Boingo Wi-Fi Mobile Snapshot


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Boingo Wi-Fi Mobile Snapshot

  1. 1. June 23, 2009 Boingo Wi-Fi Mobile Snapshot Boingo Wireless is the world’s largest network of Wi-Fi hotspots, and operates more LAPTOP vs. MOBILE WI-FI airport Wi-Fi networks – nearly 60 – than any other company. Airports remain the number Percentage of devices associating with Boingo’s one venue for Wi-Fi usage worldwide, so Boingo is in a unique position to understand airport Wi-Fi network, May, 2009. consumer usage of Wi-Fi on both laptops and mobile devices at these locations. Over the past 24 months, we have seen an explosion of device-based users associating with Boingo’s airport Wi-Fi network. More than a quarter of all network associations are 26.1% 73.9% now coming from a mobile device, driven primarily by the iPhone. In addition, Boingo Mobile users – customers who subscribe to a Boingo monthly Wi-Fi plan – are consum- ing an average of 114MB of data via Wi-Fi per month. Boingo Mobile customers now use Wi-Fi on average 12 times per month. Mobile Laptop If you have any questions, or would like to see other data, please contact us at MOBILE DEVICE DISTRIBUTION Percentage of mobile devices associating with Boingo airport Wi-Fi network, by type. AVERAGE MB’S OF MOBILE USAGE 2009 (Jan-May) Average amount of data consumed by Boingo Mobile users, per month. 2009 data. 120MB 100MB 80MB 60MB iPhone 89.2% Google Android 0.6% iPod Touch 4.7% Windows CE 0.2% 40MB S60 N Series 2.8% Nokia N800/N810 0.2% S60 E Series 2.0% Blackberry 0.2% 20MB 2008 0MB JAN FEB MAR APR MAY PENETRATION OF MOBILE Percentage of mobile devices associating with Boingo airport Wi-Fi network. May, 2009 73.9% 26.1% iPhone 51.7% Google Android 0.0% iPod Touch 42.4% Windows CE 0.6% S60 N Series 4.0% Nokia N800/N810 0.0% May, 2008 88.5% 11.5% S60 E Series 1.3% Blackberry 0.0% 2007 May, 2007 99.9% 0 20 40 60 80 100 Laptop Mobile MOBILE FACTS JAN FEB MAR APR MAY Average Connects Per User 8.6 9.9 10.3 11.5 12.4 iPhone 1.0% Google Android 0.0% Average Minutes of Use 230.5 264.2 250.1 292.9 306.3 iPod Touch 0.0% Windows CE 66.0% S60 N Series 31.0% Nokia N800/N810 0.2% Percentage of Connects at 35% 40% 48% 50% 52% S60 E Series 1.9% Blackberry 0.0% Boingo-Owned Locations Source: Boingo Wireless, Inc. | Published June 23, 2009 Boingo, Boingo Wireless and the Boingo Wireless logo are registered trademarks of Boingo Wireless, Inc.