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Getting Started Guide

  1. 1. M obiscope Video f rom webcams on mobile For Android devices Getting Started Guide You can start viewing your network (IP) cameras right after you sign up for Mobiscope for Android service. If you install Mobiscope Desktop on your computer you will also get additional functionality. Learn how to view your network cameras in the Connecting to your cameras section. The following Mobiscope features will become available after Mobiscope Desktop installation: Viewing up to 4 network and USB-cameras connected to the computer; Motion detection and e-mail alerts; Recording triggered by motion and a schedule. 1. Starting Mobiscope on your phone Point the browser on your phone to: To ensure flawless work of Mobiscope on your device you need to enable JavaScript in browser settings. For example on T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) go to More / Settings in the browser menu and check if Enable JavaScript checkbox is selected. You can connect to our demo computer and make sure that Mobiscope works on your mobile device properly. For that press Demo button. © 2007-2010, SHAPE Services 1
  2. 2. 2. Signing up for Mobiscope You are required to sign up first. To do this press Sign up now! Button and fill out a simple form. Using the email and password you will be able to access your own camera list. 3. Registration and trial Please register Mobiscope Client for Android devices with the license code, which you have received with the purchase of the program. To do this tap on Reg button in your camera list and insert the license code into corresponding field. You may also use Mobiscope in trial mode, which has time limits. © 2007-2010, SHAPE Services 2
  3. 3. 4. Connecting to your cameras Adding a computer with cameras connected to it You can add the number (Mobiscope computer number) of your computer with cameras connected to it to the Camera list. USB cameras and network cameras can be managed by Mobiscope Desktop. Press Add computer button to add the cameras connected to the computer. You may decide whether to ask you a password to the computer every time you connect to it or to store this password and never ask you. The first way is safer and it is selected by default. But the second one is quicker. To change the value of the parameter select/ deselect Ask passw ord when connecting checkbox. Note: The password must coincide with that you have entered in Mobiscope Desktop after the installation. You may change the password by selecting File-Options-Passw ord change in Mobiscope Desktop for Windows or Mobiscope Preferences- Password change in Mobiscope Desktop for Mac OS. To view the cameras connected to the computer press Connect button. Adding a network camera to the camera list You can also add network cameras (public or your own) and view them directly without connecting to Mobiscope Desktop. In this case motion detection and recording features are not available. © 2007-2010, SHAPE Services 3
  4. 4. Network cameras are combined into groups. Each group can contain up to four cameras to view simultaneously. You can open and close groups using a button near the group name. Press Add netcam button and fill out the form. Select a group of cameras where a new camera should be added. Enter camera s network address, port, authorization data (login and password) if it is needed. You are also asked about the camera manufacturer and the model (this will speed up camera testing procedure). If you are not sure you may not enter this information. Before saving the network camera the connection to it must be tested. After you finish the data input press Test & Save button. If the test is passed successfully you will see the new network camera in your camera list. You can view this camera immediately by pressing one of the Connect buttons below. View a specific camera View all cameras of the group © 2007-2010, SHAPE Services 4
  5. 5. If the test result is unsuccessful you will be asked to edit the camera settings. You can also press Save button in the test result window and the camera with a Not tested sign will appear in your camera list. In this case the test will be launched automatically at every connection attempt. To edit the information which you entered during signing in, press My info button. To change the password, press Password button. The Sign out button deletes your account including your camera list from Mobiscope for iPhone service. 5. Working with Mobiscope client After you tap on Connect button the client starts showing the image from your cameras. To change the camera, select it in the list which will appear after tapping on the Menu button. Or you may just tap on the needed camera image. Use the Menu button or tap on the image to get back to the multi-camera view. You can zoom in and out the image by tapping + and - buttons. If the camera supports Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality you will see PTZ controls under the camera s viewport. © 2007-2010, SHAPE Services 5
  6. 6. In the top right of the screen you may see current date and time. There are also a motion detector flag and a record flag . When any motion is detected by Mobiscope Desktop the motion detector flag will become red and the action which you have chosen in Motion Detector Settings will be started automatically. When Mobiscope Desktop starts recording, the record flag will become red. A Start record function is also available (tap on the Menu button and select Start recording from the list). You may start recording at any time you want. This function does not depend on whether the motion detector is on or off. You may also watch your video records on the Mobiscope client. To do this tap on the Menu button and select Recordings list. Note: Direct connection to your network cameras allows you to view your live cameras only. Recording and Motion detector features are available though Mobiscope Desktop. © 2007-2010, SHAPE Services 6
  7. 7. The video player in the Mobiscope client has such functions as Pause, Start play, Fast forw ard play x4, x16, x64 and others. Note: All hotkeys are available in the Help section. © 2007-2010, SHAPE Services 7
  8. 8. Appendix A Downloading Mobiscope Client Mobiscope Web client Point any browser to Sign up for Mobiscope Web service and connect to your cameras. Mobiscope Web service is also available from Apple iPhone and iPod Touch at Sing in with your Mobiscope Web account. Mobiscope Client for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch 1. Go to App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch and download Mobiscope. 2. Find Mobiscope on iTunes Store and download it to your computer. Then connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the computer and iTunes will sync applications automatically. Mobiscope Client for Android device Point the browser on your mobile to Sign up for Mobiscope for Android devices online service and connect to your cameras. Mobiscope Client for BlackBerry handheld 1. Point your BlackBerry browser to Scroll down to highlight Download and select Get Link from the menu. Download the client and reboot your device. 2. If for some reason you can't download the client module directly, download Mobiscope Client (.zip file) from to your computer. Unzip the file. Connect your BlackBerry to the computer. Run BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer, choose Application Loader, browse into a folder with mobiscope.alx file, select it and start the file uploading. The icon of Mobiscope application appears on your device. Mobiscope Client for Java-enabled phone and Symbian OS device 1. You can download the client directly to your mobile device. The WAP download location is: 2. If for some reason you can't download the client module directly, or error occurs at download, you can download Mobiscope Client (.zip file) from our site Mobiscope Client for Windows Mobile device 1. Download the client from directly to your mobile device and install it. 2. If for some reason you can't download the client module directly, download Mobiscope Client (.exe file) from to your computer. Connect your mobile device to the computer and start the program installation. (You need Microsoft ActiveSync to be installed on your computer. Mobiscope Client for Palm OS device 1. Download Mobiscope Client (.prc file) from on your computer. 2. Connect your mobile device to the computer and install Mobiscope using Palm Desktop or the other application for transferring files to Palm. Support You can find more information about Mobiscope on our site: Support form for further assistance: © 2007-2010, SHAPE Services 8