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Have Telecom Business Owners actually segmented consumers


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Have Telecom Business Owners actually segmented consumers

  1. 1. Segments and Communication Approaches inMobility / TelecomPeshwa acharya (
  2. 2. The Segments & The Communication Strategy Segments The Lens Key Benefits Connect • Connects them to community • Efficiency with Style & 1 Young Achievers • Smart Services , New Apps of choice Technology Edge • Mobilizes Apps & Technology for them • Empowers them in decision • Customized Services • Value Offers on STD, ISD 2 Matured Achievers making and Roaming • Convenience and Ease at • Services which empower • Flexibility 3 Happening Females finger tips her & connect to the world • Social Connectivity with • Night & Relevant day • Style & Social media 4 Social Nocturnal Economy Packages • Clarity of Voice • Economy , Great Voice • Economy of Voice 5 Faceless Crowd Product 6 Rural India • Connectivity with Economy • Network Availability • Connectivity & Reach
  3. 3. Approach to Segments The Strategy The Functional Umbrella Voice of the The Tone of Segment Connect Segment Approach 1 The Tone of the Segment to Connect with the Audience of the Segment 2 The Relevant Functional Benefit to create Appeal of the Segment 3 The Key Benefits of the Segment accelerates the consideration set