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  1. 1. We come from a dark abyss. We go to a dark abyss. And the bright space between those two, we call that life .
  2. 2. I don't accept borders I don’t fit in where things appear to be I suffocate!
  3. 4. ...heart stirs and shouts: ‘'I’m a hillbilly and I jump on the stage and I change the course of this world!''
  4. 5. I don’t weigh things, I don’t count things, I don’t settle. I follow my deep heartbeat.
  5. 6. ''Where are we going?'' Don't ask! Go up, go down. There is no end, there is no beginning. There is only this moment, full, full of bitterness, full, full of sweetness, and I’m relishing the whole of it!
  6. 7. NOW I KNOW. I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I broke free of my conscious mind, I have leveled up. I am free. I want nothing more. I was asking for freedom.
  7. 8. '' Where are we going? Will we ever be victorious? Why are we fighting?'' STOP! Warriors never ask!
  8. 9. What’s the meaning of happiness? To live through all unhappiness. What’s the meaning of light? To stare into all darkness with clear eyes.
  9. 10. The soul is a flame and it touches and it strives to set on fire the darkness of the world. One day the whole universe will be a bonfire! .
  10. 11. Happy are those who hold on their shoulders the great maginficent horrific secret: And the secret is that there is no secret!
  11. 12. Love responsibility! Say : Mine, mine alone is the duty to save this world! If it’s not saved, that’s my fault!
  12. 13. The heart unites what the mind separates, it overcomes the battle field of need and transforms fighting into love