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Access Terminal
Used within Borg vessels, this systems connector port allows individuals a direct link to the co...
Arva Nodes
Component of Tosk's ship damaged prior to his visit to Deep Space Nine in 2369. Arva nodes were used
to convert...
plasma flares. A Maquis report in 2370 of Cardassian stockpiling of these items led to a covert mission in
which Jean-Luc ...
2268, when the two civilizations shared a political alliance. The Klingons outfitted many ships,
particularly their Bird-o...
powered by a diboridium core that was accidentally triggered on Deep Space Nine in 2369.
Differential Magnetometer
Energy Containment Cell
Mechanism that can store neural patterns of an individual. One such cell was used in 2369 to hold ...
Elementary particle of matter that transmits gravitational energy.
Graviton Field
Component of a tractor beam tha...
Huey 204
Atmospheric transport used on Earth circa the late twentieth century. Commander Sulu borrowed a Huey
while on a t...
Interphasic Compensator
Hand-held device that, when connected to a starship's warp core, can be used to realign warp coils...
Communications equipment used by Klingon personnel. Like their Federation counterparts, Klingon
models were originally han...
Lower Pylon 1
The lower half of docking pylon 1 on Deep Space Nine. Lower pylon 1 was evacuated in 2369 when a
subspace ru...
destination (or vice versa) that is then reconstituted back into the transported subject.
Matter-Antimatter ntegrator
through normal matter and energy.
Mooring Clamps
Mechanisms used at Deep Space Nine to hold docked ships in place at their...
Picard's brain wave patterns.
Nullifier Core
The nullifier core is the main engineering element of the propulsion systems ...
a type-7 discriminator. With the discriminator, the armbands can be modified to create subspace
forcefields around the wea...
eventually malfunctioned and failed.
Prefix Code
The prefix code in Federation starship's locks control of that vessel to ...
Quarantine Transmitter
Radio beacons aboard Federation starships used to send automated warnings to other vessels in the e...
A vital mineral used in the cure of deadly Rigelian fever. In 2269 the fever -struck crew of the U.S.S.
Enterprise was cur...
the holodeck. When character in the holodeck of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D began exhibiting
changes in their dominan...
Tauri IV. The converter was stolen by the Ferengi in 2364.
Tantulus Field
Weapon secretly used by Captain Kirk of the I.S....
Graviton force beam used by starships to manipulate objects outside the ship. Tractors are commonly
used for towing other ...
Tripolymer Composites
A nonconductive material that makes up part of the body of Lieutenant Commander Data. His structure
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  1. 1. EQUIPMENT Access Terminal Used within Borg vessels, this systems connector port allows individuals a direct link to the collective. It is also possibly used for transmission of energy to and from individuals. Access Tunnel Maintenance corridors on Deep Space Nine which allow station personnel access to vital circuitry and other utilities. In 2369, a Bajoran resistance device hidden in a tunnel leading to food replicator circuits and designed to spread an aphasia virus was inadvertently activated. Adaptive Interface Link A connection between computer systems of different origins. An adaptive link is necessary when attempting to transfer data or functionality between to disparate tpyes of equipment. In 2369, such a link was used to download data from an alien space probe to the computers on station Deep Space Nine. Alpha-Wave Inducer Sleep aid device for humanoids, meant for infrequent use. In 2369, Kajada mentioned to Dr. Bashir that she was using an inducer to combat the difficulty she was having sleeping. Altonian Brain Teaser A holographic puzzle which Dax has been attempting to solve for over 440 years. Antigrav Anti-gravity repeller technology used in hand-held grips or pallets to allow handling of overly massive cargo, and in medical rehabilitation therapy. Exposure to high concentrations of radiation can casue malfunctions. Two antigravs were attached to Nomad to move the robot to the transporter room before it self-destructed in 2267; two years later, the Medusan ambassador Kollos was carried in his protective chamber by an antigrav. Captain Kirk and Ensign Garrovick carried an antimatter bomb to planet Tycho IV with one in 2268. A malfunctioning antigrav pallet was one of the first clues Barclay realized when tracing invidum contaminationon the Enterprsie-D in 2366. Dr. Julian Bashir once prescribed use of an antigrav to a Deep Space Nine worker with a back injury. Antilepton Interference Type of particle field that can interfere with subspace radio. In 2369, Cardassian forces jammed subspace communications between Deep Space Nine and Starfleet with antileptons. Antimatter Converter Assembly Part of the warp drive system of Federation starships, including the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and other Constitution class vessels. Anyon Emitter Tool used by Starfleet Engineering personnel. In 2368, Lieutenant Commander Data used a modified anyon emitter to remove chroniton particle contamination caused by a Romulan interphase generator from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. The emitter was also used to return Chief Engineer La Forge and Ensign Ro to normal space from the phased condition in which they had been inadvertently trapped. Aphasia Device Terrorist weapon created by the Bajoran resistance to spread an aphasia virus into the food replicators aboard Deep Space Nine. During the station's construction in 2351, one such device was planted but never activated. Chief O'Brien accidentally set the device off in 2369 while repairing a replicator. Aqueduct Systems System combining canals and above-ground water conduits to provide fresh water to inhabited communities. Parts of Bajor used aqueducts to supply water for drinking, sanitation, and agriculture. In 2369, Captain Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D attended a conference on management of aqueduct systems during a visit by the starship to Deep Space Nine. Argine An explosive mounted in a Ferengi locator bomb that was targeted at then-Grand Nagus Quark in 2369. Argus Array Located three light-years from Cardassian space, this huge subspace radio telescope stopped transmitting data in 2367 and the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D subsequently investigated. A Cytherian probe was determined to be the cause of the array's malfunction.
  2. 2. Arva Nodes Component of Tosk's ship damaged prior to his visit to Deep Space Nine in 2369. Arva nodes were used to convert space matter into fuel for propulsion, similar to a ramscoop. Atavachron Sarepeidon technology which allows one-way time travel of the user's choice by way of pre-selected destinations within the planet's own history, archived for use and programming as circular disks. Return was prohibited due to changes that had to be made with this system to the user's cell structure to allow survival in other time periods. When the Sarpeidon sun Beta Niobe went nova in 2270, the entire planetary population traveled back to various times via the atavachron to escape death. Atmosphere Conditioning Pumps Component of the life support system of a starship. While under the control of Noonien Soong in 2367, Lieutenant Commander Data overrode seven independent safety locks and reset the pumps supplying the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D to operate in negative mode. Thie resulitng vaccuum forced the bridge crew to evacuate. Auto Destruct Computer program aboard Galaxy class starships for destruction of the vessel should the ship be captured or controlled by an enemy. Activation of the program requires verbal orders and handprint verification from the two most senior command officers of the ship. Autosequencers Part of the transporter system which regulates the actual transporter process. When Ambassador T'Pel was apparently killed in a transporter accident in 2367, one suspected cause of the mishap was an autosequence malfunction. Avidyne Engines Type of impulse engines used on Constellation-class starships, obsolete by 2365. The U.S.S. Hathaway, equipped with this engine, was used in a Starfleet battle exercise with the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D in 2365. Axionic Chip Element of the neural computing system of an exocomp. Baffle Plate Component of a Starfleet propulsion system, as with the U.S.S Antares. In 2266, Charles Evans caused the Antares to explode by making the baffle plate disappear. Another one that ruptured casued irreparable and disabling radiation damage to Christopher Pike during rescue of trapped cadets on a Class J training ship. Battle Bridge Secondary command and control center on Galaxy class starships. The battle bridge is located atop the stardrive section of the ship, and is normally used in battle situations when the stardrive section has separated from the saucer section and is operating independently. Battle Section Synonym for a Galaxy-class starship's stardrive section. The battle section is the module containing the warp engines that remains after the saucer section has separated. Beta 5 Computer Powerful computer system built by unknown extraterrestrials, used by Gary Seven on Earth in 1968 and secluded into his New York apartment. Bio-Neural Gel Packs Advanced Federation technology which adds synthetic nerual cels to a soft-sided circuitry module, designed to organize information more efficiently and speed up response time. The new feature is standard on Intrepid-class starships such as the U.S.S. Voyager. Their organic elements are, however, subject to damage from organic infection. Biochips Cybernetic inserts found in members of the Borg. Placed into the body via surgery, the chip enhance the physical capabilities of Borg individuals as well as generating organic material needed for survival by the organic components of a Borg individual's body. Death would result if the chips were removed from the individual. Biogenic Weapon Banned biological weapon constructed from biomimetic gel, retroviral vaccines, isomiotic hypos, and
  3. 3. plasma flares. A Maquis report in 2370 of Cardassian stockpiling of these items led to a covert mission in which Jean-Luc Picard was captured and subsequently "interrogated" by the Cardassians. Bioregenerative Field Energy used to increase the rate of cell growth in medical experiments. In 2369, Dr. Bashir used a field of this type on cellular material found in Ibudan's quarters. The material grew into a clone of Ibudan. Bipolar Torch Cutting tool used by personnel on Deep Space Nine. In 2369, a torch was used to cut through the toranium metal inlay on one of the station's doors. Boridium Power Converter Internal energy source of an exocomp. Branding Device A branding device as might be used for livestock, carrying The Circle's logo, was used by three of its beleivers when they painfully burned the image onto Quark's forehead after jumping him alone when the bar had closed. Brig Old Terran naval designation for a ship's detention area for the holding of suspect individuals. On starships and other facilities, forcefields are used to bar individual cells and sometimes the brig area entirely. Broad-Spectrum Warp Field A subspace bubble which may be found to interfere with the structural integrity of a quantum fissure. In 2370, the Enterprsie-D's shuttlecraft Curie used such a field to seal a quantum fissure. Bussard Collectors Component of the warp drive nacelles of Federation starships, name for a 20th century Terran physicist who first theorized their operation. Located at the front of the nacelle, the collectors generate large electromagnetic fields that attract the hydrogen gas found in interstellar space which is then used for fuel by the vessel's fusion reactors. In 2365, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D discharged hydrogen back through the collectors into space. The discharge created a colorful but harmless display that frightened the Pakleds into releasing Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge from captivity aboard the Pakled ship Mondor. Cabrodine Component of a common explosive. Neela used this combination of this chemical and infernite to destroy Keiko O'Brien's school on Deep Space Nine in 2369. Carbon Reaction Chambers Part of Cardassian nuclear fusion reactors such as those aboard Deep Space Nine. The term refers to the carbon-lined containment vessels within the reactors. Central Control Complex Interconnecting technology used by the android Norman in 2267 to control and instruct the 207,809 androids residing on Planet Mudd. Direct physical interface was obtained by placing the hands around an upraised organic cylinder ato the control console. "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties" This expression refers to a history volume left behind accidentally by the visiting crew of the U.S.S. Horizon in 2169 on Sigma Iotia II, before the development of the Federation Prime Directive of non- interference. "The Book," as the Iotians dubbed it, became revered as the new model for their society as much as any religious tex. Chlorobicrobes Agricultural chemical used by Bajoran to increase crop production. Cloaking Device Technology of Romulan origin, first described in 2266, that can generate an energy screen to render a traget object -- usually a spacecraft -- relatively invisible to sensors. Due to their immense power drain, cloaking generators have usually prohibited simultaneous use of other major systems such as weaponry, shields or warp drive. Although common to Klingon ships as well since its short-lived alliance with Romulus in the 2260s, Federation vessels have agrred to forego use of cloaks under the Treaty of Algeron, except in the case of the U.S.S. Defiant byspecial arrangement. Cloaking Device, Klingon Similar to the Romulan cloaking device. The Klingons received this technology from the Romulans circa
  4. 4. 2268, when the two civilizations shared a political alliance. The Klingons outfitted many ships, particularly their Bird-of-Prey type vessels with the devices. In 2293 the Klingons tested an experimental Bird-of-Prey that could operate its weapons while cloaked. Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A and his crew were able to improvise a method to track the ship, eliminating the tactical edge that the Klingon ship would have otherwise enjoyed in starship combat. Coil Scanner When modified, the unit can detect a quantum resonance oscillator. Collar of Obedience Disciplinary choker-collars worn by drill thralls on planet Triskelion that would constrict the wearer's neck of when activated, causing pain. Combadge The popular term for the modern Starfleet communicator when incorporated as a single unit with a chest insignia badge -- as opposed to original models which evolved as a separate unit that was standard landing party gear. The combadge has assumed different styles over the years since its 24th century inception , beginning with the longtime maroon uniform series style's chest pin by 2344 and later the simpler silver arrowhead design by the early 2350s. The arrowhead was backed by a gold housing, initially in an elliptical oval that was replaced by an angular-backed shape introduced in 2371. Communicator A portable transceiver device in use by Starfleet crews since at least the 2240s. Earlier versions were designed as a hand-held device with hardware control interface and a flip-up antennae grid/activator, but by the 2340s the communicator functions had been built into the metallic uniform insignia "combadge" won on the left breast, activated by touch or voice. Among many uses. Communicators serve as locator IDs for gaining a transporter lock on personnel. Communicator, Bajoran The Bajoran symbol on a pin, as worn by Kira and Odo, is also used as a communicator in the style of the Starfleet version but is worn on the right breast rather than the left. Compressed Teryon Beam Energy weapon used by Lenarians in 2369 in assaulting an away team from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Captain Picard was hit by the near-fatal attack and suffered injuries to his spleen and liver as well as damage to the bio-regulator in his artificial heart. Containment Field Forcefield used to isolate hazardous materials, measured by levels of power cohesiveness. Containment fields are routinely used to hold antimatter fuel within its storage pods. Also used in quarantine situations and to isolate dangerous biological materials. Cooling Unit Refrigeration contained for perishable foods in Neelix's kitchen aboard the U.S.S: Voyager. D`Arsay Transformation Program The program contained within the D'Arsay archive which used the U.S.S. Enterprise-D's replicators to transform the ship into Masaka's city. D`k tahg Traditional three-bladed knife wielded by Klingon warriors. It is commonly used both in hand-to-hand combat as well as in various Klingon ceremonies. Deflectors Manipulatable energy forcefield or shield that can be generated around space vessels and other facilities for protection from natural hazards and enemy weaponry. Transporters are generally not useable when deflector shield are in place. Dermatiraelian Plastiscine Drug used to sustain cosmetic surgery. Aamin Marritza took the drug for five years after having his face surgically altered to appear as Gul Darhe'el's. Destruct Sequence A computer program on Starfleet vessels, rigidly controlled by specific programming codes, that can initiate a ship's controlled self-destruction if the command officers deem such an act necessary to prevent capture. Diboridium Core Small power generators of Cardassian design. The Bajoran resistance constructed an aphasia device
  5. 5. powered by a diboridium core that was accidentally triggered on Deep Space Nine in 2369. Differential Magnetometer Mechanisms used to fine-tuen interpretation sof magentic scans. One used by the U.S.S. Rio Grande in 2369 to search for the Yangtzee Kiang was mounted on probes to pick up magnetic deflections from the Yangtzee Kiang's hull crashed on a moon's surface. Dilithium Chamber Hatch Exterior door of the matter/antimatter reaction chamber, part of the warp drive of a starship. The hatch gives crewmen access to the dilithium crystal articulation frame when the frame requires service or the crystals need replacing. Dilithium Crystal Articulation Frame Component of the warp drive system of a starship that holds the dilithium crystals suspended in the drive's matter/antimatter stream, where the crystals can regulate the matter/antimatter reaction. Directional Sonic Generator A device which would be less intrusive than E-M pathways -- but would take years longer -- to drive out DS9's vole population by being tuned to a frequency hurtful to their ears and also, as it turns out, Quark's. DNA Sequencer Lab equipment used by Janeway in her ill-fated hunt for a cure to the virus that stranded she and Chakotay on "New Earth." Drydock Orbital construction used for major maintenance and repair of starships and other space vessels. The original Enterprise NCC-1701 was refit in the San Francisco Yards dry-dock located in Earth orbit after completion of its initial five-year mission under Captain Kirk's command. Duotronics Breakthrough computer system invented in 2243 by Dr. Richard Daystrom, used until its replacement by isolinear technology as the basis of computers for over 80 years on Federation starships -- such as the main computer system of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. Dynoscanner A type of sensor that can establish the presence of low-level molecular activity. Ear Receiver Communications device worn in the ear by Starfleet personnel in the 23rd century, used to privately monitor audio transmissions or screen out surrounding noise if needed. EJ7 Interlock Device used to open critical system access panels by Engineering personnel aboard Deep Space Nine. Neela stole Chief O'Brien's interlock from his tool kit to prepare an escape for after her planned assassination of Vedek Bareil. Electroplasma System The common Federation power-distribution network, abbreviated EPS. Located on the power transfer conduits. Small quantities of drive plasma can be diverted through the taps to generate electricity for use by ship systems. Electroplasma System Taps Component of Federation starship warp drives located on the power transfer conduits. Small quantities of drive plasma can be diverted through the taps to generate electricity for use by ship systems. Emergency Hand Actuator Manual hand crank for emergency use aboard Federation starships. The crank, located next to a door within an access panel, can be used to force an unresponsive door to open. Emergency Transporter Armbands Devices that can remotely activate a transporter. Emergency armbands are used by Starfleet personnel when they expect to be in a situation where they may not have time to verbally contact their ship and request transport. They may also be used to generate subspace forcefields around the wearer to protect from temporal disturbances. Emulator Module Part of the computer systems on Deep Space Nine. The modules allow the computers to access alien computer networks. Encephalographic Polygraph Scan Scan conducted of a subject's brainwaves used to discern truthful statements and responses to questions.
  6. 6. Energy Containment Cell Mechanism that can store neural patterns of an individual. One such cell was used in 2369 to hold the consciousness of Rao Vantika. Energy Distribution Net Generic nomenclature for the Cardassian shipboard equivalent of Starfleet's electro-plasma system: the shipwide power system. Energy Transfer Device Vian handheld apparatus, controlled mentally by the user for uses rangin from teleportation to physical manipulation. Each unit was tuned to one specific user's thoughts. Energy Transfer, Bajor With Federation aid, Bajor planned to make its first-ever large-scale energy transfer to the planet by tapping the molten core of its one-time inhabited fifth moon, Jeraddo, to heat a few hundred thousand of its homes in the winter. Engine Core, Romulan The core area on a science ship, just off the side of Engineering behind double pocket doors, can be sealed off for top-launched ejection in emergencies; the manual method includes pulling up two hand- grip levers recessed under a floor hatch. Environmental Suit Sealed protective clothing worn by Starfleet personnel in hostile environments. The style has changed over the years from a softer chromo-metallic fabric in the 2260s to harder-edged materialsin the 2280s and beyond, often incorporating gear built-in such as communicators and magnetic boots. EPI Capacitor Door mechanism on Starfleet runabouts that can open a door by bypassing the actuation servos. Exocomp Experimental apparatus created by Dr. Farallon to perform engineering functions in hazardous situations. Exocomps were equipped with microreplicators that they would use to make whatever tool was needed to accomplish the assigned task. Outfitted with extensive onboard intelligence so they could make repair decisions independently, the exocomps were discovered to be sentient life-forms in their own right in 2369. Field Control Unit A Cardassian remote control, as with the one used to control the security field at the Hutet Labor Camp. It must be pointed at the area to be affected. Filter Masks Breathing aids used on planet Ardana to protect zenite miners from the negative effects of its gas. Flight Recorder The recorder stores data and visual records from critical areas on a ship. It is intended for use by investigators to gather evidence in the event of an accident involving or aboard the ship. In 2285, Admiral Kirk and Ambassador Sarek used recorder visual data to determine that Captain Spock had placed his katra into Dr. McCoy. Forced Plasma Beam Energy ray emitted by Borg and Ferengi handheld weapons. Gateways Iconian transporters which allowed instantaneous travel to anywhere in the galaxy, at least. Rebel Jem'Hadar found one on Vandros IV; another was located on their homeworld. The Dominion knew of them as well as the Federation. They generate an energy damping field. Genesis Device Torpedo mechanism intended for use in Project Genesis testing. In 2285 Khan Noonien Singh stole the device and activated it in an attempt to destroy the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and his enemy Kirk. Gravitational Unit Mechanism used to generate artificial gravity aboard starships. The unit aboard the Klingon ship Kronos One was disabled as part of the scheme to assassinate Chancellor Gorkon in 2293. Gravitic Sensor Net Sensor network for the detection of cloaked vessels. The Federation employed such nets with moderate success near the Romulan Neutral Zone.
  7. 7. Graviton Elementary particle of matter that transmits gravitational energy. Graviton Field Component of a tractor beam that enhances the structural strength of an object undergoing towing. In 2369, Deep Space Nine was endangered by an unknown life form contained inside an alien artifact that was capable of generating graviton fields. The crisis was resolved when the artifact was transported off the station, allowing the life form to emerge and disappear into the Bajoran wormhole. Graviton Field Generator One component of forcefield and artificial gravity generators. In 2368, a Romulan vessel was forced to eject its warp core when a phase technology trial caused the graviton field generator aboard ship to depolarize. Graviton Inverted Circuit Part of an antigrav, such as those built into cargo-handling units. Habitat Ring Part of the structure of Deep Space Nine. The habitant ring encircles the central core of the station, and is primarily filled with quarters and other living facilities for personnel. Three runabout launch pads can also be found on the ring. Hangar Deck The shuttlecraft landing and storage facility found aboard Federation starships, derived from terran naval parlance. More modern usage of the 24th century has referred to the area as a shuttlebay. Heisenberg Compensators Part of the transporter that permits the derivation of positional data and precision vectors of particles on a subatomic level. Holodeck The generic name, especially in use aboard Federation starships, for the "smart" virtual reality system as evolved by the 2360s -- a technology that combines transporter, replicator, and holographic systems. The programs, projected via emitters within a specially outfitted but otherwise empty room, can create both "solid" props and characters as well as holographic background to evoke any vista, any scenario, and any personality -- all based on whatever real or fictional parameters are programmed. While personal holoprograms relieve the stress and isolation of shipboard life for crew personnel, Holodecks are also used for tasks ranging from scientific simualtion to tactical or even covert training. Off starships, many commercial users have equipped facilities with so-called Holosuites. Holodeck Imaging Processor The technology in a holodeck system which produces the visual imagery. Holodeck Matter A form of matter created in holodeck simulations. This type of matter is only stable within the confines of a holodeck. If removed from the holodeck, objects made of this material collapse into energy and are destroyed. Hologenerators Equipment used by a holodeck to create holographic images. In 2369, Quark mentioned to Security Chief Odo that he would like to expand the size of his bar so that he could use the bar's existing hologenerators to add more holosuite facilities. Hologram Generator Device used to conceal anthropological teams and their survey sites from native planetary life forms, so that the anthropologists can make observations without being detected. In 2366, the generator at a Mintaka III station failed, caused cultural contamination when the Mintakans captured a member of the anthropology team stationed on that planet. Holographic Information Module Device which can store and transmit holographic information. Data discovered such a module in the cranium of his "mother" which transmitted a message from his creator, Dr. Noonien Soong. Soong asked that his wife not be told the reality of her situation -- that her consciousness had been transferred into the body of an artificial lifeform. Holosuite Terms for the recreational holodeck facilities located on the second floor of Quark's bar on Deep Space Nine.
  8. 8. Huey 204 Atmospheric transport used on Earth circa the late twentieth century. Commander Sulu borrowed a Huey while on a time-traveling visit to Earth's past, in order to aid in constructing the tank required to hold the whales the Starfleet crew were seeking to bring to the twenty third century. Iconic Display Console Computer-mind interface system created by Lieutenant Barclay in 2367 when his intelligence had been enhanced by Cytherian influence. Imaging Scanner Device within a transporter that creates a molecular-resolution image of the individual being transported, and allowing for creation of a rematerialization matrix. Transporters use redundant scanners, allowing the system to ignore one scanner if its results disagree with the others. Impulse Drive Propulsion system used aboard spacecraft for travel at subwarp speeds, employing traditional Newtonian action-reaction thrust physics. Full impulse speed is about one-quarter light speed, sufficient for interplanetary travel. Aboard Federation starships, fusion reactors power the engines using deuterium fuel to create helium plasma. Overload of an impulse engine on the dmaaged U.S.S Constellation, a Constitution-class starship, was once rated at 97.835 megatons. Impulse Sustainer Propulsion system used in vehicles such as sensor probes to provide thrust after the probe is launched. Inertial Dampers Mechanisms aboard starships to compensate for acceleration forces caused by speed changes. Infernite Component of a common explosive. Neela used this combination of this chemical and cabrodine to destroy Keiko O'Brien's school on Deep Space Nine in 2369. Infirmary The medical department on Deep Space Nine headed by Dr. Julian Bashir. Interface Probe A remotely-controlled robotics device that allows work to occur in dangerous environments. The user is able to connect with the probe such that the senses believe the individual is actually in the environment. Commander Geordi La Forge used an interface probe in 2370 to "see and feel" the insides of the U.S.S. Raman. Interlink Sequencer Part of Lieutenant Commander Data's positronic brain. In 2369, Data increased his computational speed by setting his sequencer to asynchronous operation. Intermix Formula Mathematical equation used to determine the proper mix of matter and antimatter in the warp core reaction chamber among starship propulsion systems. Artificial wormholes could result if the mix is applied incorrectly. In 2266, Science Officer Spock and Chief Engineer Scott accomplished an emergency restart of their starship's warp engines by creating a new formula based on a theoretical time/antimatter relationship. Although it saved the ship, the emergency move prompted a negative temporal shift of three days. Later, some of the warp drive upgrades supposedly being performed by Kosinski in 2364 called for varying the formula to improve engine performance. Internal Power Grid Synonym for EPS power distribution system aboard Federation starships. Interphase Generator Experimental device created by the Romulans in 2368 that combined a molecular phase inverter with a cloaking device. Matter exposed to the generator would partially exist on another spatial plane. This would render the matter undetectable and enable it to pass through normal matter. The Klingons abandoned research into such a device after several experimental accidents in the 2360s. A Romulan test of a generator damaged the warp core of the test vehicle. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D responded to the Romulan distress call and assisted in ejecting the warp core and repairing the ship. In the process, the Enterprise was contaminated by chroniton particles, and a transporter malfunction caused the apparent deaths of Chief Engineer La Forge and Ensign Ro. In reality, La Forge and Ro had been phased by the generator. While cleaning up the chroniton contamination, Lieutenant Commander Data ascertained what had happened to La Forge and Ro and was able to return them to normal space.
  9. 9. Interphasic Compensator Hand-held device that, when connected to a starship's warp core, can be used to realign warp coils. After Captain Sisko used such a device on the U.S.S. Defiant to correct damage caused by the inversion of the wormhole, he was dragged through time after the interphasic compensator caused a powerful energy discharge in Engineering. Intraship Beaming Term referring to transporting between areas within the same starship, a process considered risky in the 23rd century due to less precise targeting and the chance of materialization within a bulkhead or solid object in close quarters. Eventually such transporting was refined for both emergency and routine site-to- site use. Invasive Program Virus-like computer program designed by crewmembers of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D with the intention of destroying the Borg collective construct. The program, a paradoxical geometric construct, would be introduced into the Borg and from there form an unending puzzle that would be impossible to solve and eventually would cause a fatal overload of the entire Borg consciousness. Plans to implant the program in the Borg Hugh were abandoned when Hugh exhibited individual character traits. It was decided that using the program for mass destruction of Hugh and his species would be immoral. Inverter Transport device used by Ansata terrorists on planet Rutia IV in 2366. Ansata members were able to conduct interdimensional, folder-space transports that escaped detection by Rutian authorities. The inverter had the side-effect of causing cumulative damage to the DNA of those using it. The damage would accumulate and eventually be fatal with continued use. Lieutenant Commanders Data and La Forge were able to find the inverters' power source with an adaptive subspace echogram. The echogram detected the subspace pressure modulations that usage of the device also caused. Ion Propulsion Spacecraft drive system that used magnetic fields to drive electrically charged gases. Ion propulsion was used in Class F shuttlecraft in the 2260s, but its application by a ship from Sigma Draconis VI left Montgomery Scott speechless upon first contact in 2268. Its ion wake was easily detectable. Ionizer, Transporter Component of a 22nd century transporter system. In 2266, damage to an ionizer caused a malfunction that created a duplicate of Captain Kirk over Alfa 177. Isolinear Co-Processor Computing mechanism used aboard Deep Space Nine. In 2369, Neela sabotaged a coprocessor in Security by adding a subspace device to it that disabled the Promenade's weapon detectors. Neela was therefore able to bring a phaser to the Promenade in her assassination attempt on Vedek Bareil. Isolinear Optical Chip Information storage and processing media used aboard starships circa 2329, and in general usage since around 2349. The chips are composed of a linear memory crystal material. The chips are often mounted in wall racks containing dozens or hundreds of the devices. Isolinear chips replaced the duotronic system previously in use on Federation starships. In 2367, while under Romulan mind control, Chief Engineer La Forge altered several chips to covertly beam weapons via cargo transporter to the planet Krios, and to erase all record of the beaming afterward. Isolinear Rods Translucent orange computer storage and processing media used on Cardassian-designed facilities such as Deep Space Nine. Isolinear rods are roughly equivalent to the Federation's isolinear optical chip. Quark owns a number of unauthorized rods containing programs than enable him to defeat computer security measures and access restricted data. Jefferies Tube Traditional name for personnel access conduits aboard Federation starships, usually to allow hands-on contact to critical circuitry and serve as emergency access in times of power outage. In 2369, Lt. Cmdr. Nella Darren used a Jefferies Tube junction on the Galaxy-class Enterprise as a concert hall for its acoustics. Kalevian Montar Game played by Gul Dukat and Security Chief Odo on Deep Space Nine. Gul Dukat believed that they had played many times, but Odo reminded him that they had only played once and Dukat had cheated. Klingon Communicator
  10. 10. Communications equipment used by Klingon personnel. Like their Federation counterparts, Klingon models were originally handheld but eventually were incorporated into pins worn on the uniform. Klon Peags Wadi instruments resembling chopsticks that was prized in Wadi culture and have a variety of uses. In 2369, Falow proposed a stake of klon peags in a wager with Quark, but Quark declined to accept them as a bid. Lang Cycle Fusion Engines Technology used aboard Promellian spacecraft about a millennium ago for power and propulsion. When a Promellian battle cruiser was discovered near Orelious IX in 2366, Captain Picard was hopeful that the Lang engines would still be intact. Laser Weapons Defensive directed-energy technology -- an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation -- used within sidearms by the Federation before the advent of the phaser. By the 2250s, hand- held sidearms as well as a large laser cannon for planetary use were employed. Laser-Induced Fusion Nuclear fusion ignited by lasers. Such a system is used in the impulse drives of Federation starships as well as for the power reactors aboard Deep Space Nine. Engineering term for controlled nuclear fusion in which the required ignition temperatures created by powerful lasers. Laser-induced fusion is used in the impulse drive engines of Federation starships, as well as in the power supply reactors on Deep Space 9. Lauriento Massage Holoprogram #101-A Holosuite program available at Quark's bar on space station Deep Space Nine. This program provides the customer with a body massage by a humanoid woman with webbed hands. On stardate 46421.5 the clone of a humanoid named Ibudan was killed while running this simulation, #101-A. Level-1 Personnel Sweep Sensor scan pattern used to locate personnel. In 2369 Security Chief Odo ran such a sweep to ensure than a station-wide evacuation order was being obeyed by station residents. Level-2 Security Alert Starfleet security procedure put into use when intruders are expected inside a starship. The alert calls for armed security personnel to take up positions on each deck. Lexorin Drug administered to Dr. McCoy in 2285 to remedy the symptoms of mental disorientation he was experiencing while carrying the katra of Captain Spock within his own mind. Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS) Name of the main computer system aboard Galaxy-class starships. Life-Energy Transfer Technique invented by the now-extinct natives of planet Camus II to swap the minds and personalities of two subjects with each other. Dr. Janice Lester discovered the device used for this procedure in 2269 and used it to switch her mind with that of longtime rival James Kirk. Linear Memory Crystal Component of an isolinear chip. This optically refractive material is a key part of data processing devices. Sentient nanites accidentally created by Ensign Wesley Crusher in 2366 consumed the crystals for food, which enabled them to reproduce and spread throughout the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Linguacode Communications code meant for use in first-contact situations. It is designed to be easily translated and understood by the recipient. Lithium Crystals Predecessor to dilithium as used in early starship warp drive reactors. Because the rare crystalline form was required, lithium so used had to be refined thourgh an energy-intensive "cracking" process. Locator Bomb Advanced weapon mounted with a sorium argine explosive that could seek out and track a target using sensors capable of detecting the pheromones of the targeted individual. In 2369, Rom and Krax used one of these weapons in an attempted assassination of then-Grand Nagus Quark. Log Record of activities aboard Federation starships and starbases, recored for official archives. Individuals often keep personal logs as well, proteced for privacy as they wish.
  11. 11. Lower Pylon 1 The lower half of docking pylon 1 on Deep Space Nine. Lower pylon 1 was evacuated in 2369 when a subspace rupture was imminent. Luvetric Pulse Form of energy that theoretically could be used to track Lieutenant Commander Data's location. The pulse would cause a detecting resonance fluctuation in his power cells. When Data was controlled by Lore in 2369, a luvetric pulse was considered to locate him, but discarded because the pulse would have risked destroying Data's positronic net. M-5 The fifth incarnation of the multitronic computer system, testedby Dr. Richard Daystrom in 2268 as his latest try at surpassinhis own breakthrough duotronic system. Like its predeccor models, this version carried a fat flaw -- Daystrom's use of his own neural engrams to make the leap in artificial intelligence required for the operating system to fully emulate a human mind. Initially successful in a test aboard the U.S.S Enterprisie,l, the M-5 caused the deaths of hundreds during combat trials and nearly caused the destruction of its test ship when it refused to surrender. Depending on Daystrom's sense of morality having survived the engrammatic impression, Enterprise Captain James Kirk persuaded the unit to shut itself down when it was shown in a different vein that it had committed murder. Macintosh Personal computer model used on Earth in the twentieth century. Chief Engineer Scott had trouble determining what the mouse accessory was for and found using the keyboard "quaint." Magnaspanner Starfleet Engineering handheld tool. Magnesite-Nitron Tablet A compound manufacted in tablet form that provides emergency illumination and heat through a bright flame when crushed. Used in fieldmedikits, the tablets could also be used for ignition of a larger fire, heating of food or sterilization of water. Magnetic Boots Footwear used in weightless environments to allow the wearer to remain attached to a given surface. Assassins who killed Klingon Chancellor Gorkon in 2293 wore boots of this type to move around the Klingon vessel Kronos One after its gravity had been disabled. The boots were later used to identify Burke and Samno as the assassins. Magnetic Probe Handheld tool used by Starfleet engineers. After the Kalandan Losira sabotaged the engines of the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2268, causing the ship to accelerate to dangerously high warp speeds, Chief Engineer Scott used a magnetic probe to seal a flaw in the matter-antimatter flow and decelerate the ship. Magnetic Seals Part of the matter/antimatter containment system aboard Federation starships. The seals prevent the antimatter from making contacting with the ship's structure and destroying the vessel. The U.S.S. Yamato was destroyed in 2365 when its seals failed. The emergency system that would have ejected the antimatter from the ship in the event of a seal failure also did not function. Magnetospheric Energy Taps A power-supply technology developed on the Alpha Moon of planet Pelar Zel. It enabled the inhabitants to use the magnetic field of Pelar Zel as an energy source. However, the field created by the taps intersected the orbit of and caused extensive damage to Beta Moon, which only heightened the already tense political animosity between the two moon's governments. Main particle Impeller Component of an experimental particle fountain created by Dr. Farallon. When the impeller overloaded in 2369, the work station on planet Tyrus VIIA was contaminated by radiation. Maneuvering Thrusters Low-velocity propulsion system used by spacecraft. The thrusters are reaction-control jets in docking maneuvers and similar situations for precision positional and attitude control. Master Systems Display A display/control console located in Main Engineering aboard Galaxy-class starships. Matter Stream A beam of phased/dematerialized matter in a transporter that is sent from the transporter to the
  12. 12. destination (or vice versa) that is then reconstituted back into the transported subject. Matter-Antimatter ntegrator Part of the warp drive system of Constitution-class starships, among others. The Kalandan Losira fused the emergency bypass control valve of the integrator on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2268, causing the ship to accelerate up to warp 14.1 (old scale) before repairs brought it back under control. Matter/Antimatter Reaction Chamber The actual intermix chamber at the heart of a warp propulsion system, as designed in Federation vessels, where matter and antimatter are safely allowed to react in the most efficient manner. The residual energy, regulated by a dilithium matrix and a series of warp field coils, then creates a subsapce field about the vessel for faster-than-light travel. The use of antimatter requires than a series of safety interlocks and magnetic fields protect the entire warp core. Metagenic Weapon Genetically engineered viruses that destroy DNA of persons exposed to it. Metagenic viruses were designed to mutate rapidly, wipe out entire ecosystems within days, and then die out after a month. Those using such weapons could therefore slay entire planetary populations without destroying the planet's infrastructure. The major galactic powers, including the Federation, Ferengi, and Romulans agreed to treaties banning such weapons because of the danger they posed. In 2369, Starfleet intelligence believed that the Cardassians were developing new metagenic weapons that would be delivered to their targets via theta-band subspace carrier waves, but this proved to be deliberate misinformation spread by the Cardassians. Metaphasic Shield New type of shield invented by the Ferengi scientist Dr. Reyga in 2369. A metaphasic shield is a series of overlapping low-level subspace fields, which causes the shielded object to partially exist within subspace itself. The first test of the new shielding was in 2369 when a shuttlecraft from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D was outfitted with the shield and piloted into the corona of a nearby star. The test was apparently unsuccessful, but Dr. Beverly Crusher proved that the test had been sabotaged by the pilot as part of a plan to discredit Dr. Reyga and steal the shielding technology. A second test proved that the new shields did function correctly. Micro-Optic Drill Handheld engineering tool for drilling tiny precision holes in substances. In 2368, Chief Engineer La Forge and Ensign Ro used a drill of this type to create a small hole in the ceiling of the Ten-Forward Lounge, where Ux-Mal criminals were holding crew members hostage. Microreplication System Components of an exocomp allowing it to fabricate tools for conducting engineering tasks. When an exocomp performs a task it has never attempted previously, the microreplicator creates a new circuit pathway within the system. Microscopic Generator Apparatus used by Rao Vantika to transfer his mind into Dr. Bashir in 2369. Mid-Range Phase Adjuster A device for compensating for inertial distortion within drive plasma of warp drive systems. The adjuster was developed by Chief Engineer La Forge for use on the drive system of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. La Forge offered to co-author a paper on the new technology with Dr. Leah Brahms. MK-12 Scanner A security device used for identify verification. The array office on the Promenade of Deep Space Nine uses such a scanner to verify the identify of individuals storing valuables there. While on Deep Space Nine in 2369, Vash questioned whether the array office's scanner, which was further equipped with an L-89 enhanced resolution filter, was a sufficient safeguard. Mnemonic Memory Circuit Type of computer circuit used in modern databank access. A primitive circuit, composed of a variety of electrical and radio parts of the 1930s on Earth, was jury-rigged by Commander Spock to retrieve tricorder data while he and Captain Kirk were trapped there. Modesty Sub-Routine A special sub-program written into Data's positronic brain pattern to ensure that he remained clothed while in the presence of others. Molecular Phase Inverter Romulan invention that altered the molecular structure of matter, enabling that matter to pass or phase
  13. 13. through normal matter and energy. Mooring Clamps Mechanisms used at Deep Space Nine to hold docked ships in place at their assigned docking ports. Mortae Mining tools used by the Troglytes on planet Ardana, and adapted by their Disruptor freedom-fighters to be used as weapons in their striuggle for equality circa 2269. They frequently targeted the planet's suspended "cloud city," Stratos, for such attacks. Multiphase Tractor Beam Invention of Chief Engineer La Forge and Hannah Bates, a scientist living in the Gerome colony on planet Moab IV, in 2368. The new modification of a standard tractor beam allowed for more efficient use of warp power diverted to the tractor beam. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D used the multiphase beam to prevent a stellar core fragment from colliding with Moab IV, but doing caused a ship-wide loss of support systems. Mutual Induction Field Satellite produced energy field barrier, that prevents communication and inhibits sensor readings. Nacelle That part of a starship's hull that houses the warp drives -- usually an outboard pair of symmetrical cylinders or pods, and in Federation designs running parallel to the ship's line of flight. The nacelles contain subspace field coils and in some cases have Bussard collectors mounted at the fore end. Nanopulse Laser Engineering device of advanced design created by the android inhabitants of Planet Mudd. Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is a field of engineering that deals with microscopic machines and technology. Neural Imaging Scan A scanning procedure to medically diagnose a part of a patients brain called the visual cortex. In 2369 when O'Brien becomes afflicted with an acute case of aphasia Dr. Bashir uses a neural imaging scan to try to find the cause. Neural Output Pods One of the components in Chief Engineer La Forge's VISOR. The pods transmit visual data collected by the VISOR to the brain. When trapped on planet Galorndon Core in 2366, La Forge and the Romulan Bochra connected the pods to a tricorder, enabling the tricorder to detect a neutrino rescue beacon. Neural Stimulator Medical instrument used to increase neural activity in the central nervous system of a humanoid brain. Dr. Beverly Crusher used a neural stimulator in an unsuccessful attempt to revive the gravely injured Lieutenant Natasha Yar after she had been attacked by Armus. On a side note, Professor Berlinghoff Rasmussen stole a neural stimulator from sickbay ("A Matter of Time"). Neurotransmitter A chemical in the brain that aids in the transfer of electrical stimulus between the synaptic end of a axon to the dentrite of another. On stardate 45944 while under the influence of the Kataan probe, Captain Jean-Luc Picard had increased activity neurotransmitter output. Neutrino Field Concentration of neutrino particles. In 2368, Chief Engineer La Forge used a neutrino field to detain a group of noncorporeal criminals from the Ux-Mal system that had possessed several crewmembers in an attempt to take over the starship. Nisroh A knife-like weapon with a curved blade that is used by the native people of the planet Tilonus IV. A nisroh was given to Riker to further authenticate his disguise on a mission to rescue a Federation research team trapped on that planet. Before beaming down Worf briefed Riker on the use of the nisroh. Nitrium A alloy used for the interior construction of Federation ships. The alloy is used in areas where an extremely strong radiation resistant metal is needed such as damping field generators, power transfer conduits, and the matter/antimatter reaction chamber. Nucleonic Beam An energy beam of such low level that it is capable of penetrating shields of Federation starships. A nucleonic beam from the Kataan probe penetrated the U.S.S. Enterprises shield and affected Captain
  14. 14. Picard's brain wave patterns. Nullifier Core The nullifier core is the main engineering element of the propulsion systems on Romulan Warbird's. The nullifier core must be kept within strict levels of performance in order to prevent a phenomena known as magnetic disruptions, that can be detected by other ships while the Romulan Warbird is cloaked. Obelisk In the case of Miramanee's Amerind planet, the native designation of a deflector-beam generator built by the progenitor species dubbed the Preservers to protect the planet. Its surface was inscribed with symbols in a tonal alphabet which described how to operate the deflector. The knowledge of the symbols was passed down from one medicine man to the next within the tribe until one such failed to do so and left the planet in danger of an asteroid strike in 2268. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 were able to deduce the generator's operation and reactivate it. ODN Acronym for Optical Data Network, the system of fiber-optics used on Federation starships by the ship's computers for data transmission. Deep Space Nine used a similar network, but it was poorly maintained and unreliable. Opti-Cable The fiber-optic cable used in Federation starship computer systems by the optical data network (ODN). Optical Transducer Part of the VISOR worn by Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge. The transducers receives electromagnetic radiation from the surrounding environment and converts it into a bioelectric signal that the brain can comprehend. When La Forge was injured by a phaser shot in 2369, Dr. Beverly Crusher altered the transducer to reduce his pain by blocking the brain's own pain receptors. Padd Acronym for Personal Access Display Device, portable handheld information access devices used by Starfleet crewmembers. Palm Beacons Similar to high powered flashlights, a palm beacon is a high output, hand held light source used by Federation personnel when on away mission. Particle Fountain Mining device invented by Dr. Farallon in 2369. The device was mounted aboard a space station orbiting planet Tyrua VII-A, where it would project a forcefield down to the planet's surface. The fountain, however, malfunctioned when tested. Pattern Buffer Storage area within a transporter where a person's image is held until the transporter's transmission frequency is adjusted to any relative motion between the transporter and the target and the Doppler effect caused by such motion. A critical part of the transporter system, two buffers are in operation simultaneously so that in the event one unit fails, the images of the transport subjects can be moved to the backup buffer. Pattern buffer were multiplexed beginning in 2319 to avoid causing transporter psychosis in transport subjects. In 2369, a quasi-energy microbial life form was discovered in the Igo sector that could live in the matter stream within a pattern buffer. When the U.S.S. Jenolen was in distress in 2295, Captain Montgomery Scott modified a pattern buffer to hold him and crewman Matt Franklin alive in suspension until rescue arrived. When the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D found the Jenolen in 2369, Captain Scott was restored alive but Franklin was killed by pattern degradation. Pattern Enhancer Portable Starfleet devices used to amplify the signal lock of transporter signals in hazardous conditions, such as electrical storms. Enhancers are typically deployed in groups of three, placed in a triangular pattern around the subjects to be transported. Transporter Chief O'Brien used enhancers in 2368 to rescue an away team stranded on a moon of Mab-Bu VI. Phase Conditioners Device that is part of a seismic regulator. Triolic waves will cause conditioners to malfunction. Phase Discriminator Device that is a component of various systems and comes in several types. The positronic brain of Lieutenant Commander Data had a type-R discriminating amplifier. The brain of the android Lore had a type-L amplifier. A handheld version was used to adjust an away team from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D to the time continuum of the Devidians. Starfleet emergency transporter armbands contain
  15. 15. a type-7 discriminator. With the discriminator, the armbands can be modified to create subspace forcefields around the wearer. Phase Transition Coils Transporter component that converts a person's from matter to energy and back again. Failure of the transition cells was discounted as the cause of Ambassador's T'Pel's apparent death in 2367 when Transporter Chief O'Brien noted that the cells had been replaced just the week before. Phased Kedion Pulse A pulse that can be generated with the use of resonating positrons. In 2370, while being held by the Borg, Commander La Forge and Captain Picard used a phased kedion pulse in an attempt to trigger Data's subsystems and rebooting his ethical program. Phaser Type I Starfleet handheld energy weapon in use since circa 2266. The Phaser Type I was commonly used when a show of force was not appropriate, such as in first contact and other off-ship missions involving diplomacy. Like other phasers, the Type I -- also referred to as a hand phaser -- can be adjusted to various settings such as stun, heat, disrupt and overload. Early in their use, the Type I of the 2260s through 2290s could be attached to a pistol grip for added range and stability for aiming. This combined unit is referred to as a Phaser Type II. Phaser Type II Larger handheld energy weapon used by Starfleet personnel since 2266. More powerful that the Type 1 variety, . Some Type 2 phasers were actually Type 1s mounted in a pistol grip. Like all phasers, the Type 2 can be set for stun, heat, disrupt, and other settings. Phaser ype IV Medium-sized variety of phaser that can be mounted on small vehicles. Shuttlecraft can be equipped with phasers of this type, but most shuttles did not carry type-4 phasers as standard equipment. Phaser Type VIII A Starship level phaser weapon, that where stolen and subsequently used on Maquis ships in the Demilitarized Zone. Phasing Cloak A experimental way of cloaking starships that would not only render a ship invisible but would also alter the ships atomic structure to allow it to pass through ordinary matter. That advantages of a phasing cloak would be immeasurable for who ever developed it first. The development such a device though was a direct violation of the Treaty of Algeron, and the Federation was proven to have covertly worked on its development. The device was never used due to the fact that it was proven impractical and unstable. Phoretic Analyzer Device used in the infirmary of Deep Space Nine. In 2369, Dr. Bashir asked Security Chief Odo to pour himself into such a device for analysis of his body's chemistry. Picard Delta One A virtual reality file that was contained in the Holodeck's computer memory, storing the computer realities of Professor James Moriarty and Countess Bartholomew. The two Sherlock Holmes characters believed they were exploring the universe together, having escaped the confines of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D holodeck. Plasma Grid An engineering component of the warp drive that is a vital part for controlling power conversion levels. Commander Donald Kaplan suggested to Commander La Forge that he might achieve a higher level of performance by "cleaning his plasma grid once in a while." Plasma Infuser Handheld device used to transfer high-energy plasma. Plasma Injector Part of a spacecraft's warp drive. Positronic Brain A device first postulated by Isaac Asimov in the twentieth century that would use positron decay as the basis of an advanced computer neural system. Thought to be impossible to construct, the twenty-fourth century scientist Dr. Noonien Soong proved the devices could be practical by using them in his androids Lore and Data. In 2366, Lieutenant Commander Data used new submicron matrix transfer techniques to create a new positronic brain that he used to construct his android daughter Lal, but the new design
  16. 16. eventually malfunctioned and failed. Prefix Code The prefix code in Federation starship's locks control of that vessel to a unique code, accessed by authorized personnel. This code prevents unsecured control of key ship's systems through transmission from another vessel. Admiral James T. Kirk used the prefix code for the starship U.S.S. Reliant to control that ship's systems from the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise while the starship was under hostile control. The Starship Reliant's prefix code was 16309. Progressive Encryption Lock Security codes protecting access to the Romulan computer network. In 2368 Lieutenant Commander Data and Ambassador Spock broke the codes and were able to access the Romulan computers. Progressive Memory Purge Progressive memory purge is a computer cleansing process, that restores a computer's memory to its original state. In 2369, after the failure of an interface experiment, this technique was used on Commander Data to restore his memory. Project Genesis Project Genesis was a theoretical process to terraform dead planets by means of a genetic explosion that would reduce the surface of a planet to its elementary particles. Under the direction of Dr. Carol Marcus this theory was successfully run on the nearby planet Regula. The device was subsequently stolen by Khan Noonian Singh in his revenge plans against Admiral James T. Kirk and was detonated inside the Mutara Nebula, thus creating the unstable Genesis planet. The project was deemed a failure when the planet began to break down due to the usage of unstable protomatter in the original matrix. Promethean Quartz An internally naturally glowing mineral that has a high commercial value. Vash, an archaeologist and entrepreneur, while in the Gamma Quadrant, stumbled upon a geode resembling a Promethean quartz, but it ultimately discovered to contain a winged energy creature that nearly destroyed Deep Space Nine. Proximity Detector Magnetic jewel device two centimeters in size that would be implanted in humanoids to facilitate tracking and identifying those implanted. The devices were used on Manu III and Turkana IV to sound an alarm when the wearer would enter a forbidden area. On Turkana IV, they were also useful in warning of enemy cadre members nearby, and to identify what cadre a person was affiliated with. Microexplosives that would detonate when exposed to air were to prevent removal of the detectors, but Dr. Beverly Crusher was able to remove one from Ishara Yar in 2367 by surrounding the surgical area with an inert gas. Psi-Wave Device A device used in the interrogation of prisoners by the Prytt security minister. The device is planted in the cerebral cortex of the prisoner, to gain access to the thoughts of that person. While in the custody of the Prytt Security Ministry, Captain Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher were implanted with these devices. Psilosynine A chemical found in the brain of a empath, such as a Betazed, or specie that is capable of telepathy. In 2370, the telepathic demands on Ambassador Lwaxana Troi, while working with the Cairn diplomatic delegation, became so demanding that her psilosynine level became dangerously low. Psionic Resonator A ancient Vulcan weapon long ago banned due to its violent nature. The weapon had the capability of amplifying telepathic energy of its user in order to kill its intended victim. In Vulcan lore the weapon was known as the Stone of Gol and was thought to be the most destructive weapon ever created. Pulse Compression Wave Added to a phaser blast , the pulse compression wave will increase the destructive power of a phaser. In 2369, Chief Operations Officer O'Brien used the pulse compression wave to defend Deep Space Nine against the Cardassians. Pulse-Wave Torpedo A ship-mounted explosive weapon. In 2169, a Vulcan spacecraft attempted to close a subspace rupture with such a device. When a similar rupture was believed to be forming near Deep Space Nine in 2369, a pulse-wave torpedo was again used to attempt to correct the problem. Quantum Phase Inhibitor Known more commonly as the Tox Uthat, the inhibitor could stop the nuclear reaction that takes place within stars. It was invented in the twenty-seventh century by Kal Dano.
  17. 17. Quarantine Transmitter Radio beacons aboard Federation starships used to send automated warnings to other vessels in the event that the ship was contaminated in some hazardous fashion. The transmitter on the U.S.S. Lantree was enabled after the starship crew was killed by antibodies from the Darwin Genetic Research Station. Radans Troyian word for the dilithium mined on that planet, used as gemstones until its usefulness in warp drive was made known to their culture. The leader of Troyius gave Elaan, the Dohlman of Elas, a necklace of radans as a wedding present in 2268. Elaan's necklace served as a source of emergency crystals for the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 when that ship was under attack by a Klingon vessel. Ramscoop Also known as a Bussard collector. A ramscoop uses magnetic fields to collect hydrogen from interstellar for fuel. Chief O'Brien compared ramscoops to the arva nodes in Tosk's ship damaged in 2369, since the nodes served the same function. Ready Room A room on many Federation vessels that is adjacent to the bridge, where the captain can work relatively undisturbed. Rec Deck Short for recreation deck, a facility located aft on deck 7 of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 after its refit. It offered an assortment of games to crewmen. Also among its features were a large viewscreen and a historical displays of past vessels named Enterprise. Recorder Marker A buoy with data-storage capability, also known as a flight recorder, carried aboard space vessels as a record of its activities in the event of cataclysmic loss. In 2265, the U.S.S. Enterprise found a marker from the S.S. Valiant. The Klingons of the 2360s also use such a system. Refrigeration Unit General name for the cryostasis generator added to the life-support system of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2268 by commandeering Scalosians, who meant to keep the crew in stasis until needed to help repopulate their sterile species. Rematerialization Subroutine part of the operating program of a transporter. This subroutine controls the reintegration of transported subjects. In 2295 Captain Scott used a transporter aboard the U.S.S. Jenolen to suspend himself and crewman Matt Franklin alive in suspension within the transporter until rescue arrived. As part of that process Captain Scott disabled the rematerialization subroutine. Replicator Devices derived from transporter technology to dematerialize matter and then reconstitute it in another form. Replicators, in use since the early 24th century, are most commonly used as food dispensers aboard Federation starships: the menu is only limited by the programming, as opposed to the days of carrying natural or reconstituted foodstuffs with delivery by special turbolifts or transporters. Generally replicated food and "natural" food taste the same, though some people claim to be able to detect a difference; for instance, Captain Picard kept real caviar stored for special occasions since he felt replicated caviar was inferior to the real thing. Resonators Mechanisms that create powerful underground planetary oscillations. In 2365, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D modified several class-1 probes to function as resonators. Sent below the surface of planet Drema IV, the resonators' vibrations destroyed the dilithium lattices prevalent throughout the geological structure of the world and saved it from disintegration. Retina Scan A more reliable way of detecting a persons identity, by scanning an individuals blood vessel pattern within the retina. Kirk had to submit to a retina scan to gain access to the Project Genesis files. Root Command Structure Computer operating systems that control the Borg collective. Rubindium Crystal A gemstone which provides one component of a subcutaneous transponder. When imprisoned on planet Ekos in 2268, Commander Spock used crystals from two transponders to create a primitive laser. Ryetalyn
  18. 18. A vital mineral used in the cure of deadly Rigelian fever. In 2269 the fever -struck crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise was cured by a deposit of ryetalyn found on a small planetoid in the Omega system. Saltah`na Clock An elaborate timepiece. Commander Sisko built one in 2369 while under the influence of Saltah'na energy sphere. Saltah`na Energy Spheres Telepathic devices that stored the history of a power struggle that wiped out the Saltah'na race. The Klingon ship Toh'Kaht found the sphere on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant in 2369. The spheres proved to have a self-sustained energy matrix that caused the Klingon crew to kill themselves acting out the power struggle recorded within the sphere. Just before the Toh'Kaht exploded, First Office Hon'Tihl beamed to Deep Space Nine carrying the matrix. The matrix then affected the Ops personnel in the same way, splitting them into factions led by Commander Sisko and Major Kira. Unaffected by the telepathic sphere, Security Chief Odo was able to enlist Dr. Julian Bashir's assistance in creating a signal that forced the energy matrix out of the Deep Space Nine crew and into space. Saucer Module See: Primary Hull Secondary Plasma Conduit A vital part of a Federation starships warp drive. An explosion of the secondary plasma conduit killed Commander La Forge in an alternate quantum reality. Security Bypass Module Electronic devices used to defeat computer security restrictions and allow access to prohibited area. Neela used a module to enter runabout pad A on Deep Space Nine as part of a plot to kill Vedek Bareil in 2369. Security Field Subsystem ANA Computer program written by Deep Space Nine resident Neela in 2369 to bypass computer security defenses. It allowed Neela to override forcefields around runabout pad A, which she intended to use to escape after assassinating Vedek Bariel. Neela classified the program under Chief O'Brien's name. Security Sensor Sensors protecting the airlocks and entrances to interior areas of Deep Space Nine. The sensors can detect weapons and sound an alarm. Self-Sealing Stem Bolts Devices that Nog and Jake Sisko received in trade for yamok sauce in 2369. Nog and Jake traded the 100 gross bolts in turn for seven tessipates of land on planet Bajor. Sherlock Holmes Program 3A A recreational holodeck program of Commander Data's. It contained a virtual reality world of Sherlock Holmes. In 2369, the program malfunctioned and a character from the story, James Moriarty, tried to escape the bonds the holodeck. Shield Inverters Part of the shield array systems on Federation starships. In 2368, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D used its shield inverters as part of a plan to remove ionized plasma from the atmosphere of planet Penthara IV. Shield Nutation A way varying the shield frequency phase rotation. In 2366, shield nutation was used to increase The U.S.S. Enterprises shield effectiveness against the Borg. This only temporarily worked though as the Borg ships were able to overcome the effects in just a few short minutes. Shields Forcefields that protect space vessels from damage by natural hazard or enemy attack. Synonyms include deflectors, deflector shields, or screens. Transporters cannot operate through raised shields. Ship Recognition Protocols A protocol set up by the Federation so that starships can easily identify each other. Shuttle Escape Transporter A short range transporter built into some Federation shuttlecraft. Due to its limited range it is used mostly in case of an emergency. Lieutenant Worf and Commander Data used the shuttle escape transporter on their way mission to rescue Captain Picard from Borg captivity in 2367. Spatial Orientation Systems Part of the holodeck computer network. These systems control the orientation of objects created within
  19. 19. the holodeck. When character in the holodeck of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D began exhibiting changes in their dominant hands (right-handed characters became left-handed and the reverse), a malfunction in the orientation systems was suspected as the cause of the problem. Stardrive Section Also known as the battle section, secondary hull, or engineering hull. The stardrive section is that part of a Galaxy-class starship containing the warp nacelles that remains after the saucer section separates from it. Static Warp Bubble Toroidal, nonpropulsive subspace field. Using Kosinski's warp field equations, Ensign Wesley Crusher created such a bubble in 2367. In an accident, Dr. Beverly Crusher was trapped within it, where her thoughts shaped the reality inside the phenomenon. Since her thoughts at that moment were about lost friends, her universe within the bubble began shrinking until she was the only person remaining. Before the bubble collapsed, Dr. Crusher was rescued by the combined efforts of Ensign Crusher and the Traveler. Subcutaneous Transponder Starfleet-issue device inserted into the skin to enable the wearer of such a device to be tracked. In 2268, Dr. McCoy placed two such devices in Captain Kirk and Commander Spock before they beamed down to planet Ekos. Submicron Matrix Transfer Technology A technique used by Lieutenant Commander Data for the replication of neural pathways from one positronic brain into another. w technique for replicating existing new neural pathways in a positronic brain into another positronic brain. This technology was introduced at a cybernetics conference on stardate 43657.0, attended by Commander Data. This conference was the impetus for the eventual construction of Data's android daughter, Lal. Subroutine C-47 Subprogram of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D computer system that controls noncritical ship systems such as replicator choices and recreational applications. An interface experiment accidentally replaced C-47 with elements of Lieutenant Commander Data's programming, causing malfunctions in replicators, music libraries, and the holodeck. Subsonic Transmitter Device used to drive spores out of the colonists on planet Omicron Ceti III. The frequency sent out by the transmitter irritated individuals exposed to it as those itching powder had been applied to their bodies. Subspace Field Inverter Mechanism that generates low-level Eichner radiation, a form of energy that stimulates growth in some types of plasma plague strains. Such an inverter is not part of the normal inventory of a Galaxy-class starship. Subspace Radio Method of communication that sends electromagnetic signals through subspace, boosting the signal's range and speed to translight velocities. Subspace signals can carry audiovisual data as well as text messages. Within Federation boundaries, a network of relay stations augments subspace communication and amplifying and rerouting messages as needed. Subspace Resonator Field manipulation apparatus. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D supplied one to a crippled Romulan vessel in 2368 so that the Romulan ship could reach a Romulan port, although its overall speed was limited. Subspace Shunt Security lockout bypass device used by Kobliad criminal Rao Vantika. With it, he gained control of various computer systems. Subspace Transponder Location beacon used by space vehicles ranging from starships to flight recorders. Synaptic Induction Therapy technique for patients who have suffered a memory loss. In 2366, this treatment did not succeed for the Zalkonian John Doe because his neural net did not conform to that of any previous known pattern. T-9 Energy Converter Power system mechanism in use on an unmanned Federation monitor post located on planet Gamma
  20. 20. Tauri IV. The converter was stolen by the Ferengi in 2364. Tantulus Field Weapon secretly used by Captain Kirk of the I.S.S. Enterprise in the mirror universe. The device tracked targets with a small viewscreen, enabling the operator to vaporize the target at the touch of the activating button. Terminium Metal compound used in the construction of photon torpedo casings. Tessipate Unit of measure of land area on planet Bajor. In 2369, Sircho Ch'Ano traded seven tessipates of land for a supply of self-sealing stem bolts in the possession of Nog and Jake Sisko. Tetryon Particles A field of subatomic particles that forms when a metaphasic shield is hit by a phased ionic pulse. Tetryon particles in the body tissue of Jo'Bril helped proved that sabotage was involved in the failure of a metaphasic shield test in 2369. Thalmerite Device Explosive used in 2369 to destroy the Klingon bird-of-prey Toh'Kaht after its crew fell under the control of Saltah'na energy spheres. Theragen Nerve gas used by the Klingons. Lethal in its pure state, in 2268 Dr. McCoy used a diluted theragen and alcohol combination to deaden nerve input to the brain and help the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 survive exposure to spatial interphase. Thet-Matrix Compositor Part of the warp drive on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. It recrystallizes dilithium crystals at a rate ten times more efficient than had previously been accomplished on Excelsior-class vessels. Thoron Emissions Also known as radon-220. Radioactive isotopes created by the decay of thorium. Thoron emissions from the Denorios Belt increased following the appearance of unknown aliens at Deep Space Nine in 2369. Thoron Field Energy field that Deep Space Nine can produce to block outside sensor scans. Thruster Suit Spacesuit that also includes a thruster back for maneuvering in space. Its primary use is for emergency evacuation of a vessel. In 2271 Commander Spock left the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 in a thruster suit to attempt mind-meld contact with the V'Ger entity. Toh-Maire High explosive gas pockets found in the Chamra Nebula. In 2369, Odo escaped an attacking Miradorn ship by leading it through a toh-maire cloud, which ignited and destroyed the Miradorn vessel. Toranium Metal using in construction of corridor walls on Deep Space Nine. Toranium is strong enough to resist phaser beams, and usually must be cut with a bipolar torch. Torpedo Sustainer Engine Propulsion system within a photon torpedo. It comprises a matter/antimatter fuel cell that powers a sustainer coil. The coil maintains a warp field around the torpedo that is handed off from the launching ship, allowing the torpedo to travel at warp speeds. As part of Dr. Timicin's experiments in 2367 in fusion enhancement within stars, sustainer engines were modified on a number of photon torpedoes. Tox Uthat Also known as a quantum phase inverter. The Tox Uthat was invented by Kal Dano in the twenty-seventh century. It is a palm-sized crystal capable of stopping the nuclear reaction going on within a star. Afraid that the Tox Uthat would be stolen, Dano traveled to the twenty-second century and hid in on the planet Risa. The Tox Uthat became a target of both twenty-seventh century criminals seeking to retrieve it, and twenty-fourth archaeologists who believed in what was regarded as a legendary device. Dr. Samuel Estragon in particular devoted half of his life to trying to locate the Tox Uthat. After he died in 2366, his assistant Vash carried on and succeed in locating the Uthat, but the Ferengi Sovak and two Vorgon felons from the twenty-seventh century also tried to obtain the device. Captain Picard, vacationing on Risa, became involved and eventually destroyed the Tox Uthat to keep it from any unethical persons. Tractor Beam
  21. 21. Graviton force beam used by starships to manipulate objects outside the ship. Tractors are commonly used for towing other vessels and guiding shuttlecraft through landing and launches. Transmuter Thought amplifier used by the aliens Korob and Sylvia. The transmuter could convert their thoughts into physical objects or convincing illusions. With the transmuter, Korob and Sylvia disguised themselves as humanoids and captured various crew members from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. In effecting escape, Captain Kirk destroyed the transmuter, which also resulting in the deaths of Korob and Sylvia. Transparent Aluminum Material commonly used in the twenty-third century as a common construction component. It was invented by Dr. Nichols of Plexicorp, a company located in San Francisco on twentieth century Earth. Dr. Nichols apparently had help from time-traveling members of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. Transporter Transportation device that converts objects or persons to energy, sends that energy to the destination, and reconstitutes the objects/persons back into matter. Transporters cannot beam objects through deflector shields. Transporter Biofilter Component of a transporter that scans and removes disease and virus organisms from incoming individuals. The biofilter is only effective against known organisms that it is programmed to recognize. Transporter Carrier Wave Subspace signal through with a transporter beam is transmitted. With adjustments, Romulan transporters can simulate a Starfleet transporter model's wave. Transporter Control Module A Federation engineering device that is at the heart of the transporter. When Kazon-Nistrim, under the direction of Seska, stole one of these modules, the two were able to adapt transporter technology to a Kazon vessel. The module includes a quantum resonance oscillator. Transporter ID Trace Data maintained by computers in a Federation transporter system that tracks the identity of any subject beamed through the transporter. The trace provides a mechanism to verify whether or not an individual has actually been beamed through a particular transporter. Transporter Test Article Duranium cylinder one meter in height and 25 centimeters in diameter. These cylinders are used as test objects when evaluating a transporter's operation. The test articles can be beamed to a remote location and back, or simply beamed between pads on the same transporter. Transtator Electronic component that is the basis of most twenty-third century Starfleet equipment. Dr. McCoy left a communicator on planet Sigma Iotia II in 2268, raising fears that the natives would use it to determine how the transtator functions. Transwarp Conduit Transportation device used by the Borg. The conduit is a subspace tunnel where vessels could reach speeds twenty or more times greater than the maximum speed of a Galaxy-class starship. The conduits were activated by an encoded tachyon pulse. A Borg ship was first observed using such a device in 2369. Transwarp Drive Experimental propulsion system that if successful would have enabled starships to reach higher speeds with greater efficiency. The system was tested aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior in the 2280s before being deemed a failure and abandoned. Tricorder Handheld Starfleet device combining sensors, recorders, and built-in computing capability. Issued in a variety of models for engineering, scientific, and medical uses. As of 2366, the standard model tricorder sensors could not detect subspace phenomena or neutrino particles. Trilithium Resin Waste material generated by exposing dilithium to the matter/antimatter reaction within a warp drive's engine core. The material is toxic and unstable, and so is useful only as an explosive. In 2369, terrorists attempted to steal trilithium resin from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D while the ship was at the Arkania Base's Remmler Array.
  22. 22. Tripolymer Composites A nonconductive material that makes up part of the body of Lieutenant Commander Data. His structure contains 24.6 kilograms of the substance. Tritium A slightly radioactive hydrogen isotope with an atomic weight of 3, hazardous if in high concentrations. Tritium gas was used on Deep Space Nine in 2369 to track particle flow back to a dangerous graviton field buildup on the station. Ultraviolet Satellite Artificial satellites designed to emit ultraviolet radiation. In 2267, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 used 210 satellites to kill the neural parasite infection on planet Deneva. Universal Translator Device for translation of spoken languages in real-time communication. It operates by scanning brain- wave frequencies and using the results to create a basis for translation. Captain Kirk used a handheld translator to communicate with the Companion in 2267. The computers of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D have translator capabilities built into its system software. Viewer General term for the visual displays found throughout Federation starships. Viewers come in a variety of sizes, from desktop units to wall-mounted version such as that commonly found on the main bridge of a starship. Some viewers are equipped to generate three-dimensional images. Warp Drive The main propulsion system for most starships. It is capable of faster-than-light travel. The core of the warp drive uses dilithium crystals to control the annihilation of matter and antimatter. This controlled explosion is what generates the tremendous power required to warp space and travel faster than light. Warp drive was invented in 2061 by noted scientist Zefram Cochrane of Alpha Centauri. Warp Factor Warp factor is the unit used to measure faster-than-light travel, where 'c' is equal to the speed of light. Each increase of one warp is computed geometrically. Warp ten is theorized to be infinite and with current technology, unobtainable. Warp Field Coils A component of the warp drive system which actually forms a subspace "bubble" that the ship travels in at warp speed. Weather Modification Net Technology used to detect and neutralize dangerous weather conditions. One such net did not detect a tornado on a planet in the Bilaren system that killed the biological parents of Amanda Rogers.