The Future Of Marketing Nov09


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New Innovation and marketing models are required to match the Digi times. We need to engage with the tools to creating Closer consumer connection opportunities.

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The Future Of Marketing Nov09

  1. 1. Marketing, where have we come from, where are we going? Peter Harris
  2. 2. The Future of Marketing
  3. 3. IMAGE from @22squared presentation
  4. 4. IMAGE from @22squared presentation
  5. 5. The media landscape has changed.
  6. 6. Past Source: @willsh
  7. 7. Source: @willsh
  8. 8. Today Source: @willsh
  9. 9. Some inconvenient truths “In most categories a brand’s market share is stationary” 4 out of 5 categories seen as increasingly homogeneous 3x $ spent on discounting as ‘brand building’ in fmcg 0.5% average click-thru rate for banners Less than 1 in 10 ads seen as different 4% response rate successful in DM Sources: Andrew Ehrenberg; Copernicus Consulting; McKinsey
  10. 10. The consumer has changed.
  11. 11. Welcome to the participation economy Source: @armano
  12. 12. The faces have changed.
  13. 13. Brand value has changed.
  14. 14. Old way *Size of bubble = brand strength Experience Communications Behaviour
  15. 15. #1 is #2 is #3 is McDonald’s Suppliers
  16. 16. The new way *Size of bubble = brand strength Experience Communications Behaviour
  17. 17. The process has changed.
  18. 18. Old Source: adapted by @ronnestam, @armano
  19. 19. New Source: adapted by @ronnestam, @armano
  20. 20. The formula has changed.
  21. 21. Marketing 1.0 It’s about spamming 1,000,000 people to convert 100 people. Source: Brandon Murphy from @22square
  22. 22. Marketing 2.0 It is about reaching the right 10 people who reach 100 people who reach 1,000 people. Source: Brandon Murphy from @22square
  23. 23. Source: Brandon Murphy from @22square
  24. 24. “Building relationships through our brands is the future of marketing.” Jim Stengel, CMO of P&G
  25. 25. If what we’re doing is right, and if we give them the tools, young people will do the marketing and organising for us (and be better at it than we are) Source: William Owen, Made by Many, Vinspired: Everyone Working Together Presentation
  26. 26. brands must go beyond broadcast Source: @armano
  27. 27. and become “facilitators” Source: @armano
  28. 28. Source: @congbo
  29. 29. listen
  30. 30. Source: @criticalmass, @shamberg measure
  31. 31. “ In the slightly altered word of John F Kennedy’s inaugural address ...Ask not what your (community) can do for you, Ask what you can do for your (community)” Source: @Congbo
  32. 32. Source: @criticalmass, @shamberg
  33. 33. be remarkable Source: @criticalmass, @shamberg
  34. 34. collaborate
  35. 35. Source: @armano
  36. 36. Where have we come from? Where are we going? Messages Conversations Big ideas, strategy & a lot of time Micro launches, insights, iterations Audience & eyeballs Communities Created by marketers Co-created with people Controlling Empowering Promises Actions Static Dynamic Transactional relationship Create communities of fans
  37. 37. The End Game Sales Retail Marketing HR Media Customer Community Customer Innovation Service Source: adapted by @armano, visualisation by @michaelbatistic PR Putting the customer at the heart of decision making