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  1. 1. VISUALMERCHANDISING MANUA L Prepared by : Sunil Maniar Approved by : Peshwa Acharya
  2. 2. Store VM - Responsibilities• White Glove Checklist – Daily Checklist• Making Signages / Marketing Fixture display items• Merchandise Presentation : Display ofmerchandise• Monthly / Weekly / Daily reports• Focal points & show window set ups• Responding to mails-communication with central VM• Co-ordination with Vendors for VM relatedissues• Raising the Work order for VM set up &installations
  3. 3. -2-•  Vendor development and management•  Customer Interaction-feedback on VM & Store Experience•  Marketing research, competition surveys – Props / New material•  Training CSA’s & induction•  Maintaining VM inventory•  Implementing VM as per dockets received from HO•  Events Checklist / Pictures•  Expense Vs Budget reporting•  Collateral management at the store – brochures, shopper guides etc•  All content management running at the store.
  4. 4. White Glove Checklist Click here for WGC
  5. 5. White Glove Checklist Daily round ofDaily WGC to the store done The dailybe done by the by the store VM WGC signedstore VM with store by the storeeveryday maintenance manager and admin. Follow up of The daily WGCHead – VM to the WGC to be to be sent tocheck the done by the HO- Head VMWGC on a store VM with on a weeklyweekly basis the admin / basis maintenanceHead- VM to Head - VM revert with a solutionmake report within 4 working days ofand discuss communications after discussing withthe issues with HODHOD
  6. 6. Event - White Glove Checklist The event WGC format to be sent by the HO – VM to all thestore VM’s before the eventThe event WGC to be done by the store VMThe event WGC on completion to be sent to HO – VMHO – VM to check the list received from all zones and check ifthe deadlines were metIncase of any deviations in the deadlines being met the same tobe reported to the Head of Department
  7. 7. Monthly Report•  The white glove checklist for the month•  The event WGC checklist for the month•  Pictures of Show windows and instore Promotions•  Pictures of the VM done for instore promotions•  SOH sheet – updated•  Monthly expenditure sheet•  Sales tracking, sales blip tracking•  Updated floor layouts•  Layouts of Fixtures & Brand areas•  Highlighting changes taken place in the store•  Competition survey•  Feedback – Store Manager•  Feedback – Customer•  Feedback – Training Conducted
  8. 8. Sales Tracking•  All store VMs needs to track sales effect of VM on sale of a particular department/brick•  Store VM’s to select a particular section every week ie 4 sections in a month to be sales tracked.•  Take a picture of the section before the display is done•  Focus on various aspect of VM like color blocking,•  Merchandise Presentation, signages, Ticketing, Focal point display in correlation to what is being planned to highlight for selling etc. This is to ensure that they too understand what and how the VM aspect need to be followed.
  9. 9. -2-•  On completion of the Merchandise presentation and other VM aspect for the section a picture of the same needs to be taken.•  A note explaining what was done to be attached with the picture•  The VM needs to capture the sales of the section immediately after the changes made in the section. The sales tracking for the department needs to be done for the following 3 weeks also.•  The sale s tracking report need to be sent by store VM to Head – VM for analysis.
  10. 10. Competition Surveys•  The competition survey needs to be done by the store VM.•  The store VM needs to be identify the competitors in the market. These could be direct competitors like Croma, Ezone etc. or any other format.•  The store VM needs to then visit these stores and judge the store on the following parameters and information to be recorded.•  Macro Level – Location : The city, suburb, street, adjacency
  11. 11. - 2-•  Micro Level – The store – total store area, Quality of store interiors, lighting, visual merchandising, grooming of the sales staff, service levels.•  Store Exterior – Façade, Windows, Car park•  Store Interiors – Lighting, fixture, sections, aisles, quality of the fixtures, ceiling, wall panels.•  Fixtures – Shelves, tables, gondolas, browsers•  Merchandise Presentation•  Visual Merchandising
  12. 12. - 3-•  General – Cash counters, shopping bags, Trail rooms•  The Negatives•  Pictures sketch to be included.•  The final report to be sent to Head – VM for analysis and discussion with the store VM.•  Store VM needs to undertake a competition survey once in a month.
  13. 13. my world (Creative world of store VM)•  Store VM has the freedom to create either a display or mood board / concept of his / her choice inside the store.• •  A small note to be attached with the concept explaining what the store VM has in mind.•  If the concept gets approved he can go ahead and implement the same.
  14. 14. Feedback - internalStore VM Store VM The Storephotocopies distributes it to VM tothe feedback the staff both collect theformat sent by back office and Feedbackthe Head front line forms fromOffice all staff Identify focus FormsData analysis areas the store received datato be attached VM needs to to be enteredin the monthly look into in the analysisreport analysis made sheet for on the forms analysis The final report needs to be sent to Head VM for analysis
  15. 15. feedback•  The feedback has to be viewed as areas where one could improve e.g. customer may think that the store windows look great but the look inside the store could be improved etc…•  The forms to be dropped in the drop box. Drop box to be kept at the back office / staff room.•  Its helps one to get a different perspective and help us to be in touch with what our customers feel about our store.•  Feedback to be collected once in a month from Internal customers including store supervisors, department managers, store managers.•  The store VM then indentifies the areas that needs to be worked upon and prepares an action plan to do so.
  16. 16. PO processStore VM to Purchase order Quotationscollect 3 to be raised by need toquotation from the store VM for undergothe vendors vendors approvals from Head Office. The signedThe PO Bill On completion of PO to beand the the work the handed overdeliver Vendor hands to the vendorchallan to be over the PO, before thesubmitted to the bill and the work beginsthe accounts deliveryperson for challan dulyclearance stamped indication material inwards
  17. 17. VM Event Brand PromotionRequirement HO - VM to Store VM /given by Mktg / brief Store VM / Design TeamCategory to Design Team to revert withVM - Head for design / the options concepts.Store VM toadapt the Approved Presentation tocentral design designs to be mktg,/ categoryto their areas rolled out along for feedbackand get with budgets. and approvalsapproval fromHO. The final report needs to be sent to Head VM.
  18. 18. Peshwa.expert@gmail. com