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Maintaining Layer 8

Your most important piece of equipment is yourself so we will talk us through the basics of good ergonomics at our desks and how he has put this into practice throughout his career.

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Maintaining Layer 8

  1. 1. @petersouter #HumanOps Maintaining Layer 8 @petersouter - Peter Souter
  2. 2. @petersouter #HumanOps Who am I? ● Peter Souter ● Puppet Inc. ● Senior Pro Services Engineer #HumanOps
  3. 3. @petersouter #HumanOps So, why are we ? #HumanOps
  4. 4. @petersouter #HumanOps What is Layer 8? ● People often joke it’s either “Politics” or “People” in the OSI Model ● So we need to maintain it just as importantly as the other 7 layers! #HumanOps
  5. 5. @petersouter #HumanOps Put your hand up if you’ve experienced: Wrist, elbow, shoulder, forearm or neck pain whilst working #HumanOps
  6. 6. @petersouter #HumanOps Why should you care? ● What’s your most important piece of equipment? ● Yourself! ● We only have 1 body... for now ● If you had one server, you’d probably want to take good care of it right? #HumanOps
  7. 7. @petersouter #HumanOps Why do I care? ● I travel for work… ● Customers don’t always have the greatest desk setup ● Easy to end up with aches and pains #HumanOps
  8. 8. @petersouter #HumanOps Standard Caveat: I’m not a doctor, personal trainer or qualified physio YMMV
  9. 9. @petersouter #HumanOps Works on my machine™ Every body is unique Every body is different Just because it works for me, might not mean it works for you!
  10. 10. @petersouter #HumanOps Focusing on physical health Not because I don’t believe mental health is important… But I’m going to focus on something I’ve got experience in!
  11. 11. @petersouter #HumanOps Ergonomics #HumanOps
  12. 12. @petersouter #HumanOps Ergonomic High Risks 1. High Task Repetition 2. Forceful Exertions 3. Repetitive/Sustained Awkward Postures #HumanOps
  13. 13. @petersouter #HumanOps Most desk ergonomics you’ve heard before: ● “Hands, wrists, and forearms are straight, in line and roughly parallel to the floor” ● “Head is level, or bent slightly forward, forward facing, and in line with the torso” ● “Elbows stay in close to the body and are bent between 90 – 120degree” ● “Back is fully supported with appropriate lumbar (lower back) support when sitting upright or leaning back slightly” - ations/positions.html #HumanOps
  14. 14. @petersouter #HumanOps Let’s get to the awesome geeky bit.... KEYBOARDS! #HumanOps
  15. 15. @petersouter #HumanOps Confession time: I am a keyboard geek So I have thought way too much about this stuff!
  16. 16. @petersouter #HumanOps Microsoft 4000 ● Relatively Cheap ● Easy to find ● Standard Keyboard layout: no big learning curve #HumanOps
  17. 17. @petersouter #HumanOps The 4000 is the cheapest and easiest shift for keyboards to help with typing ergonomics Look at these ringing endorsements:
  18. 18. @petersouter #HumanOps
  19. 19. @petersouter #HumanOps If you’ve got the cash to burn and want to try something a little different... There are other options
  20. 20. @petersouter #HumanOps Kinesis Advantage2 ● Porsche of ergonomic keyboards ● Expensive ● Harder to find ● Moved backspace and space buttons #HumanOps
  21. 21. @petersouter #HumanOps SafeType ● Pretty Expensive ● Super obscure ● Super hard to get used to! #HumanOps
  22. 22. @petersouter #HumanOps Truly Ergonomic keyboard ● Pretty Expensive ● Fairly obscure ● Haven’t had a chance to try, have heard good things #HumanOps
  23. 23. @petersouter #HumanOps Try asking your IT department about getting an ergonomic keyboard, they probably already have some somewhere If you don’t change keyboards: remember basic hand placement...
  24. 24. @petersouter #HumanOps /
  25. 25. @petersouter #HumanOps Keyboard layouts and Editors It’s difficult to find hard data about a lot of this stuff so take with a pinch of salt
  26. 26. @petersouter #HumanOps QWERTY is anti-ergonomic by design Switching to an alternative layout such as DVORAK has been anecdotally shown to decrease wrist pain by reducing some typing movements associated with RSI
  27. 27. @petersouter #HumanOps Some people find switching up editors improves things Or simply rebinding buttons so less movement of hands, frequently things like CAPS rebound for combinations or right-side control keys
  28. 28. @petersouter #HumanOps The easiest technique that doesn’t require any equipment or money STRETCHING AND BREAKS
  29. 29. @petersouter #HumanOps Stretch breaks aka. active breaks, microbreaks ● Reduce muscle tension ● Increase circulation ● Relieve discomfort due to repetitive movements #HumanOps
  30. 30. @petersouter #HumanOps So how important are breaks? Turns out super, super important!#HumanOps
  31. 31. @petersouter #HumanOps "...workstation redesign does not appear to be sufficient for completely eliminating work induced discomfort… in some cases, discomfort has been virtually unaffected by ergonomics interventions” Taft Laboratories of the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), USA Oxenburgh 1984, Winkel and Oxenburgh 1990, Sauter et al 1991
  32. 32. @petersouter #HumanOps "…After adjusting for age and gender, the most significant factor associated with symptoms of ULDs was the length of time the subjects spent at the keyboard during the week (highly correlated with the length of time spent keying without a break)…" UK Institute of Occupational Medicine: Hanson, Graveling, and Donnan 1996
  33. 33. @petersouter #HumanOps So stretching and breaks are not only free and easy to start at work They are probably a bigger factor than keyboard or posture for RSI tl;dr Breaks are good!
  34. 34. @petersouter #HumanOps Remembering to stretch is the first battle Fortunately, there’s some software for this #HumanOps
  35. 35. @petersouter #HumanOps Rest ● Configurable interval for stretches and rest periods ● Simple suggestions for stretches to do at your desk ● OSX and Windows ●
  36. 36. @petersouter #HumanOps time-to-stretch ● An OSS Stretching app written in Electron ● Opens an alert with suggested stretches! ● ... but I haven't added the stretches yet ● ● PR’s welcome! (me bad @ js) #HumanOps
  37. 37. @petersouter #HumanOps#HumanOps eyeCare ● Chrome app that focuses on eye strain ● Helps with the 20-20-20 rule: ● Use the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away. ● eyecare-protect-your-visi/eeeningnfkaonkon alpcicgemnnijjhn?hl=en
  38. 38. @petersouter #HumanOps Exercise and Diet #HumanOps
  39. 39. @petersouter #HumanOps We often speak about the resilience of systems The ability to make systems anti-fragile and deal with problems and change
  40. 40. @petersouter #HumanOps So if we are maintaining Layer 8, we need to make sure we are resilient The easiest way is making sure our body is stronger, flexible and fueled with the right things
  41. 41. @petersouter #HumanOps The nature of IT jobs generally trends to being unfit: ● Late nights/On-call schedules ● Sitting at desks for hours at a time ● Fuelled by donuts, pizza, beer and coffee #HumanOps
  42. 42. @petersouter #HumanOps Junk food is like technical debt Fine in small amounts to get that last minute feature you need (eg. birthday, wedding, celebration) but when it becomes a habit, you spend all your “development” time paying it off
  43. 43. @petersouter #HumanOps “Diet” as a term is overloaded Diet doesn't have to be a scary word, it literally means "the food you eat". When I’m talking about diet, I’m talking about the literal term diet...
  44. 44. @petersouter #HumanOps “The word diet first appeared in English in the 13th century. Its original meaning was the same as in modern English, “habitually taken food and drink.” But diet was used in another sense too in the Middle and early modern English periods to mean “way of living.” This is, in fact, the original meaning of diet’s Greek ancestor diaita, which is derived from the verb diaitasthan, meaning “to lead one’s life.” In Greek, diaita, had already come to be used more specifically for a way of living prescribed by a physician, a diet, or other regimen.” Diet definition - Did you know?
  45. 45. @petersouter #HumanOps Changing your diet is fairly easy to plan, harder to do: ● Calories In < Calories Out (CICO) ● Almost impossible to out exercise a bad diet ● Various diets help people (paleo, Intermittent Fasting, raw etc.) ● Things like MyFitnessPal and TrendWeight can help #HumanOps
  46. 46. @petersouter #HumanOps Confession time: I am also a fitness geek! #HumanOps
  47. 47. @petersouter #HumanOps Resistance Training is my resiliency plan ● The Big Three ○ Back Squats ○ Deadlifts ○ Bench Press ● Running ● Crossfit, Yoga and other things occasionally #HumanOps
  48. 48. @petersouter #HumanOps The Fitness industry does not gel well with the stereotypical tech person ● Very Bro-ey ● Sports focused ● Exclusionary or patronising advice ● Lots of junk/pseudo science #HumanOps
  49. 49. @petersouter #HumanOps Ultimately, what exercise you want to do is unimportant, just that you do something 30 minutes of something that increases your heart rate is enough: Walking, gardening, housework can all count
  50. 50. @petersouter #HumanOps “Initially, developing an exercise habit is more important than the specific exercise you do. Do push-ups, weights, sit-ups, jogging, cycling, pull-ups or whatever. At first, it doesn't matter. You need the habit so that when injury strikes or travel interrupts, you know you'll go back to your routine.” Hacking strength: Gaining muscle with least resistance
  51. 51. @petersouter #HumanOps Supplements ● 90% are snake oil ● Don’t get me started on Soylent! ● Only ones you should really care about: ○ Whey Protein ○ BCAA’s ○ Fish Oil ○ Caffeine M #HumanOps
  52. 52. @petersouter #HumanOps Physio ● GP’s generally will say “Leave it for a month, come back if it still hurts” ● Physios are more likely to specialise, offer pre-hab/rehab exercises to do ● Can be expensive but worth it for long term issues #HumanOps
  53. 53. @petersouter #HumanOps So, what have we learnt?
  54. 54. @petersouter #HumanOps Follow desk ergonomic basics Read the NHS or OSHA guides, read the material, get an evaluation done
  55. 55. @petersouter #HumanOps Try a new keyboard Microsoft 4000 is the easiest, there are more expensive for more extreme cases of RSI
  56. 56. @petersouter #HumanOps Take frequent breaks Studies have shown that breaks are the most important factor in preventing RSI
  57. 57. @petersouter #HumanOps Try an exercise regime or try to “move more” Make your body more resilient with exercise or activities
  58. 58. @petersouter #HumanOps Be conscious of how you're fueling your body Try and fuel your body appropriately for the level of activity you’re doing. Think of junk food as technical debt!
  59. 59. @petersouter #HumanOps Seek out the experts when things are bad Physiotherapists are great for diagnosing and fixing long term issues
  60. 60. @petersouter #HumanOps Books ● Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance Hardcover Kelly Starrett & Glen Cordoza ● Pain Free at Your PC: Using a Computer Doesn't Have to Hurt Pete Egoscue ● Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World Kelly Starrett ● Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training Mark Rippetoe & Jason Kelly ● Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User's Guide Emil Pascarelli M.D. & Deborah Quilter ● Scared Sitless: The Office Fitness Book Larry Swanson ● Building the Gymnastic Body: The Science of Gymnastics Strength Training Christopher Sommer
  61. 61. @petersouter #HumanOps Websites ● Hacking strength: Gaining muscle with least resistance ● Fit for Real Life - Kate Galliett ● How The Heck Do I Get Started!? - Nerd Fitness ● Snake Oil Supplements - Information Is Beautiful ts/ ● /r/Fitness quickstart Guide
  62. 62. @petersouter #HumanOps Q&A

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Your most important piece of equipment is yourself so we will talk us through the basics of good ergonomics at our desks and how he has put this into practice throughout his career.


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