bombers for a time… And then they returned. Andrew shook all the thoughts out of his head. He was sitting on his porch, relaxing from all of these battles. Tri-gun, War: V and a short battle between the Alphas and the terrorists Quadien Allsin. The Allsin battle didn’t seem so serious – in fact, it was rather short. However, there was something Andrew realized among few people – the scientists in the group that studied War-V (because strange occurrences had happened with the virus mutations) were up to something. Andrew took the lemonade from his wife, Laylia. It was an improvement – a great one at that – from the damn food of the Main Ships. Andrew sighed. The death of his best friend, Ssej Seerk, still lured in his head. It was a lingering, bitter event that clawed onto Andrew’s head, seeping away all happiness present on this beautiful late-summer day. Ssej and his wife, Sarah, had both died. Where their daughter, Jane Seerk, was, Andrew didn’t know, but he prayed she was safe. He called up Dave Arkonson, his other friend. The videophone flashed on as Andrew dialed the number. “Hello?” Dave spoke. “Hey, Dave, it’s Andrew. Well,” he started, and his voice cut off. “Yeah, yo?” “Well… I just… I want to take up… using that A-57 again. It’s just… So powerful, and after Ssej’s death I want to… I just want to make sure nothing happens to others, and that’s gonna make me feel secure. “I don’t know if Captain Bryan or Admiral Stugulf are gonna allow a ‘carrier change’ or anything, but, well – I don’t know,” said Andrew. “I understand, yo. I guess we’ll… Meet up at the Koran again? Er… Damn, I keep forgetting that thing was destroyed. Well, I guess we could meet up at some other Main Ship,” said Dave. “Yeah,” replied Andrew. “In only one year, we have been able to create a great, new piece of technology. The Bird of Prey Main Ship. We have produced fifteen units so far, and we are continuing to make them. Also, we have improved on our smooth, alien-like Main Ships. These vessels, clearly known as the Water- ripple ships, have powerful engines and a great speed. We have added a ram, several more missiles and more turrets. “Now, the Bird of Prey Main Ships are very much improved from the original, standard Main Ship design. The beak-shaped bridge can be used as a ram. Less crew workers – much less – are needed to pilot this ship. All the space for hospitals, storage, etc. is in the middle and below, guarded by several turrets. On the bottom of the ship, we have a large 10-barreled chain gun with 254mm Titanium-Armor-Destroying bullets. On each wing, the ship is armed with 40 missiles. The wings can ‘flap’ up and down. On the aft, we have three tail guns and a rotating SWA cannon. At the bridge we have three main lasers. This ship has an efficient burn shield. Now, the Bird of Prey Main Ship Falcon 02 has been tested already. We have since then added more features.
  2. 2. “The Admirals and a group of engineers have also come up with a new rifle. It has 11mm Foot-Armor-Piercing bullets. A single clip can hold up to 150 bullets. The rifle has laser sight, a flashlight, a scope with night vision and a hologram crosshair. It is easy to handle, and it has a built in beam sword. This is the A-150 Assault Rifle, or Alpha-150 round Assault Rifle. “We also have created a new grenade type. It is called the BE Grenade, or Blade Extractor Grenade. You activate it by pressing this trigger, throw it then watch it detonate. When this grenade explodes, the blades are released and they travel about five feet and explode. It’s similar to a fragmentation grenade. “And now, our greatest creation of all… We have a new suit for enhanced bodies called the Ghost Suit,” Admiral Stugulf paused a minute to take a breath as the others observed the suit. Captain Bryan noticed its helmet. It had a dark visor, a mask and triangular wedges of armor on the sides. The shoulder pads were constructed of a strange flexible metal and were attached to the neck guard. The armor covered the entire body. “Now,” said Admiral Stugulf, “With this suit, we have finally mastered light-bending technology. We have designed the cloaking engines so small that it is nearly ‘invisible’ itself. I have never released the news, but I am now. We have taken in extremely athletic mid-teens and trained them like a normal Private. We have given them augmentations and enhancements in their body using safe drugs. We have also implanted computers into them, allowing them to have a motion detector in their retina, a COM in their tonsils or throat, and a small AI-insert slot on their arm. I’ll get to that later. Now, the suit, as Augmented Soldier Becca will demonstrate, can cloak.” A naked woman stepped into the suit behind the curtains. The suit activated and disappeared. Only faint white lines were visible. Light was slightly distorted, as if in water. “The suit,” said Admiral Stugulf, “also has powerful shields that can deflect bullets, and one round of a 13.37 cannon.” An orange bolt hit the suit as it became visible for a split second and a faint hint of blue surrounded it. “Now, we have created our first actual working AI. Unlike past AI’s, this one is programmed to think up new thoughts of its own. It truly has a mind of its own. We can put these holographic AI’s into slots and insert them into the Ghost suit. The AI can then give the soldier information on what to do.” Becca was about to take the suit off when Admiral Stugulf went up to her. “Ah – you don’t have to take that up. You should adapt to the suit – the MILSS are going to wear them for a while.” “Yes, sir!” Admiral Stugulf liked Becca’s attitude. At only 17, she was serious about her military work. She never filed a complaint and only listened to those orders in which she had to. “Oh, and,” the Admiral said, “You might want to take Anatroc with you, Becca.” He handed Becca a slot with AI data on it. “S-sir… It’s the only AI created so far… Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” Becca saluted “At ease. We’ve got much more being made for the MILSS.” The A-57 ran and jumped toward the D-44. A hail of plasma fire scorched the ground and barely missed the running walker mech. The D-44’s head turned and it fired the 13.37 cannon. The A-57’s arm was blown off as it staggered back and fired plasma bolts. The bolts smashed the D-44 visor and the outer layer of glass fell off. The D-44 ran back and charged its 13.37 cannon. It flared with purple lights that danced across the air. Steam and smoke rippled the light and the pulse charge released. The A-57 pressed its feet into the ground and jumped over the shot. It fired. The D-44 ran to the right and attempted to flank the A-57, firing its burst lasers. However, the A-57 retaliated with a volley of plasma bolts and missiles. The D-44 was damaged but it neared. The A-57 brought back its arm and smashed the engines. They ignited, and right before the D-44 did too, its 13.37 cannon fired into the A-57’s stomach.
  3. 3. Andrew wiped his forehead as the simulation field warped out. “Damn,” he said, “Good round.” “I concur,” replied Dave, smirking. The two pilots hopped out of the simulation mechs as sweat cut trails through the dirt in their face. Dave took out a handkerchief and wiped his face. He stuffed it in his pocket and pulled out another one. He offered it to Andrew who took it. “Woo, I’m gonna get my water bottle,” said Andrew. “Aye.” As Andrew walked away, Dave mused. After his A-57 training, Andrew returned home. He walked out to his porch and sat on his favorite rocking chair. He sighed as dim sunlight hit the deck. Shadows of trees swayed in the afternoon breeze. Clouds in the sky slowly raced around. Andrew sat down and sighed. The summer’s air was calming, but something seemed strange… It seemed as if something bad would soon happen. Robby Dunel sighed as he read the letter. He had to “return to Pentagon 2 for a body-suit enhancement program.” He didn’t have a damn clue what that meant, but he didn’t care; he didn’t want to go back. He didn’t want fighting – but then again, who did? Anyway, orders were orders. He turned to his wife, Alba Dunel, and ran his hand through her brown hair as they embraced. “Low Commander Robby Dunel reporting to Pentagon 2 body-suit enhancement program!” The man yelled as the guard saluted. He let him pass. Commander Robby walked into the large geometrical building. He looked at the letter. “Biology Engineering Studies – Room 451, level 4.” Robby walked to the elevator and pressed in the room number. The capsule-shaped elevator moved up to the fourth level and horizontally to room 451. Robby got out. “Ah, Commander Dunel… Robby Dunel,” said a voice. Commander Robby turned and saluted. “At ease, soldier,” said the Admiral. “You are here, soldier, to receive the newest piece of technology. Come in, I’ll explain.” The Commander followed. He saw rows of what appeared to be small humanoid androids, along with several strange rifles. The Admiral halted and said, “Commander Dunel, we have created these suits – called Ghost Suits – for enhanced and augmented bodies. As you see, we have several Military Super Soldiers – MILSS – already. These suits can cloak, handle several plasma shots and are the key to victory in war. “Now, we have taken several young teens, trained and augmented them, and designed them for this suit,” the Admiral finished. Commander Robby paused. “These… MILSS have been trained since,” “Around sixteen,” finished Admiral Stugulf. “Sixteen,” repeated Robby. “But I have been trained at 18 and was augmented at the age of 22. What good would this do to me?” “We have seen that the augmentations in the MILSS bodies are just a little higher than your augmentations, bringing the MILSS 13% more powerful than you. However, we have found that your body should have enough strength to handle these ghost suits.” “And… If they don’t?” “Then your body will be crushed. Now, to the testing room,” Admiral Stugulf spoke with ease, as if there was no risk. Commander Robby winced at the risks, but he followed. In the testing room, Admiral Stugulf said “Strip down and we will begin making adjustments to your body and attaching the suit.” Robotic arms had several white-grey parts in them. A sleeping- gas mask was put onto the Commander as a large tool punctured out a section of his flesh in his arm. Admiral Stugulf wiped the blood and filled it with a medical gelatin substance.
  4. 4. Arms worked with tools with clanking sounds as they inserted a metal lining on the sides of the large wound. They inserted metal chips into veins and eventually covered the entire wound with metallic substances. Wires hooked up to his body and released some sort of electrical shock as an arm scanned his body for biological flaws. Then the arms started to grab parts of a suit. The white-grey parts attached easily onto Commander Robby. Hard on the outside/soft on the inside armored boots attached to his feet with a satisfying clank sound. A machine dug into Commander Robby’s ear and attached machinery into his nerves, allowing a biological COM system. Finally, the Ghost Suit helmet was attached. It connected to the suit’s arm section, which was connected to the chip- inserting slot. A motion-sensor radar, health and shields display, systems power display and communications display winked on. Commander Robby woke up. “We’re all done,” said Admiral Stugulf. “Damn… I feel… Heavy. Everything looks darker, too. And my arm hurts like hell in a sandwich,” said Robby, rubbing his head. “What’s this?” He flipped on a switch and his displays illuminated. He flicked another and night vision came on. “Well,” the Commander said to himself, “That’s interesting…” Admiral Stugulf instructed him to walk to the small room where the other MILSS were. Commander Robby rubbed his neck, his heavy suit clanking onto the ground. It was hard to control his movements – the heavy suit was unusual – very unusual. Commander Robby stepped into the small waiting room and saw the other troops. There were female Ghost Suit models and male ones. “Officer on deck!” A young lady spoke and everyone stood straight and saluted. How did they know he was a Commander? Robby looked down at his arm and saw a small Low-Ranking Commander insignia delicately inscribed onto his suit. “Private Becca Rest reporting, sir! All MILSS are to receive an AI chip to insert into their computers system. Here, take this one – it’s a newly made one.” “A-AI? We’re going to have AI’s in our heads?” Commander Robby rubbed his neck again. “Uh, yes, sir. Did the Admiral not tell you? They give us tactical information in battle and help us with –” “Okay,” said Commander Robby. He took the chip and inserted it into his arm. He felt a strange, cool wind-like feeling rush over his skin. “Whew,” said a cool female voice, “It’s pretty strange in here. Accessing personnel data… It says here that you are a Low-Ranking Commander at the age of 39. Thirty-nine, eh? That’s old for a um… A MILSS. The others I’ve seen are only 16 or so.” “So I’m old,” said Commander Robby, “Thanks.” “No, no. You’re just… You’re just older than the others. Actually, 39 is quite a young age according to several polls taken… Anyway, why are you so old? I mean, why are you so much older? According to official U.S.A. Alpha files, the secret MILSS were drafted at a young teen age. Were you?” “Negative,” said Commander Robby. “I came in the army some years ago at 18. I was augmented at 22. The Admiral Stugulf and his friends just found out my augmentations are enough to handle a Ghost Suit. But my neck is killing me!” “In that case,” the AI said in a calm, cool voice, “I’ll sooth it by activating the suit’s auto readjustment system.” Commander Robby’s suit aligned with his neck and another strange cool feeling covered his neck. “Thanks. What’s your name, anyway?” “Aiestha. That’s what U.S.A.A. personnel like to call me, though my official code is AI-30. I have a reputation of being tactically correct and precise with calculations. I already have a reputation, yes, though I was just created a few days ago.” Commander Robby rolled his eyes and thought, “I’m surprised she doesn’t have a reputation of being an annoying bragger.” “I heard that, you know. I can observe your every movement. Every single movement.”
  5. 5. “Oh yeah?” Commander Robby challenged, “Were AI’s invented to haunt super soldiers?” Commander Robby sat down on a metallic bench and talked to Aiestha. “So, um… What are the MILSS going to do?” “Hang on. I’m hacking into the MILSS Restricted Secret Files to find out,” replied Aiestha. “Uh, isn’t that illegal?” “Yeah, but what are they going to do? Put my chip in a jail? They can’t treat me like a human because I’m not. Hell, I don’t have a holographic body yet,” said Aiestha, giving a sense of smart aleck. “Ah. I see. So then it’s okay. Got’cha.” Ignoring him, Aiestha said, “Apparently the Ghost Troopers are going for an all-terrain training. We’re going to fight War-V mutations.” “That’s it? With these, It’ll be a snap.” “One catch. No weapons but the ones found on the field,” said Aiestha. Commander Robby cocked an eyebrow. “Which are…?” “Let’s see… Rocks, sticks, water, snow, dirt… That’s really all there is.” “I see,” replied Commander Robby. “And are there air units?” “Actually,” said Aiestha, “43% of the War-V mutations are made up of air units.” “Oh. Great.” “Isn’t it?” “N-now sir,” said the Professor, “Do we… We must have to sacrifice our specimens?” “I don’t give a crap,” said Admiral Stugulf, “just make those mutations and put them in the training field.” The Professor sighed, “Yes, sir.” He hated it. He did not want to give up the War-V. The specimens proved to be interesting, very interesting indeed. They were powerful weapons, and the Professor didn’t realize how much of an advantage they could have been. He noticed the guards peering into the glass containers, seeing the newly born Mertzin firing guns and throwing grenades. They seemed as absorbed as the scientists. It was as if the War-V had become some sort of an addictive drug. A powerful one, at that. “All right, MILSS, your mission is this: Destroy all War-V in this area. That means all. If there is a goddamn virus on your shirt, I want you to damned spray it with cleaner! Do you understand me, soldiers?!” The Sergeant yelled. “Sir, yes sir!” The MILSS soldiers yelled, Robby’s voice being the loudest and clearest. “Now listen to me, soldiers! You aren’t gonna get one goddamn weapon at all! But I’ll give you a hint since 99% of you are made up of careless, reckless teens! This site was once a home for some Indians. American Indians, I mean. I don’t really know what kind, but that doesn’t matter. Now lemme tell you teens something. There is a damned thirty-year old here. If you get him mad by insubordination, tactical mistakes or WHATEVER, I’ll give him the choice to wipe you out of the MILSS group. Now get going!” “Sir, yes sir!” The MILSS saluted except for one careless teenager and the Sergeant walked over to him. “You want to stand strait and show some goddamn respect son, or do I have to kick your ass out of this fucking military camp?!” Sergeant Vago yelled, stomping his boot into the dirt pathway, tossing up clouds of dust. “My apologies, sir! W-with all due respect sir, I’m just… Not used to army life, sir. I’m only 16, sir.” “Sixteen, eh? I understand son… BUT YOU GODDAMN BETTER FUCKING SHAPE UP! YOU ARE A UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ALPHA MILITARY SUPER SOLDIER! I DO NOT WANT OUR POSSIBLY GREATEST WEAPON TO GOOF OF AND FAIL! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME SON?!”
  6. 6. “Y-yes sir… Sir, yes sir!” The MILSS soldier at first looked ashamedly at his feet, then straitened out and looked the Sergeant right in the eye. Commander Robby observed him. His legs were long and his body was muscular. He had potential to fight, but he didn’t use it… yet. “That’s more like it, damn it! NOW GET GOING!” Commander Robby ran, positioning his arms in a gun formation and realizing he had no weapon. “Damn it, I’m not used to having no gun,” he said. “I wonder what it’s like with one,” said a girl named Ronnie. “I like to run track and all, but I’m competitive not… murderous.” “You’re gonna have to be murderous. In a good way, I mean. We’re protecting our country. Trying to prevent the conflict that sparked Tri-gun, when America was split. You remember that all, right?” Commander Robby spoke as the MILSS entered the fields. “Get down on your bellies and hide in the grass.” “Uh, sir,” said Ronnie, “I wasn’t alive then.” “Oh. Well, the states were divided after a disagreement in the destruction of nuclear weapons. See, the Skulls, which was our other military division at the time, were going to destroy that stuff. In fact, I was once a Skull, fighting the Alphas. Anyway, after the Bombers attacked us, the Skulls refused to destroy the nuclear weapons. They said they were gonna use them in war, but a contract that U.S.A.A. and U.S.A.S. signed said that they had to destroy the weapons. So Uncle Sam got chopped in half. “Later, we joined up again, near the end if Tri-Gun. And now we’re here.” “Interesting,” said Ronnie. “Anyway, what should we do now?” “Ok. Ronnie, Becca, Jones and me – we’re Green Team. Mark, Jamie and Marianne – You’re Blue team. I want my team to find round rocks and arrowheads – I want Blue team to find Y-shaped sticks and strong, thick grass.” Commander Robby said. Commander Robby army-crawled through the thickets and found what he was looking for – Indian arrow heads. He kept going and found an old Indian toy, which was a rock ball. He even found an ancient bowstring – it was better than the thick grass he wanted Blue team to find, and he picked it up. After a few minutes, the Commander crawled back to the small meeting patch. He radioed the others. The other MILSS arrived with the right things in hand. “We even found some old rubber bands,” said Mark. “It’s not a rubber band,” corrected Commander Robby, “Its ancient bowstring. I found a piece myself. Alright, I take it you all know what we’re gonna make in today’s ‘arts and crafts’?” “Roger that,” the MILSS replied. “Ok then, get to work,” Robby said, ripping apart the ancient bowstring and tying it to the small points of the Y-shaped stick. Securing the rope with another knot and a tug, Robby tested the slingshot. It was perfect. “Everyone done?” The Commander questioned. “Roger,” the soldiers replied. “Ok, I’ve learned about these ancient Indians before… Apparently, these toy balls they have always have a small slit. People are guessing people put a piece of string in it and tied it all around the ball to make it like a piece of yarn. Anyway, put the arrowhead into that slit. That way, we can fire a deadly object that can work with the slingshot. These ‘bullets’ seem sturdy enough to last about a dozen times… Three rocks for each. Let’s spread out. Try not to waste your ammunition on ground units, though. You can get them with fists.” Commander Robby got up and ran through the thickets, slightly crouching. The tall grass ended at a large field. In the field there were two Armageddons. One Armageddon spotted the Commander and jumped up. It extended a blade arm. The blade was a curved blade with a dull side where it was shaped like a crater and not a hill. The Armageddon raised it, dull side toward Robby, intending to stab him. That was a mistake.
  7. 7. Commander Robby ducked as he grabbed the arm and ripped it off with ease. Commander Robby jumped up and held the arm like a sword. However, the Armageddon held up a blender-like arm. The blades sliced against the Ghost Suit shields, sparking yellow bits of light into the air. The Armageddon called in its companion with a nail-on-chalkboard yell. The other Armageddon swept Commander Robby with an arm, but he jumped up and landed on the wounded Armageddon. It screamed with another screeching noise and fell to its death. The new Armageddon sneaked up behind Commander Robby and cut his shields. Robby turned around and kicked it then ripped off several of the limbs. Overhead, he saw several Zapholen – about ten of them. The Commander pulled out the slingshot and got out a bullet. With a single, striking shot, one of the Zapholen plummeted down, and six remained. Commander Robby ran to the Zapholen and fired again and again, until everything in site was gone. “Every spec of War-V,” said Ronnie through the COM. “What’s the Sergeant expect us to do? I don’t have a bottle of cleaner, but this War-V blood is getting all over my suit! There’s viruses crawling all over!” “Well, don’t worry,” replied Commander Robby as sounds of death played in the background, “Sergeant Vago is apparently known to exaggerate… Unlike some others I know.” “Ah, I see.” Ronnie jumped down and fired her slingshot at the diving Jarvelin. She ran toward a Mertzin and jump-kicked it and snapped its neck, then retrieved the bullet. “So,” she added, “When do we get guns?” “You’re desperate to use one, eh? That’s good. We need more killing machines. And more females.” “Yeah,” said Ronnie. “Really, though, when?” “Hell if I know,” said Commander Robby, “But I wish they’d let me use one. I have plenty of damn experience.” “Excuse me,” interrupted Ronnie’s AI, Warden. “But we’ve got some more serious issues, Ronnie. Just kill the War-V. P.S., I detect several War-V Mertzin trying to flank you.” “Yeah, yeah, AI,” said Ronnie, rolling her eyes. “I saw that. Besides, my name is Warden, and not AI.” Ronnie grinned at the AI’s comments. She ran quickly towards a patch of trees and hid, bringing out her slingshot again. She carefully aimed it at incoming Armageddon. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Warden questioned. “There’s about eight of them. Your first bullet will probably be destroyed after you snipe them all.” “What should I do?” Ronnie questioned, firing a bullet. “Run out there and kill them on my own?” “Well,” said Warden, “That’s not the only problem. You’ll have to retrieve the bullet, too.” “Damn it!” Ronnie yelled to her AI-Human COM. “Couldn’t you have said that first? Now what should I do?” “I suggest hitting an Armageddon and making the bullet rebound to kill two at once.” “How?” “Aim for part of the meat and the blades. The bullet should get a deep gash in the Armageddon and make it die of blood-loss but the blade should be able to deflect it onto anther War-V,” said Warden. “You realize,” Ronnie said as she cocked an eyebrow, “that that’s going to take a hell of a shot?” “Well, you are good at sniping, according to your files.” “That’s with a fucking rifle, not an ancient slingshot.” Ronnie sighed and fired her second bullet. It penetrated the Armageddon, but it did not rebound. “Damn.” She fired her last one with extreme caution and concentration. The bullet went flying, but it was headed toward a chunk of meat and no blade. The Armageddon spotted it, raised its arm and was hit. The end of the bullet sliced through it, causing a huge gash, but it was still flying in the air. The Armageddon knocked it away quickly as it fell, screaming. The bullet flew toward another one of the bastards and killed it. “Well, that was amazing,” Warden said.
  8. 8. “Aye, it was,” said Ronnie, smiling with pride. There were now four Armageddons left. Ronnie sighed and ran out and launched into the air. She brought her feet toward an Armageddon but missed. Blades cut at her shields as she punched the creature. However, another blade weakened her shields, and several more blows destroyed it. It slowly recharged as Ronnie ran for cover and consulted Commander Robby. “How to kill an Armageddon for dummies. I need that book, so give it to me.” Commander Robby said, “Step one: rip off an arm. Step two: kill the Armageddon with it. Step three: step on it to taunt its dead body.” “Step on it. Nice,” said Ronnie as she ran toward the Armageddon. She kicked it and fiercely pulled of an arm. The grinding arm was still spinning as she pulverized an arm and killed the monster. She ran toward another Armageddon and kicked it and repeated the process. One by one, all the Armageddons were brutally killed. Ronnie found her bullets and walked off. Sergeant Vago put down his swimsuit magazine as the MILSS approached. “I see you’ve returned. I’ll scan the area for War-V.” The MILSS waited as Sergeant Vago said, “You missed a ton of viruses in the field. And you guys have lots of viruses on your suits. You failed.” “What?” Mark said, outraged. “I gave you people orders. Clean up all the War-V. Now go back.” “But sir –” Commander Robby was interrupted. “I see you made some slingshots. That’s good. Use the weapons found, like sharp sticks or rocks. Hint, hint. Nuetoplasm.” “There is, sir? Nuetoplasm, in the fields?” Commander Robby spoke. “Possibly,” was his reply. The MILSS left and killed all the viruses. After scorching the last of the areas with the Nuetoplasm gun that was lying around and killing the mutations that formed, the MILSS returned to Pentagon 2 to sleep in a special camp. Commander Robby sighed. Captain Lort observed the smooth, no-handle plasma gun. Using technology from the captured Phalax Pinpoint gun, the Bombers were able to design a thicker, bullet-like pulse shot that fit into the size of a gun. Before, plasma could only be used in large weapons, but now the engineers and scientists fit it in such a small space. It was glorious. Not only that, but a beam sword had been built into the gun. Also, using beam sword technology, a plasma-rocket launcher was created. Thousands of tiny, needle-like shards of beam swords where stuck together by adhesive plasmatic material. When launched, the plasma would deactivate and the sword shards would spread out. They would impale people and, with Sc-00g plasma grenade technology, they would stick and explode. The rounds could also home in on soldiers. “Android 0194 reporting in for impaling launcher gun test. Reporting in to Captain Lort as ordered. How are you?” The test-android spoke as it saluted. “I am fine, 0194. Report to testing ground A-13 now,” said Captain Lort. “Yes, sir. I will go as ordered. I will perhaps see you there at A-13, termination-class test field.” Android 0194 left the room, its half AI mind pondering strange things. It was not worried with the fact that it was about to be ripped apart by a large needle-rocket. Captain Lort got up from his desk and walked to the engineering bay, picking up the large, clear-colored gun. He walked to the testing grounds with a group of soldiers, engineers, and scientists. “Fire one!” A weapons master yelled as Captain Lort launched the plasma sword clump. The needles propelled forward and broke apart, searching for test robots. They found their prey.
  9. 9. ***** Sergeant Vago handed each a large rifle. “This, my dear friends, is the A-150 Assault Rifle. There are four settings: Single Shot, Shotgun, Burst, and Automatic. Single Shot is for sniping or for killing some small thing without wasting ammo. Shotgun is for destroying groups of things quickly and controlled. Burst is for not losing too much control but giving the enemy a taste of hell… Automatic is to run in, shit hell out of your gun, etc. “Use the gun wisely in this next training camp. Destroy all War-V, but use your firing settings wisely. The War-V Mutations will be placed in a certain order. For example, if it’s just one Mertzin, shoot it with your single shot. If there’s a small group, shotgun.” “Yes, sir.” “Give those things hell.” Commander Robby led the MILSS to the training facility. It was a small metal maze with a cloth opening. Robby stretched his arms under the weight of the bulky Ghost Suit. He activated the cloaking shield on his suit and wandered off as light traveling through the shield was refracted. The shield “protected” the suit from light, making it reflect and appear as if nothing was there. Commander Robby grinned as all of his body vanished. Up ahead, there was a trained Mertzin guarding a door. Becca, who was also cloaked, shot a single bullet at the Mertzin’s head. A muffled roar was let out as the invisible MILSS patrolled on. This room now had a metallic roof. There were small cave-like holes in the walls and, at a certain point, a large motion- sensor camera. Up ahead, there was a small pack of Armageddons. “Get into those openings,” Commander Robby told the team. The MILSS obeyed as the motion-sensor swept the area – every part except for the small wall openings. A large green beam danced across the floor and shut down; the motion-sensor switched off for a few seconds. Commander Robby switched his gun to shotgun mode and fired at the pack of Armageddons. They burst apart as blood stained the wall. However, the sensor camera switched on again and there were still three Armageddons remaining. The green line swept the area until it confirmed there were no intruders. Commander Robby didn’t know what would happen if it scanned the MILSS, nor did he want to. He rounded his opening’s corner and fired, destroying the rest of the Armageddon. The motion sensor light swept the area again with its bio-sensing line of light. It hit the back wall and moved back. When it made a lap, it did not turn off. The bio-sensor beam stayed on. Commander Robby watched the light and when it hit the back wall again, he ran out and towards the exit. The MILSS followed, trailed by the light. As the light prepared to hit the wall again, the MILSS jumped into different openings. The light inched away and Commander Robby slammed open the door. Jumping in, Commander Robby searched the area, drifting his gun back and forth. He silently waved the team in as he looked around the room as he deactivated the cloaking shields. It was a dark hallway with large crates and barrels. Carefully opening one up, a Rill jumped at Commander Robby’s face. He pulled it off with ease and threw it back into the crate, letting bursts of ammunition destroy them. “Sir,” said Mark, “How are we going to destroy all of these? We have no explosives.” “Squash them,” said Commander Robby. Mark slouched his shoulders. “What, sir?” “You heard me, Mark. And you guys too,” Commander Robby indicated the MILSS team. “Squash. They’re small enough to turn into mashed shit, so we’re gonna step on them.” “You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Mark. “This is humiliating.” “I’m guessing you’re the one Sergeant Vago yelled at for not being serious. Well, if you don’t start taking orders from higher ranks, I’ll blow up too. Now get to work, soldiers,” Commander Robby yelled and slung his gun. He began kicking the barrels and stepping over the tiny Rill.
  10. 10. The magenta-blue beam sword fragments hurled out of the clear gun, halted for a split millisecond, turned and impaled an android behind a rock. One android popped out of its natural rock bunker and fired its weak ADE-AM, or Armor Denting Automatic Machinegun. The weak rounds caused small, unnoticeable marks on Captain Lort’s battle armor. Captain Lort fired another round, the needles aiming for another android. When the ADE- AM rounds stopped, Captain Lort took off his helmet, ran a hand through his messy hair and tossed up the gun. He caught it and talked to the group of engineers, scientists and weapons masters. “Good control, easy reloading, great homing sensors, lightweight and very devastating. I like it. Create more copies of this and while you’re at it… Try attaching it onto a vehicle of some sort. We need that kind of power. If those damned official weapons makers aren’t gonna make great things like this, we are. “You guys did a great job. Keep up the good work. If you don’t, you’ll be sorry,” Captain Lort spoke. “Yes, sir!” The rest of the personnel spoke, saluting. The Military Super Soldiers crawled silently through the small vent, each one cloaked. Commander Robby looked down as he sweat and his auto-cooling systems kicked in. Gelatinous materials cooled, and Commander Robby let out his breath. The Vent ended at a wall of a large room. Below, five Mertzin and two Armageddons stood guard. Commander Robby turned on the COM and said, “I’ll pick them out and then we’ll jump down.” He was about to grab his rifle when his voice echoed back to him, coming from a small radio in the below room. To his horror, the War-V mutations in this room had an intercepting the MILSS’ COM talk. The War-V turned their heads and bodies, Mertzin roaring and Armageddons hissing. “Damn it,” said Commander Robby, ignoring the COM intercept radio, “Plan backfired.” He pointed at the team with his fingers, then pointed below with his index finger. The team nodded. They broke through the vent and dropped down. Commander Robby’s cloaked activation slightly fizzed as he hit the ground, feet first, with a loud boom. He ran to a different area so the War-V did not know where he was. According to his motion sensors, the other MILSS did the same. Commander Robby fired his gun, using shotgun mode. The MILSS mimicked him and the War-V were gone in moments. “Good work,” Aiestha said. “We’ve got one more room, but… There are dozens of War- V. No,” Aiestha paused. “About thirty.” Mark paused and looked to the floor as his AI, Joanna, spoke, “There’s thirty War-V mutations in the next room.” There was a crackle as Joanna switched to the MILSS Team COM and said, “I suggest we use a combination of half Shotgun mode, half Automatic mode. The Automatics can crouch ahead and fire a rampage of bullets, the Shotgun people cleaning up the mess with devastating power.” “Good idea,” said Mark as he saw Commander Robby agreed with a nod. With all due respect to him, Mark thought the Commander to be a sort of pain in the ass. He was too bossy and not understanding. Mark was only sixteen, and he wasn’t really used to military life… At all. The fact that he had been dragged into this dump was outrageous itself. Mark shook the thoughts out of his head as Joanna suddenly said, “The room ahead is high in explosive toxic engines. One burst in those and they could kill anything.” “Our air filters will protect us,” said Mark. “See if you can detonate them somehow, Joanna.” “Yes, sir. Apparently there are generators in the room. I could detonate one of them with an auto destruct sequence. That should be enough force to blow one of the barrels up. Now, there are some downsides. If there are any remaining War-V, they would be hard to locate with the lights dimmer than usual.” “Our night-vision can take care of it,” said Mark.
  11. 11. “Well, then there’s the toxins.” “Air filters, I told you, Joanna.” “No,” said Joanna, “The filters aren’t very strong. The suits can withstand the toxins for about five minutes. Ahead of this next room is an air-cleaning room. It takes a minute to filter the air in that room, so we’d have to get out of the next room in at max four minutes.” “I’ve got you, Joanna. You guys copy that?” “Roger that,” said Commander Robby. “That’s a smart AI you’ve got.” Aiestha generated a cough that was sent through the COM as if telling Robby “I’m smarter.” Commander Robby communicated with Aiestha, telling her to open the door. Joanna destroyed a generator and lights dimmed as night vision went on. The MILSS cloaked and searched the room. There were seven dead Mertzin on the ground and three standing, holding an arm in front of their mouths and nostrils. Two were in either corner and one was blocking the door. “Take them out,” said Commander Robby. Three of the MILSS went up to the Mertzin and slammed the butt of their rifles into the Mertzin’s faces. Skulls were smashed as Commander Robby looked at his countdown mission clock. 3:43 minutes to go. Perfect. He told Aiestha to open the door. “Accessing computers…” 3:23. “I’m attempting to hack into the computer systems,” Joanna said; 2:58. “Hacking complete.” 2:35. “Door opening… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Opened!” 2:29. The MILSS rushed in and the doors shut, locked and sealed. A vacuum was created as the MILSS were slowly lifted into the space, their air filters supplying oxygen into the suit. All the toxins were removed and oxygen was returned to the room. Commander Robby sighed as he pushed open the door. Sunlight refracted in his cloaking shields. The MILSS had finished. ***** “Good job, MILSS,” said Sergeant Vago, spitting into the dirt. “Your fighting training is complete. Now run – not jog or walk – but run. While you’re at it, watch out for those obstacles – laser cannons, etc. Good luck.” After the running, Commander Robby was cooled off with his auto temperature-adjust in his suit. Drawing his arms back into the body part of the large suit, he wiped sweat off of his forehead. He was lead to the engineering room as the large metallic arms took off parts of his suit. Commander Robby walked out, his skin now tingling. He picked up his army uniform, put it on and left. He walked to his room and got in the refresher. The Stretch Flyer screamed across the sky as Captain Lort aimed its Plasma Shard Cannon, or PSC, back and forth. A computer-controlled probe flew to the starboard side as the Captain fired the PSC. Large needles rammed into the probe. Fire-trailed metallic parts flew into the air and clanked off of the Stretch Flyer, doing no harm. Thirty probes entered the fray and the mounted PSC fired again. Needles flew left and right, puncturing all the probes. Destruction was created. Professor Yert Live examined the camp of War-V mutations. He wrote several observations on his clipboard. The Mertzin in the cybernetic-glass rooms fired guns. Their blades, after several biological mutations, were able to contract and retract. The Mertzin were standing straighter and grew three more fingers, giving them a total of five. Bullets flew toward targets and androids as the Mertzin were trained. Enhancement suits with plasmatic and War-V energy were added onto their bodies, providing defensive and offensive upgrades.
  12. 12. Androids returned fire, lasers and bullets rebounding off of weak shields that were based on MILSS Shield technology. The shields were not as strong and could not recharge, but they were an improvement to the Mertzin. Moving aside, Professor Live walked to the laboratory engineering room. In front of him, he saw a small cybernetic-glass container with the discovered Phalax structure. Beside it was a large mech with biological organisms growing on it. War-V grew, almost melting into the mech. The War-V would soon combine with the mech to create a great, self-controlled War-V mech. The feet were composed of two claws coming out of metallic openings with scales growing over the metal. The head had a red, glowing eye in the visor. On the shoulders were small tentacles. The arms had tentacles inside of them, invisible. They were armed with electrical prongs, which could flip and plug into a small cannon power engine. The electricity would empower large plasmatic fireballs. “How’s the mech going, Johns?” Professor Yert called out. Johns, the head engineer, replied, “It’s going good. Biological signs to 86%. All the machinery engineering is complete. Other units – 3 – are practically in the same progress. All is go. Nothing to worry about.” “I copy,” said the Professor. He wrote on his clipboard and pushed up his glasses. He walked back into the main laboratory and observed a container. In it was a Jarvelin/Armageddon combination. It looked like a large beetle. Despite its heavy, tank-like appearance, this new specimen was surprisingly fast. It could lob large globs of acidic materials. It could burrow into the ground. Called a Wild Beast, this War-V unit was deadly. The Professor walked to another New Specimen tank. It was a mutated Rill. Its appearance was vomit-yellow with sharp tentacles wet with drool. Tentacles grew out of its mouth and a large tail with a mace-like weapon on it. The Infectious Rill would jump onto a body, impale it with the mace ball if the body was not cut already and infect it. An infected body of a Bomber soldier was sealed in a formaldehyde tank. It had bubbles of infectious-yellow skin bursting out of the human flesh. Tentacles burst out of the hands. The slits in which infectious skin came out were sealed with some strange mucus. After thorough studies, Professor Live discovered that if the Infectious Rill were somehow removed, the sealed cuts would quickly mend back together and the human would be alive normally. The Professor moved on and examined a variety of new or enhanced War-V mutations. There was an armored Armageddon – each arm had a metal plate of titanium on it. Rill were enhanced to have stronger bones. Jarvelin had larger wings, swifter movements and sharper claws. This armada of War-V mutations would steal the war to the Alpha/Skulls. Professor Yert continued examining the power of the War-V and grinned. The creations were beautiful. And extremely powerful. “So,” said Admiral Stugulf, “Professor Live… You and your group have created several more War-V species?” “Yes, sir. We have an Infectious Rill that can take control of a mind and use the victim’s body. We also have a Jarvelin/Armageddon combination called a Wild Beast. It has a large outer shell that can deflect several attacks. It has sharp claws and can run quickly. “Also, we have several enhanced War-V mutations such as enhanced Mertzin with protective armor. The Mertzin are able to fire guns and retract their blades. Armageddons have titanium plated armor on them, and Jarvelin are swifter and more dangerous.” “Very good,” said Admiral Stugulf. “And how well we get these to fight the Bombers’ War- V mutations?” “We have trained and tamed our War-V. No worries there.” “Excellent,” the Admiral said. “And we have new mechs?” “Yes, half living. They can control themselves, making a pilot unnecessary. Here is a file on this new mechs if you want to learn about it in more detail,” said Professor Yert. “Thank you, Professor Live. Dismissed.”
  13. 13. Commander Robby led the MILSS team through the forest. Their mission was to destroy all androids in the forest and capture the flag. The Commander jumped over a log and ran behind a large tree, ducking under the cover of ferns. He cloaked and ordered the other MILSS to spread out. Army crawling through the dirt and twigs, Commander Robby stopped, pivoted his head and looked through his rifle scope. Swaying the gun left, right, up and down, Commander Robby spotted a sniper android in the trees. The Commander fired a single shot round and missed by a hair. The Android looked around when Commander Robby fired again. The round hit the android’s hand and it looked in the direction of the bullet. The android fired. The weak bullet flew and Commander Robby rolled, dodging the bullet. He fired again and the android exploded. Commander Robby ran through the forest and another android popped up, a camouflaging fern on its head with paint on it. It fired a sniper round and Commander Robby dodged it. He ran and dove into the ground. The android saw the impact though the Commander was invisible. It fired again. The Android ducked into its trench again. Commander Robby looked through the scope of his gun and fired a single shot. It hit the chest of the android, but it did no harm. He fired his shotgun and destroyed most of the robot. He ran and fired bursts of automatic fire at the android, destroying it. Shadow dotted the ground with rays of sunlight bursting through as Commander Robby ran closer and closer to the flag. Wisps of blurred light ran about Commander Robby as the invisible MILSS passed him. They ran and ran, jumping over logs, dodging laser cannons and running to and fro trees. Finally, the MILSS reached the end. There was a large dirt patch with a waving U.S.A.A. flag – a flag with thirteen stripes and 25 stars – on a pedestal. ***** Commander Robby saluted with his right hand and dug the pole of the flag into the ground with his left. “Sir, flag captured and androids neutralized. Mission complete, sir!” “Acknowledged,” said Sergeant Vago, saluting back. “Good job men,” he spoke as he paced back and forth, looking at the MILSS. “Go in and have some food.” Commander Robby, hungry, immediately obeyed. He saluted and walked off. Stomach growling, the MILSS took off their suits and replaced them with army uniforms. They walked to the mess hall and, with the great work out and no food for several hours, ate. Even the military food tasted good. Commander Robby grabbed a cup of chili with crackers, steamed vegetables with cheese sauce, a thin slice of pizza pouring with slightly bitter garlic sauce and a carton of powdered milk. Swallowing down the food, Commander Robby smacked his lips and grinned. “Damn,” he thought, “Since when has this shit been so good?” Grabbing his chili cup, Robby spooned out bits of meet, beans and diluted soup. He picked up his carton of milk and choked down the powdery drink. Taking a bite of the steamed broccoli, Robby chewed the tough vegetables in between his teeth, savoring the cheese sauce. “Man, this military food’s really good! People are always saying its bad, but… I love it,” said Mark. “Eh, it’s only good cause of the work out. If you weren’t hungry, all this would taste like… Shit,” said Commander Robby. “I remember back when I was a Skull soldier… Damn, the food was great. We had cream puffs, real spaghetti, and a whole lot of other stuff.” Mark drooled and said, “Did U.S.A.S. have more money then U.S.A.A.?” “Hell if I know, but they sure knew good food,” said Commander Robby. “If I’m in space, I usually just eat freeze dried ice cream and none of that disgusting Main Ship food.” Commander Robby took a bite out of his pizza slice and the garlic sauce suddenly tasted too bitter, the pizza dry and cold. “Damn it, now all this food seems unappetizing.”
  14. 14. Ronnie Hail stripped out of her army suit and stood on the chair. Surrounded by fellow MILSS troops, Ronnie’s armor was placed on. Her frontal body armor covered her chest and a back piece was attached. Her legs and feet armor was also attached. Finally, her helmet was placed on and an anti-air loss seal was activated. She ran, following the Commander, to the training grounds. There, the Sergeant chatted with a Captain. “MILSS, today you have your first simulated mission. Captain Bryan here will be piloting this Sparrow Dropship to your destination. However, you must tell him where to go. You will be given this map to direct the Sparrow. “Once you reach the building, you must work your way in destroy the King Android. Are you soldiers ready?” The Sergeant spat in the ground as the MILSS saluted. “Sir, yes, sir!” Ronnie followed the Captain and Commander to the large, looming Dropship. Seats outside flipped quickly inside when the MILSS sat on them. They turned so that the soldiers would not be outside. Ronnie sat on one and the row of seats flipped in. She whistled as she looked around the interior. Small lights were on the ceiling. Medical packs and other supplies were on the wall. A large hatch on the backside closed and sealed when all MILSS got in. “We’re lifting off!” Captain Bryan said through the COM. “Fly to these coordinates, then go over here to the building. There’s mountains that should give us cover from any turrets,” said Commander Robby. He traced his finger over a path in the cockpit. Captain Bryan said, “As you say, Commander Dunel. I hope you’ve got some other plan in your mind, though.” “What do you mean?” “Oh, nothing.” Commander Robby tapped the pilot chair as he mused. Just then, a burst of bullet fire pelted the Sparrow Dropship. “What the hell? Sir, what hit us?” “Turrets, most likely,” replied Captain Bryan, a cool grin on his face. “You mean they’ve got turrets hidden in the mountains? Well, damn. Turn back to the first set of coordinates and travel… Not to the forest – there could easily be hidden turrets there… But our only option is this wide field, where we’d be open to turrets and ships… Unless… Let’s see – we can’t travel out of his radius, but there’s a small river we can go over. If we just move quickly, we’d probably be out of the site of turrets and thus could easily avoid probes. Go there, Captain.” “I copy that,” replied Captain Bryan. “Good choice. I’d have flown over the forest where the turrets couldn’t hit me and couldn’t alert any probes, but… This works.” The Sparrow flew, wind brushing along water as it traveled. Nothing happened until they reached the end of the small creek. The Sparrow turned and directed toward the Android base. “GO, GO, GO!” Commander Robby yelled as he grasped his A-150 Rifle. He jumped off of the Sparrow Dropship and crouched on impact for a shock absorber. He quickly scanned the area, looking around. The MILSS were on a field small hills and forests surrounding a large facility. There were small patches of trees, one of them in which the Sparrow landed in. “Accessing map of the area. We’ve got lots of trees on the outside – good cover from the turrets they’ve got. We’re going to have to find some sort of access through the main entrance though. That, or we cloak and go to the roof,” said Aiestha. “I copy that,” said Commander Robby, waving the other MILSS along. He ran and cloaked as he neared the wall of the facility. Commander Robby looked up and saw a gutter. He jumped and grabbed onto it, the metal bending and groaning. Pushing himself up with his left arm, Commander Robby propelled himself onto the roof. He placed the non-handle grip of his A-150 into his left hand and searched the area. “No signs of enemies,” he said to his team. Bending light traveled through the Ghost Suit as the MILSS ran towards a sky window. They jumped through and landed searching the area.
  15. 15. Gunfire erupted as Androids fired their guns, red eyes flashing. The MILSS returned fire. Commander Robby kicked the last of the androids’ head off and paused at the door. “How do we get to the second room?” He growled. “The only sign of security is an Android eye scan. All of these androids are destroyed, so we can’t use them to access the door,” said Aiestha. “But the doors have pretty weak armor and with the correct leverage… We could bust through.” “Okay. Team – ram those doors,” said Commander Robby. The MILSS obeyed, running into the doors and slamming them down with their arms. Ahead was a large hallway that ignited several blips on Commander Robby’s motion sensor radar. “Scanning… Commander,” said Aiestha, “the room ahead is a large corridor – entirely open space. Several androids are guarding the place. Thus, we would have no cover and could be easily wiped out. There are several steps in the wall that lead up to catwalks. The androids could still hit us, but it could provide some cover. However, if a MILSS falls off… It’s over.” “So…” The Commander tapped his foot. “So what? It looks like you’ll have to run through the main hallway and see if you make it,” said Aiestha. The Commander grunted and said, “No. Becca – get onto those catwalks. Snipe the androids but keep cover. The rest of us, run through the hall and Becca will cover us. Once all the androids are destroyed, Becca will meet us at the third room. “Let’s move out!” Commander Robby loaded his gun and ran through. Striding along the hallway, androids fired their weapons. Commander Robby ran and dodged the bullets. One bullet flashed past his head, causing him to stop. Another one zoomed past his legs, but he did a flip and dodged it. Landing with a thud, Commander Robby held out his rifle and ran, firing at the same time. Shells flew and bounced as fiery bullets smashed into androids, causing a large mass of destruction. Commander Robby neared the end. Bullets zinged over his head as he dove downward and skidded. Sparks igniting from his shields flew as Commander Robby fired at androids. He skidded to a halt. Robby slammed through the door and exhaled, watching as Becca took out the androids. Bullets popped their heads and sparks flew. The rest of the MILSS went to the exit as Becca ran down from the catwalk and hurried to the exit as well. “Commander Robby – All enemy units neutralized,” said Becca, tossing up her rifle and catching it again. “Good job,” said Commander Robby, turning around and walking away. The other MILSS followed and they were greeted by hundreds of androids. The robots fired, and the MILSS threw grenades. Sergeant Vago spoke to the MILSS. “Congratulations – you’ve completed all your tests for now. We’re gonna continue this for a few years – then the next wave of MILSS will come in. Chapter II – Pieces of Shattered Peace The year was 2080. Andrew Larzones was now 44 years old and peace had remained for 15 years. Andrew Larzones, despite his age, had the athletic ability of a 30-year-old. His Itna-Vraw virus had enhanced his body, allowing him to move quicker and faster. Jane Seerk, 16, tapped the armrest as the military plane hummed softly. She looked out the small round plane window, sighing. “How the hell did I get myself into this mess?” She thought as she stared at her body: her muscular arms, fit body and strong legs… Ever since she was five she could shoot a gun; ever since she was five she could run the fastest.
  16. 16. Jane was selected to be a… a super soldier. She was specifically selected to fight for the United States of America Alpha. About thirty other people sat around her, looking out the windows or at the floor. Thirty super soldiers were about to be transported to the military base Pentagon 2 and have hell knows what done to their bodies. “Cassie, what the hell just happened?” “I’m not sure, Derrick… Something hit us,” said Cassie to the co-pilot. Just then, another object flew into the airplane. “What the hell is that? What’s going on?” Derrick glanced around inside of the Military Plane cockpit. Another object ran into the plane and dented the hull. “Oh… Shit. We’ve got Messengers on our tails,” said Cassie. She ran into the passenger area and yelled, “Emergency situation! War-V Messengers are attacking! We’re over an ocean – you guys know the emergency procedure! We’ve got to get out of the plane!” Another vibration echoed through the hull and the aft side exploded. Unbuckling the seatbelt, Jane jumped out of the seat and grabbed a parachute and Squirrel Flight Unit. The SFU was designed like a flying squirrel’s access skin. There were webs that allowed the person to jump off and glide safely to the ground. If the SFU failed, a backup parachute was used. Jane opened an emergency jump hatch and grabbed a floatation device. Jumping into the open hatch, Jane felt wind wisp over her body as she opened her legs and arms. Wind halted at the fabric as air resistance was created. Jane was dropping fast, despite the SFU device. Air blew over her hair as she watched the ground near. She was closing in fast – too fast. Jarvelin War-V closed in on Jane. One of them shot a ball of acid that plunged onto the wing of the SFU. Air whipped through the hole and Jane fell quickly. She grabbed onto her parachute trigger and… The ground neared as the Jarvelin flew away… Jane pulled the string and released her parachute. Jane’s body halted in midair as the parachute jumped into action. “There’s no land within ten kilometers! We’re going to have to go into the ocean,” someone yelled. Jane pulled the floatation device in front of her and braced for impact. The floatation device slammed into the ocean as water flew up and roared. Specks of foam landed onto the would-be soldiers. If it weren’t for the parachute, Jane would have been killed on impact. “There’s one weird thing,” said Derrick. “Why the hell would War-V attack us – out in this ocean? I mean, the Bombers have been long gone – before you guys were born. And our Alpha scientists studying the War-V wouldn’t send anything out to attack us.” Jane nodded and stared into the bright blue sky. Messengers pranced around like seagulls. “There’s still War-V mutations up there,” she said. “How are we going to deal with them?” Cassie pulled out a rubber band and said, “Anyone have a pocket knife? I’ll only need two or so.” Jane paddled over to the co-pilot, handing over her knife. Another soldier did the same. “Thanks,” Cassie said. “I heard the older generation of MILSS did something like this.” She pulled out the sharp blade of the army knife and pulled it back with the rubber band. Letting go of it, the rubber band launched the small weapon. The knife punctured a Messenger and, with a piercing shriek, it fell to its death. “Who dares do such a –” another Messenger spoke, turning around. Another knife was launched, slicing out its eye. The knife flew through the thin skull of the beast and hit another Messenger. “Assholes neutralized – all clear,” Cassie spoke with satisfaction. “Sorry about losing your guys’ knives. Oh well.” “As you all know, War-V Messengers were launched out to intercept the military plain containing the next wave of MILSS soldiers. The question is, who sent out these War-V?” Admiral Stugulf folded his hands across his desk and took a whiff of his coffee.
  17. 17. “S-sir,” said a Professor, “I believe it was the Bombers or some terrorist group with illegal War-V samples, such as Quadien Allsin.” “It wouldn’t be Allsin… They’ve been taken out. It could be some supporter or a different group… Bombers is a high possibility,” Admiral Stugulf said as he took a sip of coffee. “Y-yes. I-in fact, our Messengers have enhanced wings and suits, and based upon the reports those Messengers were the normal type.” “That’s true,” said Admiral Stugulf. “Stop stuttering, by the way. It’s annoying.” “St-st-stuttering? I don’t stutter,” the Professor said. Captain Bryan coughed and leaned over to the Admiral. “We do know they traded with Allsin 15 or so years ago,” he whispered. “Correct. Our suspicions are high. “Tell me Professor,” the Admiral started, “I thought your Messengers – some of them at least – weren’t enhanced yet.” “Y-yes, but… but, that was a few years ago, whereas th-the military plane was just attacked a few days ago.” “Yes, yes whatever. Meeting adjourned. Captain Bryan – stay,” said Admiral Stugulf as he waved the Professor away. “Yes, sir,” said Captain Bryan. When the Professor left with the others, Admiral Stugulf leaned in close with Captain Bryan. “Look at these files,” he whispered. “According to these, which were written by one of the leading Professors – Professor Yert, I believe – himself, several of the War-V mutations, including Messengers, have not been enhanced yet.” “Meaning that Professor – Professor Nibs? That Nibs was lying?” Captain Bryan spoke. “About the War-V entirely enhanced, yes. But there’s only a small chance of them actually sending out any Messengers,” replied the Admiral. “Dismissed.” “Yes, sir.” Captain Bryan saluted and walked off. The Admiral sipped his coffee and sighed. Then, pressing his COM activator, he said, “Security, observe the Professors, scientists, etc. in charge of the War-V ASAP. If they question you, say you’re guarding the research.” Stugulf closed the COM channel and walked off. MP’s filed in a Professor walked over to them and asked, “What is your business?” “We have been ordered to guard your facility from intruders,” the MP replied, his stiff face scowling as he held a large rifle in hand. “Oh… I see,” the Professor replied and returned back do business. The Professor, Professor Wolf, walked quickly to Professor Yert. “Yert… I believe the MP’s are watching us.” “Watching us?” Yert’s face turned grim. “Damn… But don’t worry. I have a plan.” The man in a white trench coat burst through the doors and said, “Admiral Stugulf, sir.” “Professor Yert? What do you want? Why are you entering my quarters with no permission?” The Admiral’s face was angered by the disrespect. “Er… My apologies, sir,” said the Professor, saluting. The Admiral grunted. “At ease, then. What do you want?” The Admiral took a sip of coffee and tapped his desk. “Sir, I have lately been noticing that our War-V studies security and privacy have been rather low. The other scientists and I are worried that our information on the War-V – which is very secret and classified – is seeping out.” The Professor coughed and the Admiral cocked an eyebrow. “Low security? What the hell do you want, Professor? That is outrageous! We have several guards making sure no intruders enter your facility. We’ve got soldiers and MP’s. Your files are top secret and highly classified. What more do you want?” “Sir,” started the professor, “Those whom are working on the War-V – the scientists, engineers, some military soldiers – we only want those classified people getting information on our War-V projects. No MP’s, etc. Only classified people… Like you, sir.” “Very well,” the Admiral said. “I’ll think about it.”
  18. 18. ***** “Today’s meeting topic: the War-V researchers. Recently Professor Yert, the head Professor, has brought a security issue to my mind. Supposedly, the Professor is concerned about security; he wants only certain people – people such as the scientists or very high ranks such as Admiralty. “I will pass this issue onto the Professor,” said Admiral Stugulf. “Yert?” “Thank you, sir,” started Yert, straightening his glasses. “My team is worried about our security – as all of you know, our War-V studies are very classified and we cannot let one bit of information seep out. If anyone – terrorists, the Bombers, etc. find out about the studies, they could easily prepare defenses for our superior designs and enhancements. This is why I have decided only to let those trustworthy enough to inspect our studies. “Our team military soldiers will be in charge of guarding our facilities – not unofficial soldiers or MP’s.” “So,” said Admiral Stugulf, “I will allow them to proceed with this process – an Admiral will inspect every day or so. “Meeting dismissed.” As the Professor and other Admirals left, Admiral Stugulf was straightening out his papers. “Sir, with all due respect,” said Captain Bryan, “Is this a good idea? This is highly suspicious.” “I realize that, Captain. However, he clearly stated that Admiralty was allowed to inspect. Also, the study’s security is highly important. Do not worry, Captain.” “Yes, sir,” Captain Bryan said, saluting sharply. He turned swiftly and left; Admiral Stugulf followed. The simulated Stretch Flyer zoomed through the air, improved, widespread plasmatic beams firing. The transforming vehicle’s metal arms stretched and contracted. The arms grabbed a 3d model of a Devastator. Sharp claws on one of the arms crushed the engines. The other arm sliced the frontal area of the ship open with its scythe-like blade. Fire spewed out over the Stretch Flyer’s visor. Suddenly, groups of about ten Devastators flanked the Stretch Flyer. Captain Lort grinned and pressed the large trigger on a joystick. Large, needle like beam sword shards chased the enemy ships around, pausing only milliseconds to turn. The magenta shards penetrated the Devastators and destroyed them all. Captain Lort swerved the simulated Stretch Flyer around and fired lasers at another group of Devastators. One of them flew over the Stretch Flyer, another under it. Mauling both ships with the metallic arms, Captain Lort grinned. He fired anther round of beam sword shards as explosions erupted. Admiral Stugulf walked to the War-V scientific facility and showed a guard his access card. The soldier inspected it and said, “Admiral St… Stuh-galf? Admiral Stuh-galf, eh? Access denied; permission to enter study facility –” “DENIED?! Damn it soldier, first off, you have NO permission to deny my access! Did Professor Yert not tell you that Admiralty is allowed in? I’m an Admiral! I expect you to salute to me! I expect you to obey me! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME SOLDIER?!” “No, sir.” The soldier spoke sarcastically and spat. Infuriating with anger, teeth gnashing, the Admiral slammed is fist into his palm as he stomped. “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, SOLDIER? DAMN IT PRIVATE, YOU BETTER SALUTE OR I’LL REMOVE YOUR PRIVATE RANK AND YOUR PRIVATE!” The Admiral spoke with fury, saliva flying into the unmoving soldier. “Damn it, Private, the security Admirals will hear about this! As for you, you can burn in hell!” The soldier spat at the Admiral as he walked off, missing by only a couple of centimeters. Minutes passed and two Admirals returned. Admiral Stugulf saluted to the man beside him and said, “Master Admiral Tore, this maggot – this Private denied my access to inspect the War-V studies even though Professor Yert himself said Admiralty was aloud – you were there yourself, sir!”
  19. 19. “Yes, indeed I was,” said the Master Admiral calmly, rubbing his chin. “Private, move aside.” Master Admiral Tore brushed his hand to the right. “Negative, Admiral. I’m afraid I can’t let either one of you in.” Slightly raising his gun, the Private scowled. “Private,” said Master Admiral Tore, “Did you just raise that gun at me, you piece of crap?” The Admiral punched the soldier. “If you don’t let us in, I will personally beat the shit out of you! I’ll stick my foot so far up your ass your crap will spew out of your mouth! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, YOU DAMN SOLDIER?!” The Private shook his head and raised his gun higher. “Damn it, soldier,” said Admiral Stugulf, “Lower that gun right now.” “GET DOWN!” Admiral Tore yelled and tackled Admiral Stugulf out of the way – bullets bounced off of the metallic wall. “You son of a bitch!” Admiral Tore yelled. He freed his AD-16 pistol and fired at the soldier. The soldier jumped away as bullets danced. He fired at the Master Admiral. Bullets rebounded and collided as a civil battle occurred. Master Admiral Tore jumped over the bastard and fired, but he was too late. Bullets pelted his stomach and he fell face first toward the ground. “D-did you just… YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Admiral Stugulf yelled and pulled out a NP- R26. He fired at the soldier and injured him. The Private’s rifle exploded and the soldier fell out. “Meeting 875: Today’s concern is on the War-V study’s security. Master Admiral Tore and I, Admiral Stugulf, visited the War-V facility after my access to inspect the project was denied. Later, the Private guarding the facility nearly killed, I repeat, killed Master Admiral Tore. Luckily, Admiral Tore is barely alive.” “Admiral Stugulf,” started the Master Admiral, “killed the Private. No charges will be held to him do to the fact that it was on self defense – besides, I personally think he deserved it. Anyway, Professor Yert, why did your guard defy us? Why did the guard go beyond means to prevent us Admirals – whom are, according to you, allowed to inspect – from inspecting your facility?” Professor Yert shifted nervously and said, “S-sir… Our guard – we didn’t think he would… We didn’t know he would do that… We thought that he would let you in…” “And after all those shots and yells heard,” said a Captain, “You didn’t bother to inspect?” “I… I-I couldn’t hear, sir. No, I couldn’t hear. The walls are thick.” “Are you sure?” Captain Bryan spoke. “Admiral Stugulf, Master Admiral Tore, I believe you heard the Professor yelling above screams from inside, ‘What’s going on?’” “Indeed, Captain,” said Master Admiral Tore. “If I may interrupt,” said High Rank Aust, “I didn’t expect Private Licklings to do anything like that – Uh, the guards were instructed clearly the allow Admirals in. Private Licklings was a good, order-following man. I knew him quite well, and now you killed him.” “First of all,” said Admiral Stugulf, “I killed him on self defense – He almost killed the Master Admiral, head of security. Also, if Private Licklings was a good, order-following man and Professor Yert said the orders clearly, why would he have denied our access?” Professors and War-V research guards shifted in their seats. “Uh, he may have understood. It was hard to hear.” High Rank Aust scratched his head. “Excuse me? Clear orders?” Admiral Stugulf tapped his fingers together. “He may have understood them.” “Excuse me? Clear orders?” “He could have changed,” said High Rank Aust, looking around nervously and shrugging. “Well actually, High Rank,” said the Master Admiral, “According to these status files, Licklings, that asshole, was a very order-following, serious, duty enduring, workaholic son of a bitch. These status files have stayed practically the same for several years. He could have changed?” “The files could be wrong –”
  20. 20. “I doubt it. After all, the reports were written by Licklings’s Sergeants, Commanders, fellow soldiers, and some Admirals – I even wrote some… Of course, they’ll be changing quite soon. “My point is the files are definitely not wrong. Professor Yert or some other leading jackass of the War-V program must have ordered the guards to not allow Admirals.” The Professors and guards were silent. “Meeting dismissed,” said Admiral Stugulf. The people left as Admiral Tore sighed. Both Admirals Tore and Stugulf spoke. Something was going on with this War-V program as it had been for fifteen years. Jane Seerk shivered as her bare flesh touched the air. Her skin covered in goose bumps as the large metallic arms grabbed at parts of the Ghost Suit. Gunmetal grey/white colored armor was placed on Jane’s body. All of the parts linked together and sealed. When the suit was put together, Jane looked around. She rubbed her neck and accidentally touched a button on a small panel beside her COM control. A motion detector radar, health counter and shield status meter popped up on Jane’s Ghost Suit visor. Jane looked around and her vision fell onto her arm. There was a slot in her arm. The feeling was strange; it felt as if the entire section of skin surrounding the slot was numb. As Jane was lowered from the electrical operating chair, a nurse said, “You may go.” Jane got up and left. Outside, a High Sergeant saluted to Jane. She returned the greeting and said, “Sir!” “At ease,” replied High Sergeant Vago. He took off is Marine Corps hat and handed Jane a small chip. “This is probably the greatest weapon in the MILSS’ arsenal. Use it wisely. It’s the latest AI. It only lasts three years, but we can rebuild it by then… This AI, named Washington, will give you tactical information in battle.” “Yes, sir,” said Jane, saluting. She took the chip and inserted it into her arm slot. “Go to the debriefing room, Private. You’ll get more information there.” “Yes, sir,” said Jane. She saluted sharply and left. Staring at the single band on her suit of armor, Jane was suddenly stabbed with a fearful pain. She was in the army and was ready to fight for her life. “Alright,” said the Commander Robby, “You’re going to follow me to the training fields. There, you will destroy all War-V in site. You may not use any weapons. You may only use resources found in the fields. I want you to destroy every damn speck of War-V. That means if there’s a virus, I want you to kill it.” “How?” One of the MILSS spoke up. “You’ll find the weapons needed to destroy them. Now get moving, soldiers!” Two days passed. The MILSS group found themselves yet again in the debriefing room. High Sergeant Vago yelled as the MILSS stood at attention. “I want you to go out there and destroy all androids. Now get going!” “Sir, yes sir!” The soldiers yelled, saluted, pivoted and left. Jane Seerk, her broad shoulders swaying as she walked, followed the MILSS group to the Supply Bay. When she reached the room, She grabbed an A-150 Rifle and a few Sc-00g-BE grenades. This was the newest grenade type. It combined the plasmatic, adhesive layer on a Sc-00g grenade and the blades of a BE grenade. The Sc-00g technology itself had improved as well. If the Sticky Covering 00 Flaw Grenade missed by five feet or less, a long, plasmatic “tentacle” would strike any enemies like lightning. The tentacles would then draw in the enemies and the grenade would explode. Jane then grabbed an AD-16 and strapped it into her belt. She hooked the grenades onto her belt as well. In a few minutes, Sergeant Vago came in and said, “Ready troops?” “Sir, yes, sir!” All of the MILSS yelled in reply as they saluted. “Move out!”
  21. 21. The MILSS ran, their gunmetal grey/white armor gleaming in the lights of the facility. They neared the exit to the training field. Jane grabbed her gun tightly as the Sergeant yelled, “GO GET ‘EM!” She ran, her boots crushing the tall, thick grass. Suddenly, a flurry of laser bursts erupted, burning bits of grass and scarring the ground. Several shots hit Jane, but thankfully her shields lasted long enough for her to dive down under cover. Army crawling through the grass, Jane worked her way to a red bleep on her radar. She got up and fired a shotgun burst at an android. She plopped back down and crawled to a group of androids. She threw a Sc-00g-BE grenade and dove for cover. Bursts of plasmatic thunder growled through the sky as adhesive bolts grasped the androids. The humanoid robots were dragged into a tight group as the grenade exploded. “Got you!” Jane yelled. She got up and fired bursts of bullets at some other androids. In a matter of minutes, another MILSS troop spoke. “Androids neutralized for now. We’d better move on though, or more might come in.” The talking MILSS waved the others in his direction. Jane jogged to him when… A quick flash of blue plasma swiped across her visor. Jane’s shield status dropped with her health meter. The Bio- signs dropped to 49% and Jane’s vision blacked out. Yells and lasers sounded in her helmet and slowly faded out. “You released the specimens, then?” The Professor in the white coat said. “Yes,” replied to the soldier guard. “Excellent,” the Professor sighed, “I’m tired of these bitches taking our specimens and using them for training purposes. The final step to making our own, powerful alliance is nearing!” Jane’s auto recharge generators in her suit started up. Emergency bio-regeneration systems activated and Jane gained slight consciousness. She heard lasers, bullets and roars of fury. Then she saw patches of grey and green as her shield meter recharged. Her bio-sign counter slowly raised from 49% to 51%. Jane turned so she lay on her back and saw a bolt of plasma. An enhanced Mertzin with a War-V rich battle suit was firing a pistol. Jane searched for her A-150 Rifle and grabbed it. She raised it up and met the crosshair with the Mertzin’s head. Turning the firing options to Shotgun, she pressed the trigger. The Mertzin immediately looked down and its eyes widened in a split second... A split second later, its eyes and just about the rest of the head were gone, smoldering in a gory heap. Jane reached for her COM panel. She pressed the talk button and said, “What the hell is going on?” “Damned War-V are ambushing us!” A MILSS replied. “I didn’t know anything about War-V, but I guess they’re part of training! Damn, they almost killed most of us!” “Ugh,” replied Jane, “You don’t have to tell me… I was one of them.” Slowly, Jane got up, pushing her hurt arms off of the ground as best as she could. She crouched slightly and searched the area. She saw three beetle-like creatures called Wild Beasts. The Wild Beasts roared and ran toward a group of MILSS, blades slicing and mandibles gnashing. The large blades on their backs swayed lightly in the wind. Jane turned the gunfire option to “Single Shot” and looked through the scope. Aiming her crosshair, Jane searched for a weak spot on the Wild Beasts. She matched the circle and cross with the Wild Beasts’ necks. She fired and fired, destroying all of the Wild Beasts. Just then, however, a blur of blue mist appeared on the edges of Jane’s visor. Jane fell, pivoted and fired her gun, now in automatic mode. The Mertzin stumbled then regained balance. Retracting its blade, the viral mutation grabbed a gun and aimed it at Jane’s head. It fired. The bullet zoomed with swift speed; Jane was faster. She jumped to the side and fired through a patch of wild grass. A roar and a splash of blue confirmed that the Mertzin was dead. Jane picked up the AD-16 ammo.
  22. 22. Above, loud screeches of Armageddons that were lifted by the claws of a Carrioner flooded the area. The creatures jumped down, one of them landing in front of Jane with a saliva-dipped, nail- on-chalkboard screech. Jane backed up, firing, but the armor on the Armageddon’s limbs left it unharmed. “Damn,” whispered Jane. “I need backup, guys! Armageddons! They’re gonna kill us for Christ’s sake!” More rounds rebounded off of the Armageddon’s armor. Jane backed up and up as the Armageddon raised club-like limbs with dozens of spikes on them. Thankfully, a large explosion burst behind the Armageddon and blood burst everywhere. “Damn,” said the dark-skinned man, a rocket launcher hoisted on his shoulder. “I didn’t want any War-V in this training program. Obviously our War-V-researching nerds tried to ambush us. I’m gonna contact the Admiral. “As for you soldiers, when we get back to the base, you guys can relax.” “Sir, yes, sir!” Walking through the thick grass as they followed the Sergeant, the MILSS looked around. So far, there was no more contact. There were just ten more meters till they reached the base… Jane looked up in the sky. There were no more War-V attacking, but rather there were birds. The birds chirped, their songs being strangely loud and annoying. Jane looked in her scope to see what species they were. Jane gasped. “Sergeant! Messengers at 4 o’clock!” Jane fired a single shot and brought one Messenger down. The flock of the War-V mutations turned and, with their greater wings, zoomed toward the soldiers. “Damn it!” High Sergeant Vago yelled as he opened fire. His NP-R26 rounds ripped through the Messengers, but there were still too many of them. “How dare you offend the Blessed War-V?!” One of the Messengers yelled as it flew toward the soldiers. “Oh,” replied Sergeant Vago, “I dare, you bitch!” He fired as the Messenger neared. Bullets tore through the Messenger’s wings, but only caused it to drop faster toward the Sergeant. The Messenger released a ball of acid and hit Sergeant Vago. With a scream, the man fell and MILSS ran to his body. The wounds were bad – not as bad as an acid wound usually was, but still bad. “Sergeant Vago! Damn it!” One of the MILSS yelled. He turned and fired his gun, tearing through the War-V mutations. “Take this you bloody son of a bitch!” Yellow explosions roared out of the barrels of guns as they aimed for the Messengers. The last of the Messengers fell and, with its last breath, said “Oh Blessed War-V! Come together and destroy these vile, defiant humans!” The tall grass rustled. Jane looked around as two MILSS crouched near the Sergeant. Suddenly, the tall grass around the group of soldiers was cut down. The grass burnt and was destroyed. Blue blades of Mertzin glowed. Each Mertzin had an AD-16 in his right hand, a blue plasmatic blade protruding from its right hand and an A-150 Rifle strapped on their backs. “How the…” The Sergeant started, gasping. “How… D-did they get our… Weapons?” “I don’t know,” replied a male MILSS next to Vago, “but it’s probably those damn researchers helping them.” “Or maybe,” said another as he fired, “they got it themselves. Remember we were told about the War-V taking cargo from Main Ships in War: Virus?” “Who the hell cares?” Another MILSS yelled as she fired her gun. The Sergeant grinned and then said, “You, soldier… T-take my rocket launcher.” “Roger that,” replied the girl. She picked it up and bashed a Mertzin’s skull with the launcher’s butt. “Hey,” she yelled to the Mertzin, “Oh blessed ugly ones, come and get me bitches!” The Mertzin turned, disgusted by the female’s obnoxious comment. They holstered their pistols, jumped over their current opponent and extended both blades. The blades hummed like
  23. 23. beam swords. One of the Mertzin spoke, “How dare you say such a thing?! I WILL DESTROY YO –” The Mertzin, which were in a faraway group, screamed as the rocket launched out of the large tube and exploded. The Mertzin’s flesh made contact with the fire, melted and burnt to a crisp. The Sergeant, supported by a MILSS, said “Damn, I sure do love fried ass wipe for breakfast.” “Damn it, Professor Yert! You know perfectly well that enhanced War-V attacked that group of MILSS! How do you explain that? HOW?” Admiral Stugulf pounded the table angrily. “S-sir, I believe someone released the War-V into the training field… There could have been an intruder –” “Intruder? INTRUDER? Don’t give me that shit, Professor! You’ve got ultimate security now and you say you could have an intruder?” “It could have been some betrayer –” “You said everyone allowed to investigate the case would be trustable. Are you saying after the trouble we’ve went through, your security system has failed? Has it?” “W-well… I don’t know what…” “You know damn right what happened, Professor.” Admiral Tore spoke up, “Professor Yert, me and several other High Admirals and military rulers have made a choice. You and your research team will be degraded from military life, your research will end and you will have a permanent criminal record.” “B-but… There’s no proof of us attacking the MILSS!” “Professor Yert, your enhanced War-V; the Mertzin, the Messengers… They attacked the MILSS! THERE IS NO DENYING IT!” Admiral Stugulf pounded the table. “There is no proof of our enhanced Mertzin, Messengers or Armageddons ambushing the enhanced soldiers!” The Professor sighed. Admiral Tore suddenly looked up. “Armageddons? Admiral Stugulf never mentioned Armageddons… Are you saying you also sent out Armageddons?” Professor Yert looked nervously around. He straightened his glasses and slowly said, “Well I thought that… we… sent those… I mean, I thought –” Admiral Tore cocked an eyebrow. “Ha. Out – Go out, now. Leave this place.” He pressed a COM and said, “MP’s, watch the War-V researchers. Make sure everyone of them leaves. Fly them back to their homes.” Private Dee Ehndee spoke to the others. “So,” he whispered, “they found out about this? They found out we attacked them?” Professor Yert sighed and said, “Yes… We leave tomorrow… We won’t have a chance to back stab and take over the U.S.A.A., but this gives us an easier way to divide and form our own alliance… “We leave tomorrow on a Military plane. Here’s the plan. We’ll hijack a cargo plane, store all our mechs and War-V mutations on there. We’ll have that fly with the transporting planes. The cargo plane will go to the Kemakan Sewers. We’ll take the old Skull base and use it as a storage location. “Eventually we will construct defensive weapons, etc.” “Roger that,” everyone replied. Two days passed. Since the banning of the War-V researchers, things seemed to have calmed down. There were MILSS training sessions without any interruptions, and there were no constant demands to increase the security, etc. Yet everyone had a sense as though they had lost something; a power of some sort. Jane herself didn’t really give a crap. Not until, that is, the afternoon. The MILSS were called up for a training session.
  24. 24. “Alright,” yelled Sergeant Vago, “Today, your mission is to go to the training fields. There’s an obstacle course out there with Androids. I want you to destroy them all under two minutes. I don’t care whether it’s 5 hours or a second past two minutes, if you come out of that range late you fail. Got it soldiers?” “Sir, yes, sir!” “GET MOVING! GO, GO, GO!” Jane ran with the other MILSS to the course. Jane followed orders to sneak around a wall. She sidled to the edge and peered around, looking through her rifle’s scope. There were two androids watching guard. She popped their heads off. Other MILSS sniped more androids and then moved in. With only a few more androids and a minute left, the MILSS prepared to leave. That was when a screech came from the sky and a booming message ruptured the area. “Our revenge will be your death!” Jane turned and gasped. Pulling up her gun quickly, she started firing shotgun bursts at the Messengers. There were too many. Jane fired and fired, but five Messengers flew down in a flanking position. They spewed out explosive acid. Jane moved her gun and fired shotgun bursts, taking down two Messengers. A single fire bullet from another soldier took out another. However, the last two rushed and dodged bullets. They grabbed two soldiers and, despite the soldiers’ attempts, they spewed out the acid and killed the soldiers. Red blood splattered all over the walls as gunmetal grey fragments landed on the ground with an ashy clank. “Damn it,” said Jane, “They’re… Gone.” She slammed the barrel of her gun into the ground and rested her right arm on the butt like a cane. She sighed. “Some one better clean up this mess… Jesus,” remarked another MILSS. “Damn it!” The soldier got on one knee and searched for the felled MILSS’ dog tags. Patrick, a troop with good leadership quality, sighed and said, “May they rest in peace… We’d better go back though. We’ve got five seconds left.” The troops sprinted as the seconds ticked. Their running came to a skidding halt as they saw the Sergeant tapping his foot. Sergeant Vago said, “You’re seven seconds late. Seven seconds!” Patrick stepped out and saluted. “Sir, I can explain.” “Please do, Private.” “Enhanced Messengers attacked. Two MILSS killed in action.” The Sergeant’s angered look turned into a forgiving and worrying look. “KIA… Those damned researchers have to be stopped!” “Yes, sir,” replied Patrick as he saluted. The radar screens flashed with green as the crewmembers tried to locate the flow of the enhanced Messengers. Signals showed them coming from the city Kemaka… But Kemaka was huge. Where in Kemaka? The only option left was to send air ships and mechs to search the area. The plan was to investigate Kemaka and search for a base. Andrew Larzones watched the news channel. “The U.S.A.A. War-V researchers have been banned after a series of attacks. “Just this morning, Messengers, a species of War-V mutation, attacked a group of training soldiers. According to statistics, the mutations came from the city of Kemaka. “Of course, Kemaka is a large city. Thus, the military is going to be sending out all mech and ship pilots to search the area. Anyone liable of piloting those vehicles is to be flown to the military base immediately. “In other news, are these magazines selling illegal materials? Find out after this break.” Andrew gasped and switched off the TV. He and Dave would have to go to the Pentagon 2. Andrew sighed. He hated this shit. It was always so confusing. *****
  25. 25. Andrew sat in the A-57 Killer Mech seat, looking around. There were tall, brick buildings and metallic skyscrapers. Andrew turned in an ally and looked around. Suddenly, a Messenger swooped down, followed by three others. Andrew fired his plasma gun and killed two. The two others flew directly toward the mech. Andrew ducked, dodging the attack. He turned and fired his ice beam. The other two Messengers froze with a crackling sound and fell down. He fired his plasma beam and the creatures broke apart and melted. The A-57 turned, but before it could leave, Andrew heard a loud thump. Turning again, Andrew backed his mech away. The enemy pursued. Standing before Andrew’s vehicle was a mech. There was a large red eye wrapped inside of the visor. There were two tentacles on the shoulders that dug into the mech’s main body. The feet had claws and scales. The mechanical arms had electrical prongs that could turn around and plug into two slots to reveal a large plasma cannon. This mech was half War-V mutation, half machine. The mech raised its arm and fired a plasma bolt. The A-57 jumped over the attack and fired an ice shot. The shot hit the engines but quickly melted due to the heat. The opponent ran toward the A-57 and slashed with its right arm, which had the electrical prongs revealed. The A-57 jumped back and crashed toward the ground. Andrew slowly crawled away, raising his plasma beam. He shot one of the tentacles, which withdrew from the mech’s body and extended toward the A-57. The tentacle grasped the neck of the A-57, attempting to pop it off, as it released a poisonous gas. Andrew moved the ice cannon toward the extended tentacle and fired. The tentacle froze, and Andrew made a right-hand swipe at it. Before he could shatter the arm, the ice melted and revealed a red-hot tentacle. The tentacle cooled down and retreated back into the body. The half-biological mech jumped back and readied its electrical prongs. “Now’s my chance,” thought Andrew. He launched the mech forward, making it pounce, and prepared to elbow the enemy. However, the mech extended both tentacles and grasped the guns. One of them successfully pulled the gun off. The other, which was in the range of plasma fire, was burnt to a crisp. The enemy plunged forward and sliced off the other gun with a prong. Both of the A-57’s guns were destroyed. The opposing mech jumped back and ran toward the A-57. It jumped, revealing both prongs, and was about to slam into the ground when… The burst lasers delayed the pounce of the enemy. The 13.37 Pulse shot stopped it. The half War-V mech stumbled back and slammed against the floor. Its red eye turned blue. “Let’s go!” Dave yelled through the COM. “Aye,” replied Andrew. The Alpha mechs turned when, suddenly, a tentacle stretched out and grabbed the A-57. The Killer Mech screeched back, creating small sparks. Andrew turned the upper body around and fired his weapons. The Ice Beam froze the mech, and the plasma beam shattered it. The blue eye then turned into a dull gray, and the mech died. As the A-57 and D-44 started walking away, a dozen packs of Wild Beasts had attacked from above. They leaped from the roofs and hissed wildly, bits of acidic saliva spraying onto the mechs’ visors. They clawed at the mechs, tearing apart layers of metal armor and cracking the glass, attempting to get in. “Damn it!” Dave yelled. He fired his burst lasers and picked the Wild Beasts from the A-57’s visor; Andrew did the same. There were to many, and they were coming in a large group. Andrew charged his Ice Cannon, the weapon freezing with bits of snow and ice falling to the ground. He fired, and a large clump of ice buried most of the Wild Beasts. Dave fired a charged 13.37 shot at the ice clump, killing all who were frozen. Andrew and Dave made a run for it, occasionally firing back at the remaining War-V mutations. They swarmed the area, hissing and jumping.