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How to Sort out Contact list in Outlook ?


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Sort Out contacts in Outlook to display contacts list by last name or by first name. If you want Contacts list to be sorted by the last names of the contacts, you must change the display format to the Last Name, First Name format. Do this by using simple steps. Get more info: -

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How to Sort out Contact list in Outlook ?

  1. 1. How to Sort out Contact list in Outlook ?
  2. 2. Sorting in Outlook means !! In Outlook, Sorting in means putting list in order. You can change order list in Outlook as per your choice. Suppose you have large number of emails and contacts and you want to sort them by alphabets or by company name then you can able to do that.
  3. 3. Steps to sort out Contacts list in Outlook Step 1 :  Open Outlook  Select column –emails, contacts, task etc  Support you need to sort out contacts >> select contact tab
  4. 4. Steps 2 : Click on View tab  View >> Current view >> Customize current view
  5. 5. Steps 3 : As you click on Customize Current view, you will get Customize view : Address card panel  Click on Sort
  6. 6. Steps 4 : You will get Sort panel  Select Sort item as per your choice  Select order Ascending or Descending  Click on Ok
  7. 7. Steps 5 :  Click Ok
  8. 8. Steps 6 : You will get the result in descending order by first name.
  9. 9. Get More info : ontacts/sort-list-in-outlook.html