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Will employers choose you over their other qualified job applicants? Only if you masterfully differentiate yourself, focus your message, provide a compelling summary of your value as a person, and effectively package your skills.

The Internet gives us unprecedented power to do all that. 80% of employers Google their applicants, something most young professionals fear. But this creates an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, control first impressions, and become a highly sought-after candidate. - the experts in personal professional websites for career success - explain the need for self-promotion and a professional web identity in today's job search.

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  1. meet Pete
  2. Pete is fascinated by…
  4. Pete asks …
  5. how can…
  6. how can…
  7. how can… and
  8. work together…
  9. to make us
  10. Pete founded …
  12. to help you …
  13. control first impressions
  14. stand out from the crowd
  15. impress employers
  16. land your dream career
  17. free yourself from the rat race
  18. and do what you love
  19. so you can be happy
  20. and focus on what really matters
  21. right now, you are a blank slate
  22. you are the architect of your future
  23. the world is yours to take
  24. but who will hire you…
  25. if they don’t know you?
  26. will you measure up?
  27. the spotlight is on you
  28. do you want to take charge of your future?
  29. wake up! the time to start is now .
  30. today…
  31. 80% of employers Google their applicants
  33. scary?
  34. no…
  35. opportunity.
  36. your diploma is not enough
  37. your 4.0 GPA is not enough
  38. and employers are overloaded with applicants
  39. but you can relax…
  40. because we’ve got your back
  41. we make you stand out
  42. rise above your peers
  43. and develop your professional self
  44. so…
  45. where you go from here is up to you…
  46. back to the rat race ?
  47. or doing what you love .
  48. … we choose the second .
  50. We specialize in personal marketing websites that control first impressions , make you stand out from the crowd, and land your dream career.
  51. too many people share your qualifications
  52. to survive, you must differentiate by effectively packaging yourself
  53. You’ll get your own web identity at www.[yoursite].com. It will showcase your strengths, your focused message, and convey the sum of your value as a person.
  54. because paper resumes are dead
  55. your site is your 24/7 salesman one click away
  56. it markets you while you sleep
  57. We work with you personally to build your individual brand on the web and take control of your professional future .
  58. Visit now to see how we can change your life for the better.