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Internals: How Akka.Remote
Connections Work
By Aaron Stannard
CTO, Petabridge
Sample Configuration
Initial State
Connecting to Remote Systems
Inbound vs. Outbound
Akka Handshake Protocol
Why do we bother?
Remoting System Actors
Endpoint Policies
Writing to Endpoints
Reading from Endpoints
Akka.Remote Training
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Akka.NET Internals: How Akka.Remote Connections Work


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Akka.NET Internals: How Akka.Remote Connections Work

Walks through associations, endpoints, and other Akka.Remote terminology.

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Akka.Remote System Actors
/system – System Guardian. Built into Akka core.
- /transports – Transport Supervisor. Responsible for restarting transports if they fail and creating the Akka Protocol Manager.
- /akkaprotocolmanager – responsible for ensuring that the Akka Protocol handshake + heartbeats are initialized for every endpoint created on top of a specific transport
- /akkaProtocol – the ProtocolStateActor instance responsible for heartbeats and handshakes for the specific endpoint
- /endpointManager – Endpoint Manager. Starts all transports, creates all endpoints, responsible for applying policies to endpoints, and first responder to inbound association requests.
- /reliableEndpointWriter - ReliableDeliverySupervisor – used by outbound endpoints to guarantee delivery of messages needed to complete the Akka Protocol Handshake.
- /endpointWriter – Endpoint Writer. Writes outbound messages to the underlying transport and handles serialization.
- /endpointReader – Endpoint Reader. Receives inbound messages from the underlying transport, deserializes them, and dispatches them destination actors.
- /remote – Remote Daemon. Creates remotely deployed actors.
- /remote-watcher – Remote Deathwatch. Extends Deathwatch capabilities to actors running on other systems.

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Akka.NET Internals: How Akka.Remote Connections Work

  1. 1. @petabridge Internals: How Akka.Remote Connections Work By Aaron Stannard CTO, Petabridge
  2. 2. @petabridge Sample Configuration
  3. 3. @petabridge Terminologies
  4. 4. @petabridge Initial State
  5. 5. @petabridge Connecting to Remote Systems
  6. 6. @petabridge Inbound vs. Outbound Endpoints
  7. 7. @petabridge Associating
  8. 8. @petabridge Akka Handshake Protocol
  9. 9. @petabridge Why do we bother?
  10. 10. @petabridge Remoting System Actors
  11. 11. @petabridge EndpointManager
  12. 12. @petabridge Endpoint Policies
  13. 13. @petabridge Writing to Endpoints
  14. 14. @petabridge Reading from Endpoints
  15. 15. @petabridge Disassociation
  16. 16. @petabridge Akka.Remote Training a-remoting/