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Publish Me a River

Nice World Industries presents a new content aggregation tool.

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Publish Me a River

  1. 1. Publish Me a RiverA New Content Aggregation Tool
  2. 2. New PlatformsSocial media presents new opportunitiesand challenges for content creators.Challenges:- Content spread too thin- Isolation in a walled garden- Platforms vary in publishing speed
  3. 3. AggregateWouldn’t it be nice to get everything in onecentral location?How:- Social content marketing app$- Syndication tools
  4. 4. YouTubeTwitter Delicious
  5. 5. Web Magazine
  6. 6. Web Magazinefeaturefeatureyoutubetwttr twttrtwttr twttrtwttrarticlearticle
  7. 7. InterlacerQuery external content, store in database.
  8. 8. InterlacerThread together with local content.pressreleasepressreleasearticlearticle reportfeature
  9. 9. Whoopsfeaturetwttrtwttrtwttr twttrtwttrtwttrtwttr twttrtwttrtwttrtwttr twttr twttr twttrtwttrarticlearticle
  10. 10. Solving StickyHow to prioritize articles displayed in reversechronological order?Reset publication date, time consuming.Sticky:- Remember to “unstick”- Inelegant, objects drop off the page- All or nothing solution
  11. 11. Weighted EntriesEditors can assign a rank which degradesgracefully over time.Algorithm moves “light” objects down thepage more quickly.Your content stream is a river. Videos arelike boulders, tweets are like pebbles.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. ResultsSaves time for content authors. No moretoggling the sticky.Centrally located content, serves as a jumpingoff point for engagement.Lower bounce rate, 20% on Forterra newspage, compare to 50% sitewide.
  14. 14. My name is Pete