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Shampoo International consumer insights learnings


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Shampoo International consumer insights learnings

  1. 1. Learnings from the international shampoo market Peshwa Acharya ………..Insights
  2. 2. Hair care market growth at par with personal care 9% Source : FCB Infocenter
  3. 3. Conditioners are fastest growing, followed by shampoos Source : FCB Infocenter
  4. 4. Observations on the international market
  5. 5. #1 The battle is won through novelty and news • Procter & Gamble (U.S.A.) redesigned ‘Herbal Essences’ with brighter colours and sleek curves • Unilever is putting US$200 million behind the launch of Sunsilk in U.S.A. – Sunsilk launch is supported by a series of 2.5 minute shots running during “Sex in the City” a popular women’s programme. • Pantene added a premium ‘Restoratives’ line, which promises to undo previous hair damage (U.S.A.) • Dove added a higher priced advanced shampoo, conditioner and styling line that offers variants for degrees of hair damage and colouring (U.S.A.) Source : FCB Infocenter
  6. 6. #2 The key lies in ‘How’ a shampoo gives you beautiful hair • Most shampoos still focus on the generic benefit of beautiful hair • But the battle is being fought on how to achieve it – Preservation of natural beauty – Improving hair condition via penetration of hair roots & shaft – Improving hair condition by caring & conditioning Source : FCB Infocenter
  7. 7. #3 Brands have to resonate with the consumer mindset 6 consumer mindsets have been identified internationally
  8. 8. a. Look for simple, basic products that get the job done Value/ Traditional (33%) b. Look for products with added benefits such as conditioning and treatments Performance (22%) Source : FCB Infocenter
  9. 9. c. Look for indulgence while choosing hair products Experiential (14%) d. Fun Fashion (12%) Look for “fun” in making their “fashion” statement with high usage of styling aids Source : FCB Infocenter
  10. 10. Buy product for treatment of a specific scalp condition such as dandruff e. Wellness / Other (10%) More of the “professional” purchaser, prefer products endorsed by their stylists f. Salon Minded (9%) Source : FCB Infocenter
  11. 11. In this context, what does the woman really want?
  12. 12. New news essential Hair needs different products over time for more effectiveness No absolute loyalty Value is as important as image – I search for substance and inner directed benefits Practical about hair care (product) expectations Real innovation the order of the day I trust my own judgment and define my own success I don’t care about looking perfect, just good enough to look comfortable Source : FCB Infocenter
  13. 13. International learnings : In Sum • Value segment is large, but also an emerging premium segment • A continuously evolving and demanding consumer – Who knows what she wants and how exactly to get it • Relentless effort by brands to meet her expectations – Product innovation, media innovation etc – Focus on the ‘reason to believe’ for the beautiful hair payoff