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Operationalizes the idea outlined in "The 99%" and in "Self Fulfillment"

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Itel In Benue

  1. 1. The institute Of Transformational Entrepreneurs and Leaders (ITEL)- LTD/GTE 4, Jibowu Street, First Floor E-mail: Behind Ekene Dili Chukwu Transport membership@iteing.corr! Off Ikorodu Road, Jibowu-Yaba P. 0. Box 528, Shomolu, Lagos-Nigeria. Website Tel: (234)01-7644233,08033060594, 08166192511, 08051154486, 07059918061Principal OfficersRalph A. Muyiwa-OniB.Sc[Econ), M.Sc(Econ),MBA,FCMA,FITEL,MNIM ITELREGISTRAR/CEOR.I.Kola BelloHND,MCP!N,MITEL Secretary toCouncilChin we Nwune(Mrs) MBA, inMNIM, MITEL Head,Membership & InstitutionalRelationsCaleb O.OgunleyeB.Sc(Econ),ACA,AciT MITELOperations & StrategyMembersMoses Oiuiegun DadaB.Sc(Bus Admin), MBA,MNIMMITELValentine Funsho Adegoke BenueB.Sc,M.Sc(Marketing),MBAMNIM,MITELJosiah Awolade LLB, BL,MITEL (Legal Advisor)Dr. Gilbert A. OiusemoreE.Sc.(£con), M.Sc(Finance)FCIB, MITELDr. Casmir OnukoguB.Sc, MSA, MPhil, Ph.D, MITEL Transforming the Economic LandscapeMallam G.B. MohammedHND.M.Eng.AITELOladipo OlaofeB.Sc(Accounting), AITEL Peter Anyebe
  2. 2. The institute Of Transformational Entrepreneurs and Leaders (ITEL)- LTD/GTE 4, Jibowu Street, First Floor E-mail: Behind Ekene Dili Chukwu Transport membership@iteing.corr! Off Ikorodu Road, Jibowu-Yaba P. 0. Box 528, Shomolu, Lagos-Nigeria. Website Tel: (234)01-7644233,08033060594, 08166192511, 08051154486, 07059918061 ITEL in Benue By Peter AnyebeITEL in Benue is founded on one, 1 word, Recommendations. This derivesfrom the value creation paradigm, VCP that is designed to complement theprofit and loss paradigm in economics. The VCP institutionalises merit totransform the business environment, EB from a patched desert to a luxuriantforest. This is accomplished by the following two, 2 strategies: A reward based performance management, PM model The Human Resource, HR Hierarchy, which motivates entrepreneurshipThe idea is summarised in the following two, 2 documents, attached: The Mentality Profile The Character ProfileThe mentality profile outlines the essential components of the reward based PMmodel. Each of the items on the profile is evaluated to measure the subject’scontributions to the environment, society, or organisation; economically interms of the factor-C, politically in terms of the factor-S, and socially in terms ofthe factor-F.The character model explains how these factors are learned, to buildentrepreneurs and leaders that have the capacity to transform the environment,by creating optimum value. While the training sessions derive from these, therecommendations are based on the subject’s scores on the mentality profile.
  3. 3. StrategyThe strategy is to train, and recommend our members; for facilities in banksand insurance institutions, as well as donor agencies; and for positions ingovernment, non- government and private organisations. Therecommendations are expected to function as guarantee that the beneficiarieswill deliver, according to expectations. B I I G D o a n n v o n s s e n k u t r o s r i n r m a t e s n u n c t t e e s s Entrepreneur Leadership NYSC Undergraduates ITEL Strategy
  4. 4. TrainingTraining is designed to inculcate the seventeen, 17 traits of the mentality profile.Recall however that only four, 4 of these are measured directly, on their variouskits; which will soon be available on the internet. Then the three, 3 items S, C, andF are evaluated from the four, 4. The factor-C is evaluated from the factor-Pc.The factor-S is evaluated from the combination of the factors Rn and Pc. And thefactor-F is evaluated from the combination of the factors Rn and √n.Recall that the factor-F is actually a measure of the construct of the personality,in terms of the following competencies: The number of essentials, Nu that the person is able to identify; Which define how much power, Po has been stored up in the personality, F for response to stimuli, S according to the behaviour model in psychology; and The strength of the mental scaffold, frame, or skeletonThis factor actually links the factors S and C. The factor-S measuresroundedness, with respect to sacrifice and selflessness, and the absence of greed;which is foundational to the consistency of character that the factor-C measures.At the optimum score of Nu = 4 and the best score of Nu = 5, greed is minimumand absent respectively. And the person would be consistent, and of strongcharacter. The occurrence of these factors in a person is corroborated forconfirmation by evaluating them on a project, against the answers to the followingquestions: Who are you? In terms of the person’s purpose for the project, and the competencies and precedents that have been acquired to position the self strategically, for the fulfilment of the purpose This confirms the factor-S Specify process for the accomplishment of the purpose: According to the six, 6 items of the standard procedure series, SPS This confirms the factor-F Link the above two, 2 outlines: To summarise the proposal in four, 4 items This confirms the factor-CThe link between purpose and process for this project (ITEL in Benue) forinstance, which confirms the factor-C includes as follows: We build people People are souls Soul is the concatenation of the activities of people; from the first cry at birth, to the last breath at death
  5. 5. It is the concatenation process that is therefore optimised, as presented below, to corroborate the factor-F: 1. Soul, S Concatenation 2. Learning, Nu 6. Appreciation, A 3. Mind, L = 1/A F2 5. Personality, F 4. Character, C The D-A-L SeriesD-A-L stands for Duality-Appreciation-Levitation principles. And by thisseries, the object of concatenation is appreciation, A which is levitational, Land dual, D. Then for people to rise above the object and define the form ofphenomena, they need to understand the five, 5 items on the series very clearly.To corroborate the factor-L on this project, purpose is defined as povertyaversion. And the precedents and competencies that have been accumulated toposition strategically for the fulfilment of the purpose is outlined on the five, 5items following: 1. The 99% The Project 2. The Path to Soul 6. Poverty Aversion 3. ITEL 5. D-A-L Principle 4. Vizibility The ‘Who are You’ SeriesThe third 3rd test, which also corroborates the factors C, S, and F respectively,involves a clear definition of the following issues: The requirements that must be, for the project to take off The requirements that must be, for the project to be sustained How the requirements for sustenance are to be generated within the operation of the projectRecommendations must ascertain that these three, 3 tests are consistent.
  6. 6. RecommendationsA sample of a typical letter of recommendation is presented below:RecommendationForMr SaawuanIn making this recommendation, we considered the following three, 3 questions: Is the candidate able to turn what they know into what they do? How does this translate into the creation of value? How does the organisation benefit from its association with the candidate?Mr Saawuan, is able to identify 3.91 of the five, 5 essential components ofphenomena. This makes him able to convert what he knows into what he does78.2% of the times. He is normal 99.99%, and his procedures are matured86.67% of the times. This positions him as a 22%ter on the Pareto 80-20Continuum. He has accumulated 97% power in his personality, for responsesto stimuli.Mr Saawuan, is able to create an economic environment that is viable 87%.Given an assignment, he is expected to respond 96% of the times; and theresponse would be appropriate, 95%. At C = 1.67, he is expected to make aReturn on Investment, ROI of 5.35. His Performance Index is 0.86, for aReward of 1.75.Given the organisations C-Score of 2.7 Mr Saawuan,s C-Score is smaller thanthe organisational score. He is therefore expected to enhance organisationalvalue by 1.8, which is also larger than his reward index of 1.75. With anS-Score of 0.45 and F-Score of 1.05 he has a rounded personality thatcontributes minimum entropy to the environment.Mr Saawuan is credible 93% of the times.He will be an asset to the organisation.