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Access2011 - Van Garderen: Occupy The Memory


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Access2011 conference
Peter Van Garderen
Occupy The Memory
Open Source Big Data for Archives and Libraries: an Artefactual Case Study
Artefactual Systems
MJ Suhonos

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Access2011 - Van Garderen: Occupy The Memory

  1. 1. Open-Source Big Datafor Archives and Libraries:An Case Study Peter Van Garderen, President/Systems Archivist MJ Suhonos, Systems Librarian/Software Engineer
  2. 2. Free Beer!
  3. 3. http://archivematica.orghttp://ica-atom.orghttp://dcb-gcn.canadiana.org
  4. 4. open-source sofware for archivesand librariesdigital preservation consultingservices Peter Van Garderen (MAS) President / Systems Archivist @pjvangarderen Evelyn McLellan (MAS) Jessica Bushey (MAS) Courtney Mumma MJ Suhonos (MLIS) Systems Archivist Systems Archivist (MAS/MLIS) Systems Librarian / Systems Archivist Software Engineer David Juhasz Austin Trask Jesús García Crespo Joseph Perry Software Engineer Software Engineer Software Engineer Software Engineer
  5. 5. ?
  6. 6. Artefactual clients and project sponsors International Council on Archives ● Provincial Archives of Alberta● UNESCO Memory of the World ● Alberta Government Services Ministry● UNESCO Archives ● Insurance Corporation of British Columbia● United Nations Archives and Records Management Section ● Archives Association of British Columbia● The World Bank Group ● Archives Society of Alberta● International Monetary Fund ● Archives Association of Ontario● NATO Archives ● Association for Manitoba Archives● International Records Management Trust University of British Columbia Library● ● Rockefeller Archive Center Simon Fraser University Archives● ● Library and Archives Canada Simon Fraser University Library● ● Canadian Council of Archives University of Victoria Archives● ● Canadiana University of Toronto iSchool Institute● ● National Archives of the Netherlands University of Northern British Columbia Library and Archives● ● Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations University of Strathclyde Archives● ● Dutch Institute for Archival Research and Education (Archiefschool) British Columbia Electronic Library Network● ● British Commonwealth Secretariat● ● University of British Columbia Irving K. Barber Learning Centre United Kingdom Department for International Development● Diocese of New Westminster - Anglican Church of Canada Archives Direction des Archives de France ●● City of Vancouver Archives United Arab Emirates Center for Documentation and Research ●● City of Toronto Corporate Information Management Services Al-Dhakira Al-Arabiyya ●● City of Rotterdam Archives Association of Brazilian Archivists ●● City of Edmonton Archives Botswana National Archives and Records Service ●● Squamish Public Library Caribbean Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives ●● West Vancouver Museum and Archives American Institute of Architects ●● Whistler Museum and Archives British Columbia Museum and Archives ●● Langley Centennial Museum and National Exhibition Centre British Columbia Ministry of Management Services ●● ● Stirling Council Archives
  7. 7. Archivists & Librarians: Who are we?Who are we in the face of Google, ebooks,iTunes, Facebook, Flickr, Internet Archive,, History Channel, Sharepoint,Twitter...Who are we in the face of our traditionalservices, our traditional identity? tightbudgets?
  8. 8. were space
  9. 9.
  10. 10. were Trusted Digital Repositories were portals were code
  11. 11. were context
  12. 12. all creation is connectedin various waysin a marvelous spatial balance.Out of the formation of new entitieshas emerged informationresulting in communicationand memoryHugh Taylor. “The Archivist, the Letter, and the Spirit” Archivaria 43 Association of Canadian Archivists (1997) p6
  13. 13. contextualize authenticate relate / bind file system file format codec find character encoding fonts packaging decryption error correction operating system compression metadatanow future storage media storage driver input / output devices Accessible? bitstream storage device application software user interface Usable? Authentic? stored conserved protected
  14. 14. Accessible? In your scope, Usable? I am content Authentic? <metadata isa=”love note to the future” />now future communication wisdom memory consciousness
  15. 15. Doctoral Candidate, Archival Science
  16. 16. were the 99%● We the people, helped by our archivists & librarians, should be in charge of: ● the space ● the portals ● the Trusted Digital Repositories ● the code ● the information
  17. 17. were the 99%● We the people, helped by our archivists & librarians, should be in charge of: ● the space ● the portals ● the Trusted Digital Repositories ● the code ● the information ● the public record ● the social network ● personal archives ● big data
  18. 18. #occupy the memory● We the people, helped by our archivists & librarians, should be in charge of: ● the space ● the portals ● the Trusted Digital Repositories ● the code ● the information
  19. 19. “They’ll never take our freedom!”© 1995 Paramount Pictures & 20th Century FoxSee fair use rationale:
  20. 20. Users Foundation or Steering Committee Lead institutions Funding Development Code Governance All users Time Time Bug reports Money Money Coordination Enhancement requests Knowledge Knowledge Funding Code patches Open Source Software Promotion Documentation Promotion Code Knowledge Community Code Time Money Knowledge Service Providers Development Technical Support Hosting Training PromotionThe open-source eco-system
  21. 21. hosting Community Supportinstallation We will try to answer fairly straight-forwardintegration questions from the open source community aboutsoftware development installing and configuring our software. When wetech support think a particular query is beyond these free supporttraining parameters (too specific, in-depth, or time-system analysis consuming) we will inform the user that it may bestrategy necessary to address it as paid, commercial support.$125/hr Commercial Support Our software is always free and open source, butAnnual maintenance program with our optional hosting and support services, the Artefactual development team will assist a client with more in-depth questions to get the software installed and operating as required, whether on one of our servers or their own.
  22. 22. Propel ZSLORM index
  23. 23. Big Data in Canadian Library and Archives: How Big?● <100,00 archival descriptions & authority● <100,000 archival descriptions & authority● Canadiana Portal: 1 million items, 4-5 million records● Toronto Public Library: 3 million MARC records● Library Archives Canada: 3.5 million MARC records● with LAC & BNQ? (<5 million?)● City of Vancouver: >25TB of digital files from VANOC
  24. 24. AttributionTitle:         Open­Source Big Data for Archives and Libraries: An Artefactual Systems Case StudyCreator:    Peter Van Garderen & MJ SuhonosPublisher: Artefactual Systems Inc.Date:        October 20, 2011 The original content in this presentation is Copyright Artefactual Systems Inc. 2011. You may  freely re­use this content under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution­Non­Commercial­ Share Alike 3.0 license