What Marketing Can Learn From Vanilla Ice


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In changing market times, we need to STOP COLLABORATE & LISTEN if we are to close the gap between marketing and research. This presentation was delivered at Marketing Week 2009 in Adelaide

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What Marketing Can Learn From Vanilla Ice

  1. 1. What can marketing learn from VANILLA ICE closer customer connections in changing times Peter Harris Managing Director Colmar Brunton http://www.flickr.com/photos/eboman/395968846/
  2. 2. Peter Harris Managing Director @ Colmar Brunton AUDITOR marketing RESEARCH Family man AMSRS aussie NEW MEDIA building relationships ASHES TRAGIC
  3. 3. “Stop, Collaborate and Listen” – Vanilla Ice
  4. 4. Stop. Collaborate. Listen.
  5. 5. Past
  6. 6. Today
  7. 7. Some inconvenient truths “In most categories a brand’s market share is stationary” 4 out of 5 categories seen as increasingly homogeneous 3x $ spent on discounting as ‘brand building’ in fmcg 0.5% average click-thru rate for banners Less than 1 in 10 ads seen as different 4% response rate successful in DM Sources: Andrew Ehrenberg; Copernicus Consulting; McKinsey
  8. 8. Brands that engage in social media are winning Brands fall into one of four engagement profiles…. Mavens have experienced better revenue growth (last 12 mths) Source: The world’s most valuable brands. Who’s most engaged? Ranking the Top 100 Global Brands Report, prepared by Altimeter and Wetpaint
  9. 9. Old way
  10. 10. New way
  11. 11. brands must go beyond broadcast
  12. 12. and become “facilitators”
  13. 13. Stop. Collaborate. Listen.
  14. 14. collaborate Invite them in. Treat them as collaborators. Harness their collective intelligence. Give them a role in helping the brand succeed and a chance to become visible to their community.
  15. 15. collaborate
  16. 16. If what we’re doing is right, and if we give them the tools, young people will do the marketing and organising for us (and be better at it than we are)
  17. 17. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0SOXW_K56w
  18. 18. • 70,000 ideas in first year • Free coffee for Gold Card members on their birthday • Starbucks VIP card • Buy coffee beans, get a free cup of coffee
  19. 19. • Get (free) help, advice & support in planning kitchens, offices, wardrobes eetc.. • Employee and fan community - 100,000+ members, 4 yrs old • Community donations + ad revenue funding model • Reward participation with Ikea gift cards
  20. 20. Results
  21. 21. “ Consumers are beginning in a very real sense to own our brands and participate in their creation. We need to learn to let go. - A. G. Lafely, Chief Executive at Procter & Gamble
  22. 22. Why they will collaborate? connect useful educate entertain Source: PHD
  23. 23. Stop. Collaborate. Listen.
  24. 24. Listen Talk with customers in context. Listen to their ideas before they get skewed. Uncover issues, focusing on how people feel.
  25. 25. “In the old days, brands wanted everybody to pay attention to them. Now brands need to pay attention to everybody else.” -Anonymous
  26. 26. listen
  27. 27. “ We’ve been voted the best marketer of the 20th century. But that’s because we were the biggest shouters. In the 21st century, we want to be the best listeners. - Greg Icenhower, P&G, director of corporate communications
  28. 28. Social Media Monitoring Tools Social Media Buzz Monitoring 1. Free Alert Systems 2. Paid Analysis Dashboard 3. Full Service Insights Partners
  29. 29. REACH How many people are we reaching? METRICS: [example metrics: unique views] INTERACTION How are people interacting with us? METRICS: [example metrics: video plays] ENGAGEMENT How many are becoming part of our community? METRICS: [example metrics: user-generated content] INFLUENCE How are we changing user action or opinion? METRICS: [example metrics: conversation tone] EXPOSURE How are users extending the reach of the program? METRICS: [example metrics: online buzz]
  30. 30. Online Customer Community • Continuous connection to your customers • 300–500 invitation-only members in a room Discussion Journals Quick Polls Mystery shopping Online chat Scrapbook Brainstorm Immersion Use photos Twitter Video Off-line events Survey
  31. 31. Problem • Developed new brand ad in 5 days with Branson • Concerned new brand ad was to risqué • Validate with prospects fast Solution • Tested ad in online community among young flyers • Positive response / low risk • Turned results in a few days • Cost effective
  32. 32. Community at a glance • Launched November 08 / 1,000+ members • Private online community for Hyundai owners or inner circle of trusted advisors • Recruiting through existing customer base + “hand-raisers” that attend industry events like auto shows • Activities focus on two initiatives. The first expanding the brand with the new Hyundai Genesis vehicles. The second is Blue Drive, Hyundai’s new initiative to produce eco-friendly products
  33. 33. ‘Listening is the new marketing’, Chris Brogan
  34. 34. 7 Secrets of Vanilla Ice Marketing
  35. 35. 1. Make your own game • Stand out • Don’t play by other people’s rules
  36. 36. 2. Build a Posse • Make friends / connect • Insiders advantage / outsiders can’t buy influence • Create a big F’n network
  37. 37. 3. Spin off • The Archimedes Effect / Leverage • Build off previous success
  38. 38. 4. Throw Awesome Parties • Be a great party host • Invite them to participate and mash their own content • Connect , network and help build relationships
  39. 39. • Provide opportunities to participate • Don’t force the conversations but help it along • Share instead of hoard
  40. 40. • Put on & play a constructive role in offline events • Add value to the community experience • Capture content and 3rd party perspectives on your community topic
  41. 41. • Pay your dues - consistency and authenticity • Be open to criticism and admit when you are wrong • Have a higher purpose
  42. 42. Peter.harris@cbr.com.au twitter.com/peteraharris
  43. 43. Appendix