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confined space training course.

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  1. 1. Confined Space Training Course Online Part I8 Hour Course with Wallet Size Certification Cards For Your Employees OSHA ACCEPTED HR Training University I 800-501-9440
  2. 2. Confined Space Accidents Are Deadly• Roughly 100-300 workers are killed each year• This represents a small % of workplace fatalities overall but a high rate based on the number of workers involved.• Confined Space Work is dangerous! Workers proximity to the hazards makes it difficult to avoid and hard to escape. Workers often are out of sight.
  3. 3. Confined Space Dangers• Signs of Danger May not be readily apparent• Hazards may be impossible to avoid giving space constraints• Recognition that Confined Space is inherently dangerous is important first step to proper safety precautions, proper work practices and equipment and of course Confined Space Training!
  4. 4. Confined Space Fatalities• Atmospheric hazards lead the way…oxygen deficient air, poison by gases or chemical are most prevalent.• Other causes of death: falls, explosions, fires, electrical, engulfment, d rowning• Deaths highest in manufacturing, agriculture, construction, tran sportation/communication/utilities and mining/oil/gas industries
  5. 5. Confined Space Fatalities By Type• Fatalities tend to occur most in the following confined spaces:• Tanks• Sewer Manhole• Vat• WellsWhat were the workers doing at the time of theirdeath?
  6. 6. Confined Space Training Understanding Fatalities• Workers who died in confined space were most likely:• Repairing or Maintaining• RescuingThese two categories make up the overwhelmingmajority of deaths. Workers must be trained as towhat to do in the event of an emergency andemployers must have procedures for responding toemergencies and rescues.
  7. 7. Confined Space Fatalities• Based on OSHA studies the overwhelming percentage of deaths were workers who received NO TRAINING! OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146: The employer shall certify that the training required by paragraphs (g)(1) through (g)(3) of this section has been accomplished. The certification shall contain each employee’s name, the signatures or initials of the trainers, and the dates of training. The certification shall be available for inspection by employees and their authorized representatives.
  8. 8. “Protect Your Workers” Look For Part II Coming Soon! Call 800-501-9440• Enroll for our online Confined Space Training Course Online for only $189• The Confined Space Training Course is based on the OSHA 1910.146 permit-required confined space standards for general industry.• Print your certificate of completion directly after you complete your course successfully Register Now>