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Jerry Cheng

  1. 1. Jerry Cheng 1129 Phyllis Ave Mountain View, CA 94040 Email: Mobile: (310) 210-8466 SUMMARY  A manager with an excellent project delivery record and strong focus on personnel’s technical growth.  Experienced wireless and mobile software developer specialized in client-server design with both server-side and client-side development experience.  Received PhD degree from UCLA with multiple publications in top IEEE and ACM journals and conferences. Served as technical committee chair and reviewer in technical conferences.  Critical and innovative thinker with two patents pending. EXPERIENCE 09/2007 – Yahoo! Mobile oneSearch Sunnyvale, CA present Senior Mobile Application Engineer (11/09 – present) oneSearch Core Team Engineering Manager (08/08 – 11/09) Backend Server Software Engineer (09/07 – 08/08)  Product: Mobile Android Applications  Develop Yahoo Finance application for Android-based mobile phone  Develop Yahoo widgets for Android-based mobile phone  Product: oneSearch  Re-architect oneSearch to integrate the new Blueprint platform, and delivered Yahoo! branded and AT&T partner carrier branded experience for oneSearch in 2008  Manage a team of up to 4 engineers to develop new features and functionalities (e.g. Election, location handling, mobile SearchMonkey)  Provide training to APAC regional development team in Singapore to enable the launch of customized oneSearch experience for multiple APAC partner carriers  Product: Yahoo Mobile Map  Deliver a new and innovative Yahoo Mobile Map experience by leveraging oneSearch platform  Directed client-server integration with Yahoo Go client team in Germany  Two patents pending  Product: Yahoo Mobile Frontpage  Collaborated and powered Mobile Frontpage team’s “Add Anything” functionality by leveraging oneSearch technology  Product: Yahoo Mobile Platform  Assisted development of early stage Blueprint rendering engine  Serve as a member in Blueprint language extension review board 03/2002 – UCLA Computer Science Department – Wireless Networking Group (WiNG) Los Angeles, CA 09/2007 Graduate Research Assistant  SmartSiren: Smartphone Virus Detection and Alert System  Prototyped smartphone viruses that leverage the Bluetooth and SMS messaging capability to make infection attempts or launch attacks  Designed and implemented of different advance functionalities such
  2. 2. as location tracking via cell tower ID, call log and SMS messaging  Cross-Domain Cooperative Firewall  Proposed a cooperative approach to enforce firewall policies on tunneled traffic  Designed a cooperative firewall architecture that distributes firewall functionalities across domain  Proposed a novel oblivious membership verification algorithm for efficient privacy-preserving range comparison: O(log N)  DIRAC: Distributed Router Architecture  Involved in the design the distributed router architecture  Setup evaluation testbed of the wireless router and access point  Experimental evaluation on the performances of wireless services including FEC, fast handover, and QoS policing  TTDD: Two-Tier Data Dissemination Model for Wireless Sensor Network  Implemented TTDD in NS-2 network simulator  Experimental evaluation of the TTDD performance  SCOPE: Distributed Packet Scheduling for Ad-Hoc Network  Fairness modeling for Ad-Hoc network based on flow tag concept  Implemented distributed packet scheduling algorithm in the MAC layer on NS-2 network simulator 10/2004 – Sky MobileMedia San Diego, CA 09/2005 Part-time software engineer  Research MMS/SMIL standard specification  Developed MMS/SMIL test suites for mobile phones  In-house test case specification documentation for Sky’s mobile phones based on Open Mobile Alliance’s specification:  Client Provisioning, Digital Rights Management, Multimedia Messaging Service, Push to talk Over Cellular. EDUCATION 03/2003 - Ph.D. in Computer Science, UCLA 09/2007 Advisor: Dr. Songwu Lu Dissertation: “Collaborative Security for Heterogeneous Mobile Networks” GPA 3.917/4.0 09/2000 - M.S. in Computer Science, UCLA 03/2003 Thesis: “Achieving Delay and Throughput Decoupling in Distributed Fair Queuing Over Ad Hoc Wireless Networks” GPA 3.917/4.0 09/1996 - B.S. in Computer Science Engineering, UC Davis 06/2000 GPA 3.71/4.0 graduated with high honor (top 10%) PATENTS  Entity-Based Search Results and Clusters on Map – (patent pending)  Best Fit Map Searching – (patent pending) SKILLS  PHP5, C/C++, Java, Shell scripts, Perl, SQL
  3. 3.  LAMP stack, HTML, XForm, CSS, JavaScript, phpt and phpunit testing  Android application development with Eclipse IDE  CVS, Subversion, Bugzilla, Continuous Integration and Agile with Sprint/Scrum methodology  Linux/Unix, Windows operating systems  Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone  Implementation with Network Simulators (NS-2), Parsec and Glomosim, OpenVPN AWARDS AND AFFILIATIONS  Software Development Forum ( – member  ACM Mobile Network and Application (Monet) 2010 – reviewer  Journal of Sensor 2010 – reviewer  International Journal of Computers and Applications 2010 – reviewer  MobiCASE 2009 –Technical Program Committee (TPC)  Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC 2008) – reviewer  Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California – Outstanding graduate scholarship recipient 2005 ~ 2006  Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society – Community Service Chair 1999 ~ 2000  Golden Key National Honor Society – Vice President 1999 ~ 2000  Phi Kappa Gamma Honor Society – Member  UC Davis Community Service Award – 2000 PUBLICATIONS  Jerry Cheng, Hao Yang, Starsky H.Y. Wong, Songwu Lu, "Design and Implementation of Cross-Domain Cooperative Firewall". To Appear in IEEE ICNP 2007 (32/220, 14.54% acceptance ratio).  Jerry Cheng, Starsky H.Y. Wong, Hao Yang, Songwu Lu, "SmartSiren: Smartphone Virus Detection and Alert System". ACM Mobisys 2007 (22/105, 20.95% acceptance ratio).  Petros Zerfos, Gary Zhong, Jerry Cheng, Haiyun Luo, Songwu Lu, Jia-ru Li, "DIRAC: A Software-based Wireless Router System". ACM MOBICOM 2003.  Fan Ye, Haiyun Luo, Jerry Cheng, Songwu Lu and Lixia Zhang, "A Two-tier Data Dissemination Model for Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks". ACM MOBICOM 2002, Atlanta, September 2002.  Haiyun Luo, Paul Medvedev, Jerry Cheng and Songwu Lu, "A Self-Coordinating Approach to Distributed Fair Queueing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks". IEEE INFOCOM 2001, Anchorage, Alaska, Apr. 2001.  Haiyun Luo, Jerry Cheng, Songwu Lu, "Self-Coordinating Localized Fair Queueing in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks”. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 2004.  Haiyun Luo, Fan Ye, Jerry Cheng, Songwu Lu, Lixia Zhang, "A Two-tier Data Dissemination Model for Large- scale Wireless Sensor Networks”. ACM MONET 2003.  Jerry Cheng, Songwu Lu, "Achieving Delay and Throughput Decoupling in Distributed Fair Queueing Over Ad Hoc Networks”. IEEE ICCCN October 2003.  Jerry Cheng, Gary Zhong, Haiyun Luo and Songwu Lu, "Providing Packet-level Quality of Services in Multihop Wireless Networks". ITCOM 2001, Denver, Colorado, Aug. 2001.  Haiyun Luo, Songwu Lu, Vaduvur Bharghavan, Jerry Cheng and Gary Zhong, "A Packet Scheduling Approach to QoS Support in Multihop Wireless Networks”. ACM Journal of Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET), Special Issue on QoS in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Vol. 9, No. 3, June 2004.  Hao Yang, Fan Ye, Jerry Cheng, Haiyun Luo, Songwu Lu, Lixia Zhang, "A Case for Location Based Security in Sensor Networks". Technical Report TR-040025, Computer Science Department, UCLA, July 1, 2004.