Integrating social media with web analytics


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Presentation from Social Media Week London 2012 on Integrating social media with Web Analytics. It was one of four presentations at the Using Data from Social Media to Improve Performance held at 01Zero-One on the 15th Feb.

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Integrating social media with web analytics

  1. 1. Integrating Social Media with Web Analytics Using Data from Social Media to Improve Performance#SMWAnalytics @peter_oneill
  2. 2. Purpose of Integration The purpose of Web Analytics is To provide intelligence that informs business decisions leading to an improvement in performance for online organisations You can capture Social Media data in web analytics tools This data can produce valuable intelligence You will make better decisions So why integrate - to achieve better results Page 2 #SMWAnalytics – @peter_oneill 15 February, 2012
  3. 3. Social Sharing on your Website A common sight on content pages are Social Media sharing buttons Visitors sharing your content indicate:  It is high quality content  It is content they find interesting  Traffic should grow in the future Track with web analytics using event code to capture:  Which content is being shared  Which author, category, etc is being shared  Which networks it is being shared upon  Which sharing button was clicked on the page Page 3 #SMWAnalytics – @peter_oneill 15 February, 2012
  4. 4. Social Sharing – Actions to Take Primary KPI to understand performance  % Shares (visits to page that share / visits to page) How you can use this information  To identify quality of content or interest in content by article/post, author or category  Use similar content in the future  Select that content to be promoted on homepage / read more  Identify key social media networks to be involved in  Use the network your audience is using  Improve design or location of sharing buttons  Optimising their performance will lead to more shares and therefore more traffic Page 4 #SMWAnalytics – @peter_oneill 15 February, 2012
  5. 5. Traffic from Social Media There are four sources of traffic from Social Media  Identify all uniquely within a Social Media grouping These can all be identified in web analytics tools:  Using Web Analytics campaign parameters What are the sources  Paid content on Social Media networks  Content that you post on Social Media networks  Content generated through social share buttons  Content linking to you on Social Media networks posted by 3rd parties  Configure web analytics tool to identify referring domains Page 5 #SMWAnalytics – @peter_oneill 15 February, 2012
  6. 6. Social Media Traffic – Actions to Take Perform normal campaign analysis  How do these visitors behave?  Do they bounce, research/engage, convert?  Where do they enter the website?  Compare between channels, campaigns, links Always focus on the quality of the traffic, not the quantity Evaluate and adjust your social media strategies based on this intelligence Page 6 #SMWAnalytics – @peter_oneill 15 February, 2012
  7. 7. Conversations on Social Media Social Media is about conversations Conversations occur offsite so how can web analytics help to evaluate performance?  People discussing your brand, products, services, campaigns, etc  You may or may not be involved  They aren’t coming through to your website Be creative in approaches to evaluating the performance and impact of Social Media Page 7 #SMWAnalytics – @peter_oneill 15 February, 2012
  8. 8. SM Conversations – Actions to Take Review other data points  If people discover you via Social Media but don’t click through, how do you think they will find the website?  Direct entry / Branded search Run tests  Discuss certain products using Social Media only  Do they appear more in external/internal search terms  Are these products viewed/purchased more than non- promoted products  Calculate the impact on the bottom line from Social Media Learn the impact on the bottom line from Social Media campaigns  Are you investing in the right social media strategies? Page 8 #SMWAnalytics – @peter_oneill 15 February, 2012
  9. 9. Summary Three key set-up tasks required  Track clicks on social sharing buttons  Tag all social media links to your website  Configure tool to identify other visits from social media Key sources of intelligence  Nature of content shared on social media  How content is being shared  Behaviour of visitors from different social media sources  Impact on bottom line of different social media strategies Use this intelligence to improve performance  Location and design of social sharing buttons  Type of content to generate and promote  Social media strategies which deliver a positive outcome Page 9 #SMWAnalytics – @peter_oneill 15 February, 2012
  10. 10. THANK YOU I can be found at • • @peter_oneill • 07843 617 347 • 10 15 February, 2012