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Final storyboard and script


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Final storyboard and script

  1. 1. Final script and storyboards…
  2. 2. Final Script(Phone ringing)Gambino: Yes?Associate: I’ve got the package you wanted.Gambino: I’m impressed. How long are you going to be?Associate: Give us 10, we’ll be there. Have the moneyready, I wanna be in and out, no hassle.Gambino: Understood.(Phone hung up)
  3. 3. Why is this the final script?We wanted the phone call to be short but leavequestions in the minds of the audience.The phrase “I’ve got the package you wanted” makesthe audience wonder what the package is. Thiscreates tension and mystery.The blunt atmosphere of the script makes it seemvery professional and serious. It appears these menmean business.
  4. 4. This is the last draft of our storyboard before the final version.We have all of our ideas on this storyboard and we just neededto make it neater and include key information such as camera angles and timings.
  5. 5. Final storyboardThe following slides show our final storyboard.This storyboard takes into account a shot list, makingnote of what camera angles/distances we want, andtimings, how long each shot will be.It also presents some information on sounds andtransitions.