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Dental scrubs


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Dental scrubs

  1. 1. Dental Scrubs- A Brief IntroductionThe use of various dental scrubs and medical scrubs has been going on for ages and most of youaren’t oblivious to these things either. Well, for those who don’t possess that much of an idea,the usage of different types of medical uniforms for various surgical or other proceduresbecame popular from the early twentieth century especially for the medical students so thatthey could witness the way operations were done by the senior physicians in the operationtheatres. Earlier most doctors and other medical stuffs used to were aprons as the practice ofdental scrubs and medical scrubs didn’t come into the light at that time.But when millions died during the Spanish-plague in the year 1918 things started changing inthe way medical surgeries and operations had been carried out so far particularly in Europe.Physicians, doctors and other medical practitioners became more conscious of the fact thatthey are indeed in danger of getting badly affected from the patients illness while carrying outany operation. And that was the time when medical staffers started thinking about using allthese types of dental scrubs and medical scrubs, cotton uniforms healthcare uniforms etc.Earlier what used to be simple has also evolved with time and today you get to see differenttypes of dental scrubs, medical scrubs, cotton uniforms, healthcare uniforms in different shapesand sizes. Thus the medical stuffs in operation theatres started wearing these musk, scrubs anduniforms while carrying out a surgery or even during the routinely visits to the medical wards.History tells us that right at the outset medical scrubs were mainly white colored drapes oreven gowns worn by the surgeon as well as medical assistants during any operation. The whitefabrics used in the scrubs chiefly symbolized cleanliness. Nevertheless, during the nineteen fifties and sixties the colors of medical and dental scrubschanged. It became mainly green or blue colored as these were more restful to human eyesinstead of white. And then people started experimenting with these new clothes; designers toocame into the consideration. During the nineteen eighties dental scrubs, healthcare uniforms,medical scrubs almost became a part of nurses’ scrubs fashion. And this isn’t bad either, afterall, who doesn’t want to look a bit different within the guidelines!! Moreover, being in a nobleprofession as this, one should take pride in wearing various dental scrubs, medical scrubs as apart of nurses’ scrubs.Before I finish this article I just wanted to say couple of things for those who are searching fordental scrubs, medical uniforms or medical scrubs; see, today it’s not only in the open marketbut thanks to internet you also have the luxury to find various medical scrubs online. So just dosome Google-ing and you’ll get to see a host of websites and companies dealing with dentalscrubs and medical scrubs besides selling scrubs online for the medical practitioners.