Guys! 7 Top Tips to Grab a Hot Date!


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Here are some really sensible tips to get you confident next time you meet a super woman you'd like to date!

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Guys! 7 Top Tips to Grab a Hot Date!

  1. 1. Guys! Here are 7 Top Tips To Grab a Hot Date! There’s nothing worse than being alone. This world can be bad enough without a nice friendly warm partner to share the bad stuff as well as to celebrate the good. If you’re a guy who’s looking for a hot date, but one never seems to come along, you get all the advice in the world don’t you from your mates, don’t you? They’ll say: “You’re trying too hard” “You’re going to the wrong places” “Just sign up with an agency” and so on. They’re all wrong! The perfect woman is out there for you somewhere, we’re here to help you find her. There are 7 really important points you need to know:
  2. 2. 1 There are just as many lonely girls out there as guys! Really! Statistics prove it; what’s more not all girls are looking for long-term relationships. Some short term hot affairs could be right there high on their list, so don’t think it’s just red blooded guys who just think of physical love all the time. It’s not guys who buy all the thousands of adult toys sold every day!
  3. 3. 2 You need confidence. How do you get it? Well, we all have different ways of boosting confidence, you’ll have to find the best way that suits you. For example, you may be really proud of your job or what you do in life, so remind yourself of this when you’re in a public place looking for that ideal woman. Don’t bore her with your job, but just use this technique to “label” yourself if you feel your confidence is low. You may know you can make people laugh, so work on this and get some “routines” written you could carry off. But the tip that works the best here is to fool yourself that you don’t really care. You might be sat next to the most delectable, desirable female you have ever met, but you’ve got to stay cool and not act in any way desperate! Have the confidence to smile and keep that initial eye contact for a good second more than would seem normal and polite for meeting an average stranger. If she keeps that direct look at you, she likes you!
  4. 4. 3 Girls sometime don’t believe that you fancy them! Unbelievable, but true! We all are attracted to different types and that makes for a healthy diverse world. Personally, I’m attracted to pretty plumpers; skinny petite girls do absolutely nothing for me. Plus I love a girl with a strong surreal sense of humour! So what about YOU? What are your tastes? Write them down! Target in your tastes and don’t be afraid to show that you like them! Yes, smile and make eye contact, but you should be able to see right away in that split second whether the woman is also instantly attracted by you – so don’t waste a second!
  5. 5. 4 Memorise your personal liners. What do you do? Something natural to you! There’s no point learning a load of “pick up lines” if they sound cheesy or unnatural. If you’re a crazy, goofy guy naturally, it’s fine to blurt out “Wow! Where did YOU come from?” when you bump into a sexy girl, and keep the eye contact and smiling. If, however, you’re a reserved, academic type and it looks like the girl you’re trying to make contact with looks a similar type, than say lines more suitable to you, such as “Didn’t I see you in the library earlier today?”
  6. 6. 5 Stay optimistic – no matter what! Nobody likes a moaner. Even if you think a great chat up line is to moan about the awful beer or the bar décor, don’t do it. Girls like optimism; they want a man to lift them out of their gloom or monotony. A positive and optimistic person is always liked.
  7. 7. 6 Get the conversation balance right. Don’t tell her everything about you without her getting a word in! On the other hand, don’t make it sound like she’s on a TV quiz show with you pumping her for answers! Be cool, laid back and sound genuinely interested in what she is saying. Listen carefully and ask the next question on what she’s saying, not just what’s next “on your list”!
  8. 8. 7 Accept that you will be rejected sometimes. Try to learn from those situations but don’t turn the memories over with regret constantly. It doesn't really matter. It is her loss; she missed out on getting to know a really good fellow! Good luck! If you’d like to read more and learn about an astonishing new seduction technique you may have heard about on the news, click here: Best wishes   Pete Baker