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Rezz at SMCLiv


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Rezz launched at Social Media Cafe in Liverpool.

Published in: Art & Photos, Technology, Business
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Rezz at SMCLiv

  1. 1. REZZ #rezzed
  2. 2. HELLO- Pete Carr - Photographer - - Blogger - - Geek - @petemc
  5. 5. INTERNET- Internet has enabled people to chat without social boundaries- Chat rooms / Forums / Twitter / Facebook
  6. 6. SOCIALISING- Its interesting how we socialise online vs real world- Is online gaming a social activity if you’re alone in the room but interacting online?
  7. 7. I’M SHY- I am a shy person- Easier to Tweet than meet *pause for laughs*- I’m less shy as a photographer though
  8. 8. BYE BYE FEAR- As a photographer I can’t afford fear- I have to capture the moment or its gone
  10. 10. HELLO STRANGER- Being a photographer has given me a reason to talk to people on the street- Not wanting to miss a moment I’m not as shy- “You look cool. Can I take your photo?”
  11. 11. 100 STRANGERS- Several past projects have included ‘eighthundred’ and ‘Fab Faces’- 2010 - 100 Strangers - Last year I started 100 Strangers - Emphasis on finding real stories about real people
  12. 12. PEOPLE ARE FASCINATING- So people do scare me- They are scary- They’re also hugely fascinating- I wanted to share this with people in an engaging way
  13. 13. SKIP TO THE END- Having a camera gave me a reason to talk to strangers- Wanted to pass that on to others- Thought it’d be interesting to break out of traditional photography exhibition format
  14. 14. REZZ
  15. 15. WHAT IS IT?- Uses social media to interact with photography- Lets people encounter each photo in the location where it was taken
  16. 16. UM, WHY?- Mobiles and computers connect people online but can these devices do it in the real world?- Hopefully this will show that it can- The Internet can be used as a valid way of connecting people in the real world
  17. 17. OK, BUT STILL WHY?- Its to provoke discussion on the way we interact- You’d be right there on the streets interacting with people but through the comfort of the Internet- Its about connecting real to virtual- Blurring the lines
  18. 18. REZZ- Why Rezz?- Rezz is the process of transferring your real self into the digital world- Its from Tron- I’m a bit geeky
  19. 19. REZZ- I plan to ask people if I can take their photo- Put it online via Twitter so virtual people can say ‘Hi’ to them- GPS tag it so others can visit this virtual person
  20. 20. USING- iPhone- Gowalla- Layar- Twitter- Tumblr
  21. 21. IPHONE- Entire project done with an iPhone- Shot on, processed, gps-tagged, etc- Makes the point that you don’t need high end gear
  22. 22. GOWALLA- Create hotspot- Check-in and leave info about person- Eventually build a Gowalla Trip to meet interesting people- Allows others to also contribute to the project - Comments - Photos
  23. 23. LAYAR- Augmented reality browser- You can see Gowalla hotspots- Also see photos of strangers
  24. 24. TWITTER- Hashtag for chatting - #rezzed- Hopefully builds discussion over the weeks
  25. 25. TUMBLR- Website built with Tumblr- Imports Gowalla Check-ins- Imports Twitter hashtag discussion- Also has its own hashtag support
  26. 26. LIVE DEMO- OMG Demo time!- Need a volunteer- Someone I don’t know
  27. 27. THE END- I’m @petemc on Twitter- #rezzed- Thanks