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2009-05-01 Mobile Rapid Texting: The Near Future of HUMINT


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2009-05-01 Mobile Rapid Texting: The Near Future of HUMINT

  1. 1. Links on mobile developments + mapping & their potential use for global development April 2009 0 the big picture Aside from mobile, imagine with de/ with the public display of 3-D Cities 3-D city models http://www.fugroearthdat ?subcat=3D-city-models 3-D/disasters/mapping Video from Technology Review on mapping disasters in 3-D /services/player/bcpid263 777539? bctid=18022720001 & http://www.technologyrev 57/ AFL-CIO/Pandemic Many Health Care Facilities Not Prepared to Protect Healthcare m/?p=25660 Workers in Event of Pandemic Flu Outbreak Africa mobile news Dedicated to mobile news from http://www.mobileafrica.n Africa et Africa/crop disease Treating crop disease in east http://www.theeastafrican Africa via mobile phone 96/-/rigs6uz/-/ Africa/documentary trailer “Hello Africa” trailer for documentary on African mobile watch?v=KAqsFqY-kGQ developments Africa/solar powered tower Solar powered cell phone tower 08/05/26/africa-cell- phone-providers- ingenuity-turns-to-wind- and-solar/ Augmented reality/3-D search Hyper-linking reality. http://www.technologyrev augmented reality, 3-D search 98/ & http://www.technologyrev
  2. 2. age2/ & m/press/3Dsearch.html & m/press/ ml Cambodia/video/violence Mobile video of police open fire at Cambodian farmers /node/12500 City problem-reporting Report and fix problems in your city ds City sensors/mapping Real-time sensors for city mapping Conflict/map International conflict mapping (International Conflict earch/warviews Research) Crime map/Oakland Crime map for Oakland, http://oakland.crimespotti California Crisis-response “Innovative support to emergencies, disease, and 1-19518_3-10198462-23 disasters” 8.html? part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 & Data Visualization Data visualization 175 data viz examples 8/01/175-data-and- information-visualization- examples-and-resources/ Data Visualization/Animation Animated data visualization http://www.jonathancousi t/ Data visualization/product- Product-tracking tracking orks/productspace/index. htm Digital Earth International Symposium on Digital Earth ut_digitalearth.htm Disease detection/Twitter From, “Realtime disease detection for your city from messages on Twitter (and
  3. 3. soon Facebook)” Dome media Domes for displaying vivid media Google Earth + iPhone Google Earth for the iPhone dgetlab/2008/10/google- earth-co/ India/Idea-sending Corporate mobile democracy in India? watch?v=FGM4ywFEcZg india/Mapping/SMS/Elections Vote reporting on India election discrepancies and incidents & & http://blog.twittervoterep India/SMS/Mapping/traffic SMS traffic reporting and because mapping of this watch?v=RjrEQaG5jPM Indonesia/Gov/SMS SMS to complain about government officials extually/archives/2005/06 /008668.htm Indonesia/SMS/Disease (2005) Indonesia launching hotline to monitor disease via extually/archives/2005/08 SMS /009653.htm Kenya/mapping Geospatial Week--“Mapping our Future 2009-2014: Collective ca/index.php? Action and Advocacy to Improve Spatial Solutions for option=com_mamblog&It Sustainable Development” emid=54&task=show&acti on=view&id=331&Itemid =54 & q=node/83 Kenya/SMS/election violence SMS as Information Channel in http://new.mobileactive.o Post-Election Kenyan violence rg/sms-information- channel-post-election- kenya Kenya/video Kenya's mobile revolution Part 1 documentary watch?v=xQTS8Hel1vk Part 2
  4. 4. watch?v=BRjpHUnxaq8 Largest mobile event Largest exhibition for the http://www.mobileworldc mobile industry ml London Noise Map London road traffic noise map http://www.londonnoisem Mali/USAID “Promoting stability and prosperity in the developing world through information and communications technology” Map/city growth Map on city growth (Chicago) http://www.mapsinthepub Map/Disease Global disease alert map Map/hate groups Hate group map for America ntel/map/hate.jsp Map/healthcare/NYC part of the Centers for Disease http://www.healthcaretha Control's REACH 2010 Program Map/Surveillance/Privacy 2007 International Privacy http://www.privacyinterna Ranking, map of surveillance societies around the world cmd[347]=x-347-559597 Mapping Proliferation/non-proliferation http://www.carnegieendo maps dlymaps.cfm Mapping British Data Various mapping based in Britain Mapping/genocide-prevention Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative aps Mapping/roadway fatalities Mapping of roadway fatalities http://www.saferoadmaps across America .org Maps/Science “Better maps, better decisions” Medical/Health “Frontline SMS Medic” extually/archives/2009/03 /023151.htm Mobile blood tester Hacked/modified mobile device into a portable blood tester stant-lab-your-mobile- capable of detecting HIV, malaria and other illnesses analyzing-blood- detecting-diseases Mobile geo-data Mobile geo-data sets OA_HTML/DELibeCCtpSct DspRte.jsp? section=10058
  5. 5. Mobile Health Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations Foundation and /blog/2009/03/16/mhealt Vodafone Foundation to form the Mobile Health Alliance h-for-development (mHealth) & http://www.unfoundation. org/global- issues/technology/mhealt h-alliance.html Mobile microscope/Medical “CellScope: Telemicroscopy for http://www.intelchallenge Disease Diagnosis” .com/cellscope & http://fletchlab.berkeley.e du/ m Mobile traffic monitoring Mobile Millennium Traffic Pilot Mobile/$15-$20 pricetag $15-20 Tracfones phones.jsp? task=phones&subTask=all Phones Mobile/$20 hardware $20 mobile chip platform e3851.html Mobile/Crisis-response “Ushahidi global crisis http://www.netsquared.or reporting” g/projects/ushahidi-v2- global-crisis-tool Mobile/India $20 mobile phone http://www.cellphonebeat .com/entry/spice-mobile- unveils-20-people-s- phone Mobile/International Top 15 project winners of http://www.netsquared.or development USAID contest g/usaid/top15 Mobile/Malnutrition “Child Malnutrition Surveillance http://www.netsquared.or and Famine Response” g/projects/child- malnutrition-surveillance- and-famine-response potential “ phones are starting to be used to collect data in an ews/2009/090419/full/45 increasing number of disciplines. 8959a.html Roberta Kwok looks into their potential.” Nigeria/Android/rapid response new tool now being tested in Nigeria by UNICEF for the pid-android-turning- distribution of bed nets. android-phone-data-
  6. 6. collection-and-supply- management-server & Open Learning/RSS Example of course available through RSS feeds. Connect uk/course/category.php? this into a RSS-to-SMS program for mobile learning id=6 potential Pakistan/converging media Extensive writing on old & new media converging in Pakistan listenlearn/old-and-new- emergencies media-converging-during- the-pakistan-emergency- march-2007- february-2008 & listenlearn/old-and-new- media-converging-during- the-pakistan-emergency- march-2007- february-2008?page=0,2 (SMS section) Photography synthesis Piece together photography to form a realistic-like navigatable ault.aspx environment Poverty/mapping Spatial representations of http://www.povertymap.n poverty assessments et Rapid response Strong Angel III “Integrated rapid response demonstration” Rapid Rapid response mapping in http://www.fugroearthdat response/mapping/Tennesse Tennessee (tornado) id=1002 Rapid response/Video Video of Strong Angel III watch? v=1ikEPzLHPdM&NR=1 RSS/mapping RSS feeds mapped m RSS-to-SMS Free RSS-to-SMS service in development (beta) dex.php Singapore/SMS/crime alerts SMS crime alerts from Singapore police meprevention/crimesms_i ndex.htm SMS/411/answer service SMS 411 type service as a
  7. 7. model since this does not work & (I tested it) translations SMS/Answer Service Answers to anything, on the go, for free (pay after certain amount of SMS's) SMS/Collective participation Collective navigation via SMS ojects/adobeideas2006 SMS/court cases/Dubai SMS service now available for Dubai court cases 552508-sms-updates- now-available-for-dubai- court-cases- & en/Index-E.asp SMS/crime-fighting Using SMS to fight crime ms_crime SMS/farmers/India Indian farmers adopt SMS to find out rubber prices ehindu/holnus/015200904 171712.htm SMS/fumes/crime tips Documentation from England, Thailand, and Malaysia on the extually/archives/cat_citiz use of text messaging for reporting excessive fume ens_as_informants.htm emissions and crime tips SMS/NYC Transit NYC Metro Transit SMS service (S(t22oirujs0j1w4550c41 u1ai))/LoginC.aspx SMS/Pollution advisories text messaging service to inform people when a High s.html Pollution Advisory (HPA) is & being issued for the Greater Phoenix Area. news160207575.html SMS/problem-driving Bad driving reports via SMS extually/archives/2006/06 /012814.htm SMS/Products/Bar code Bar code SMS service SMS/sex info Sex info for young people SMS/video projection SMS & video projection for http://www.txtualhealing. public display com Solar powered phone Solar powered phone (2nd link is of solar powered phone that /2009/02/13/samsung- is water proof) releases-solar-powered-
  8. 8. phone/ & Telecommunications/Internet/M Telecommunications and ap internet map nyte Terrorists Potential uses of mobile phones by terrorists rint/mobile.pdf UN/Vodafone/Social Change United Nations Foundation & Vodafone “Mobilizing Social es/MobilizingSocialChange Change” _full.pdf UNICEF/RapidSMS http://unicefinnovation.or g Video/“Participatory Sensing” “Participatory sensing” and mobile phones watch?v=t-ItfpA3XiY Video/crisis-response Larry Brilliant's presentation that led to the start of the x.php/talks/larry_brilliant “Innovative support to emergencies, disease, and _wants_to_stop_pandemi disasters” (INSTEDD) cs.html Video/Data collection Nokia data gathering watch?v=V3rrbhf87yI Video/Health Data Datadyne mobile health data watch?v=RoiGzgnMUAo & Video/problem-solving/3-D/grid Video at of David computing Brin & Sheldon Brown & animation (scalable city) http://www.worldcommun Video/SMS/Mapping Video on Ushahidi's text messaging and mapping for x.php/talks/erik_hersman Kenya _on_reporting_crisis_via_ texting.html video-map map of videos captured around the world /map Wars/animated mapping Animated mapping of American wars m/ind/american- wars.html World data maps Many world data maps http://maps.howstuffwork World data maps Various world data maps /catalog/world/
  9. 9. Zimbabwe/Mapping/Terror & Mapping Terror in Zimbabwe: Violence/Elections Political Violence & Elections m/map/electionviolence 2008 Zimbabwe/SMS/censorship Zimbabwe phone censorship in the name of national security extblog/mt_search.php? IncludeBlogs=1&search=z imbabwe Zip codes/Mapping Zip code map. Click map, type zip code, and the map zooms in de Mobile + Mapping Crisis (Zimbabwe, India, Kenya, Gaza, Congo, S. Africa) Used in India, Gaza, and Kenya, Zimbabwe, Congo Congo Kenya South Africa India Gaza za