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How to Reduce & Compact Outlook PST file Size Automatically


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Reduce and Compact Outlook PST file size into smaller segments with the help of Manual Archiving & Export options, as it effectively shrinks the burden of PST file. Know more:

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  • Compact PST software is a utility to safely compact PST files of larger size, by separating the attachments and storing them in a separate folder on the system hard drive. See more:-
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How to Reduce & Compact Outlook PST file Size Automatically

  1. 1. Introduction What is Compact PST How to Compact PST File In Outlook? Manual Way to Compact PST files
  2. 2. What is Compact PST? To make free space on your Hard-disk, You can remove some unwanted items from various PST files and then compact all files to make them smaller this process is known as Compact PST. There are two types of PST file edition- ANSI & Unicode. ANSI PST file is used in Older version of Outlook. (97 to 2002) and its file format has a size limit of 2 GB. Unicode PST file is basically used in latest version of Outlook (2003- 2013). This file format has size limit of 20 GB to 50 GB. 20 GB in Outlook 2003/2007, 50 GB in Outlook 2010 and 2013.
  3. 3. Need to Compact PST Size When PST file crosses its size limit, it cannot be open anymore in MS Outlook and you are not able to add data in it. Oversized PST file always reduce the chance of data deletion or corruption. But before an oversized PST file gets corrupted, while you compress or reduce size of PST file then the situation of corruption can be avoided. Other than compressing or reducing files, you can split and Break PST files into smaller segments. Compression of PST files is big remedy, while you are facing these problems:  Slowdown of Outlook  Outlook Not Responding  Outlook keeps freeze or hangs
  4. 4. Automatically Reduce Size of PST File 1. Deleted some unnecessary Items from your machine. 2. Open “Folder list view” from the bottom of the Navigation pane, then click the “Folder list” icon. 3. In the Navigation pane, right click on the “Deleted items folder”, then click on “Empty folder”. 4. Go to the Tools menu > Account Settings 5. On the “Data file tab”, click on “Data file” which you want to compact > click Settings > Compact Now.
  5. 5. Reduce PST Size by Archiving Steps to Archive PST Files Data  Open Outlook and Go to the File tab > Data File Management > Add  Choose the Desired PST file format > Ok  Type the name of Archive PST file under Name section  Click Ok > Close Reduce PST Size by Exporting Steps to Export PST Files Data  Open “Outlook” and click on “Import and Export” from the Files menu.  Select one option from “Choose an Action” to Perform
  6. 6.  Select “File type” to import PST file > Next  Browse “PST file” to Import and choose desired option from all of them click on the “Next button” > “Finish”
  7. 7. Reduce PST File Size by Splitting Process Split PST Files in Three Steps!!
  8. 8. Reduce PST File Size by Splitting If you want to reduce PST file size through Splitting options then you should move on third- party utility like- SysTools Split PST Software. This tool perfectly splits heavy files into smaller one. It split PST files data through several options such as:  Split by Date  Split by Year  Split by Size Process Read More: