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Preps + geo 1.25

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Preps + geo 1.25

  1. 1. Prepositions & Geography Class Tuesday 1/25
  2. 2. Cities• Always use à or de (d) with city names.• Jhabite à New Brunswick. (I live in New Brunswick.)• Je suis de Red Bank. (I am from Red Bank.)
  3. 3. Countries• Countries with plural names use aux and des.• Jhabite aux Etats-Unis. (I live in the United States.)• Je suis des Etats-Unis. (I am from the United States.)
  4. 4. Countries (contd)• Countries with masculine singular names use au and du.• Jhabite au Japon. Je suis du Japon. (I live in Japan. I am from Japan.)• Countries with feminine singular names use en and de. Countries with masculine names that begin with a vowel also use these.• Jhabite en France. Je suis de France. (I live in France. I am from France.) France = feminine• Jhabite en Irak. Je suis dIrak. (I live in Iraq. I am from Iraq.) Irak = masculine beginning with a vowel
  5. 5. Most countries ending in e are feminine. Exceptions: Le Mexique