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DAY 1 : Visioning Excercise : PONDs


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DAY 1 : Visioning Excercise : PONDs

  1. 1. Ponds Vision StatementEmotional Pull Of the Brand - Legitimizing beauty everyday - Bringing alive beauty in my daily life - Surprising Appreciation for her beauty - Life everyday is more beautiful if you are beautiful everyday - The Ponds sanction - The Ponds beauty which is real, yet aspirational. It is also non-threatening - She will not just be accepted, she will become the pride of her houseFunctional Role Of Product in consumers lives - Beauty with Care - Visible difference to your beauty - All products that meet her everyday needs - Beauty products that make a visible differenceBrand Vision - Ponds will be the beauty crusader which will redefine the parameters of everyday beauty today - Ponds will be the beauty crusader which will make every indian woman beautiful everyday - Ponds will be the beauty wand for every Indian woman to carve out her rightful place in the world - Ponds will license beauty to every woman everyday through careGrowth Insight - Being beautiful every day is being presentable which is good enough - There are too many societal barriers to looking beautiful everyday - Looking beautiful everyday is not done - If I could be beautiful I could win over people easily - Indulging in beauty care is irresponsible and wastefulAgree with the vision - Beauty is a suppressed individual need - everyday differentiates Ponds - crusader gives the brand a specific sense of purpose - everyday licenseDisagree with the vision - immoral limits the scope of barrier - license point of action as one of the route not vision - the word immoral 1
  2. 2. - crusader legitimizeWhat Can the Brand not Do - make up - take the health and hygiene - high end , high glamour products - problem solution - event driven beauty products - life cycle products - no pampering products, no general skin care, no baby or mens products - no mesmerisation - launch products without caring as a discriminator( consumer perceptible) - add regimes to converts - unaffordable and elaborate productsWhat Can the brand do - educate - Ponds will lead category creation( first to respond to emerging beauty needs) - Identify segments and predominant beauty needs - Find a way to legitimize and make it a daily habit - Build caring discriminator in existing range, DFT,PCC - license through care and satisfy predominant beauty needs - Will focus on everyday situations - Daily beauty care range - Collapse regime - Expand target segment - Inclusive beauty - All products that define beauty - Like fairness creams, talc, cosmetic, hair , soapsPonds Architecture - Freshness ,oil-control, moisturizer, anti-aging , fairness, cosmetics - Life stage and Beauty - Teens: oil control cream and face-wash, black -head removal strips, acne removal cream and deodorants - Young adults: Angelface talc,PCC,DFT, Mafic ,PST, tinted moisturizer, Ponds under eye corrector, Ponds pollution cream with sunscreen - Over 30:F&Y, nightcream, deep moisturising cream, aromatherapy range for different moods - Naturals: face packs, masks, face bleach with aromatherapy, home packs, home facials 2
  3. 3. Ponds Innovation Pathway - Horizon 1: - F & Y, DFT re-launch - Teenage solutions - Anti-acne and sunscreen - Moisturizer - Bleach - Transparent skin cream - VIVA - F&Y - Xtra oil control talc - Moisturising lotion +sunscreen - Brightness talc range - - Horizon 2: - Ponds naturals - Ponds teenage - Hair removing cream and astringent - Oil control powder - Home facial range - Face mask - Natural range -12 hour talc base - Oil control cream - Ponds shampoo and hair-care - Ponds soap - Ponds oil control range - Ponds fairness range - Ponds fragrance range - Horizon 3: - Tinted moisturizer - Ponds liquid spray talc - Bleach - Hair Range - Beauty parlour - Cosmetic range - Ponds institute, university of beauty - Ponds cosmeticsPonds Activation Platform - Activating the quest for beauty - 365 days beauty pursuits - Expert advice in magazines - Beauty tips on sponsored programs 3
  4. 4. - Beauticians courses - Beauty camps - Leafelets at beauty parlours - Beauty kiosks - Helpline centre - Cross promos with beauty productsPonds must wins for 2003 - Reposition talc as a beauty product by showing facial use and visible difference - Moments of truth advertising ideas adopted universally - Flawlessly activate F&Y to achieve 26 c NPS - Tap the youth segment with 1 large innovation, anti-acne wash - Launch VIVA for 10c NPS by SQ 2003 - Re-stage DFT communication to pioneer Ponds beauty credentials - Activation platform on 365 reasons to be beautiful to support everyday beautiful - Drive penetration for small packs - Launch VIVA and F&Y successfully - Shift thrust of all communication to beauty across range - Ponds naturals range with exotic ingredients - Advertising and promoting everyday products - Ponds teenage range - Takc range price correction - Strong activation platform based on 365 day beauty 4