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This is Peter Braster's presentation is for the ULI North Texas: 3rd Annual What's Next? Exploring the Value Proposition in Building Healthy Places - A break-sesion: Transit Oriented Development Council (TODC)
Topic: "Live/Work/Play at Key Transit Stops"
Moderator: Bob Voelker, Munsch Hardt Kopf Hardt
Peter Braster, City of Carrollton; Frank Turner, City of Plano; Christine Maguire, City of Garland

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  • Carrollton’s 3 light rail stations are located along DART’s Green Line. Downtown Carrollton will also, someday, be a stop on the Cotton Belt Line. Trinity Mills is already the transfer point between the Green Line and DCTA’s A-Train.
  • This morning we will be focusing on Downtown Carrollton - not just a transit stop but a great authentic place to Live/ Work/ Eat/ and Play
  • Begun long before automobile arrived in North Texas, Downtown Carrollton was first laid out in 1900 by a leading local family. Our great grandparents knew value in building where people were and wanted to congregate and connect. These places quickly became about commerce and more importantly about community. It is said that early planners laid out town squares to a scale such that one could recognize a person on the opposite side. In downtown Carrollton that still is true.
  • The first interstate highway arrived in Carrollton in the early 1960’s. Of course by then, the car was the dominant mode of transportation. Luckily, the Square persevered and retained its walk-ability.
  • The traditional town square gazebo made its reappearance on the square in the late 1960s.
  • Downtown Carrollton is one of the few original town squares that was built as a place of commerce – not to support a county seat or courthouse. Today – the scale of the Square is intact, and attempts to improve walk-ability were made over the years. It struggled for many years as the growth moved past in waves during the last 40 years.
  • Upon confirmation that DART was indeed heading into town, the City leaders re-focused their vision for Downtown Carrollton and began planning and funding improvements to create a place and brand the historic center of the community. Projects like the soon to launch renovation of the beloved gazebo.
  • Everyday, family’s come to downtown Carrollton to experience shops like the old fashioned candy store – Blooms, or the kiddy ride outside Silver Star, or perhaps the fried chicken at Babe’s. Private entrepreneurs are making downtown livable.
  • Carrollton began its journey to re-invigorate, re-develop, and re-imagine the 3 transit station areas by dedicating one staff person to promote development and redevelopment, oversee placemaking efforts, and promote the areas as destinations.
  • Over the last 7 years, the City has been proactively incentivizing development in Downtown Carrollton. From the large public private partnership with the Trammell Crow Company to small retail incentive grants to a classic vinyl record shop.
  • Our hard work has shown obvious results. Beginning with……
  • DART Green Line opening in December 2010.
  • South Main street reconstruction to the new urban design standards of wide sidewalks……
  • street/ pedestrian lights, street trees, uniform street furniture, and all the placemaking tools we could think of…..
  • Including creating pocket parks…..
  • – this one featuring shade trees as the biggest element.
  • Providing temporary surface lots……
  • That provided an illustration of what can be done to provide relatively short term surface parking – 3 to 5 years – for that time between now and when the market meets the vision.
  • We also undertook efforts to minimize development costs by creating regional detention ……
  • Or in this case – making regional detention into regional retention and creating an amenity instead of a hole in the ground.
  • We also made sure that the downtown community was connected to the entire fabric of the City. Including rehabilitating the Crosby Recreation Center and constructing the recently opened Green Trail and Downtown Trail.
  • These trails connect downtown to the north with the Thomas Splash Park, the Josey Ranch Library, and the Carrollton Senior Center. And of course to the County veloweb.
  • The City also sponsors small concerts on the Square every 3rd Saturday during the good weather months…..
  • And a large grand festival in November. Last year’s day long event drew 18,000 visitors.
  • Our next large project will be to complete our founder’s promise of a town square. Designed by Kevin Sloan Studio, the landscape architects behind Vitruvian Park in Addison, the project will begin at the first of the year and feature places to connect – such has large harvest tables, dining table featuring flowing water, and free WiFi.
  • The most important piece of creating places to live/ work/ play at transit stops is the “live” part.
  • The City’s public private partnership with the Trammell Crow Company created the first new multi-family units in Downtown Carrollton since the late 1970s.
  • Straddling the path from the Dart Station to the Square, the Union at Carrollton Square was our catalyst project.
  • As seen from atop the DART Downtown Carrollton Station’s South elevator/ stair platform access, the Union has been an outstanding success. It achieved rents 8% higher than pro-forma and 20% higher than all of Carrollton. Phase 2 rents are another 5% higher and leasing is on-pace with Phase 1 fantastic lease-up.
  • Here is what we started with…..
  • And here it is tody.
  • Connectivity was key! To transit…..
  • ToHike-and-bike trails like the one that runs through the development……
  • And to the street grid . Here is the new rail at-grade crossingalong Vandergriff…...
  • But most importantly, connections were madein every direction possible and by every mode available.
  • 2014 ULI Sustainable Places Downtown Carrollton TOD

    1. 1. Where Connections Happen Peter J. Braster Senior Development Manager
    2. 2. TransitSystemMap Opened 12/2010
    3. 3. Downtown Carrollton Where Connections Happen!
    4. 4. Downtown Carrollton, 1908
    5. 5. Downtown Carrollton, 1964
    6. 6. Downtown Carrollton, 1970
    7. 7. Downtown Carrollton, 2014
    8. 8. Downtown Carrollton, 2014
    9. 9. Shifting the Paradigm
    10. 10. Belt Line CarrolltonCirca2007
    11. 11. CarrolltonCirca2013
    12. 12. DART Arrives December 2010
    13. 13. DART Arrives December 2010 South Main Street Reconstruction 2011
    14. 14. South Main Street Reconstruction 2011
    15. 15. Pioneer Park 2011 DART Arrives December 2010 South Main Street Reconstruction 2011
    16. 16. “Green” Parking Lot 2011 Pioneer Park 2011 DART Arrives December 2010 South Main Street Reconstruction 2011
    17. 17. Regional Retention Pond 2012 “Green” Parking Lot 2011 Pioneer Park 2011 DART Arrives December 2010 South Main Street Reconstruction 2011
    18. 18. Crosby Rec Center 2011 Hike and Bike Trails 2014
    19. 19. Festival at the Switchyard 1st Saturday in November
    20. 20. Schematic Design Completing the Founders’ Promise.
    21. 21. Downtown Carrollton Catalyst Project: Union at Carrollton Square
    22. 22. Square
    23. 23. Square
    24. 24. • 314 Apartments: Phase 1 = 8 Live/Work + 170 apartments Phase 2 = 134 apartments • Twisted Root Restaurant • Dead Wax Records • Parking Garage: 460 spaces which includes 125 municipal spaces • Development Budget: Phase 1 $25,941,667 Phase 2 $10,754,723
    25. 25. Carroll Ave and S. Main Street: Before
    26. 26. Carroll Ave and S. Main Street: Now
    27. 27. What’s Next? More Development More Retail More Restaurants Making Connections Happen!
    28. 28. Thank You Peter.Braster@cityofcarrollton.com DowntownCarrollton.org @CarrolltonTOD