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Google Analytics Crash Course - 5 bonus tips, tricks & hacks


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My talk at the ObservePoint Analytics Summit covers 25 tips, tricks & hacks in 30 min. The target was 30 but I couldn't fit them all in, these are the 5 which missed the cut.

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Google Analytics Crash Course - 5 bonus tips, tricks & hacks

  1. 1. Google Analytics Crash Course 5 Tips/Tricks/Hacks (that didn’t fit) in 30 minutes @peter_oneill
  2. 2. Understand Google Analytics definitions • Understand where Google Analytics data comes from • Users are not people • They are a count of unique cookie IDs • They are not shared across devices or browsers • They are deleted regularly • They are unique to that time period • It is an inflated number and we don’t know by how much! 6 @peter_oneill
  3. 3. Wherever possible, group values • Absolute counts of days, words, etc can be very hard to interpret for non analysts • They are fairly meaningless at a granular level • Much easier to understand: • short, medium, long • new, recent, old, very old • Make the data useful, make it information, let the business use it • If using GTM, very easy to adjust the business logic on these values 17 @peter_oneill
  4. 4. Record the customer ID and GA client ID • When visitors are logged in, record their Customer ID in a hit/session scoped custom dimension • For all visitors, record their Google Analytics client ID (cookie value) in another session scoped custom dimension • four-custom-dimensions/ • This information can be used to identify visitors sharing logins • Different devices used at same location at same time • Different devices used in different cities/countries over time • Plus a variety of other purposes 20 @peter_oneill
  5. 5. You don’t need all Enhanced Ecommerce stages • Returning to the idea of Core tracking first, this also applies to Enhanced Ecommerce • Critical steps are • View Product • Add to Basket • Checkout (once) • Transaction • Get this tracking right, the rest can wait • It gives you an Ecommerce funnel at product level • Plus category, brand, etc 22 @peter_oneill
  6. 6. Use the full Enhanced Ecommerce Category variable • You can capture five pieces of information within the Enhanced Ecommerce Category variable • The standard report displays all five levels as a single variable but custom reports & the API allow you to split into five different product scoped custom dimensions • Same as campaign tracking, capture as much granularity as possible 23 @peter_oneill
  7. 7. THANK YOU @peter_oneill I can be found at • • @peter_oneill • +44 7843 617 347 •