Rubix cube


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Rubix cube

  1. 1. How to SolveErno Rubix’s Cube
  2. 2. 43 Quintillion Permutations43,252,003,274,489,856,000
  3. 3. You’re Better Than This
  4. 4. Don’t Be This Guy
  5. 5. Small Letters Cube Notationlike:f Clockwise Turns are noted as aMeans move single upper case letterthe first 2sections R means turn the right sideclockwise 90˚ clockwise 90˚ 180˚ Turns are noted with a “2” before the sideCounter Clockwise Turns arenoted as a single upper case letter 2R means turn the right sidewith an apostrophe. clockwise 2 - 90˚ turnsR’ means turn the right sidecounter-clockwise 90˚
  6. 6. CFOP 1. (Cross)Make a cross on one side by solving all edges of a given color. Alignthe edges with the second-layer centers. 2. F2L (First Two Layers)Fill in the four slots between the cross pieces, one slot at a time.Each slot is filled by inserting a corner and its corresponding edge. 3. OLL (Orientation of the Last Layer)Make the entire top side (the last layer) of the cube a solid color. 4. PLL (Permutation of the Last Layer)Finally, you finish the cube by permuting the top layer of the cube.
  7. 7. CrossMake the White Cross Flip an Edge Piece (Edge Piece Facing You) F’ U L’ U’
  8. 8. First Two Layers (F2L)Flip your cube so the White Crossis on the bottom (unless you solvedthe white cross on the bottom)Get a corner in top right withmatching sides.Where the white faces will changethe algorithm used.
  9. 9. First Two Layers (F2L) Cont. • Adjust your Edge piece where the side matches the center. • Rotate the cube so the edge piece is on the right side. • If you want to move the edge piece forward/backwards changes the algorithm used.
  10. 10. Orientate the Last Layer (OLL)Now to create a Yellow CrossYou’ll have 3 Scenarios Yellow Line Yellow “L” Cross Complete (Yay!) If no edge pieces are facing up do the 2nd (f R U R’ U’ f’) to give you a yellow line.
  11. 11. Orientate the Last Layer (OLL) Cont.Make the entire top Yellow (facingup)3 Scenarios 1 Corner UP Make it bottom left 0 Corner UP Make a yellow corner face left (in bottom left) 2 Corners UP Make a yellow corner face forward (in bottom left) R U R’ U R U2 R
  12. 12. Permutation of Last Layer (PLL) All yellow pieces should be facing up Your first 2 levels should still be complete.• “Look for the Headlights” and put them facing back• R F R B2 R F R B2 R2
  13. 13. Permutation of Last Layer (PLL) Cont.Now to Complete our Cube!Look for a finished edge piece (put it in back)No finished edge piece? Same algorithmR U’ R U R U R U’ R U R2Not complete? Do it again!
  14. 14. Complete!