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Gamification presentation for slideshare


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This session was an interactive look at what Gamification is, what the building blocks are to implementing a Gamified process for an organisation or a cause and an in depth look at some case studies of Gamification already in use today. We also played some games, indeed the whole session was run as a competitive game, and work-shopped up some ways to implement Gamification in the participants' own businesses.

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Gamification presentation for slideshare

  1. 1. Pete Jenkins19th April 2013
  2. 2. GAMIFICATION:Should work be fun?Session rules:• Get points for questions• Get points for good heckles• Get points for contributing
  3. 3. GAMIFICATION:Why listen to Pete?• Status• Level• Leaderboard
  4. 4. GAMIFICATION:A Definition“Gamification is the use ofgame elements and gamedesign techniques in non-game contexts.” Professor KevinWerbach, The Wharton School, University ofPennsylvania
  5. 5. GAMIFICATION:Who’s using it?According to Gartner research analyst Brian Burke: “Gamificationcould become as important as Facebook, eBayor Amazon. During 2012, 20 percent of Global2000 organizations deployed a gamifiedapplication.”
  6. 6. GAMIFICATION:Are you using it?Activity: GameConcept:Monthly sales competition ChallengeFrequent flyer program tiers LevelsWeight Watchers group TeamFree coffee after ten purchases atStarbucksRewardAmerican Express platinum card Badge
  7. 7. GAMIFICATION:Why use it?• 44% of US/UK adults have played amobile game in the last month• 97% of kids 12-17 play videogames• The average game player is 30 yearsold• 47% of all game players are women
  8. 8. GAMIFICATION:Nike+• Track your activities• Set personal goals• Suggests improvements• Challenge friends• Share your success
  9. 9. GAMIFICATION:Work or Fun"In every job that must bedone, there is an element offun. You find the fun and snap!The jobs a game." - MaryPoppins
  10. 10. GAMIFICATION:What is fun?Nicole Lazarro’s 4 keys• Easy Fun• Hard Fun• People Fun• Serious Fun
  11. 11. GAMIFICATION:Fun points• Fun can (and should be)designed• Fun can be challenging• Appeal to different kinds ofFun
  12. 12. GAMIFICATION:Find the Fun
  13. 13. GAMIFICATION:Small bits of Fun
  14. 14. GAMIFICATION:What things are Fun?• Winning• Problem solving• Exploring• Chilling• Teamwork• Recognition• Triumphing• Collecting• Surprise• Imagination• Sharing• Role Playing• Customisation• Goofing Around
  15. 15. GAMIFICATION:Risks of competitionRankings / Leaderboards• Something to aim foror• Too far & you may give up
  16. 16. GAMIFICATION:The Player Journey• Getting people on board• Pathways to Mastery
  17. 17. GAMIFICATION:What did we just learn?• Guides• Highlighting• Feedback• Limited Options• Limited Monsters• Almost impossible to fail
  18. 18. GAMIFICATION:The building blocks of games• Points• Resources• Quests• Progression• Levels• Avatars• Social Graph• Achievements• Badges• Collections• Combat• ContentUnlocking• Gifting• Leaderboards• Teams• Virtual goods• Boss fights
  19. 19. GAMIFICATION:GiffGaff case study• Hundreds of thousands ofcustomers yet a very smallteam (no call centre)• Customers answer thesupport queries
  20. 20. GAMIFICATION:Your turn…Gamify a business process ofyour own, for example:• A weekly quiz for staff(challenge)• Create a tiered customerloyalty program (levels)
  21. 21. GAMIFICATION:ConclusionWhat fun things, big or small,can I do to motivate my staff orclients?