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Enea - 20 years experience on mobile platforms brought to Android


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Enea - 20 years experience on mobile platforms brought to Android

  1. 1. ENEA® ANDROID TRAINING PACKAGE Since the announcement of the Android Mobile technology platform in November 2007 there has been a growing interest for this Linux based mobile platform. Many companies are turning to Android as a base for new mobile products. Android combines a lot of well known open source libraries with a complete application environment based around its Dalvik virtual machine. This means the solutions in Android range from the familiar to the new and innovative. Looking Into The Platform Enea's Android training has a focus on the platform and framework level of Android. The target audience is handset, MID and platform engineers who are migrating Enea - 20 years to Android. The platform training package is divided into modules to facilitate tailor-made trainings experience on depending on the background of the audience. mobile platforms brought to Android may need to learn more well documented and easy to about Linux and building grasp for someone with a software for Android while an background in Java and experienced Linux developer software development the may need an introduction to lower layers of the platform Android specifics and and native development knowledge of mobile present some hurdles even platforms. for experienced developers. Attending some or all of the Training Background training modules allows for a The training package has a faster introduction to the background in Enea's internal Android platform and let the Android projects. We have developers to quickly get up Developers with strong found that while the to speed. competence in embedded application level and SDK is software and device drivers
  2. 2. Courses and Workshops Our courses are made up of different training modules described on the next page. The modules can be combined into courses suitable for different developers as suggested on this page. The courses are offered in two "flavors": • Traditional form with classroom training where each track is taught as consecutive full day trainings including labs. • Program form, where each module in the course is executed as shorter trainings at regular intervals. The labs are given as home assignments between each training occasion. The trainer will be available via phone and on-line support to help with the labs between sessions. We also offer the modules as separate half day workshops consisting of 2-3 hrs of training and 1-2 hrs of lab work. Track Duration Included Packages Prerequisites Overview and 1 day • Android application environment None intro • SDK introduction • Android debug tools Android under the 1 day • Android Under the Hood A None, but it is Hood • Android Under the Hood B recommended to have a knowledge level similar to the intro track Android for 2-3 days • Android platform build environment None, but it is system engineers • Android Under the Hood A recommended to have a knowledge • Android Under the Hood B level similar to the • Linux Kernel in Android intro track • Driver development in Android Linux Android platform 2 days • Android platform build environment None, but it is for application • Android Under the Hood A recommended to engineers have a knowledge • Android Under the Hood B level similar to the • The Dalvik VM and Android runtime intro track Android 1 day • Security, IPC and scheduling in Android Android for system Advanced • The Dalvik VM and Android runtime engineers or similar Android Complete 4-5 days • All None Contact and Order Information Please contact for more information about Enea Android Training Package.
  3. 3. Training Modules Module Description Suitable for Android debug An introduction to the debug tools that are part of Engineers that need to do tools the Android platform delivery. DDMS debugging debugging on Android. using Eclipse. Android debug bridge and shell functionality. Participants will also learn to build and add new tools to the shell. Android An introduction to the application development Application engineers that are application environment including how to write and build a totally new to Android or environment and simple application. It also covers some important System engineers that need an SDK programming concepts in Android and what to overview of the application introduction consider when writing efficient applications. level. Android Under A closer look at the libraries and components System and application the Hood A making up the Android platform. Participants will engineers that need an learn about the native level build system and how to introduction to adding new add a simple native library functionality below the API level. Android under Interaction between the native libraries and the System and application the Hood B Android application. Participants will learn about engineers that need more context and IPC in Android. They will also use JNI knowledge about native to expose native functionality to the Java API layer. functionality and how to expand the API. Android Covers important aspects of the GNU tool-chain System and application platform build used to build the Android platform. Concepts such engineers that need an environment as GNU make, GCC compiler and linker are introduction to adding new covered. There is also a short intro to Git version functionality below the API handling. level. Linux kernel in A fast paced workshop for engineers that want a Experienced system engineers Android fast introduction to building the Linux kernel for that need Android specific Android. Configuration, building and boot sequence Linux knowledge. are covered. Driver A quick start to Linux drivers in general and how to Experienced system engineers development in add new hardware functionality in Android. Covers that need Android specific Linux/Android porting of existing drivers to Android and Linux knowledge. development of new drivers. Pace is high. Security, IPC An advanced level workshop discussing the System and application and scheduling implementation details of Androids security and engineers that need more in Android permissions concept. The Binder IPC concept is insight in these important also discussed in detail. concepts. The Dalvik VM A workshop focused on the Android runtime with the System and application and Java Dalvik virtual machine and core libraries. Covers the engineers that need more runtime system server, process and threads coupling and insight in these important the Zygote. concepts. OSE and Linux The workshop highlights differences and similarities System and application comparison between OSE and Linux development. It also engineers who are migrating to covers how to interact between an OSE and Linux Linux from OSE development on the same system using concepts such as shared memory and LINX.
  4. 4. Enea Wireless Solution Center Enea Linux Competence Center nea's expertise in mobile phone software Linux systems are based on massive collections of development and integration is vast. Through our open source software. It is not always easy to choose Enea Wireless Solution Center (WSC) we provide a and combine the best alternatives. In addition, adding wide range of expertise for manufacturers that new functionality can be very difficult without the require design, development, integration and/or appropriate expertise and experience. testing of hardware and software for mobile phones The Enea Linux Competence Center (ELCC) is ready and other handheld devices. to guide you through the complex world of embedded Linux and open source software. Staffed with more WSC collaborates with the world's leading OEM's than 50 specialists and experience derived from and work with the industry's most advanced software hundreds of projects, ELCC is the leader in for mobile platforms - our own RTOS product family. embedded Linux. But the work of WSC is not limited to Enea OSE, we do a lot of development work on Linux and Android Enea Android Experience platforms. WSC offering encompass, but is not Even though Android is still quite new, Enea was limited to: early out and has already done several internal investigation and commercial projects. Providing services as well as proven products Implementation of the WISPr protocol onto the Complete integrated products and services first Android device to create WiFi hotspot connectivity. Hardware and software expertise Development of a user tutorial application for Training Android handsets to introduce new customers to the capabilities of the handset. On or off site development Conduction of a pre-study to bring Android up on a new hardware platform Investigation of open stacks such as DLNA and MTP The internal Android projects run at Enea can be followed on Enea Platform Trainings Enea has developed several tailor-made platform trainings during the last years. By combining in-depth platform knowledge with Eneas own research and development on OS and debug tools, high quality trainings have been delivered with great results. All Enea trainers have long experience from customer projects, working with the latest platform technologies. Enea®, Enea OSE®, Netbricks®, Polyhedra® and Zealcore® are registered trademarks of Enea AB and its subsidiaries. Enea OSE®ck, Enea OSE® Epsilon, Enea® Element, Enea® Optima, Enea® Optima Log Analyzer, Enea® Black Box Recorder, Enea® LINX, Enea® Accelerator, Polyhedra® Flashlite, Enea“ dSPEED Platform, Enea® System Manager, Accelerating Network Convergence™, Device Software Optimized™ and Embedded for Leaders™ are unregistered trademarks of Enea AB or its subsidiaries. Any other company, product or service names mentioned above are the registered or unregistered trademarks of their respective owner. © Enea AB 2009