Green IT Market Trends


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An outline of the current status and future direction of the sustainable ICT market

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  • Leading companies see sustainability as a path to growth, leadership and competitive advantage
  • Green IT Market Trends

    1. 1. Green ICT Market Trends Pete Foster Partner The Green IT Report March 2012
    2. 2. Enterprise sustainability drivers• International and national energy efficiency legislation.• High, and unpredictable, energy prices.• Customer demands and supply chain policies.• Share value and investment availability• Hiring staff and keeping them happy. (c) The Green IT Report 2
    3. 3. Green IT taxonomyUsers and • Enterprise solutions: dematerialisation, businessvendor processes, business applications, carbon emissionschallenges management • New infrastructure/transport projects, e.g. smart grids, road charging systems, public transport optimisation, etc.IT vendor • Renewable energy generation and distribution, e.g.opportunities solar/wind-farm control systems • Climate change opportunities, such as weather monitoring and reporting, impact assessments, risk management systems, business continuity, real-time information, etc. (c) The Green IT Report 3
    4. 4. A ‘Green ICT’ framework (c) The Green IT Report 4
    5. 5. Green IT trends• For new data centres it’s location, location, location• Sustainability is increasingly a consideration for all IT products and service acquisitions• There’s a move from server consolidation/virtualisation to greater server efficiency• PC power management is a ‘no-brainer’• Lifecycle carbon emissions are becoming important for IT procurement• Green IT means products, processes and PEOPLE = education and training Green Mountain data centre - Norway (c) The Green IT Report 5
    6. 6. Green IT trends• Cloud computing is the default – but it’s not necessarily green• IT solutions increasingly incorporate or enable sustainability-related functionality: o apps in the cloud o sensors to help manage your environment o external data to provide new insights o metrics to measure the impact.• Green IT metrics are approaching a consensus• ‘Green IT’ is too important to stay with the IT department Source: Greenpeace (c) The Green IT Report 6
    7. 7. Green ICT Objectives 2009-2011It’s the economy stupid! ICT as a cost centre: • Cost cutting • Cost cutting • Cost cutting (c) The Green IT Report 7
    8. 8. Enterprise sustainability objectivesThe IBM research identified a small group of leaders based on sustainabilityprogram maturity and the value achieved for the enterprise. Representing 8% of theresponses, these innovators boast advanced programs that implement sustainabilityleading practices (c) The Green IT Report 8
    9. 9. Sustainability nears a tipping point Source: MIT Sloan Management Review/Boston Consulting Group (c) The Green IT Report 9
    10. 10. Sustainability nears a tipping pointMIT Sloan Management Review/Boston Consulting Group surveyed 4,000managers from 113 countries:• 70% of companies have placed sustainability on their management agenda within the last six years – 20% of them in the last two years.• Two thirds said that sustainability was necessary to being competitive in today’s marketplace, up from 55% the previous year.• A total of 70% said that now sustainability is on the agenda it will stay there. In fact 68% said their commitment has increased in the last year.• 41% of all respondents said that customer preferences for sustainable products and services is a reason for changing their business models.• When selecting the top benefits of sustainability, a quarter of respondents cited improved innovation in products and services, up from 16%. (c) The Green IT Report 10
    11. 11. The future of green ICT• ICT is at the heart of many businesses• Leading companies see sustainability as a path to growth, leadership and competitive advantage Green IT is too important to remain solely the concern of the IT department Source: Greenpeace (c) The Green IT Report 11
    12. 12. This Powerpoint is the basis for a full presentation by The Green IT Reportthat explains the current status and future direction of the Sustainable ICTmarket.If you would like to know more, or to arrange for a presentation for youraudience, please contact: Pete Foster Partner The Green IT Report Tel: +44 1442 891419Or see our web site for more information: (c) The Green IT Report 12