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Social media check list

  1. 1. Check List – Separate Complain Section ( 20% of the page displaying complaints here … with a funny picture ) this would ensure only people about to complain would see compalins and not other customers. This is “keeping 1 category separate so as to not influence other customers”. Like you have separated complain section on FB.. you can create another account al together on Twitter like “ Nextel” and “Nextel Compalints” – Link your complaints with your call centre; solve the query asap and get your customer to write back another post stating he is now satisfied.. also offeer a freebie – 10 text messages. It s not bribe but literally yes! – KYC and use it for cust engagement .. give a list of interests for cutomers to define what they like. In form them and talk to them in the way the like and NOT in the way your Corp Communication/ SM manager decides too. Example – if a person is interested in news .. update him 4 times a day on daily/ global news OR in case a person selects Fashion .. update him on new trends/ brands etc. This is called “be forced to be not ignored”. – Connect to customers socially too... whilst the most operators are doing already however basic and key to mention : Good Morning London/ Good Evening Dubai and also some how connect this with patriotrism i.e. Good Morning Dubai … “March 8th, 2011 – Dubai has been declared as best in hospitality” Keep it up :-) OR Good Morning Egypt “ Lets keep up the spirit … We have almost recovered”Morale of the story: try to connect on emotions as well – Games : plenty of them to attract and keep different segments occupied – Pick up 5-10 things that keep up citizens awake or most popular people/ politicians etc and alert people onw or twice a day on the same. Example Cricket is hot in India and a lot of people would definitely want to know what are therse cricketers up to OR may be Hollowood followers are a lot in number... so a J.Lo alert can be created of where she is today etc etc ( can be picked up directly from her page ). ALSO keep on adding or deleting new topics as and when in demand/ not in demand. For Example: Common Wealth Games or CWG Scam in India was big and was in news for 3 months continuously .. one should definitely take advantage of such topics. – Reward based Likes – Reward based usage of followers ( 2 times in a day/ once a day/ once in 3 days/ once a week/ once a month ) - classify users and do promotions based on that..Classification: based on age i.e. 10- 25, 25-40 and based on sex; m andfemaleM2 times a day: Hot
  2. 2. Once a week: KingOnce a month: Busy and BoringF2 times a day: HotOnce a week: QueenOnce a month: House Wife and Boring – Grant recognition to Customers and hook on with them for life .. Best for customers of age 15-24This age bracket usually is non working and do not carry an identity as such ormay be dont have a business card attached/ or a signature on their email.Deliver everybody a pack of 50 business cards with their identity and pictureand ( I Love _Operator ) at the back of the card. Give them email signatures...and in case successful get them to join names with your brand name i.e. Victor@ my digicel club. Com OR Mike @ my orange home. Com – Taking Cust Enagement to the next level : Release your TV commercials a week in advance on Facebook ( share 50 in case you wish to release/ finalize 5 in the following week ).. take votes, give credit to customers who have voted and appreciate their support by prizes/ names and pics on face book as results or even on TV/ Newspaper/ other media channels. You can choose the ad you like or may be try to give preference to the ads customers have liked ( not really inc ase you dont want to ) but just let the customers know that you care and you listen. – Dont be afraid of what you want : 20% of the page .. have a hot girl standing saying “You Like me” ? … in cease your likes and fans. – Have only 1 page per brand … duplication kills ! Like Airtel India has 4 pages which should not be the case, however, Vodafone can have 20 pages for its 20 opcos globally. – Try to Upsell here as well: If a customer is a fan of your brand, send him an invite to follow your new product and also reward him with freebies. Depends what kind of freebie but may be free face book on mobile for 7 days, 1 CRBT free for 30 days, 10 text messages etc etc.