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How to Increase Search Engine Ranking


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How to Increase Search Engine Ranking

  1. 1. How to Increase Search Engine RankingAny business having a website must be aware of the fact that search engine ranking is the mostcrucial aspect as far as the online visibility of a company is concerned. Getting the first page inGoogle ranking is the most important thing these days. For any business set up with a websiteon board, getting a rank within the first ten pages of Google is considered more than winning abillion dollar lottery in recent business paradigm.Article marketing, social marketing, blogging etc are some of the helpful ways of generatingfree traffic to your website through various known as well as local search engine optimization,but these processes need regular monitoring and upgradation. For example; a blog or a socialmedia account in Facebook or Twitter alone can’t do your job. You have to update your accountfrequently; you have to keep on writing articles and letting the readers know about yourofferings repeatedly. This is how it generally works. However, if your website manages to getonto the first page of Google search engine then you’ll enjoy seeing thousands of visitorscoming to your site without doing too much as you have already done the hard work by gettinginto that coveted place called ‘first ten pages’ of the Google.Now the question is how are you going to increase the search engine ranking for your businessor personal website? It’s simple; you just need to keep 2-3 things in your mind.Focus on the apt use of the keywords, use keywords that are creating the maximum amount ofbuzz in that respective business. Do bit of research and go through the proper way. I mean thatif your website is marketing or selling various ‘weight loss’ products, then start the search withkeywords like "how to weight loss" etc. To maintain an online marketing blog, write on thehottest and most-searched topics; post them into various other channels. Another importantfactors I’d suggest you to use keywords that dont have too much competition in the onlinemarket. Concentrate on the keywords density too. Don’t write rubbish rather see what is bestsold in Google and always be careful about the quality of your content.Use the title tag as much as possible. Let the readers know about your products and offeringsthrough your title. Make it catchy and content-related. My own experience says that most ofthe websites don’t utilize this title tag option in the right way thus you have the best chance tomake the most here. Backlinks can also be used to increase the SEO rankings. The number ofbacklinks is very essential since it determines your ranking in the SEO.If you keep the above mentioned things while doing your business, not only your onlinevisibility will increase but with more people visiting your website will ensure more growth andprofit for your business.