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Publish Me a River

  1. 1. Publish Me a River A New Content Aggregation Tool
  2. 2. New Platforms Social media presents new opportunities and challenges for content creators. Challenges: - Content spread too thin - Isolation in a walled garden - Platforms vary in publishing speed
  3. 3. Aggregate Wouldn’t it be nice to get everything in one central location? How: - Social content marketing app$ - Syndication tools
  4. 4. YouTubeTwitter Delicious
  5. 5. Web Magazine
  6. 6. Web Magazine feature feature youtube twttr twttr twttr twttr twttr article article
  7. 7. Interlacer Query external content, store in database.
  8. 8. Interlacer Thread together with local content. press release press release article article report feature
  9. 9. Whoops feature twttrtwttrtwttr twttr twttrtwttrtwttr twttr twttrtwttrtwttr twttr twttr twttr twttr article article
  10. 10. Solving Sticky How to prioritize articles displayed in reverse chronological order? Reset publication date, time consuming. Sticky: - Remember to “unstick” - Inelegant, objects drop off the page - All or nothing solution
  11. 11. Weighted Entries Editors can assign a rank which degrades gracefully over time. Algorithm moves “light” objects down the page more quickly. Your content stream is a river. Videos are like boulders, tweets are like pebbles.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Results Saves time for content authors. No more toggling the sticky. Centrally located content, serves as a jumping off point for engagement. Lower bounce rate, 20% on Forterra news page, compare to 50% sitewide.
  14. 14. My name is Pete Nice.