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Homework Presentation 1

  1. 1. Underlying Issues withHomework As a student, did you like doing homework? As a teacher, did you like coming up with homework assignments, assigning homework, grading homework, etc.? As an administrator, do you like hearing from students, teachers, or parents about homework?
  2. 2. Negatives Positives  Frustration  Largely Mythical  Exhaustion  Little to no evidence of a positive  Lack of time for correlation in other activities Elementary and Middle School  Parental impact  Never been a study that has substantiated the belief that homework builds character or teaches good study habitsOverall, research has been unclear due to factors such as degree of parental involvement, support, types of homework given, etc.In 2010 McREL saw an effect size of an average of .13 in assigning homework.Of the research out there, there is evidence that homework is more effective for older students. In grades K-2, researchers havefound very little to no effect.
  3. 3. Let’s talk purpose andpractice... We know homework is intended as an opportunity to provide practice, and should never be used as a means for students to learn something new. Speaking of practice…Practice is the act of repeating a specific skill orreviewing small amounts of information to increaserecall, speed and accuracy.  Remember- practice makes…
  4. 4. Permanent! If students are incorrectly practicing a skill, they will have difficulty learning that skill, as well as breaking bad habits.
  5. 5. Let’s Replace the WordHomework with Practice What would you give for “practice” to students? Practice is more effective when it requires students to work on more than one skill at a time- if students practice finding the radius of a circle given the circumference, but not finding the circumference given the radius, the students tend to do less well. Practice is more effective when students receive and can access feedback.
  6. 6. Wormeli on Homework Practice
  7. 7. Homework Dos and Don’ts It should be assigned as needed. Homework should be directly tied to the skills needed for achieving mastery or learning objectives If it is given, there needs to be feedback. Time is less important than the quality and type of assignment. “5 are as good as 15, 10 as good as 30. One page can demonstrate mastery more often than 3 pages.”- Pete Grande
  8. 8. What is Being Assigned as Homework? Put your teacher hat  Let’s think on for a minute… Think about when progressively the students need about how you. Is it during the lecture or the homework is discussion? Do they need you for utilized in the the YouTube video flipped you are showing, or the assignment after classroom. watching?
  9. 9. The Flipped Classroom
  10. 10. It Does Not Have to be aCompletely “Flipped”Classroom to Improve theHomework Situation Teachers spend time with students in the classroom rather than sitting at home without help. Examples- Teacher makes a video of the lecture. Students watch at home, and the discussion and/or work can take place in class. Science- A teacher wants to provide steps or procedures. This is less time taking away from the actual classroom tasks. Gym- Explain what the students will be doing in class for “homework”. Then students are able to do more of it in class. Math- Review the steps of finding volume. In the class, you actually do the measuring.
  11. 11. The Concepts Behind theFlipped Classroom Just MakeSense The beauty of the flipped classroom lies in the realization that instruction takes place in different mediums. We need to match the instructional activity with the environment that makes the most sense. Classrooms are not a place for students to be passive observers and consumers in the learning process.
  12. 12. How Do We Improve theHomework Situation? It comes down to what you are assigning… It needs to be purposeful and practical The practicing of a skill should be at a level of which students can do it independently The amount needs to be monitored
  13. 13. What will it take from us? Sharing the information… Our teachers probably just don’t know. They assign the types of homework they are because that’s what has always been done. That has been the expectation. Don’t include in the actual grading- it should be reported separately. Involve parents and students in the process Taking the concepts of the flipped classroom and apply them to homework and creating an active learning environment to the classroom