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Stop the line @spotify


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Lightning talk about stop the line held at a Spotify Quality Unconference: a bug is just an unwritten test that failed.

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Stop the line @spotify

  1. 1. Stop breaking those windows P2, P3, P4, P5 Every time you do not fix a bug You breake a new window
  2. 2. Wetest to makeourproduct defectfree Why dowe write tests?
  3. 3. What dowedowhena test fails?
  4. 4. When a test breakes wefixthe defect
  5. 5. What dowedowhena bug is discovered?
  6. 6. Write a test Fix the bug
  7. 7. Is that what you do? Honestly?
  8. 8. You should! A bugis just an unwrittentest that would have failed Andhow didwe handle failed test now again?
  9. 9. Clean up GoGreen (adapt to capacity) FixNextSprint (Stop-the-line)
  10. 10. Any defect is a broken window
  11. 11. The stop-the-line song I keep a close watch on these tests of mine I keep my Jenkins open all the time I see a defect coming down the line Becuse you're mine, I stop the line