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Chef boston-workflows


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Managing Cookbooks, Roles, Databags across version releases.

Chef-Boston Meetup
Aug 28th 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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Chef boston-workflows

  1. 1. Team Development WorkflowsManaging Cookbooks, Roles & Databags Across Versions Chef Boston Meetup Aug 28th 2012 Pete Cheslock Sonian
  2. 2. Caveats & Thoughts I’m not advocating the Right™ way to do any one thing here. This works for us (Sonian) – it may not work for you. YMMV A good process evolves over time. What we started is not where we are today and not where we’ll be in 6 months. Ownership – set it and forget it won’t work here.
  3. 3. Our Problem Many different software stacks with separate customer SLA’s Small changes could have large consequences. Many people making changes to branches (inside and outside our team). High velocity – many hot-fixes – limited testing – Zero Tracking. Technical Debt (An easy one to blame stuff on)
  4. 4. Stage 1 Ticket Bankruptcy – Make the move to Jira Invest in cleanup of technical debt  Specifically in our Git Repository Split the team into Proactive/Reactive Team  Decrease distractions  Increase focus – decrease context switching Introduction of myself as the “buffer”  New Feature Requests  Hotfixes or Sysadmin type tasks  Support our Engineering and Support Team
  5. 5. Stage 2 Deployment Checklists  Peer reviewed – across departments  “Follow the checklist” Deploy Ownership – Team Based Deploys Make our chef runs faster/more efficient. Cookbook refactor, invest in knife plugins, LWRP, overall quality. Monitoring, Metrics, Security
  6. 6. Stage 3 Build apps to support our technology External  Sensu ( (MIT)  SCLI ( IBM Smartcloud command line tool (MIT)  Mise En Place (Soon to be released with MIT license)  Fog ( - Contributions to Smartcloud and VPC support. Internal  Security  Automation
  7. 7. Taking Code from Idea to Deployment Sprint Planning (3 week Dev – 1 week QA) Create Jira Story – Prioritize in next sprint unless needed now. All Chef branches need Jira stories Commit, Merge, Push, Test All Jira stories (and branches) live in QA for regression testing After QA Approval – merge to master
  8. 8. Development Simplicity Dev QA Master (Daily) (Daily) Cut BranchMerge Make Changes (eng-9999)
  9. 9. Production Complexity Cherry-Picks Forwardrelease/2012- release/2012- master 07-01 08-01 base/2012- base/2012- Rebase & Squash Commit Branches Backwards 07-01 08-01 Cut Branch eng-9999
  10. 10. Why? Can’t have untested changes make it out to production. Small changes could have unintended consequences. Sets of chef cookbooks and application code (often tied together) were tested at the same time. Important to get the processes in place prior to investment in automation. Technical Debt (The scapegoat)
  11. 11. Questions? Contact me:  Email:  Twitter: @petecheslock