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  1. 1. Pocket  Gamer  Top  50  Developer  2011  
  2. 2. 1    Snappy  Touch  
  3. 3. About  Snappy  Touch  
  4. 4. Home  Page  of  Snappy  Touch   Clicking  on  it   opens  the   games  link   site,  as   showed  in  the   next  slide  
  5. 5. 2   Hexage  
  6. 6. Home  Page  of  Hexage  
  7. 7. Home  Page  of  Hexage  
  8. 8. Home  Page  of  Hexage  
  9. 9. 3   KairosoG  
  10. 10. Home  Page  of  KairosoG  
  11. 11. 4   BigBlueBubble  
  12. 12. Home  Page  of  BigBlueBubble  
  13. 13. 5   IUGO  
  14. 14. Home  Page  of  IUGO  
  15. 15. 6   Cave  
  16. 16. Home  Page  of  Cave  
  17. 17. 6   DisOnctDev  
  18. 18. Home  Page  of  DisOnctDev  
  19. 19. 6   Miniclip  
  20. 20. Home  Page  of  Miniclip  
  21. 21. TeamLava    •  which  became  
  22. 22. What  TeamLava  is?  •  Storm8,  Inc.  is  the  leading  developer  of  social  games  for   iPhone  and  Android,  with  more  than  300  million  total  installs   to  date.  Storm8s  network  of  highly  successful  games  includes   Bubble  Mania,  Dragon  Story,  Fashion  Story,  Restaurant  Story,   Bakery  Story,  Pet  Shop  Story,  World  War,  Vampires  Live,   Bakery  Story,  Restaurant  Story,  and  Zoo  Story.  Storm8,  Inc.  is   located  in  Redwood  City,  California.  
  23. 23. Godzilab  •  www.godzilab-­‐  
  24. 24. What  is  Godzilab?    •  Godzi  Lab  is  a  group  of  professionals  from  the   video  game  industry  bringing  all  its  knowledge   and  “savoir  faire”  to  the  iPhone  and  iPod   touch  world.  
  25. 25. NaturalmoOon    •  
  26. 26. What  is  naturalmoOon?    •  We’re  a  leading  games  and  technology  company  based  in  Oxford,  London   and  San  Francisco.  With  over  30  million  downloads  of  our  games  to  date,   we’re  one  of  the  fastest  growing  social  mobile  publishers  on  iOS  and   Android.  We  focus  on  creaOng  innovaOve  ultra-­‐high-­‐quality  Otles,  using   our  own  proprietary  technology  and  with  our  cubng-­‐edge  art  and  design   teams  we  always  aim  to  set  new  standards  rather  than  copy  others.  
  27. 27. Handy  games  •  www.handy-­‐  
  28. 28. What  is  handy  games?  •  HandyGames™  is  a  developer  and  publisher  of  mobile  games  based  in  Germany.  At   present,  HandyGames™  has  more  than  40  employees  and  plans  to  expand  further.   Founded  in  2000,  HandyGames™  has  released  more  than  150  games  on  a   mulOtude  of  mobile  pladorms,  uOlizing  a  wide  range  of  technologies.    •  Current  game  development  is  strongly  focused  on  iOS  and  Android  smart  phones   and  tablet  computers.  As  a  games  company  that  is  absolutely  passionate  about   mobile  gaming,  HandyGames™  always  strives  for  game  play  innovaOon.   HandyGames™  has  produced  and  published  award-­‐winning  game  Otles  from   virtually  every  imaginable  video  gaming  genre  for  a  diverse  range  of  audiences  and   game  play  styles.  •   StarOng  as  early  as  2006,  HandyGames™  has  been  on  the  forefront  of  developing   ad-­‐supported  games  into  a  viable  business  model  and  has  been  acOvely  pursuing   this  venue  of  funding  ever  since.  Offering  mobile  games  in  FREE  or  FREEMIUM   versions  has  dramaOcally  increased  the  reach  of  HandyGames™  products,   especially  in  developing  and  emerging  markets.    
  29. 29. Bolt  CreaOve  •  
  30. 30. What  is  bolt  creaOve?  •  Bolt  CreaOve  is  a  San  Francisco-­‐based  developer  and  publisher  of  original  games,   including  the  hit  iOS  phenomenon  Pocket  God™,  ranked  by  Apple  as  the  #9  Top   Paid  App  of  All  Time.  Since  its  2009  launch,  Pocket  God  has  mushroomed  into  a   rich  and  full  franchise  with  the  original  game  hibng  mulOple  online  and  mobile   pladorms,  Pocket  God:  Journey  to  Uranus  bringing  players  and  pygmies  into  outer   space,  and  with  the  next  game,  Pocket  God:  The  Runs  hibng  iOS  in  the  spring  of   2012.  •  The  digital  Pocket  God  Comics  series  has  become  one  of  the  most  successful  digital   comic  series  available,  conOnuously  outperforming  megabrands,  and  fans  can  also   find  Pocket  God  merchandise  such  as  figurines,  apparel,  and  plush.  Our  goal  is  to   develop  games  that  crack  us  up  and  entertain  players  for  countless  hours.  To  stay   up  to  date  on  everything  Pocket  God  and  other  news  and  informaOon  from  Bolt   CreaOve,    
  31. 31. Neon  Play    •  
  32. 32. What  is  neon  play?  •  Our  simple  aim  is  to  make  some  of  the  most  playable  and  addicOve  games  for  the  iPhone,  iPad   and  iPod  Touch.  Were  also  now  making  games  for  Android  and  Nokia  devices    •  We  do  three  things  really   –  Neon  Play  apps   We’re  creaOng  some  of  the  holest  IP  and  game  franchises  on  the  App  Store.  With  classics   such  as  Flick  Football,  Paper  Glider  and  Golf  Pul  Pro,  Neon  Play  has  over  22  million  iOS   apps  downloaded  around  the  world  with  7  UK  no.  1  games.  Well  conOnue  to  do  our  best   to  conquer  the  App  Store  and  new  pladorms  and  territories.   –  Licensed  properOes                  Weve  launched  a  division  of  Neon  Play  called  Jick  Jack  who  are  working  with  top  global   childrens  licenses.  We  have  launched  apps  for  Cartoon  Networks  Ben  10  and  Lille   Princess,  the  hugely  popular  book  and  TV  series.   –  Publishing  division                    Were  also  launching  a  new  division  where  were  working  with  independent  developers   to  help  them  improve  the  look,  feel,  playability,  revenue  model  and  markeOng  of  their   apps.  ExciOng  Omes...  
  33. 33. Mal  Rix  •  
  34. 34. What  is  Mal  Rix?  •  It  is  a  puzzle  solving  game  
  35. 35. Game  Prom    •  
  36. 36. What  is  Game  Prom?  •  Is  a  leading  mobile    game  developer  which   develops  games  for  all  pladorms.    
  37. 37. SpaceOme  Studios  •  
  38. 38. What  Is  SpaceOme  Studios?  •  SpaceOme  Studios  is  an  independent  game  developer  and  publisher   located  in  AusOn,  Texas.  The  company  was  founded  in  late  2005  by  online   game  veterans  Cinco  Barnes,  Gary  Gabs,  Jake  Rodgers  and  Anthony  L.   Sommers.  Their  mission  is  to  create  a  social  gaming  ecosystem  where   people  play  together  regardless  of  device  or  locaOon.  •  In  2010,  SpaceOme  released  pocket  legends,  the  worlds  first  mobile  MMO.   Pocket  legends  is  also  the  worlds  only  3D  MMO  that  plays  across  iOS  and   android  pladorms  simultaneously.  The  games’  puck-­‐up-­‐and-­‐play  format,   expandable  nature,  and  unparalleled  instanced  game  play  have  propelled   it  to  become  a  landmark  Otle  on  apple  and  android  based  mobile  devices.    
  39. 39. Gamerizon  •  
  40. 40. What  is  gamerizon?  •  In  a  far  away  northern  country,  hidden  in  the  land  of  bagels,  smoked  meat   and  pouOne,  our  lille  studios  are  full  of  great  minds  contribuOng  to  the   greater  good  of  the  App  Store.  With  the  ambiOon  of  becoming  the   greatest  studio  in  the  world,  we  have  launched  9  games  so  far  in  the   “Chop  Chop”  franchise,  all  with  great  success.16  million  of  our  games   conquered  the  world’s  iPods,  iPhones  and  iPads,  thus  making  children  of   all  ages  exercise  their  thumbs  and  indexes.    •  Cute  and  cartoony-­‐looking  with  a  pinch  of  bad  ass  abtude,  our  characters   are  the  essence  of  our  games!  
  41. 41. Lima  Sky  •  
  42. 42. Game  House  •  
  43. 43. What  is  Game  House?                  Love  to  play  games  as  much  as  we  do?   Then  youll  really  love  the  budget-­‐friendly  memberships  we  created  for  game  lovers  like   you.  Believe  us,  these  are  some  of  the  best  deals  around.  And  we  dont  force  a  one-­‐ size-­‐fits-­‐all  game  plan  on  you  either.  At  GameHouse,  you  call  the  shot   Game  lovers:  Play  the  way  you  want.    Choose  the  GameHouse  membership  right  for  you:  Want  to  buy  and  own  your   download  games  forever?  Check  out  a  FunTicket  membership  to  get  a  free,  full-­‐ version  game  of  your  choice  every  month.  Prefer  to  play  any  of  our  1000+  games  as   much  as  you  want?  Then  a  FunPass  membership  is  right  for  you.  The  choice  is  yours.   Download  games,  PC  and  Mac  games  -­‐  all  under  one  roof    On  GameHouse,  you  can  find  the  hoPest  game  releases  and  all  of  your  favorite   downloadable  games  and  online  games,  for  both  Windows  and  Mac,  from  the  top   game  publishers.  So  explore  the  site.  Youll  find  games  in  all  of  your  favorite   categories  including  hidden  object,  puzzle,  classic  games  and  more.    We  pracUce  safe  gaming.    All  of  our  game  downloads  are  100%  safe  and  free  of  viruses.  You  can  quickly  and   safely  download  games  to  play  now  or  later,  even  if  you  are  offline.  
  44. 44. Crescent  Moon    •  
  45. 45. What  is  crescent  moon?  •  Crescent  Moon  Games  was  founded  in  late   2009  with  the  introducOon  of  Ravensword:   The  Fallen  King.    •  Ravensword  quickly  became  the  #1  RPG  on   the  iPhone,  and  stayed  at  the  top  of  the  Role   Playing  charts  for  a  month  straight.    •  Our  company  puts  emphasis  on  collaboraOon,   innovaOon,  and  unique  ideas.Look  for  more   great  Otles  in  late  2012!  
  46. 46. Get  Set  Games  •  
  47. 47. What  is  Get  Set  Games?  •  Get  Set  is  a  new  game  development  company   formed  in  Toronto,  Canada.  We’re  focused  on   creaOng  totally  awesome  games.    •  The  members  of  our  dev  team  have  been   working  professionally  for  years  in  the  games   and  real  Ome  3D  industries.  We’ve  got  a  lot  of   experience  under  our  belts  and  we’re  hoping   to  put  that  to  good  use  on  our  upcoming   projects.  
  48. 48. Digital  Chocolate  •  
  49. 49. What  is  Digital  Chocolate?  •  Digital  Chocolate  is  a  leader  in  social  games   across  rapidly  growing  social  networks  and   mobile  pladorms,  and  is  best  known  for   games  including  Galaxy  Life,  Millionaire  City,   Zombie  Lane,  Army  Alack,  Crazy  Penguin,  and   Rollercoaster  Rush.  
  50. 50. Idea  Works  Game  Studio  •  
  51. 51. What  is  Idea  Works  Games  Studio?  •  Founded  in  1998,  Ideaworks3D  was  established  with  a  highly  creaOve  technical   team  to  develop  high-­‐end,  naOve,  cross  pladorm  technology  and  games   soGware.  •  In  2005  a  dedicated  game  studio  team  was  established  with  a  core  team  of   games  industry  professionals  from  PC  and  console  backgrounds,  to  develop   AAA  naOve  C++  based  mobile  games.  The  team  has  brought  numerous  award-­‐ winning,  innovaOve,  and  highly-­‐opOmized  games  to  the  global  mobile  gaming   market,  including  original  and  franchise-­‐based  games  for  world  leading   publishers.  In  mid  2009,  Ideaworks3D  was  restructured  into  two  disOnct   operaOons,  with  Idea  works  Game  Studio  conOnuing  to  develop  for  iPhone  and   Smartphone  but  with  a  remit  to  focus  on  a  broader  range  of  cross  pladorm,   download  capable,  handheld  and  console  pladorms.  •   Idea  works  Labs  conOnues  to  focus  on  its  world  leading  cross  pladorm   technology  development,  with  its  Airplay  SDK  now  available  commercially.  In   2011,  Airplay  SDK  was  rebranded  as  Marmalade.  
  52. 52. Pocket  Gems  •  
  53. 53. What  is  Pocket  Gems?  •  Pocket  Gems  develops  free-­‐to-­‐play  mobile   games  that  are  ridiculously  fun.  We  were   founded  in  2009  by  Daniel  Terry  and  Harlan   Crystal,  engineers  and  gaming  industry   outsiders,  who  wanted  to  bring  the   excitement  of  social  gaming  to  the  mobile   pladorm.  Our  18  Otles  to-­‐date  have  been   smash  hits,  each  landing  at  the  top  of  the   charts  and  entertaining  millions  of  customers   across  the  globe  
  54. 54. Polarbit  •  
  55. 55. What  is  Polarbit?  •  Polarbit  is  a  leading  developer  of  high-­‐end  3D   games  and  middleware  for  the  mobile  and   handheld  markets  worldwide.  Our  technical   edge  and  experience  enable  us  to  realize  what   others  consider  unachievable;  our  dedicaOon   to  our  work  and  uncompromising  abtude   towards  quality  ensure  customers  and  users   that  Polarbit  technology  is  always   synonymous  with  world  class  technology.  
  56. 56. Nimble  Bit  •  
  57. 57. Id  SoGware  •  
  58. 58. What  is  idSoGware?  •  Taking  its  name  from  Freuds  primal,  insOnct-­‐ driven  face  of  the  human  psyche,  id  SoGware   is,  by  general  acknowledgement,  the  coolest   game  shop  in  the  world.  
  59. 59. Rockstar  Leeds  •  
  60. 60. What  is  Rockstar  Leeds?  
  61. 61. Square  Enix  •  www.square-­‐  
  62. 62. What  is  Square  Enix?  •  Square  Enix  Ltd.,  a  part  of  Square  Enix  Europe   business  unit,  is  a  London-­‐based  wholly-­‐ owned  subsidiary  of  Square  Enix  Holdings  Co.,   Ltd.,  one  of  the  most  influenOal  providers  of   digital  entertainment  content  in  the  world.   Square  Enix  Ltd.  publishes  and  distributes   entertainment  content  from  the  Square  Enix   Group  including  Square  Enix,  Eidos  and  Taito,   in  Europe  and  other  PAL  territories.  
  63. 63. Fishlabs  •  
  64. 64. What  is  Fishlabs?  •  Fishlabs  is  the  proud  winner  of  the  presOgious  German  Game  Developer   Award  in  the  category  “Best  Studio  2011”.  For  us  this  is  a  wonderful   acknowledgement  of  the  fact  that  we  have  put  our  trust  in  the  up-­‐and-­‐ coming  mobile  market  right  from  the  start  and  always  given  our  best  to   develop  nothing  but  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  3D  premium  Otles  with  capOvaOng   gameplay  and  top-­‐notch  graphics.  Throughout  the  eight  years  of  our   existence,  we  have  never  lost  track  of  our  vision  and  always  let  the  quality   of  our  games  speak  for  itself.  We  have  always  given  our  best  to  ensure   that  the  name  Fishlabs  stands  for  a  totally  unique  and  unrivalled  gaming   experience  and  our  dedicaOon  and  passion  really  paid  off:  Today  Fishlabs   is  one  of  the  biggest  fish  in  the  mobile  pond  
  65. 65. The  Play  Forge  •  
  66. 66. What  is  The  Play  Forge?  •  Our  name,  The  Playforge,  reflects  our  goal  to   be  recognized  as  the  industry  leading   gamesmiths  that  forge  games  of  superior   craGsmanship.Our  ethic  has  been  to  make   only  the  most  creaOve,  irresisOble  and   compelling  mobile  games  that  people  can  play   anywhere  with  their  friends.  
  67. 67. Zeptolab  •  
  68. 68. What  is  Zeptolab?  •  ZeptoLab  is  an  independent  team  of   professionals  dedicated  to  the  science  of  fun.   We  know  what  good  games  are  made  of,  and   we  possess  the  required  ingredients.    
  69. 69. Newtoy  •  
  70. 70. What  is  Newtoy?  •  Exas-­‐based  mobile  game  company  Newtoy  was  founded  in  2008  by  brothers  Paul   and  David  Belner.  The  company  focused  on  building  high-­‐quality  entertainment   experiences  for  mobile  pladorms.  Newtoy  developed  some  of  the  most  popular   mobile  social  games  in  the  world,  and  its  Games  With  Friends  franchise,  including   Chess  and  Words  With  Friends,  is  the  most  popular  gaming  pladorm  on  the   iPhone,  iPod  Touch,  and  iPad,  with  millions  of  people  playing  daily.  •  In  December  2010,  Zynga  acquired  Newtoy,  which  became  the  Zynga  With  Friends   Studio.  Since  the  acquisiOon,  the  Zynga  With  Friends  Studio  has  launched  Hanging   With  Friends,  Words  With  Friends  on  Facebook  and  has  been  working  on  new   With  Friends  Otles.  StarOng  in  late  2011,  the  studio  began  transiOoning  ownership   of  exisOng  With  Friends  games  to  other  studios  within  Zynga  in  order  to  focus   solely  on  making  new  games.  In  2012,  the  studio  released  Matching  With  Friends   and  Gems  With  Friend  
  71. 71. Com2uS    •  
  72. 72. What  is  Com2uS?  •  Com2uS  is  a  leading  developer  and  publisher  of  mobile  games,  and  is   spearheading  the  mobile  game  industry  since  its  incepOon  in  1998.  With   its  reputaOon  as  the  No.1  mobile  games  provider  in  Korea,  one  of  the   most  advanced  mobile  game  markets,  Com2uS  also  expanded  its  experOse   to  PC  based  on-­‐line  games.  Com2uS’s  superior  contents  and  game   development/publishing  capability  have  been  highly  recognized  by  the   game  industry  and  financial  insOtuOons,  constantly  winning  awards  and   gaining  reputaOon  at  home  and  abroad  
  73. 73. GluMobile  •  
  74. 74. What  is  Glu  Mobile?  •  Glu  Mobile  (NASDAQ:GLUU)  is  a  leading  global  developer  and  publisher  of   freemium  games  for  smartphone  and  tablet  devices.  Glu  is  focused  on  creaOng   compelling  original  IP  games  such  as  GUN  BROS,  DEER  HUNTER,  BLOOD  &  GLORY,   and  SAMURAI  VS.  ZOMBIES  DEFENSE  on  a  wide  range  of  pladorms  including  iOS,   Android™,  Windows  Phone,  Google  Chrome,  and  MAC  OS.  Glu’s  unique   technology  pladorm  enables  its  Otles  to  be  accessible  to  a  broad  audience  of   consumers  globally.  Founded  in  2001,  Glu  is  headquartered  in  San  Francisco  with   major  offices  outside  Sealle,  and  overseas  in  Brazil,  Canada,  China,  and  Russia.  
  75. 75. Gamevil  •  
  76. 76. What  is  Gamevil?  •  GAMEVIL®  is  a  premier  mobile  game  publisher  located  in  Los  Angeles,  USA  and   Seoul,  Korea.  Established  in  2000,  GAMEVIL  has  earned  a  reputaOon  as  one  of  the   best  companies  in  the  mobile  games  sector  by  craGing  award  winners  in  a  diverse   pordolio  of  games.  GAMEVIL  is  well  known  for  revoluOonizing  the  sector  with  its   original  and  innovaOve  mobile  games,  backed  by  unparalleled  experOse  in   advanced  mobile  technology.  As  a  world  class  leader  in  mobile  games  publishing,   GAMEVIL  conOnues  to  lead  the  sector  with  a  commitment  to  establish  mobile  as   the  definiOve  mass  market  entertainment  pladorm  of  the  world.    
  77. 77. Namco  Bandia  •  
  78. 78. What  is  Namco  Bandai?  •  Bandai  and  NAMCO  have  both  fundamentally  been  entertainment  companies.  By   combining  and  enhancing  Bandais  experOse  in  character  merchandizing  and   NAMCOs  creaOve  strengths  through  the  new  NAMCO  BANDAI  Games,  we  will   provide  a  new  level  of  sophisOcaOon  in  entertainment.NAMCO  BANDAI  Games   mission  is  to  inspire  people  around  the  world  and  help  them  enjoy  their  Ome  to   the  fullest.  NAMCO  BANDAI  Games  will  unrelenOngly  seek  out  and  take  on  new   challenges  as  it  aims  to  become  the  worlds  most  admired  videogame  maker.  
  79. 79. EA  Mobile  •  
  80. 80. What  is  EA?    •  EA  supports  the  Entertainment  SoGware  RaOngs  Board  (ESRB)  and  game  raOngs.As   a  founding  member  of  the  ESRB,  we  believe  in  an  industry-­‐supported,  voluntary   raOng  system.  RaOngs  are  designed  to  provide  accurate  and  objecOve  informaOon   about  the  content  in  computer  and  video  games  so  that  consumers  can  make  an   informed  purchase  decision.  The  ESRB  is  an  independent  organizaOon  which   assigns  game  content  raOngs,  enforces  adverOsing  guidelines  and  helps  ensure   responsible  online  privacy  pracOces.  EAs  computer  and  video  games  as  well  as  our   markeOng  materials  are  submiled  to  the  ESRB  for  review  –  each  carries  an  ESRB   raOng.  We  strongly  support  efforts  by  the  Entertainment  SoGware  AssociaOon   (ESA)  and  the  ESRB  to  educate  consumers,  parents  and  retailers  on  the  ESRB  raOng   system.  You  can  find  more  informaOon  about  the  ESRB  at  hPp://  
  81. 81. Back  flip  Studios  •  
  82. 82. What  is  Backflip  Studios?  •  Backflip  Studios  is  a  rapidly  growing  mobile  game  studio  based  in  sunny  Boulder,   CO.  We  are  focused  on  bringing  innovaOve  and  thoughdul  Otles  to  the  wildly   expanding  casual  market  and  believe  in  creaOng  fun  and  compelling  games  that   players  of  all  different  gaming  backgrounds  can  easily  pick  up  and  enjoy.Many  of   our  apps  have  achieved  top  rank  status  in  both  the  Apple  App  Store  and  Android   Marketplace.  We’ve  also  seen  more  than  200,000,000  downloads  across  our   various  games,  which  include  popular  Otles  such  as  DragonVale,  Paper   Toss,  NinJump,  Strike  Knight,  Army  of  Darkness  Defense  and  ShapeShi<.  Our  games   are  played  by  more  than  4,000,000  users  a  day  and  30,000,000  users  a  month.  
  83. 83. Capcom  •  
  84. 84. What  is  Capcom?  •  Capcom  has  been  a  leading  worldwide  developer  and  publisher  of  well  recognized   video  game  brands  since  1983.  Founded  on  their  introducOon  of  cubng-­‐edge   technology  and  soGware  to  the  video  game  market,  they  now  bring  their  world   renowned  brands  and  experOse  to  the  mobile  market.  Beginning  their  mobile   pordolio  with  blockbuster  franchises  like  Resident  Evil,  Street  Fighter,  1942  and   the  ever-­‐popular  Mega  Man  series.  With  the  solid  foundaOon  of  strong  brands  and   unique  gameplay,  Capcom  will  conOnue  to  bring  quality,  innovaOon  and  robust   brands  to  the  world  of  mobile.  
  85. 85. Hal|rick  •  www.hal|  
  86. 86. What  is  Hal|rick?  •  Founded  in  2001,  Hal|rick  has  been  on  the   forefront  of  the  Australian  game  development   industry  for  many  years.  Recently,  aGer  many   years  of  developing  licensed  Otles  for   pladorms  such  as  GBA,  DS  and  PSP,  Hal|rick   has  begun  expanding  its  pordolio  with  a  range   of  independently  released  games  for   downloadable  pladorms.  
  87. 87. Ngmoco    •  
  88. 88. What  is  ngmoco?  •  In  the  21st  century,  we  stay  connected  to  our  friends,  our  fun  and  ourselves  with   our  mobile  devices.  You  are  a  part  of  this  revoluOon!  At  ngmoco:)  we  are   commiled  to  building  innovaOve  social  entertainment  for  this  new   world.ngmoco:)  was  founded  in  July  2008  to  build  top  quality  games  for  mobile.  In   2010  we  became  part  of  DeNA,  the  leading  social  games  publisher  in  Japan.  Now,   together,  DeNA  and  ngmoco  develop  games  and  smartphone  gaming  pladorms  to   unite  the  globe.  
  89. 89. PopCap  •  
  90. 90. What  is  PopCap  •  the leading creators of easy-to-learn, irresistible games that everyone can enjoy — including award-winning hits like Bejeweled®, Zuma®, Peggle® and Plants vs. Zombies™.Years in the making, our games are sprinkled with a whirlwind of smile-inducing awesomeness and polished to a timeless sheen that keeps the world coming back for more. And best of all, you can play our games everywhere: PC and Mac, iPhone and iPad, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Facebook... maybe even the moon!
  91. 91. Chair  Entertainment  •  
  92. 92. What  is  Chair  Entertainent  •  Established  in  1991,  Epic  Games  develops  cubng-­‐edge  games  and  cross-­‐pladorm   game  engine  technology.  The  company  has  created  mulOple  million-­‐selling,  award-­‐ winning  Otles  in  its  Unreal  series,  including  Unreal  Tournament  3  for  PC,   PLAYSTATION®3  and  Xbox  360®.  Epic’s  Gears  of  War  won  more  than  30  Game  of   the  Year  awards,  and  the  sales  of  Gears  of  War  and  Gears  of  War  2  have  eclipsed   12  million  units.  Gears  of  War  3,  the  most  anVcipated  blockbuster  of  2011,  was   released  on  September  20.  Gears  of  War  3  sold  more  than  3  million  copies  its  first   week.  •   Epic’s  Unreal  Engine  3  is  the  four-­‐Vme  winner  of  and  Hall  of  Fame  inductee  for   Game  Developer  Magazine’s  Best  Engine  Front  Line  Award.  Unreal  Engine  3  has   also  been  recognized  as  the  number  one  game  engine  by  Develop  magazine.    
  93. 93. Firemint  •  
  94. 94. What  is  firemint?  •  Firemint  is  a  Melbourne,  Australia-­‐based   studio  of  almost  60  people  dedicated  to   making  truly  great  games.  Best  known  for   worldwide  hits  Flight  Control  and  Real   Racingon  iPhone  and  iPad,  Firemint  was   founded  by  Rob  Murray  in  1999  and   developed  over  30  games  on  commission   from  publishers  before  switching  to  self-­‐ publishing  original  Otles.  
  95. 95. Rovio  •  
  96. 96. What  is  Rovio?  •  Rovio  is  an  entertainment  media  company,  and  the  creator  of  the  globally   successful  Angry  Birds  franchise.  Rovio  was  founded  in  2003  as  a  mobile  game   development  studio,  and  the  company  has  developed  several  award-­‐winning  Otles   for  various  mobile  pladorms.  •  In  2009,  Rovio  released  Angry  Birds,  a  casual  puzzle  game  for  touchscreen   smartphones  that  became  a  worldwide  phenomenon  from  2010  onwards.  The   Angry  Birds  games  have  enjoyed  conOnuing  worldwide  chart  success,  and  the   franchise  has  since  expanded  to  a  variety  of  new  business  areas.  Rovio  is  rapidly   expanding  its  acOviOes  in  broadcast  media,  merchandising,  publishing  and   services.  Rovios  headquarters  are  located  in  Finland.