11 January


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11 January

  1. 1. RealChat Server Version 2.2.2d, Enterprise Edition Welcome to the iSchool Chat server! 2 people in 14 rooms. Joe entered the room. You are in LIS 498. There are 2 people in the room. Reece entered the room. Reece has left the room. Joe: Hi, Amy! Joe: So far, just us, I guess.... :-) Reece entered the room. Joe: Hi there Reece: Greetings. Just checking in. Joe: Nice to see you; hope all is well with you this evening Reece: All is well, yes. Only three people so far? shawn entered the room. Joe: now 4--hi Shawn shawn: howdy! Joe: fyi, i don't really have an agenda here--just available for questions, discussion, etc shawn: gee - shouldn't we be using Google Talk? Joe: lol Joe: i know at least one group is, to facilitate their group work shawn: i asked my group to sign up for it but i haven't heard from them shawn: that is our topic for group 10 Joe: good--the groups are just starting to come together; i'm going to talk about that in my podcast tomorrow shawn: should we be doing an evaluation of our topics or just description? kbuxton entered the room. Joe: you mean for the synopses? shawn: yes Joe: a bit of both--description of the product itself, its marketplace, business model, competition etc Joe: but also an evaluation of why they're doing it Joe: i wasn't necessarily thinking of a product evaluation per se (whether the thing actually works or now, how well, etc) Joe: but a little of that would be fine as well...the list of things i specified in the assignment is really just meant as a baseline shawn: ok, what should we be looking for as far as the business model goes? would we find this in industry news about the product? Joe: you might Joe: that might well be the hardest/trickiest part Joe: esp to parcel out a product as opposed to Google as a whole shawn: //0 i agree Joe: you might just be able to estimate or guess at what the revenue model is--are they generating any, from what sources, are there significant costs associated with it, etc
  2. 2. Joe: i doubt you could make a balance sheet, let's say that! Joe: although if you do, i'll be verrrry impressed :-) shawn: how much detail - do you want statistics if we can find them - and should we cite sources? Joe: always cite sources, and statistics, where and when you can find them, would probably be very useful as well shawn: ok, that sounds good Joe: the synopses themselves are important, and i think you'll find them interesting to do Joe: but they are really meant as fodder for the general what-is-google discussion, and your product/service ideas that flow from that Joe: make sense? shawn: yes, i believe so Joe: cool Joe: anything else on anybody's mind? kbuxton: I just stuck my head in to see what was up :) Joe: hi there--just here to answer questions, whatever arises Joe: and to play with the chat tool, see how it works shawn: it's not bad for a chat tool - better than Google Talk from what i've seen so far.... they lack emoticons shawn: //39 Joe: really? that's odd Joe: //28 Joe: i mean, what's a chat/IM environment without them--yahoo, msn, aol, etc all have them shawn: yes, they're very bare bones so far. i'm hoping they'll add a few features shawn: noo kidding! Joe: intriguing...of course they've always had such a bare-bones look and feel for the web search tool shawn: i think in matt saxtons 520 class a couple years back we exercised all the emoticons Joe: but you'd think they'd have at least the standard set of features Joe: sounds like Matt :-) Joe: does Google Talk allow file sharing? shawn: for this chat feature that is - and cohort 2 was esp chatty that year Joe: ahhh kbuxton: none of my google talk friends are signed in to try.. shawn: nope not yet' Joe: mind you, there are some pretty vicious looking emoticons here, several that denote injury, illness, etc shawn: i'm signed in - redfelix@gmail.com if anyone wants to test it kbuxton: the spiffiest thing I've played with with it is if you turn on the "talk" feature but don't have a microphone it'll send whatever you're playing over the speakers kbuxton: err, your speakers, so your friend can hear your music kbuxton: kbuxton@gmail.com shawn: that's funny Reece: I installed Talk on my PC a while ago, but I uninstalled it after I couldn't get any of my friends to use it. :( Joe: curioser and curioser...it also seems to not have made much of a ripple...i thought that was a curious addition for them, in a competitive marketplace where people seem pretty wedded to a tool Joe: i was wondering about that--how many people use it Joe: and would switch over from tools they were comfortable with and had extensive friends lists on kbuxton: I installed it when it first came out but haven't used it much... I've stuck with trillian Joe: i tried trillian, but it kept crashing
  3. 3. Reece: I think Talk is supposed to be embedded into the Google Desktop 2 app, so that all the 'most- needed' apps can be reached in one place -- Google's Corner! Joe: ahhhhh shawn: considering that GAIM and the other one... trilogy? allow users from MSN & Yahoo - there's stiff competition out there Joe: and no doubt someday included in the Google Pack kbuxton: i tried the google pack but already uninstalled Joe: why? kbuxton: i don't like things that auto-update my software Joe: i looked at it, didn't seem to give me much i didn't already have kbuxton: i couldn't find a place to turn off the auto-update Joe: gotcha Reece: I tried the VoIP on Talk. I had a pretty decent sound quality. kbuxton: just how to turn off the notifications for it Joe: oh no, once they've got you.... kbuxton: which seemed a bit counter-intuitive Joe: yeah Joe: VoIP has been tricky in IM/chat as well, at least in my couple of experiments shawn: the avatar feature here is one that i haven't seen else where - at least similar to this with the emoticon selection for an avatar Joe: yeah, that is interesting shawn: the google pack was highly criticized by some industry bloggers shawn: bruce schnier i think shawn: because it didn't add ant real value other than popularizing free softwar available individually Joe: yeah, i felt the same way Reece: Does anyone know about Google's pixel redraw technology? Esp in Gmail? I've heard that the reason Gmail looks like it loads so quickly is because they somehow get the screen to redraw only the necessary pixels. (Yahoo Mail reloads the whole screen when you navigate through it.) Is this just a Google thing? Joe: nice to have it all in one place, but a lot of people have much of that already--at least the ones who were likely to have free software kbuxton: There ARE people like my parents that don't really like downloading and installing things Joe: true Joe: and perhaps Google makes the idea more palatable, safer kbuxton: that might be more likely to if they were all in one place and had some validation from google shawn: exactly - i think that's the market their after Joe: drawing in ever yet more people kbuxton: (then again, they've got dialup only so prefer to buy boxes) shawn: folk like my grandmother that aren't real computer savvy to begin with Joe: there's a lot of people who are well behind the bleeding edge...and happy about iit Joe: and their eyeballs count too kbuxton: (the internet access on my phone was faster than their dialup so I used that while I was visiting) Joe: yikes Joe: that's amazing kbuxton: connected my laptop via usb to the phone :) Joe: lol good for you! shawn: wow high tech //2
  4. 4. Joe: i doubt that would make me finally break down and get a cell phone, but it's nice to know you could do that Reece: Has anyone tried Google Maps for their moblie phones yet? kbuxton: my phone doesn't deal with the maps well, no shawn: nope. i'm too cheap and it would be too tiny for real value i think shawn: i'd have to be lost Reece: It won't work on my Motorola phone. kbuxton: the mobile gmail won't work with my phone either :( Joe: that sounds like one of those great-ideas-in-principle-but Reece: I could have pretty interesting uses, I think. Reece: Like Dodgeball.com? Joe: precisely shawn: has anyone seen their "labs" page? kbuxton: not recently Joe: ah yes Reece: Yup. Joe: i haven't mentioned that yet...the dumb things they come up with Joe: and the fascinating things kbuxton: Most of my friends that work there can't tell me what they're working on amyd has left the room. kbuxton: one was at android.com before that got bought kbuxton: google robots? Joe: clones shawn: funny Reece: I have a friend of a friend at Google, too. Prolly won't learn much from him, I'm guessing. Joe: the labs page is interesting...did you know they had a google-by-phone (using the keypad) feature there for a while? Reece: But the benefits sound awesome. amyd entered the room. Joe: they're very close-mouthed...and well paid...and happy kbuxton: I do have one friend who quit shawn: using the phone keypad? Joe: yep Joe: why did your friend quit? kbuxton: but apparently that was a personal conflict with a manager not anything about the company Joe: ah Reece: I've used the search function on my phone browser. Is that the same? shawn: i think that would drive me nuts - if it's anything like my cell phone spell check and keypad Joe: nope--this was search by typing in letter on the keypad, from any phone (no internet required) Joe: it was....odd Reece: Weird. shawn: yeah, that would take a while to get used to i think Joe: and hung on the labs page for quite a while, not unlike the Sets feature (now there since '02) Reece: I've never understood browsing by phone anyway. Soooo sloooow. Joe: somebody's bright idea that didn't work...you gotta have a bunch of those to get the cool things too Reece: I don't get Sets. Why is it there? Joe: good question
  5. 5. kbuxton: don't the employees spend 20% of their time on things other than their main task? amyd has left the room. Joe: notice the "graduates of labs" column tho---pretty impressive stuff Reece: Is it a really specific tool or certain professionals? kbuxton: perhaps the labs are the better of those projects Joe: i've heard the 20% (or something like that) rule too Catherine_McMullen entered the room. shawn: hi catherine! Reece: If you go to video.google.com you can look at their 6 HOUR video about the Google Factory. It's neat. Joe: not sure how the Labs stuff gets there...or gets off Catherine_McMullen: Hello, just got off work, how is everyone? Joe: Hi there! Reece: And the recruiting videos are good 'n' cheesy, too. Joe: yes, i was playing with Video this afternoon---mesmerising shawn: we're just chatting about funny google projects - some of which didn't work so well Joe: (and I'm here to answer any questions anybody might have too...general discussion is fun as well!) shawn: excellent - like the 80s recruiting & business videos that are free everywhere these days Reece: The Google Factory tour displays some other technologies coming from them soon. (I just skimmed it though.) Joe: "Yes, you too can have an exciting future at Yoyodyne Industries!" Catherine_McMullen: Joe, are there any specific guidelines to the synoposises hidden on the 498 website anywhere? Joe: hi Catherine--there's a whole page describing what the synopses should be Joe: linked from the main page Catherine_McMullen: okay, I'll check it out.. thanks Joe: http://www.ischool.washington.edu/jwj/google05/products.htm Catherine_McMullen: Thanks Joe: there was a bit of discussion earlier on what they should be like; i'll post the transcript after this chat so you can read that shawn: thanks for the chat everyone and the question answering Joe, i'm off to some 523 homework next. Joe: cool--cya Shawn kbuxton: I'm heading off too... *wave* shawn: I have to read my next Joe Janes chapter :) Joe: lol Joe: thanks for the royalties!! kbuxton has left the room. shawn: thank amazon too - i think I got the only copy out there ;) shawn: night! Joe: g'night shawn has left the room. Reece: Yes, I'm off to finish an assignment now. Thanks, all. Joe: take care Joe: thanks for stopping by Reece has left the room. Joe: any other questions, Catherine? or anything else on your mind?
  6. 6. Catherine_McMullen: No, I just wanted to check in and see if anything was going on. Thanks for the office hour. Catherine_McMullen: gnight Catherine_McMullen has left the room. Deanna entered the room. Joe: Hi there! Deanna: Hi Joe. I decided I had better check this chat out.....I haven't used it before. Joe: welcome...we just had a bunch of people come and go, so you're the second seating Deanna: Hopefully the food will be just as good. Deanna: What does it mean "14 rooms"? Joe: i hope so too! Joe: there's a room for each distance course Joe: i think we're the only ones on tonight Deanna: And can I find an archive here of what went on prior to my arrival? Joe: this is how most distance classes do office hours...but also available for students to use whenever; i don't have to be here Joe: yes, i'm going to post the transcript as soon as we're done Joe: linked from the main web page Joe: any questions? or were you popping by to see what was up? Deanna: I was popping. Like taking a peek at the man behind the curtain. I didn't know this animal existed...or where it would take me. Joe: well now you know Joe: we were discussing IM/chat tools earlier, incl Google Talk Deanna: I have used IM before but that's about it. Deanna: I checked out the Google video page earlier. Joe: yes, i was playing with that too Joe: fascinating Joe: quite a range of stuff Deanna: fun, the free stuff anyway Joe: exactly Joe: and the requisite nut cases too Joe: not to mention people with too much free time on their hands Deanna: heh, yeah Joe: lol Joe: found one this after with two young guys kinda dancing, kinda fighting, kinda mugging for the camera with loud music in the background Joe: afternoon, thatis Deanna: my wireless tends to cut in and out so the videos I picked through were at staccato speed Deanna: irritating Joe: for some of them, that might have been an improvement! Joe: gives it that artsy feel Deanna: just clicked on a guy crying. Disturbingly creepy. Joe: the things people put on the internet Joe: obviously, not *that* much stuff there yet, but oh boy once people get going Deanna: the things people take from it Joe: that too Deanna: Ok, checking out. Hmmm, let's see. How does one do that....
  7. 7. shawn entered the room. Joe: there's a logout button at the bottom, or i think you can just close the window shawn: quick correction on one of my earlier comments Deanna: Ah, I see. Tiny icons for middle aged eyes. Have a good evening Joe and Shawn! Joe: g'night Deanna has left the room. shawn: the person that discussed google pack was Om Malik shawn: http://gigaom.com/ Joe: thanks shawn: night! Joe: seeya shawn has left the room.